Bestsellers, Crime & Mystery: June 2017


The Templar’s Last Secret (Bruno, Chief of Police 10)
Martin Walker
Bruno, the beloved chief of police in the idyllic French town of St Denis, is back! This time a mysterious death brings ancient secrets to light, and it’s up to our hero – and favourite gourmand! – to connect the tangled threads of the past and present… Ron loves this series! So much cheaper to read these than go on an actual holiday to France…
Mystery | TP | $32.99


Dregs (William Wisting 01)
Jorn Lier Horst
Not so much Scandi-Noir, as a police procedural. Great characters – and a functional, realistic cop (who bucks the trend and isn’t an alcoholic – reformed, or otherwise!)
Mystery | PBK | $9.99


The Awkward Squad
Sophie Henaff
Ron’s current favourite! Translated from French – set in Paris – a bunch of misfit Parisian policemen and women are seconded into a new squad and given the files on literally thousands of minor and – it turns out – not-so-minor cold cases. Really charming – great characters – and quite a good little plot! Hope there are more in the works!
Caper | TP | $32.99


Prussian Blue (Bernie Gunther 12)
Philip Kerr
Superb new Bernie Gunther novel – picks up in France in the mid-fifties, where his previous outing: The Other Side of Silence leaves off. The plot thickens when echoes of a much earlier case from the mid-thirties comes back to haunt Bernie. With added Stasi… !
Noir | TP | $32.99


Strange Tide (Bryant & May)
Christopher Fowler
The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery. When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide, no one can understand how she came to be drowned there. At the Peculiar Crimes Unit, Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place. Soon, they discover that the river is giving up other victims, but as the investigation extends from the coast of Libya to the nightclubs of North London, it proves as murkily sinister as the Thames itself. The latest Bryant & May novel is Wild Chamber (HC, $39.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99


Miraculous Mysteries: Locked Room Mysteries and Impossible Crimes (British Library Crime Classics)
Martin Edwards (editor)
Impossible crime stories have been relished by puzzle lovers, ever since the invention of detective fiction. Fiendishly intricate cases were particularly well suited to the cerebral type of detective story that became so popular during the ‘golden age of murder’ between the two world wars. This anthology celebrates the work of the great Golden Age writers, alongside long-hidden gems by less familiar writers. Together, these stories demonstrate the range and high accomplishment of the classic British impossible crime story, over more than half a century.
Classic mystery anthology | TP | $27.95


Closed for Winter (William Wisting 02)
Jorn Lier Horst
See No 2 (Dregs), this is the second in the series. The next to be translated, The Hunting Dogs, is due in August.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99


The Lyttleton Case (Collins’ Crime Detective Club)
R A V Morris
The chance discovery of a young man’s body floating in a Sussex stream provides the first clue to the mysterious disappearance of Sir James Lyttleton, who sent his daughter a curt wire announcing his departure for America before completely vanishing. But this is no ordinary missing person’s inquiry – when Sir James’ body turns up inside another man’s coffin, journalist James Dawson and Chief Inspector Candlish of Scotland Yard find themselves on the trail of a particularly ruthless and ingenious murderer.
Classic mystery | HC | $24.99


The Dark Lake
Sarah Bailey
A beautiful young teacher has been murdered, her body found in the lake, strewn with red roses. Local policewoman Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock pushes to be assigned to the case, concealing the fact that she knew the murdered woman in high school years before. But that's not all Gemma's trying to hide. As the investigation digs deeper into the victim's past, other secrets threaten to come to light, secrets that were supposed to remain buried. The lake holds the key to solving the murder, but it also has the power to drag Gemma down into its dark depths. The debut novel from Melbourne-based writer.
Mystery | TP | $32.99


Corpus (Tom Wilde 01)
Rory Clements
Spy thriller/mystery set in 1936 Britain – fast paced, with really appealing protagonists – and the next one can’t come soon enough!
Mystery | TP | $29.99