Crime & Mystery Catalogue: April 2019

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in April 2019.

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April 2019 includes new books by: Donna Andrews, Kate Atkinson, Trent Dalton, Jessica Fellowes, Chris Hammer, Ragnar Jonasson, M R C Kasasian, Philip Kerr, Joe R Lansdale… and many others.

April 2019 Crime & Mystery

Murder in the Reading Room (Book Retreat mysteries 05)
Adams, Ellery
Jane’s boyfriend is missing, and she thinks she may find him at North Carolina’s historic Biltmore Estate. Officially, she’s there to learn about luxury hotel management, but she’s also prowling around the breathtaking buildings and grounds looking for secret passageways and clues. One of the staff gardeners promises to be helpful… that is, until his body turns up in a potting shed. When she finally locates the kidnapped Edwin, his captor insists that she lead him back, to Storyton Hall; convinced that it houses Ernest Hemingway’s lost suitcase, stolen from a Paris train station in 1922. But before they can turn up the treasure, the bell may toll for another victim…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

The New Girl
Alexandra, Ingrid
When Rachel moves into the spare room in Mary’s flat, everyone is quick to jump to the conclusion that there’s something strange about her. Everyone, apart from Mary. And when Rachel starts sleepwalking, the flatmates’ fears grow. But there’s something about the new girl that Mary can’t help but trust, and having recently escaped a toxic relationship, she needs the support. Rachel becomes a friend and an ally, and Mary soon discovers that they have more in common than she ever could have imagined. In fact, Rachel seems to know more about Mary, than she knows about herself…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Antiques Ravin’ (Trash ’n’ Treasures mysteries 13)
Allan, Barbara
Eccentric seventy-something Vivian Borne – elected county sheriff, to everyone’s amazement, but her own – springs into action. In her new role, the community playhouse diva appoints daughter Brandy reluctant deputy; and makes their spunky shih-tzu, Sushi, a K-9 unit of one. Soon, the amateur-sleuths-turned-pro have a challenging case to solve as a series of creepy crimes plague an ill-fated Edgar Allan Poe festival, where a fiend is misguidedly dispensing Poe-etic justice. Small-town Antiqua, known for its quaint main street of antique shops, has set out to celebrate the gothic poet with food, fun, and rare memorabilia, only to have the Master of the Macabre’s twisted tales come to deadly life. A purloined tome, a black cat, a musty mausoleum, and mysterious disappearances – these tell the tale of a heartless murderer. But Vivian and Brandy Borne are determined to decipher the cryptic clues, to make sure a ravin’-mad killer strikes… ‘nevermore’!
Mystery | HC | $45.00

Toucan Keep a Secret
Andrews, Donna
Meg Langslow is at Trinity Episcopal locking up after an event and checking on the toucan, Meg’s friend Rev Robyn Smith is fostering in her office. After hearing a hammering in the columbarium (the small building where cremated remains are held), Meg finds an elderly parishioner lying dead, on the floor of the crypt. Several niches have been chiselled open; several urns knocked out; and amid the spilled ashes is a gold ring with a huge red stone. The curmudgeonly victim had become disgruntled with the church and ranted all over town about taking back his wife’s ashes. Did someone who had it in for him follow him to the columbarium? Or was the motive grave robbery? Or did he see someone breaking in and investigate? Why was the ruby left behind? While the Chief Burke investigates the murder, Robyn recruits Meg to contact the families of the people, whose ashes were disturbed. During this task, Meg learns many secrets about Caerphilly’s history – and finds that the toucan may play a role in unmasking the killer. Clues and events indicate that a thief broke into the church to steal the toucan the night of the murder, so Meg decides to set a trap for the would-be toucan thief – who might also be the killer.
Meg Langslow | PBK | $21.95

A Gift For Dying
Arlidge, M J
Adam Brandt is used to dealing with all kinds of people – as a consulting psychologist with the Chicago Police Department he has faced his share of criminals. But Kassie Wojcek is like no one else he’s encountered, fifteen years old and burdened, she says, with a terrible gift: she knows how and when you will die. After claiming to ‘feel’ the horrific murder of the first victim – Kassie is caught up in the hunt for a sadistic serial killer terrorising Chicago; frightened that people will die without her help. Kassie pulls Adam into the investigation, determined to stop the torture she sees coming. But as the body count rises, Adam must ask himself if her gift is real, or if he is putting his faith in someone far more dangerous than he realised. Events soon spiral out of control as the case and their personal lives intertwine. The boundaries of right and wrong shift, the lines between the hunter and the hunted blur, and one thing becomes clear: Kassie is in the sights of a killer… A standalone thriller, from the author of the DI Helen Grace mysteries.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Atkinson, Kate
In 1940, eighteen-year-old Juliet Armstrong is reluctantly recruited into the world of espionage. Sent to an obscure department of MI5, tasked with monitoring the comings and goings of British Fascist sympathisers, she discovers the work to be by turns both tedious and terrifying. But after the war has ended, she presumes the events of those years have been relegated to the past, for ever. Ten years later, now a producer at the BBC, Juliet is unexpectedly confronted by figures from her past. A different war is being fought, now… Recommended!
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

A Mother’s Promise
Barnett, Lee
It should’ve been the happiest time of Lee Barnett’s life. She was married to a man she loved and trusted, Harris Todd, and she was pregnant with her first child. But things quickly turned from dream to nightmare, when Harris walked out on her. Well connected, and prominent in their hometown of Charleston, USA, Harris attacked Lee’s reputation and mental health status, leaving her emotionally and financially devastated. And then came the final blow: she lost custody of her beautiful daughter Savanna, who was only nine months old. With all legal avenues closed to her, after Harris had thoroughly destroyed her reputation in Charleston; and fearing Savanna’s future was to follow the same path under the care of Harris, Lee made the unthinkable decision to go on the run with her child. Lee and Savanna fled the USA, cutting all ties to their past. They travelled the world under aliases before finally settling in Queensland and living a happy and fulfilling life. Then one morning, in 2013 – almost twenty years, after they first disappeared – and on the other side of the world, the FBI knocked on Lee’s door. Powerful, compelling and affecting, this is an unforgettable true story of a mother’s love and willingness to sacrifice everything to keep her promise: to always protect her daughter.
True crime | TP | $34.99

Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge series)
Barron, Laird
Isaiah Coleridge is a mob enforcer in Alaska – he’s tough, seen a lot, and dished out more. But when he forcibly ends the moneymaking scheme of a made man, he gets in the kind of trouble that can lead to a bullet behind the ear. Saved by the grace of his boss, and exiled to upstate New York, Isaiah begins a new life, a quiet life without gunshots or explosions. Except… a teenage girl disappears, and Isaiah isn’t one to let that slip by. And delving into the underworld to track this missing girl will get him exactly the kind of notice, he was warned to avoid. The first in a series.
Hardboiled | PBK | $19.99

His Perfect Wife
Bell, Natasha
Marc’s world is seemingly perfect, complete with two daughters and a loving wife. Until the day she vanishes. Police, friends and family pull together to find her; but their hopes quickly turn into a nightmare as the missing person case becomes a murder investigation… Originally published as Exhibit Alexandra, now in paperback.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

A Dream of Death (Kate Hamilton 01)
Berry, Connie
Autumn has come and gone on Scotland’s Isle of Glenroth, and the islanders gather for the Tartan Ball, the annual end-of-tourist-season gala. Spirits are high. A recently published novel about island history has brought hordes of tourists to the small Hebridean resort community. On the guest list is American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton. Kate returns reluctantly to the island where her husband died, determined to repair her relationship with his sister, proprietor of the island’s luxe country house hotel, famous for its connection with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Kate has hardly unpacked when the next morning a body is found, murdered in a re-enactment of an infamous unsolved murder described in the novel – and the only clue to the killer’s identity lies in a curiously embellished antique casket. The Scottish police discount the historical connection, but when a much-loved local handyman is arrested, Kate teams up with a vacationing detective inspector from Suffolk, England, to unmask a killer determined to rewrite island history – and Kate’s future. The first in a series.
Mystery | HC | $49.95

The Killing Habit (Tom Thorne series)
Billingham, Mark
How do you catch a killer who is yet to kill? We’ve all heard about the signs: coldness, cruelty, lack of empathy. DI Tom Thorne knows the psychological profile of a psychopath all too well, so when pets start disappearing on suburban London streets, he sees a chance to stop a future murderer. Others are less convinced, so Thorne relies on DI Nicola Tanner to help him solve the case; before the culprit starts hunting people. The journey brings them face to face with a killer who will tear their lives apart.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Daughter
Blaedel, Sara
School-portrait photographer Ilka Nichols Jensen is leading a modest, regimented, anything-but-extraordinary life in Copenhagen, when unexpected news rocks her quiet existence: Her father – who walked out, suddenly and inexplicably, on the family more than three decades ago, and whom she hasn’t heard from, since – has died. And, even more surprising, he’s left her something. His funeral home. In Racine, Wisconsin. Desperate for a connection to the parent she never really knew, Ilka makes an uncharacteristically-rash decision and jumps on a plane to the United States. There, she stumbles on an unsolved murder and into the path of a killer. Suddenly, learning everything she can about the man who was her father becomes a matter of life and death – because what Ilka doesn’t know might just kill her…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $21.95

Oscar Wilde and the Return of Jack the Ripper (Oscar Wilde mysteries)
Brandreth, Gyles
London, 1894. When it appears that the notorious Jack the Ripper has returned to London, Chief Constable Melville Macnaghten recruits his neighbour Oscar Wilde, to help him solve the case; hoping the author’s unparalleled knowledge of the London underworld might be exactly what the police need – to finally capture the serial killer. In an account narrated by Wilde’s close friend, fellow author Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilde gathers together suspects from the theatres, brothels, asylums, and traveling circuses of East London, in the hopes of finding the true identity of Jack the Ripper before he can strike again. But even as the pair of amateur detectives venture further and further into a tangled web of criminals, performers, and prostitutes, new killings come to light that bring the investigation right back to Wilde’s own neighbourhood.
Historical mystery | HC | $49.95

Death Waits in the Dark (Writer’s Apprentice mysteries 04)
Buckley, Julia
It’s summertime, and Lena and Camilla are busy working away, while a town vandal runs amok. Things get even more complicated when Jane Wyland pays Camilla a not-so-friendly visit and gives her an ultimatum: reveal Camilla’s husband James’ family secret, or she will. Lena assures Camilla that nothing will come of the woman’s threats, since the family has no secrets to hide. When Jane Wyland is later found dead, they’re convinced that whatever secret she was planning to expose led to her death. With Lena’s assistance, Camilla is determined to solve the case, before the finger points at her…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

Death on the Menu (Key West Food Critic mysteries 08)
Burdette, Lucy
Hayley Snow, fiery food critic for Key Zest magazine, has just landed a ticket to one of the most prestigious events in Key West: a high-brow, three-day conference at the Harry Truman Little White House. Even though she’ll be working the event, helping her mother’s fledgling catering business; there’s plenty of spicy gossip to go around. But just before her mother’s decadent flan is put to the test, Key West’s most prized possession, Hemingway’s Nobel prize gold medal for The Old Man and the Sea, is discovered stolen from its case. Unsavoury suspicions point to Gabriel, a family friend and one of the new busboys working the event, who mysteriously goes missing moments later. Anxious to clear his name, Gabriel’s family enlists Hayley to help find him, but right as they begin their search, his body is found stabbed to death in the storeroom.
Mystery | TP | $33.95

Wed, Read and Dead (Mystery Bookshop mysteries 04)
Burns, V M
Sam’s mother can’t wait to wed her wealthy beau, Harold Robertson. The big mystery is how they’re going to pull off a lavish wedding in three weeks. Harold’s snobby sister-in-law proposes a solution: engage flamboyant wedding planner Lydia Lighthouse. But their beacon of hope quickly sends everyone into a blind rage, most of all the groom-to-be. So, when the maddening micromanager is strangled with her own scarf, it’s a shock, but not a surprise. It’s a case of art imitating life, as Sam pens her next historical mystery set in England between the wars. Lady Daphne Marsh insists on marrying Lord James Browning on Christmas Eve, three weeks hence. But when the fop planning their wedding ends up with a knife in his back, she vows to nab the backstabber before she walks down the aisle. Meanwhile, when she’s not writing, Sam and her beloved and boisterous Nana Jo rush to shine a light on Lydia’s killer – so, her mother’s new husband won’t spend his honeymoon behind bars…
Mystery | TP | $26.99

Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake series)
Caine, Rachel
Gwen Proctor escaped her serial-killer husband and saved her family. What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety. Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes. For Gwen, hiding isn’t an option. Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kids. But, now, a threatened woman has reached out. Marlene Crockett, from the remote town of Wolfhunter, is panicked for herself and her daughter. When Gwen arrives in the small, isolated rural community, Marlene is already dead – her own daughter blamed for the murder. Except that’s not the person Marlene feared, at all. And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that was. But it may already be too late. A trap has been set. And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves. Her stalkers are closing in. And in a town, as dark as Wolfhunter, it’s so easy for them to hide… The third in the Stillhouse Lake series, following Stillhouse Lake and Killman Creek (TP, $24.99 each).
Thriller | TP | $24.99

Murder Knocks Twice (Speakeasy Murders series)
Calkins, Susanna
Gina Ricci takes on a job as a cigarette girl, to earn money for her ailing father – and to prove to herself that she can hold her own at Chicago’s most notorious speakeasy, the Third Door. She’s enchanted by the harsh, glamorous world she discovers: the sleek socialites sipping bootlegged cocktails, the rowdy ex-servicemen playing poker in a curtained back room, the flirtatious jazz pianist and the brooding photographer – all overseen by the club’s imposing owner, Signora Castallazzo. But the staff buzzes with whispers about Gina’s predecessor, who died under mysterious circumstances, and the photographer, Marty, warns her to be careful. When Marty is brutally murdered, with Gina as the only witness, she’s determined to track down his killer. What secrets did Marty capture on his camera – and who would do anything to destroy it? As Gina searches for answers, she’s pulled deeper into the shadowy truths hiding behind the Third Door. The first in a series.
Historical mystery | TP | $35.95

Cruel Acts (Maeve Kerrigan series)
Casey, Jane
How can you spot a murderer? Leo Stone is a ruthless killer – or the victim of a miscarriage of justice. A year ago, he was convicted of the murder of two women and sentenced to life in prison. But now he’s free, and according to him, he’s innocent. DS Maeve Kerrigan and DI Josh Derwent are determined to put Stone back behind bars where he belongs, but the more Maeve finds out, the less convinced she is of his guilt. Then another woman disappears in similar circumstances. Is there a copycat killer, or have they been wrong about Stone from the start?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Past Tense (Jack Reacher series)
Child, Lee
A young couple trying to get to New York City are stranded at a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere. Before long they’re trapped in an ominous game of life and death. Meanwhile, Jack Reacher sets out on an epic road trip across America. He doesn’t get far. Deep in the New England woods, he sees a sign to a place he has never been – the town where his father was born. But when he arrives, he is told no one named Reacher ever lived there. Now, he wonders: who’s lying? As the tension ratchets up, and these two stories begin to entwine, the stakes have never been higher for Reacher.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Foul Play on Words (Mystery Writer’s mysteries 02)
Clark, Becky
Mystery author Charlee Russo agrees to speak at a Portland writers’ conference, organised by her friend Viv Lundquist. When Viv picks her up at the airport, she frantically tells Charlee that her daughter Hanna has been kidnapped. Charlee takes over the conference preparation, so Viv can search for her daughter – but the situation gets tense, when the hotel double books the event… with a dog show. Despite this, Charlee is compelled to investigate, after she learns shocking secrets about both Hanna and Viv. Can she find Hanna in time, or will a plot twist lead her to a ruff ending?
Mystery | TP | $31.95

Broken Places (Chicago mysteries)
Clark, Tracy
Cass took a bullet, two years ago, after an incompetent colleague screwed up a tense confrontation with an armed suspect. Deeply traumatised, Cass resigned from the Chicago PD, leaving one less female African-American on the force. Now, she’s the head of a one-woman private investigation agency, taking on just enough work to pay the bills. But when the only father figure she’s ever known, Father Ray Heaton, asks her to look into a recent spate of vandalism at his church, she readily agrees to handle it. Only hours later, Cass is horrified to discover Father Ray’s murdered body in the church confessional, a dead gangbanger sprawled out nearby. She knew Pop, as she called him, had ticked off plenty of people, from slumlords to politicians, with his uncompromising defence of the downtrodden. But a late-night random theft doesn’t seem like much of a motive at a cash-strapped parish. The lead detective assigned to the case is all too eager to dismiss it, as a burglary gone awry, just another statistic in a violent city. But Cass’ instincts tell her otherwise, and badge or no badge, she intends to see justice done… The first in a series.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Run Away
Coben, Harlan
You’ve lost your daughter. She’s addicted to drugs and to an abusive boyfriend. You haven’t seen her in six months. Then you find her busking, in New York’s Central Park. But she’s not the girl, you remember. This woman is frail, filthy, terrified, and in more trouble than you ever imagined. You don’t stop to think. You approach her. You beg her to come home. She runs. You follow. What choice do you have? And as you descend into the dark, dangerous world she’s lost herself in, you quickly find yourself out of your depths. Down here, no one is safe – and, now, both of you might never make it out, alive…
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Girl Most Likely (Krista Larson series)
Collins, Max Allan
In a small Midwest town, twenty-eight-year-old Krista Larson has made her mark as the youngest female police chief in the country. She’s learned from the best: her father, Keith, a decorated former detective. But as accustomed as they are to the relative quiet of their idyllic tourist town, things quickly turn – with Krista’s ten-year high school reunion. With the out-of-towners holed up in a lakefront lodge, it doesn’t take long to stir up old grudges and resentments. Now, a successful TV host, Astrid Lund, voted the ‘Girl Most Likely to Succeed’ – and then some – is back in town. Her reputation as a dogged reporter has made the stunning blonde famous. Her reputation among her former classmates and rivals has made her infamous. Astrid’s list of enemies is a long one. And as the reunion begins, so does a triple murder investigation. Krista and her father are following leads and opening long-locked doors – from their hometown, to the Florida suburbs, to Chicago’s underworld. They just never imagined what would be revealed: the secrets and scandals of Krista’s own past.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Caged (Agent Sayer Altair series)
Cooper, Ellison
FBI Special Agent Sayer Altair would rather conduct research on criminality than catch actual criminals. But when she’s offered a chance to work on the high-profile Cage Killer investigation in Washington, DC, she can’t refuse. During Sayer’s work in the field, clues emerge connecting one of the female victims to Sayer herself. Is someone trying to send her a message? Has the past come back to haunt her? Now, the deeper Sayer is drawn into a dangerous web of secrets and lies, the closer she comes to crossing paths with the killer. Sayer may be the only one who can crack this case. But before she can seek justice for the victims, she must find a way to save her own life… The first in a series.
Thriller | PBK | $21.95

Black Souls
Criaco, Gioacchino
In the remote Aspromonte Mountains in southern Calabria, Italy, three best friends embark on a life of crime – in order to raise themselves up out of the poverty of their childhoods. Brainy Luciano, the behind-the-scenes schemer, was orphaned as a little boy when the local mob boss had his postman father executed. Lazy, jovial Luigi has learned that there’s no point in following the rules. And completing the triumvirate is the nameless narrator, from whose black soul comes the inspiration and energy for each new criminal project, from kidnapping to armed robbery to heroin dealing to contract killing. Set in the birthplace of the ’Ndrangheta, Calabria’s ruthless and ubiquitous mafia, Black Souls draws on centuries of brigand lore, peasant rebellion history, mountain mythology, and colonial suffering, to offer a gripping morality tale about how violence begets violence. The modern Italian classic about Calabrian organised crime – now, an award-winning motion picture – makes its English-language debut.
Thriller | HC | $49.95

Boy Swallows Universe
Dalton, Trent
Brisbane, 1983: A lost father, a mute brother, a mum in jail, a heroin dealer for a stepfather, and a notorious crim for a babysitter. It’s not as if Eli’s life isn’t complicated enough already. He’s just trying to follow his heart, learning what it takes to be a good man, but life just keeps throwing obstacles in the way – not least of which is Tytus Broz, legendary Brisbane drug dealer. But Eli’s life is about to get a whole lot more serious. He’s about to fall in love. And, oh, yeah… he has to break into Boggo Road Gaol – on Christmas Day, to save his mum. A story of brotherhood, true love and the most unlikely of friendships… set in Brisbane’s violent, working-class suburban fringe. ‘This book will light up the dimmest days’ – Sydney Morning Herald.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Instrument of Death (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series)
Davies, David Stuart
Sherlock Holmes has just uncovered the truth about the theft of a priceless ruby. The wealthy Lady Damury staged the theft and tried to frame her husband – but just as Holmes reveals the truth, Lady Damury is found murdered. Holmes deduces that this is no crime of passion, but the work of a ruthless killer with no connection to the jewel. With reports of a man in a strange, trancelike state, Holmes finds himself entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, with the sinister Dr Caligari…
Sherlockiana | PBK | $19.99

The Diva Sweetens the Pie (Domestic Diva mysteries 12)
Davis, Krista
Nothing heats up Old Town, quite like the annual Pie Festival, and this year is no exception, especially since Sophie’s professional rival, Natasha Smith, is barred from participating. Sophie, meanwhile, has been asked to oversee the pie eating contest. But the drama really rolls out when celebrity judge, Patsy Lee Presley, host of television’s most popular cooking show, bites the crust during the competition, and Sophie’s friends are suspected of the crime. As the folks of Old Town dish, the tough truth about Patsy’s meteoric rise to domestic stardom begins to leak. It turns out that Patsy’s sweet exterior hid a secret sour side, which alienated many of her closest allies, including a jilted ex-husband, a bitter ex-mentor, and a jaded ex-best friend. With the festival falling apart, and her friends in danger of being boxed up for murder, Sophie must cobble together the clues and stop a flaky fiend from serving up any more deadly desserts.
Mystery | HC | $42.99

A Capitol Death (Flavia Albia series)
Davis, Lindsey
A tragic accident… or was it? Emperor Domitian has been awarded (or, rather, has demanded) yet another Triumph – to celebrate two so-called victories. Preparations are going smoothly until one of the men overseeing arrangements for the celebration accidentally falls to his death from a cliff on the symbolic Capitoline Hill. But Flavia Albia suspects there’s more to the incident than meets the eye, as there are plenty of people, who would have been delighted to be rid of the overseer. He was an abusive swine who couldn’t organise a booze-up in a winery and was caught up in a number of scams, including one surrounding the supply of imperial purple dye, and a family of shellfish-boilers. As Flavia finds herself drawn into a theatrical world of carnival floats, musicians, incense and sacrificial beasts, can she see to the heart of the matter and catch those responsible for the unpopular man’s untimely death?
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

The Language of Birds
Dawson, Jill
In the summer of 1974, Mandy River arrives in London to make a fresh start; and begins working as nanny to the children of one Lady Morven. She quickly finds herself in the midst of a bitter custody battle and the house under siege: Lord Morven is having his wife watched. According to Lady Morven, her estranged husband also has a violent streak, yet she doesn’t seem the most reliable witness. Should Mandy believe her? As Mandy tries to shield her young charges from harm, her friend Rosemary watches from the wings – an odd girl with her own painful past and a rare gift. This time, though, she misreads the signs. Drawing on the infamous Lord Lucan affair, this compelling novel explores the roots of a shocking murder from a fresh perspective and brings to vivid life an era – when women’s voices, all too often, went unheard.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Cutting Edge (Lincoln Rhyme series)
Deaver, Jeffery
Someone is killing couples, just as they start their lives together. Newlyweds Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are on the hunt… The first victims, William and Anna, were collecting her engagement ring. One and a half carats, almost flawless. But the Promisor had other ideas for their future… Their murder – and that of the diamond cutter they were visiting – is only the first of a series of macabre attacks. The killer is hunting down any witnesses who might lead to his capture. He has promised one thing: to destroy. But Rhyme and Sachs will do whatever it takes, to break his vow.
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Deadly Kiss-Off (Glen & Stan series)
di Filippo, Paul
As part of Glen and Stan’s trafficking in counterfeit merch, they are looking to turn a few pallets of Grade Z computer chips into some military hardware – sure to interest dictators and despots and drug lords, around the globe. Bankrolled by a greedy local crime boss, they hope to promote a half-genius, half-addlepated invention from a naïve and principled inventor into a bonanza. But no one ever counts on complications arising from a wayward wife, some sexy Eurotrash go-betweens, and a lonely entrepreneurial girlfriend… who finds her native tropical isle conducive to a troublesome loosening of morals. Add in a most unconventional explosives expert, and you have a caper: half hilarious, half deadly, and 100 per cent entertaining. Glen and Stan – the Odd Couple of scamdom – are back from their The Big Get-Even (TP, $31.95) adventure with another get-rich-quick-or-go-down-in-flames scheme.
Noir | HC | $49.95

Death Comes in Through the Kitchen (Havana mysteries)
Dovalpage, Teresa
Matt, a San Diego journalist, arrives in Havana to marry his girlfriend, Yarmila, a 24-year-old Cuban woman, whom he first met through her food blog. But Yarmi isn’t there to meet him at the airport, and when he hitches a ride to her apartment – he finds her lying dead, in the bathtub. With Yarmi’s murder, lovelorn Matt is immediately embroiled in a Cuban adventure he didn’t bargain for. The police and secret service have him down as their main suspect; and, in an effort to clear his name, he must embark on his own investigation into what really happened. The more Matt learns about his erstwhile fiancée, though, the more he realises he had no idea who she was at all – but did anyone? Don’t let the authentic Cuban recipes fool you: This is no cosy mystery. Set in Havana, during the Black Spring of 2003, a charming but poison-laced culinary mystery reveals the darker side of the modern Revolution.
Mystery | TP | $26.99

Diary of a Dead Man on Leave
Downing, David
In April 1938, a man calling himself Josef Hofmann arrives at a boarding house in Hamm, Germany, and lets a room from the widow who owns it. Fifty years later, Walter Gersdorff, the widow’s son, who was eleven years old in the spring of 1938, discovers the carefully-hidden diary the boarder had kept during his stay; even though he never should have written any of its contents down. What Walter finds is a chronicle of one the most tumultuous years in German history, narrated by a secret agent on a deadly mission. Josef Hofmann was not the returned-Argentinian immigrant, he’d said he was – he was a communist spy under Moscow’s command – trying to reconnect with remaining members of Germany’s suppressed communist party. Hofmann’s bosses believe the common workers are the only way to stop the German war machine from within. Posing as a railroad man, Hofmann sets out on his game of ‘Russian roulette’, approaching Hamm’s ex-party members – one at a time – and delicately feeling out their allegiances. He always knew his mission would most likely end in his death, and he was satisfied to make that sacrifice for the revolution; if it could help stop Hitler and his abominable ideology. But as he grows close to the Gersdorffs, accidentally stepping into the role of the father Walter never had, Hofmann begins to wish for another kind of hope in his life.
Suspense | HC | $52.95

The Dark Clouds Shining (Jack McColl series)
Downing, David
London, 1921: Ex-Secret Service spy Jack McColl is in prison serving time for assaulting a cop. McColl has been embittered by the Great War; he feels betrayed by the country that had sent so many young men to die, needlessly. He can’t stomach spying for the British Empire, anymore. He’s also heartbroken. The love of his life, radical journalist Caitlin Hanley, parted ways with him three years earlier – so, she could offer her services to the Communist revolution in Moscow. Then his former Secret Service boss offers McColl the chance to escape his jail sentence, if he takes a dangerous and unofficial assignment in Russia, where McColl is already a wanted man. He would be spying on other spies, sniffing out the truth about MI5 meddling in a high-profile assassination plot. The target is someone McColl cares about and respects. The MI5 agent involved is someone he loathes. With the knowledge that he may be walking into a death trap, McColl sets out for Moscow, the scene of his last heartbreak. Little does he know that his mission will throw him back into Caitlin’s life – or that her husband will be one of the men he is trying to hunt down.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

My Lovely Wife
Downing, Samantha
Every marriage has secrets. Everyone has flaws. Your wife isn’t perfect – you know that – but, then again, neither are you. But, now, a serial killer is on the loose in your small town, preying on young women. Fear is driving your well-behaved young daughter off the rails, and you find yourself in bed late at night, looking at the woman who lies asleep beside you. Because you thought you knew the worst about her. The truth is you know nothing, at all.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Complete Sherlock Holmes (Knickerbocker Classics)
Doyle, Arthur Conan
The Complete Sherlock Holmes collects four full-length novels and 56 short stories, featuring the world’s most famous pipe-smoking detective. For Sherlock Holmes fans worldwide, this stunning gift edition has a full cloth binding and ribbon marker, all packaged neatly in an elegant slipcase. Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, between the years 1867 and 1927; the legendary Sherlock Holmes employed his mastery of deductive reasoning and expert sleuthing to solve an array of complex and harrowing cases. From his home – 221B Baker Street, in London – the legendary Sherlock Holmes (accompanied by his loyal companion and chronicler, Dr Watson) baffled policemen and became famous worldwide for his remarkable observations and even more eccentric habits. Featuring a foreword from renowned Holmes scholar Daniel Stashower (author of A Teller of Tales: The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes in America), The Complete Sherlock Holmes contains every known Sherlock Holmes tale, ever written. From Holmes’ first appearance in ‘A Study in Scarlet’ (1887) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1901–02), through the collection of stories in The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, this deluxe edition boasts the entire Holmes’ catalogue.
Sherlockiana | HC | $49.99

Sydney Noir: the Golden Years
Duffy, Michael & Hordern, Nick
In the late 1960s, Sydney was one of the most prosperous places on earth and one of the most corrupt. A large proportion of the population was engaged in illegal gambling and other activities that made colourful characters such as Lennie McPherson, Abe Saffron and George Freeman wealthy and, to many, folk heroes. Thousands of American soldiers – on their seven-day leave from Vietnam – turned Kings Cross, with its strip shows and night clubs, into one big party. The whole corrupt carnival was run by the police in an arrangement known as ‘the joke’. They could just about get away with that term, because heroin had not yet turned the underworld into the killing machine it would soon become. Two of the main jokers were also lovers: vice queen Shirley Brifman and violent detective Fred Krahe. In Sydney Noir, Michael Duffy and Nick Hordern revisit this dark yet fascinating chapter of Sydney’s history, telling stories that would be unbelievable were they not true. Finally, they make the bold argument that premier of the time, Sir Robert Askin, may not have been as guilty of corruption as many have claimed. ‘Duffy and Hordern give the city the kicking it’s been asking for, and the city gives up all the secrets and the bodies…’ – John Birmingham.
True crime | TP | $34.99

World War Noir: Sydney’s Unpatriotic War
Duffy, Michael & Hordern, Nick
It seems that not even world war could stop crime in Sydney. In fact, World War Noir confirms that war and crime – in the form of sex, drugs, alcohol, racketeering, and other illicit activities – go hand in hand. A companion book to the later glory days of the Sydney underworld from Sydney Noir; here, Michael Duffy and Nick Hordern tell the story of a time when many Australians were not as patriotic as we have been told. With soldiers’ pockets full of cash and the freedom of being on leave, criminal possibilities opened up during World War II. Told from the ground – or the gutter – up, World War Noir is a raw and broad-ranging tale that confounds expectations and reveals a grittier truth.
True crime | TP | $34.99

Knit One, Die Two (Knit & Nibble mysteries 03)
Ehrhart, Peggy
When Arborville, New Jersey’s snooty theatre scene is upstaged, by a shocking murder; Pamela Paterson and her Knit and Nibble knitting club must act quickly, to stop a killer from making an encore performance… Knit and Nibble’s numbers are growing! In addition to a litter of adorable kittens, the knitting club just welcomed their newest member, Caralee Lorimer, who’s learning to knit for her upcoming role in A Tale of Two Cities. According to the amateur actress, the behind-the-scenes drama at the theatre is getting downright catty, and Caralee wants a reckoning for Arborville’s pretentious suburbanites. Her claws are out, and just like her character in the play, Caralee is ready to name names. But before she can finish her snitchy stitches, Caralee is killed, in a suspicious theatre accident. Someone thinks they’ve staged a perfect murder; but Pamela and her Knit and Nibblers are ready to pounce on the real killer… before it’s curtains for anyone else!
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

Prologue to Murder (Bookstore mysteries 02)
Elliott, Lauren
Gossip columnists love a bold-faced name – but ‘Miss Newsy’ at Greyborne Harbor’s local paper seems to specialise in bald-faced lies. She’s pointed a finger of suspicion at Addie, after librarian June Winslow never makes it home, from a book club meeting. And when June’s found at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs, Addie’s not only dealing with a busybody, but a dead body. It’s a good thing the guy she’s dating is the police chief. But both the case and her love life get more complicated – when a lanky blonde reporter from Los Angeles shows up. She’s trying her hardest to drive a wedge between the couple… as if Addie doesn’t have enough problems dealing with angry townspeople. Despite all the rumours, Addie doesn’t know a thing about the murder – but she plans to find out. And the key may lie in a book about pirate legends that June published. Now, she just has to hunt down the clues – before she becomes a buried treasure, herself…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

The Big Kahuna (Fox & O’Hare series)
Evanovich, Janet & Benson, Raymond
FBI Agent Kate O’Hare plays by the rules. Charming con-man Nicholas Fox makes them up as he goes along. They’re working together to tackle the out-of-bounds cases ordinary FBI agents can’t touch. Next up: the mysterious disappearance of the Silicon Valley billionaire, known as the Big Kahuna. His model wife and shady business partner are more interested in gaining control of his company than in finding him. They need a dead body… not a living Kahuna. The only lead is the Kahuna’s drop-out son, who’s living the dream in Hawaii. To get close to him, Kate and Nick go undercover in the surfer community. For Kate, there is nothing more horrifying, than setting up house with Nick Fox. If they don’t catch a break soon, waves aren’t going to be the only thing, she’ll be shredding (or bedding).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Bright Young Dead (Mitford Murders series)
Fellowes, Jessica
Meet the Bright Young Things, the rabble-rousing hedonists of the 1920s, whose treasure hunts were a media obsession. One such game takes place at the 18th birthday party of Pamela Mitford, but ends in tragedy as cruel, charismatic Adrian Curtis is pushed to his death from the church neighbouring the Mitford home. The police quickly identify the killer as a maid, Dulcie. But Louisa Cannon, chaperone to the Mitford girls and a former criminal, herself, believes Dulcie to be innocent, and sets out to clear the girl’s name… all, while the real killer may only be steps away. A sequel to The Mitford Murders (PBK, $19.99). Recommended.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

My Detective
Fleishman, Jeffrey
Los Angeles is booming. Money is pouring in. Buildings are going up. But someone is killing architects. Detective Sam Carver journeys through sins scattered across the City of Angels, where hipsters, homeless, immigrants, producers, politicians, movie stars, and cops collide in mysterious ways. Every move Carver makes is anticipated by the killer, Dylan Cross. She has hacked his computer and knows his diaries and secrets. She sees in him a kindred and damaged spirit, a man who can understand her crimes, heal her scars, and love her. Dylan is reclaiming herself from a past of brutal injustices inflicted by a world of misogyny and power. Detective Carver is dealing with his own troubled history: an elusive and violent father.
Mystery | HC | $49.95

Nothing is the Number When You Die (Nuri Bey series)
Fleming, Joan
When Nuri is enlisted by an old flame to search for her son – a student at Oxford – who’s suddenly gone missing; he must, once again, neglect his studies to play detective. This time, he ventures far from home, and upon his arrival in England, Nuri quickly realises that he’s headed for a cultural clash between East and West… as well as another dangerous encounter with drug smugglers.
Mystery (reissue) | TP | $24.95

Death of a New American (Jane Prescott mysteries)
Fredericks, Mariah
In 1912, as New York reels from the news of the Titanic disaster, ladies’ maid Jane Prescott travels to Long Island with the Benchley family. Their daughter Louise is to marry William Tyler, at their uncle and aunt’s mansion; the Tylers are a glamorous, storied couple, their past filled with travel and adventure. Now, Charles Tyler is known for putting down New York’s notorious Italian mafia, the Black Hand, and his wife Alva has settled into domestic life. As the city visitors adjust to the rhythms of the household, and plan Louise’s upcoming wedding, Jane quickly befriends the Tyler children’s nanny, Sofia – a young Italian-American woman. However, one unusually sultry spring night, Jane is woken by a scream from the nursery – and rushes in, to find Sofia murdered… and the carefully-locked window, flung open. The Tylers believe that this is an attempted kidnapping of their baby gone wrong; a warning from the criminal underworld to Charles Tyler. But Jane is asked to help with the investigation by her friend, journalist Michael Behan, who knows that she is uniquely placed to see what other tensions may simmer, just below the surface in this wealthy, secretive household. Was Sofia’s murder fallout from the social tensions rife in New York, or could it be a much more personal crime? The atmospheric, compelling follow-up to Jane Prescott’s debut A Death of No Importance (PBK, $22.95).
Historical mystery | HC | $49.95

Night Flight to Paris
Gilman, David
Paris, 1943. The swastika flies from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Amongst the missing is an Allied intelligence cell. Britain’s Special Operations Executive need to find out why. They recruit ex-Parisian and Bletchley Park codebreaker Harry Mitchell, to return to the city he fled two years ago. Mitchell knows Occupied Paris – a city at war, with itself. He knows the risks: a return to Paris not a mission – it’s a death sentence. But he has good reason to put his life on the line: the wife and daughter, he was forced to leave behind, have fallen into the hands of the Gestapo; and Michell will do whatever it takes to save them…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Hammer, Chris
In an isolated country town, brought to its knees by endless drought, a charismatic and dedicated young priest calmly opens fire on his congregation – killing five parishioners, before being shot dead himself. A year later, troubled journalist Martin Scarsden arrives in Riversend to write a feature on the anniversary of the tragedy. But the stories he hears – from the locals about the priest, and incidents leading up to the shooting – don’t fit with the accepted version of events his own newspaper reported, in an award-winning investigation… Wrestling with his own demons, Martin finds himself risking everything to discover a truth that becomes darker and more complex with every twist. But there are powerful forces determined to stop him…
Thriller | PBK | $16.99

Death Notice
Haohui, Zhou
For nearly two decades, an unsolved double homicide has haunted Sergeant Zheng Haoming of the Chengdu Police Department. Now, it looks as if the long-dormant killer has resurfaced, taunting law enforcement with ‘death notices’, proclaiming their next victim and the date of ‘execution’. Perhaps, modern police techniques – criminal profiling, online surveillance, SWAT teams – can catch a killer, who previously evaded justice? Or, perhaps, this killer is more than a match for the Chengdu Police Department. The first in a trilogy, and a bestseller in China, Death Notice is based on China’s most famous online crime serial.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Who Slays the Wicked (Sebastian St Cyr mysteries)
Harris, C S
When the handsome but dissolute young gentleman Lord Ashworth is found brutally murdered, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is called in by Bow Street magistrate Sir Henry Lovejoy to help catch the killer. Just seven months before, Sebastian had suspected Ashworth of aiding one of his long-time friends and companions in the kidnapping and murder of a string of vulnerable street children. But Sebastian was never able to prove Ashworth’s complicity. Nor was he able to prevent his troubled, headstrong young niece Stephanie from entering into a disastrous marriage, with the dangerous nobleman. Stephanie has survived the difficult birth of twin sons. But Sebastian soon discovers that her marriage has quickly degenerated into a sham. Ashworth abandoned his pregnant bride at his father’s Park Street mansion and has continued living an essentially bachelor existence. And mounting evidence – ranging from a small bloody handprint to a woman’s silk stocking – suggests that Ashworth’s killer was a woman. Sebastian is tasked with unravelling the shocking nest of secrets surrounding Ashworth’s life, to keep Stephanie from being punished for his death.
Historical mystery | HC | $45.00

The Strawberry Thief
Harris, Joanne
Vianne Rocher has settled down. Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, the place that once rejected her, has finally become her home. With Rosette, her ‘special’ child, she runs her chocolate shop in the square, talks to her friends on the river, is part of the community. Even Reynaud, the priest, has become a friend. But when old Narcisse, the florist, dies – leaving a parcel of land to Rosette, and a written confession to Reynaud – the life of the sleepy village is, once more, thrown into disarray. The arrival of Narcisse’s relatives, the departure of an old friend and the opening of a mysterious new shop in the place of the florist’s across the square – one that mirrors the chocolaterie, and has a strange appeal of its own – all seem to herald some kind of change: a confrontation, a turbulence – even, perhaps, a murder… The long-awaited new Chocolat novel.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Secrets You Hide
Helm, Kate
Georgia Sage has a gift: she can see evil in people. As a courtroom artist she uses her skills to help condemn those who commit terrible crimes. After all, her own brutal past means she knows innocence is even rarer than justice. But when she is drawn back into the trial that defined her career, a case of twisted family betrayal, she realises her own reckless pursuit of justice may have helped the guilty go free. As Georgia gets closer to the truth behind the Slater family, something happens that threatens not only her career – but even her own sanity. At first, she fears her guilt around the events of her terrible childhood is finally coming back to haunt her. The truth turns out to be even more terrifying…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

A Fall of Shadows (Bess Ellyott mysteries)
Herriman, Nancy
Autumn has fallen on Wiltshire, but as the air grows crisp and the trees turn a resplendent gold, a sinister presence arrives in the form of a horrifying murder. Bartholomew Reade, a player in a traveling troupe, has been found stabbed, sprawled on a low mound outside the village, a reed pen jabbed into his throat. On the night of the murder, a bleeding woman collapses, at the doorstep of herbalist Bess Ellyott, desperately seeking help. Could she have a connection to the dead man? As Bess seeks answers, Constable Kit Harwoode is busy assembling his own lengthy list of suspects. Reade had many enemies, including the leader of the troupe, who resented his ambitions as a playwright, and his fellow players, who bristled at his arrogance – just to name a few. As if the case weren’t thorny enough, the hill where the dead man was found is reputed to have once been the site of a Druid temple. And recent reports of diseased sheep and sick children, supposedly the work of a witch, have the townspeople terrified. A follow-up to Searcher of the Dead (HC, $49.95).
Historical mystery | HC | $49.95

The Tale Teller (Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito series)
Hillerman, Anne
Joe Leaphorn may have retired from the Tribal Police, but he finds himself knee-deep in a perplexing case involving a priceless artefact – a reminder of a dark time in Navajo history. Joe’s been hired to find a missing biil, a traditional dress that had been donated to the Navajo Nation. His investigation takes a sinister turn when the leading suspect dies under mysterious circumstances and Leaphorn, himself, receives anonymous warnings to beware – witchcraft is afoot. While the veteran detective is busy working to untangle his strange case, his former colleague Jim Chee and Officer Bernie Manuelito are collecting evidence they hope will lead to a cunning criminal behind a rash of burglaries. Their case takes a complicated turn, when Bernie finds a body – near a popular running trail. The situation grows more complicated when the death is ruled a homicide, and the Tribal cops are thrust into a turf battle… because the murder involves the FBI. As Leaphorn, Chee, and Bernie draw closer to solving these crimes, their parallel investigations begin to merge… and offer an unexpected opportunity that opens a new chapter in Bernie’s life…
Mystery | HC | $49.99

Deadly Vows (Britton Bay mysteries 02)
Holford, Jody
Britton Bay is buzzing with preparations for a wedding – at the bed and breakfast where Molly rents a small carriage home. Molly is even helping out and plans to interview the rising-star caterer – until the woman is found dead. And then the bride-to-be goes missing. To make matters worse, the venue is owned by Molly’s new boyfriend’s mother – and Molly was among the last people to see the victim alive. All of which makes solving the crime her top priority… With the nuptials indefinitely on hold, Molly will have to sift through a sticky mix of suspects, including a rival caterer with a short fuse, a groom with an illicit secret, and a wedding party riddled with personal drama. And if she doesn’t discover the truth soon, Molly might be her own front-page news…
Mystery | TP | $31.95

Death of a Wedding Cake Baker (Hayley Powell mysteries 11)
Hollis, Lee
For Matron of Honour, Hayley Powell, catching a half-baked poisoner before her friend’s wedding will be icing on the cake… Liddy Crawford, best friend of food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell, is getting married. The wedding is the talk of the town in Bar Harbor, Maine: including snide gossip about the age gap between the bride and her groom, local lawyer Sonny Lipton. But the cruelty of the comments is nothing, compared to the nasty wedding cake baker, Liddy’s quarrelsome cousin Lisa. So, when the belligerent baker is found face down in a three-tier cake, the victim of a poisoned slice, there are more suspects in town than names on the guest list. With Sonny getting cold feet, Liddy getting hot under the frilly collar of her wedding gown, and a killer possibly crashing the ceremony, Hayley vows to solve the crime – before her best friend walks down the aisle…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

Forever and a Day (James Bond revival series)
Horowitz, Anthony
The sea keeps its secrets. But not this time. One body. Three bullets. 007 floats in the waters of Marseille, killed by an unknown hand. It’s time for a new agent to step up. Time for a new weapon in the war against organised crime. It’s time for James Bond to earn his licence to kill. This is the story of the birth of a legend, in the brutal underworld of the French Riviera. Including original material by Ian Fleming, this is an explosive prequel to Casino Royale. Horowitz’s previous Bond revival novel was Trigger Mortis (PBK, $22.99).
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

An Artless Demise (Lady Darby mysteries)
Huber, Anna Lee
November 1831. After fleeing London in infamy, more than two years before, Lady Kiera Darby’s return to the city is anything but mundane, though not for the reasons she expected. A gang of body snatchers is arrested on suspicion of imitating the notorious misdeeds of Edinburgh criminals, Burke and Hare – killing people from the streets and selling their bodies to medical schools. Then, Kiera’s past – a past she thought she’d finally made peace with – rises up to haunt her. All of London is horrified by the evidence that ‘burkers’ are, indeed, at work in their city. The terrified populace hovers on a knife’s edge, ready to take their enmity out on any likely suspect. And when Kiera receives a letter of blackmail, threatening to divulge details about her late anatomist husband’s involvement with the body snatchers and wrongfully implicate her, she begins to apprehend just how precarious her situation is. Not only for herself, but also her new husband and investigative partner, Sebastian Gage, and their unborn child.
Historical mystery | TP | $26.99

Eight Lives
Hurley, Susan
A brilliant young doctor is dead… and someone has to take the blame. Former refugee David Tran becomes the Golden Boy of Australian medical research and invents a drug that could transform immunology. Eight volunteers are recruited for the first human trial, a crucial step on the path to global fame for David and windfall gains for his investors. But when David dies, in baffling circumstances, motives are put under the microscope. With its origins in a real-life drug trial that ended in tragedy, Eight Lives is told from the perspectives of David’s friends, family and business associates, who all played a role in his downfall.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Cemetery Road
Iles, Greg
Successful journalist Marshall McEwan is forced to return home. His father is dying, his mother is struggling to keep the family newspaper from failing; and the town is in the midst of an economic rebirth that might be built upon crimes that reach into the state capitol – and, perhaps, even to Washington. More disturbing still, Marshall’s high school sweetheart, Jet, has married into the family of Max Matheson, patriarch of one of the families that rule Bienville through a shadow organisation called the Bienville Poker Club. When archaeologist Buck McKibben is murdered at a construction site, Bienville is thrown into chaos. The ensuing homicide investigation is soon derailed by a second crime that rocks the community to its core. Power broker Max Matheson’s wife has been shot dead in her own bed, and the only other person in it at the time was her husband, Max. Stranger still, Max demands that his daughter-in-law, Jet, defend him in court. Without telling a soul, Marshall joins forces with Jet and begins digging into both murders. With Jet walking the dangerous road of an inside informer, they soon uncover a web of criminal schemes that undergird the town’s recent success. But these crimes pale, in comparison to the secret at the heart of the Matheson family…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Silver Road
Jackson, Stina
Three years ago, Lelle’s daughter went missing in a remote part of Northern Sweden. Lelle has spent the intervening summers driving the Silver Road, under the midnight sun, frantically searching for his lost daughter, for himself and for redemption. Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Meja arrives in town hoping for a fresh start. She is the same age as Lelle’s daughter was – a girl on the brink of adulthood. But for Meja, there are dangers to be found in this isolated place. As autumn’s darkness slowly creeps in, Lelle and Meja’s lives are intertwined in ways, both haunting and tragic, that they could never have imagined. Winner of the 2018 Swedish Academy of Crime Writers’ Award for Best Swedish Crime Novel.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Field of Bones (Brady series)
Jance, J A
This time, Sheriff Joanna Brady may expect to see her maternity leave through to completion, but the world has other plans – when a serial homicide case surfaces in her beloved Cochise County. Rather than staying home with her newborn and losing herself in the cold cases to be found in her father’s long unread diaries, Joanna instead finds herself overseeing a complex investigation, involving multiple jurisdictions.
Suspense | PBK | $22.95

The Island (Hidden Iceland series)
Jonasson, Ragnar
Elliðaey is a collection of isolated islands off the coast of Iceland. It is has a beautiful, unforgiving terrain; and is an easy place to vanish. Hulda is at the peak of her career and is sent to investigate what happened on Elliðaey, after a group of friends visited, but one failed to return. Could this have links to the disappearance of a couple, ten years previously, out on the Westfjords? Is there a killer stalking these barren outposts? Hulda’s journey is to uncover the island’s secrets and find the truth hidden in its darkest shadows… The second thrilling book in the Hidden Iceland trilogy, following The Darkness (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Jones, B E
Shattered by the discovery of her husband’s affair, Liv knows they need to leave the chaos of New York – to try to save their marriage. Maybe, the road trip that they’d always planned, exploring America’s national parks, just the two of them, would help heal the wounds. But what Liv hasn’t told her husband is that she has set him three challenges. Three opportunities to prove he’s really sorry and worthy of her forgiveness. If he fails? Well, it’s dangerous out there. There are so many ways to die, in the wilderness. And if it’s easy to die, then it’s easy to kill too. If their marriage can’t survive, he can’t either.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Murder from Scratch (Sally Solari mysteries 04)
Karst, Leslie
Santa Cruz restaurateur Sally Solari’s life is already boiling over, as she deals with irate cooks and other staffing issues at the busy Gauguin restaurant. The rainy December weather isn’t cooling things down, either. So, she’s steamed, when her dad persuades her to take in Evelyn – her estranged blind cousin, whose mother has just died of a drug overdose. But Evelyn proves to be lots of fun and she’s a terrific cook. Back at the house she’d shared with her mom, Evelyn’s heightened sense of touch tells her that various objects – a bottle of cranberry juice, her grandfather’s jazz records – are out of place. She and her mom always kept things in the same place – so, Evelyn could find them. So, she suspects that her mother’s death was neither accident nor suicide, no matter what the police believe. The cousins’ sleuthing takes Sally and Evelyn into the world of macho commercial kitchens, and the cutthroat competitiveness that can flame up, between chefs.
Mystery | HC | $49.95

Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire (Sackwater mysteries)
Kasasian, M R C
September 1939. A new day dawns in Sackwater, not that this sleepy backwater is taking much notice… Inspector Betty Church – one of the few female officers on the force – has arrived from London to fill a vacancy at Sackwater police station. But Betty isn’t new here. This is the place she grew up. The place she thought she’d left behind for good. Time ticks slowly in Sackwater, and crime is of a decidedly lighter shade. Having solved the case of the missing buttons, Betty’s called to the train station to investigate a missing bench. But though there’s no bench, there is a body. A smartly-dressed man, murdered in broad daylight, with two distinctive puncture wounds in his throat. While the locals gossip about the Suffolk Vampire, Betty Church readies herself to hunt a dangerous killer. The first in a new series from the author of the fantastic Mangle Street Murders.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Stone Mothers
Kelly, Erin
Marianne grew up in the shadow of the old asylum, a place that still haunts her dreams. She was seventeen – when she fled the town, her family, her boyfriend Jesse and the body they buried. Now, forced to return, she can feel the past closing around her. And Jesse – who never forgave her, for leaving – is finally threatening to expose the truth. Marianne will do anything to protect the life she’s built; the husband and daughter who must never know. Even if it means turning to her worst enemy… But Marianne may not know the whole story – and she isn’t the only one, with secrets they’d kill to keep.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

Hunter (Joona Linna series)
Kepler, Lars
A masked stranger stands in the shadow of a garden, watching his first victim through the window. He will kill him, slowly – play him a nursery rhyme – make him pay. The police offer ex-Detective Joona Linna a chance to clear his name: help Superintendent Saga Bauer track down the vicious killer terrorising Stockholm, before he strikes again. Now, Joona stands between a disturbed predator and its prey. He must catch a killer who hunts in the shadows and who is dangerously close to losing control…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Metropolis (Bernie Gunther series)
Kerr, Philip
Berlin, 1928, the height of the Weimar Republic. Bernie is a young detective working in Vice – when he asked to investigate the Silesian Station killings: four prostitutes murdered in as many weeks, and in the same gruesome manner. Bernie hardly has time to acquaint himself with the case files, before another murder occurs. Until now, no one has shown much interest in these victims – there are plenty in Berlin who’d like the streets washed clean of such degenerates. But, this time, the girl’s father runs Berlin’s foremost criminal ring, and he’s prepared to go to extreme lengths to find his daughter’s killer. It seems that someone is determined to rid Berlin of anyone less than perfect. The voice of Nazism is becoming a roar that threatens to drown out all others. But not Bernie Gunther’s… We love this hugely-entertaining series, which begins with the omnibus Berlin Noir (PBK, $29.99). Unfortunately, this will be the last, as Kerr died in March, last year. :-(
Noir | TP | $32.99

Murder at the Grand Raj Palace (Baby Ganesh Agency series)
Khan, Vaseem
For a century, Mumbai’s iconic Grand Raj Palace Hotel has welcomed the world’s elite. Anyone who is anyone stays at the Grand Raj. The last thing, the venerable old hotel needs is a murder… So, when the body of American billionaire Hollis Burbank is found, the pressure is on to label it a suicide. But, then, Chopra is called in… and finds a hotel full of people with a reason to want Burbank dead. Accompanied by his sidekick, baby elephant Ganesha, Chopra navigates his way through the palatial building, a journey that leads him steadily to a killer, and into the heart of darkness… The first in this utterly charming series, featuring Inspector Chopra and his elephant sidekick, is The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Killer in Me (Frankie Sheehan series)
Kiernan, Olivia
Detective Chief Superintendent Frankie Sheehan does not wish to linger on the grisly scene before her eyes. Two mutilated corpses. In a church. In Clontarf. Her profiling background screams one fact: this is just the beginning of a sickening message. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old case is playing out on a TV documentary, the convicted professing his innocence and historical police errors being exposed daily in the media. Frankie’s superior, Commissioner Donna Hegarty, makes no bones about who she expects to clean things up – both in terms of past mishandlings and the present murders. But not everyone working the cases wants the truth to come out. And the corridors of power have their own vested interest. Soon, Frankie pinpoints just what is making her so nervous: the fact that anyone could be the next victim, when justice is the killer. Frankie Sheehan’s first appearance was in Too Close to Breathe (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

Night of Camp David
Knebel, Fletcher
How can one man convince the highest powers in Washington that the President of the United States is dangerously unstable – before it’s too late? Senator Jim MacVeagh is proud to serve his country – and his president, Mark Hollenbach, who has a near-spotless reputation as the vibrant, charismatic leader of MacVeagh’s party and the nation. When Hollenbach begins taking MacVeagh into his confidence, the young senator knows that his star is on the rise. But then Hollenbach starts summoning MacVeagh in the middle of the night to Camp David. There, the president sits in the dark and rants about his enemies, unfurling insane theories about all the people he says are conspiring against him. They would do anything, President Hollenbach tells the stunned senator, to stop him from setting in motion the grand, unprecedented plans he has to make America a great world power, once again. MacVeagh comes away from these meetings increasingly convinced that the man he once admired has lost his mind. But what can he do? Who can he tell? ‘A little too plausible for comfort’ – New York Times, 1965.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Elephant of Surprise (Hap & Leonard series)
Lansdale, Joe R
After years of crime-solving companionship, something’s changed: Hap, recently married to their PI boss, Brett, is now a family man. Amidst the worst flood East Texas has seen in years, the two run across a woman – who’s had her tongue nearly cut out, pursued by a heavily-armed pair of goons. Though she can’t talk much, on account of the tongue, it turns out the girl survived a mob hit, and the boss has come to clean up the mess. On a chase that blows even the East Texas swampgrass back, Hap and Leonard must save the girl, and vanquish her foes, before the foes get them, first. With a new case to solve, and a brand-new challenge to their relationship, will Hap and Leonard’s friendship survive? Will Hap and Leonard survive? Darkly hilarious and wacky redneck noir – this series begins with Savage Season ($19.99). Recommended!
Noir | TP | $32.99

Jackrabbit Smile (Hap & Leonard series)
Lansdale, Joe R
Hap and Leonard are an unlikely pair – Hap, a self-proclaimed white trash rebel, and Leonard, a tough-as-nails black gay Vietnam vet and Republican – but they’re the closest friend either of them has in the world. Hap is celebrating his wedding to his long-time girlfriend, when their backyard barbecue is interrupted by a couple of white supremacists. They’re not too happy to see Leonard, and no one is happy to see them; but they have a problem, and they want Hap and Leonard to solve it. Judith Mulhaney’s daughter, Jackrabbit, has been missing for five years. That is, she’s been missing from her family for five years, but she’s been missing from everybody, including the local no-goods they knew ran with her, for a few months. Despite their misgivings, Hap and Leonard take the case. It isn’t long, until they find themselves mixed up in a revivalist cult believing that Jesus will return flanked by an army of lizard-men, and solving a murder to boot. Darkly hilarious and wacky redneck noir – this series begins with Savage Season ($19.99). Recommended!
Noir | PBK | $19.99

Kossuth Square (Danube Blues series)
Lebor, Adam
When Detective Balthazar Kovacs is called out before dawn, to a brothel owned by his brother, he knows it can only be bad news. A customer has died in the brothel’s VIP room. Worse still, he’s an Arab financier, a guest of government, connected to a massive investment programme that could transform Hungary. It looks like a heart attack – but why has the brothel’s CCTV footage been erased? Kovacs knows only too well the treacherous undercurrents that permeate life in Hungary’s capital – the deadly intersection between the criminal underworld, the corridors of power and the ghosts of history. He knows that his investigation is more than likely to lead back to the seat of power, the Orszaghaz, in Kossuth Square… but he does not expect to be swept into his own family’s dark past, too. A sequel to District VIII (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Inhuman Resources
Lemaitre, Pierre
Alain Delambre is a 57-year-old former HR executive, drained by four years of hopeless unemployment. All he is offered are small, demoralising jobs. He has reached his very lowest ebb; and can see no way out. So, when a major company finally invites him to an interview, Alain Delambre is ready to do anything, borrow money, shame his wife and his daughters and even participate in the ultimate recruitment test: a role-playing game that involves hostage taking. Alain Delambre commits body and soul, in this struggle to regain his dignity. But if he suddenly realised that the dice had been loaded against him from the start, his fury would be limitless. And what began as a role-play game could, quickly, become a bloodbath.
Noir | PBK | $22.99

Bitter Sun
Lewis, Beth
In the heatwave summer of 1971, four kids find a body by a lake and set out to solve a murder. But they dig too deep, and ask too many questions. Larson is a town reeling, in the wake of the Vietnam draft; where the unrelenting heat ruins the harvest, and the people teeter on the edge of ruin. As tension and paranoia run rife, rumours become fact, violence becomes reflex. The unrest allows the dark elements of the close-knit farming community to rise and take control. And John, Jenny, Gloria, and Rudy are about to discover that, sometimes, secrets are best left uncovered…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Bluebird, Bluebird (Highway 59 series)
Locke, Attica
When it comes to law and order, East Texas plays by its own rules – a fact that Darren Mathews, a black Texas Ranger, knows all too well. Deeply ambivalent about growing up black in the lone star state, he was the first in his family to get as far away from Texas as he could. Until duty called him home. When his allegiance to his roots puts his job in jeopardy, he travels up Highway 59 to the small town of Lark, where two murders – a black lawyer from Chicago, and a local white woman – have stirred up a hornet’s nest of resentment. Darren must solve the crimes – and save himself in the process – before Lark’s long-simmering racial fault lines erupt.
Noir | PBK | $19.99

The Complete Bertie (Prince of Wales mysteries) (omnibus)
Lovesey, Peter
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales – Bertie, as he’s known – is the eldest son of Queen Victoria, and future King Edward VII. Bertie is a pleasure seeker, always searching out the best meals, the most beautiful women, and the most lavish parties. As Prince Regent, Bertie is expected to behave like a proper royal and avoid scandal. Instead, his love of excitement leads him to a decidedly unprincely hobby: sleuthing. Bertie is not the best detective… but that does not stop him from trying to solve every case that crosses his path, including the feverish suicide of the greatest jockey of the century; the mysterious death of a member of the royal hunting party; and the murder of the son-in-law of an old friend. An omnibus edition, collecting all three of the charming and thrilling Bertie adventures – Bertie and the Tinman, Bertie and the Seven Bodies, and Bertie and the Crime of Passion – in a single volume, for the first time.
Historical mystery | HC | $60.95

Scones and Scoundrels (Highland Bookshop mysteries 02)
MacRae, Molly
Daphne did her Inversgail homework, and knows that Janet and her partners solved a previous murder. She tries to persuade them to join her, in uncovering the killer and the truth. To prove she’s capable, she starts poking and prying. But investigating crimes can be murder, and Daphne ends up dead – poisoned by scones, from the tearoom at Yon Bonnie Books. Now, to save the reputation of their business – not to mention the reputation of their scones – Janet and her partners must solve both murders. And Daphne’s dog might be able to help them, if only they can get it to stop howling…
Mystery | TP | $24.95

The Guilty Party
McGrath, Mel
On a night out, four friends witness a stranger in trouble. They decide to do nothing to help. Later, a body washes up on the banks of the Thames – and the group realises that ignoring the woman has left blood on their hands. But why did each of them refuse to step in? Why did none of them want to be noticed that night? Who is really responsible? And is it possible that the victim was not really a stranger, at all?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Bitter Brew (Savannah Reid mysteries 24)
McKevett, G A
Savannah is shaken to the core, when coroner Dr Jennifer Liu appears on her doorstep, late one night, with a disturbing confession. In a potentially career-ruining move, a remorseful Dr Liu admits to fudging an autopsy report to keep her friend Brianne’s suicide a secret – fulfilling a final promise made before the terminally ill woman administered a lethal drug cocktail. But after Dr Liu finds the same unique mixture in a second body, she fears the deaths share a dark connection… Apprehensive about concealing a felony, Savannah and the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency launch a discreet investigation into Brianne’s rare condition and the deadly concoction linking the two bodies. As chilling evidence points to an undeniable case of double murder, the agency races to slim down the suspect list and blow the lid off a shifty criminal’s poisonous agenda. Savannah only hopes that, like Dr Liu, her desire to help a friend won’t put her reputation at risk – or, worse, land her on the next slab…
Mystery | HC | $45.00

The Van Apfel Girls are Gone
McLean, Felicity
It’s the summer of the school’s Showstopper concert. The summer Tikka never forgot. The summer the Van Apfel sisters disappeared. ‘We lost all three girls that summer. Let them slip away, like the words of some half-remembered song; and when one came back, she wasn’t the one we were trying to recall, to begin with.’ Tikka Molloy was eleven and one-sixth years old, during the long hot summer of 1992 – the summer the Van Apfel sisters disappeared. Hannah, beautiful Cordelia and Ruth vanished, during the night of the school’s Showstopper concert at the amphitheatre by the river, surrounded by encroaching bushland. Now, years later, Tikka has returned home… to try and make sense of the summer that shaped her, and the girls that she never forgot.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Snapshot Killer:
the shocking true story of predator and serial killer Christopher Wilder
– from Sydney’s beaches to America’s Most Wanted

McNab, Duncan
Christopher Wilder was about as bad as they get. A serial killer and predator, he first came to the attention of police in Sydney, when as a teenager in 1963 he was charged with rape. As a young adult he relocated to Florida, USA. Wilder plied his vile and deadly trade on two continents and did so, undetected, for more than twenty years. He was a chameleon and a predator, with a modus operandi refined over the decades: luring young teenage girls with the promise of a career as a photographic model. His final flourish was a six-week spree of abduction, sexual assault and murder crisscrossing the USA, and earning him the top spot on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Wilder could have been stopped a few times in his evil career – but he wasn’t. In addition to his many crimes in the US, he is now also a prime suspect for the infamous Wanda Beach murders – one of Australia’s most notorious unsolved crimes. The Snapshot Killer explores how a monster was able to hide in plain sight and tells the tragic story of the many victims – at least twelve, but likely more – whose lives Wilder destroyed, with consequences that continue to resonate to this day.
True crime | TP | $32.99

Money in the Morgue (Inspector Alleyn series)
Marsh, Ngaio & Duffy, Stella
It’s business as usual, for Mr Glossop, as he does his regular round delivering wages to government buildings, scattered across New Zealand’s lonely Canterbury plains. But when his car breaks down, he is stranded for the night at the isolated Mount Seager Hospital, with the telephone lines down, a storm on its way and the nearby river about to burst its banks. Trapped with him, at Mount Seager, are a group of quarantined soldiers with a serious case of cabin fever, three young employees embroiled in a tense love triangle, a dying elderly man, an elusive patient whose origins remain a mystery… and a potential killer. When the payroll disappears from a locked safe and the hospital’s death toll starts to rise, faster than normal, can the appearance of an English detective, working in counterespionage be just a lucky coincidence – or is something more sinister afoot? Roderick Alleyn is back, in this unique crime novel; begun by Ngaio Marsh, during the Second World War; and, now, completed by Stella Duffy.
Classic mystery | PBK | $19.99

Fugitive from the Grave (Bow Street Rivals series)
Marston, Edward
1817. Clemency van Emden receives an anonymous terse message informing her that her estranged father is dead and buried. Confounded by this news, and desperate to visit her father’s final resting place; she returns from Holland, determined to seek answers. A chance encounter on a busy London street leads her to twin detectives Peter and Paul Skillen, who agree to help her unravel the mystery of her father’s last days. However, Paul’s attention is diverted away from London to Bath, as he seeks to thwart a daring band of highwaymen, one of whom appears to have more than just jewels on his mind. Meanwhile, the Bow Street Runners are struggling to redeem themselves after losing, yet again, the slippery and infamous Harry Scattergood. With mounting pressure from the local magistrate to produce results, they are sent to investigate a spate of bodysnatching from local cemeteries. When the body of Clemency’s father is discovered to be missing from its casket, the twins embark on a chase of graverobbers, funerary agents and Good Samaritans – to unearth the truth.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Murder at the Breakers (Gilded Newport mysteries 01)
Maxwell, Alyssa
Newport, Rhode Island, August 1895: She may be a less well-heeled relation, but as second cousin to millionaire patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt, twenty-one-year-old Emma Cross is on the guest list for a grand ball at the Breakers, the Vanderbilts’ summer home. She also has a job to do – report on the event for the society page of the Newport Observer. But Emma observes much more than glitz and gaiety, when she witnesses a murder. The victim is Cornelius Vanderbilt’s financial secretary, who plunges off a balcony faster than falling stock prices. Emma’s black sheep brother Brady is found in Cornelius’ bedroom – passed out next to a bottle of bourbon and stolen plans for a new railroad line. Brady has barely come to, before the police have arrested him for the murder. But Emma is sure someone is trying to railroad her brother and resolves to find the real killer, at any cost…
Historical mystery | PBK | $21.95

The Dead Hour (Paddy Meehan series)
Mina, Denise
Journalist Paddy Meehan is called to a domestic dispute in a wealthy Glasgow suburb. The woman bleeding from a head injury doesn’t want any help and the well-dressed man beside her assures Paddy that everything is fine. But when she is given a £50 note to keep quiet, she becomes suspicious. The next morning, the woman is dead. Paddy has found the story she has been waiting for, yet she will lose all credibility if word gets out about her bribe. To make matters worse, the police who attended the scene are twisting the evidence. Only Paddy cares enough, to pursue a dark truth that could make her career – or get her killed. A reissue of the second of the Paddy Meehan mysteries.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $19.99

The Breakers (Sharon McCone mysteries 34)
Muller, Marcia
Sharon gets a request from her former neighbours, the Curleys. Their usually-dependable daughter, Chelle, hasn’t answered their calls in over a week. Would Sharon check on her? Chelle, a house flipper, has been living at her latest rehab project: a Prohibition-era nightclub known as the Breakers, formerly a favoured watering hole for San Francisco’s elite – now, converted into a rundown apartment building. There’s something sinister about the quirky space, and Sharon quickly discovers why. Lurking in a secret room between two floors is a ghastly art gallery: photos and drawings of mass murderers, long ago and recent. Jack the Ripper. The Zodiac and Zebra killers. Charles Manson. What, an alarmed Sharon wonders, was Chelle doing in this chamber of horrors? And as Sharon begins to suspect that the ghoulish collage may be more, than just a leftover relic of the Breakers’ chequered history, her search for Chelle becomes a desperate race against the clock… before a killer strikes, again.
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

Cat Chase the Moon (Joe Grey mysteries 21)
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
Joe Grey and his partner, Dulcie, are frantic when Courtney, their pretty teen-kitten goes missing. With his focus on finding Courtney, Joe Grey has neglected his detective work with the Molina Point Police Department. Before his daughter disappeared, Joe found a viciously beaten woman lying near the beach. Now, the police investigation has stalled, and the clever feline worries his human colleagues may have missed a vital clue. Joe is also concerned about a family of newcomers – whose domestic battles are disturbing the town’s tranquillity. Loud and abrasive, the Luthers’ angry arguing, shouting, and swearing in the early hours of the night have neighbours on edge, and the cops on alert. One of the couple’s late-night shouting matches masked the sounds of a burglary… and, now, a criminal is on the loose.
Mystery | HC | $45.00

Cult X
Nakamura, Fuminori
When Toru Narazaki’s girlfriend, Ryoko Tachibana, disappears, he tries to track her down, despite the warnings of the private detective he’s hired to find her. Ryoko’s past is shrouded in mystery, but the one concrete clue to her whereabouts is a previous address in the heart of Tokyo. She lived in a compound with a group that seems to be a cult led by a charismatic guru with a revisionist Buddhist scheme of life, death, and society. Narazaki plunges into the secretive world of the cult, ready to expose himself to any of the guru’s brainwashing tactics if it means he can learn the truth about Ryoko. But the cult isn’t what he expected, and he has no idea of the bubbling violence he is stepping into. Inspired by the 1995 sarin gas terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Better Off Read (Bookmobile mysteries 01)
Page, Nora
Septuagenarian librarian Cleo Watkins won’t be shushed, when an upstart young mayor threatens to permanently shelve her tiny town’s storm-damaged library. She takes to her bookmobile, Words on Wheels, to collect allies and rally library support throughout Catalpa Springs, Georgia. However, Cleo soon rolls into trouble. A major benefactor known for his eccentric DIY projects requests all available books on getting away with murder. He’s no Georgia peach, and Cleo wonders if she should worry about his plans. She knows she should when she discovers him bludgeoned and evidence points to her best friend, Mary-Rose Garland. Sure, of Mary-Rose’s innocence, Cleo applies her librarian’s sleuthing skills to the case, assisted by friends, family, and the dapper antiquarian bookseller everyone keeps calling her boyfriend. Evidence stacks up, but a killer is overdue to strike again. With lives and her library on the line, Cleo must shift into high gear – to close the book on murder…
Mystery | TP | $33.95

#Taken (Max Wolfe series)
Parsons, Tony
They thought they were kidnapping the mistress of one of London’s most powerful gangsters. But they’ve taken the wrong woman. And crossed the wrong detective. Detective Max Wolfe’s hunt for the missing woman takes him from New Scotland Yard’s legendary Black Museum, to the glittering mansions of career criminals, from sleazy strip joints to secret sex dungeons – and to unspeakably dark deeds committed, decades ago. It’s a world of family secrets, sexual jealousy, and a lust for revenge – which might also become Wolfe’s grave…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Bones of the Earth (Inspector Shan Tao Yun series)
Pattison, Eliot
After Shan Tao Yun is forced to witness the execution of a Tibetan for corruption, he can’t shake the suspicion that he has instead witnessed a murder arranged by conspiring officials. When he learns that a Tibetan monk has been accused by the same officials of using Buddhist magic to murder soldiers, then is abruptly given a badge as special deputy to the county governor, Inspector Shan realises he is being thrust into a ruthless power struggle. Knowing he has made too many enemies in the government, Shan desperately wants to avoid such a battle, but then discovers that among its casualties are a murdered American archaeology student and devout Tibetans who were only trying to protect an ancient shrine. Soon, grasping that the underlying mysteries are rooted in both the Chinese and Tibetan worlds, Shan senses that he alone may be able to find the truth. The path he must take, with the enigmatic, vengeful father of the dead American at his side, is the most treacherous he has ever navigated. More will die before he is able to fully pierce the secrets of this clash between the angry gods of Tibet and Beijing. The costs to Shan and those close to him will be profoundly painful, and his world will be shaken to its core before he crafts his own uniquely Tibetan form of justice.
Mystery | HC | $39.99

The Man Who Came Uptown
Pelecanos, George
Anna Byrne is a jailhouse librarian. In a place where hope is hard to find, the power of books can be a light in the dark. For some of the prisoners, her work is life changing. Like Michael Hudson, her best student, who’s been locked up awaiting trial before his sudden release. He’s relieved to be free – to ‘come uptown’, as they say – but can’t shake the question: why is the witness who put him behind bars is suddenly refusing to testify? There’s a man who might have the answer, but he wants something first. Phil Ornazian is a private investigator who moonlights as a petty criminal. He’s not exactly proud of it, but times are hard in Washington, DC. People must change to survive… or die trying. But everything comes at a price; and, at some point, everyone must pay…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Relic (Agent Pendergast series)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
The New York Museum of Natural History is built over a subterranean labyrinth of neglected specimen vaults, unmapped drainage tunnels, and long-forgotten catacombs. And there’s something down there. When the mutilated bodies of two young boys are discovered deep within the museum’s bowels, Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta of the NYPD fears a homicidal maniac may be at large. FBI agent Aloysius X L Pendergast believes they may be facing something much worse. As the death toll mounts, and with the opening of the museum’s new ‘Superstition’ exhibition just days away, the two men must work together to prevent a massacre. A reissue of the first in the series.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $19.99

Reliquary (Agent Pendergast series)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
Two skeletonised corpses are pulled from the sewage-choked waters of Manhattan’s Humboldt Kill. Both are headless, their bones scored with teeth marks. It is by no means certain the teeth marks are post mortem. Believing that the bodies must have been washed out of the city’s sewers, Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta of the NYPD, FBI agent Aloysius X L Pendergast and anthropologist Dr Margo Green descend into a dark labyrinth of tunnels and subterranean galleries, forgotten by those who walk the streets above. They will be led deep underground, far from the light, to confront their very worst fear… Reissue.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $19.99

The Cabinet of Curiosities (Agent Pendergast series)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
In downtown Manhattan, workers on a construction site breach a long-forgotten basement, unearthing a charnel house: thirty-six bodies, systematically dismembered and carefully immured, at least, 130 years ago. It’s just the kind of case to intrigue the unorthodox and enigmatic FBI agent Aloysius X L Pendergast. But he’s not the only interested party. Soon after the bodies are discovered, a killer strikes. Their victim’s corpse bears the same precise mutilations as the bodies in the basement. The nightmare has begun. Again. Reissue.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $19.99

The Other Lady Vanishes
Quick, Amanda
After escaping from a private sanatorium, Adelaide Blake arrives in Burning Cove, California, desperate to start over. Working at an herbal tea shop puts her on the radar of those who frequent the seaside resort town: Hollywood movers and shakers always in need of hangover cures and tonics. One such customer is Jake Truett, a recently-widowed businessman in town for a therapeutic rest. But unbeknownst to Adelaide, his exhaustion is just a cover. In Burning Cove, no one is who they seem. Behind façades of glamour and power hide drug dealers, gangsters, and grifters. Into this make-believe world comes psychic to the stars, Madame Zolanda. Adelaide and Jake know better than to fall for her kind of con. But when the medium becomes a victim of her own dire prediction and is killed, they’re drawn into a murky world of duplicity and misdirection…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

The House on Half Moon Street
Reeve, Alex
Leo Stanhope. Avid chess player; assistant to a London coroner; in love with Maria; and hiding a very big secret. For Leo was born Charlotte, the daughter of a respectable reverend. But knowing he was meant to be a man – despite the evidence of his body – and unable to cope with living a lie any longer, he fled his family home at just fifteen and has been living as a man, ever since: his secret known to only a few trusted people. But when Maria is found dead, Leo is accused of her murder and stands to lose not just the woman he loves, but his freedom and, ultimately, his life. The start of an enticing new historical series set in Victorian London; introducing Leo Stanhope: a transgender coroner’s assistant.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Park Avenue Summer
Rosen, Renée
New York City is filled with opportunities for single girls like Alice Weiss – who leaves her small Midwestern town to chase her big-city dreams, and unexpectedly lands the job of a lifetime working for the first female editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley Brown. Nothing could have prepared Alice for the world she enters, as editors and writers resign on the spot, refusing to work for the woman who wrote the scandalous bestseller Sex and the Single Girl; and confidential memos, article ideas, and cover designs keep finding their way into the wrong hands. When someone tries to pull Alice into a scheme to sabotage her boss, she is more determined than ever to help Helen succeed. While pressure mounts at the magazine, and Alice struggles to make her way in New York; she quickly learns that, in Helen Gurley Brown’s world, a woman can demand to have it, all.
Mystery | TP | $24.99

Someone Knows
Scottoline, Lisa
Twenty years ago, four teenagers spent a blissful summer, as the closest of friends. But when a new boy looked to join them, they convinced him to play a dangerous initiation game with deadly stakes. What happened next would change each of them forever. Now, after leading separate lives, three of the four friends reunite for the first time since that summer and unbearable memories come flooding back. Someone knows what happened – but who? And just how far will they go, to keep their shocking secrets buried?
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Loch Ness Papers (Scottish Bookshop mysteries 04)
Shelton, Paige
Delaney Nichols is delighted with her life in Edinburgh, working at the Cracked Spine – a shop that specialises in hard-to-find books and artefacts. With a job she loves, and her fast approaching marriage to devastatingly handsome Scottish pub-owner Tom Shannon, Delaney’s life could be straight out of a fairy tale – at least, it would be, if the pastor, meant to perform the wedding ceremony, hadn’t recently passed away. Outside the church, where Delaney is searching for another reverend, she stumbles across Norval Fraser: an elderly man obsessed with the Loch Ness monster. Always attracted to the interesting and unusual, Delaney befriends Norval. But when his nephew is found dead, the police decide Norval’s obsession has moved from monsters to murder. With a wedding to plan, her family arriving soon from Kansas, and the arrival of an over-the-top Texan with a wildly-valuable book, Delaney’s plate is full to bursting, but she can’t abandon her new friend. Determined to help Norval, she sets out to learn the truth. The Loch Ness buries its secrets deeply, but Delaney is determined to dig them up – whether Nessie likes it, or not…
Mystery | HC | $39.99

Maigret’s Pickpocket
Simenon, Georges
A pickpocket steals Maigret’s wallet, only to return it the following day – on the condition that he visit the thief’s apartment. When the thief leads Maigret to the body of his dead wife, he becomes embroiled in an unusual murder case.
Maigret | PBK | $16.99

A Spanner in the Works:
the extraordinary story of Alice Anderson and Australia’s first all-girl garage

Smith, Loretta
From the end of the Great War and into the 1920s, Alice Anderson was considered nothing less than a national treasure. She was a woman of ‘rare achievement’ who excelled as a motoring entrepreneur and inventor. Young, petite, boyish and full of charm, Alice was the first woman in Australia to successfully pull off an almost impossible feat: without family or husband to back her financially, she built a garage to her own specifications and established the country’s first motor service run entirely by women. Alice was also an adventurer, and her most famous road trip occurred in 1926, in a Baby Austin she had purchased exclusively to prove that the smallest car off a production line could successfully make the 1500-mile-plus journey, on and off road, from Melbourne to Alice Springs, central Australia. However, less than a week after her return, Alice was fatally shot in the head at the rear of her own garage. She was only twenty-nine years old. Every newspaper in the country mourned her sudden loss. A coronial inquest concluded that Alice’s death was accidental, but testimonies at the inquest were full of inconsistencies. Alice’s life was brief but extraordinary, and in this richly detailed and entertainingly told book this pioneering Australian woman comes to life for readers for the first time.
True crime | TP | $32.99

A Bloody Business (Hard Case Crime)
Struzan, Dylan
On the 100th anniversary of Prohibition, learn what really happened. In 1919, the National Prohibition Act was passed, making it illegal across America to produce, distribute, or sell liquor. With this act, the US Congress also created organised crime, as we know it. Italian, Jewish, and Irish mobs sprang up to supply the suddenly illegal commodity to the millions of people still eager to drink it. Men like Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, Dutch Schultz and Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone in Chicago, and Nucky Johnson in Atlantic City, waged a brutal war for power in the streets and on the waterfronts. But if you think you already know this story… think again, since you’ve never seen it through the eyes of one of the mobsters, who lived it. Called ‘one of the most significant organised crime figures in the United States’ – by the US District Attorney – Vincent ‘Jimmy Blue Eyes’ Alo was just 15 years old, when Prohibition became law. Over the next decade, Alo would work side by side with Lansky and Luciano, as they navigated the brutal underworld of bootlegging, thievery, and murder. Alo’s later career included prison time and the ultimate Mob tribute: being immortalised – as ‘Johnny Ola’ – in The Godfather, Part II. Introduced to the 91-year-old Alo, living in retirement in Florida, Dylan Struzan based this book on more than 50 hours of recorded testimony – stories Alo had never shared, and that he forbade her to publish… until ‘after I’m gone’. Alo died, peacefully, two months short of his 97th birthday. And, now, his stories – bracing and violent, full of intrigue and betrayal, hunger and hubris – can finally be told.
Hardboiled | HC | $39.99

Before She Knew Him
Swanson, Peter
When Hen and Lloyd move into their new house – in West Dartford, Massachusetts – they’re relieved to meet, at their first block party, the only other seemingly-childless couple in their neighbourhood, Matthew and Mira Dolamore. Turns out they live in the Dutch Colonial, immediately next door. When they’re invited over for dinner, however, things take a sinister turn – when Hen thinks she sees something suspicious, in Matthew’s study…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Mephisto Waltz (Max Liebermann mysteries)
Tallis, Frank
Vienna, 1904. The body of a man – still sitting in a chair – is discovered in an abandoned piano factory, on the outskirts of the city. He has been shot dead; but his face has been horribly disfigured with acid, making identification impossible. In front of the body are three chairs positioned, conspicuously, in a straight line. Who were the former occupants? Had they sat in judgement and pronounced a sentence of death? Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt calls on his good friend Doctor Max Liebermann – psychiatrist and disciple of Sigmund Freud – to assist in an investigation that draws them both into the shadowy and sexually unconventional world of fringe political activism. It is a world populated by Bohemians, Utopian idealists, and anarchists, many of whom endorse acts of terror to achieve their revolutionary aims. When bomb-making equipment is found in a suburban basement, the sinister Imperial intelligence bureau (who have been secretly monitoring Rheinhardt’s investigation) make themselves known. A legendary anarchist, known only by his code name – Mephistopheles – is abroad in Vienna. An appalling act of terror has been planned and time is running out. Rheinhardt must hope that Liebermann, with his profound knowledge of psychology and science, will be able to prevent the coming catastrophe.
Historical mystery | TP | $31.95

Her Fugitive Heart (Ravi PI series)
Tantimedh, Adi
Detective Ravi Chandra Singh finds his life and his work at the Golden Sentinels getting even more chaotic than usual. He marries his girlfriend Julia… though, his parents still want a big wedding ceremony. Ravi still sees gods; and, now, Julia has her own god: the spectre of her late, beloved sister Fiona, who now hangs around with the gods – as they watch Ravi’s adventures. The Golden Sentinels are knee deep in their own mystifying schemes: thwarting an impending terrorist attack in London; assisting their eccentric founder Roger with a business proposition that goes horribly wrong; finding themselves on the run to the US, after Roger’s arrest; and later, trying to save Ravi’s parents who may have become obliviously embroiled in a scheme involving gangsters, corrupt policemen, and drug smuggling. But once and for all, Ravi, Julia, and the Golden Sentinels must return to London… to resolve the secret agency’s fate.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The King’s Evil (Ashes of London series)
Taylor, Andrew
London 1667. In the Court of Charles II, it’s a dangerous time to be alive – a wrong move may lead to disgrace, exile or death. The discovery of a body at Clarendon House – the palatial home of one of the highest courtiers in the land – could, therefore, have catastrophic consequences. James Marwood, a traitor’s son, is ordered to cover up the murder. But the dead man is Edward Alderley, the cousin of one of Marwood’s acquaintances. Cat Lovett had every reason to want her cousin dead. Since his murder, she has vanished, and all the evidence points to her as the killer. Marwood is determined to clear Cat’s name and discover who really killed Alderley. But time is running out, for everyone. If he makes a mistake, it could threaten not only the government but the King, himself…
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

Taylor, C L
All Anna wants is to be able to sleep. But crushing insomnia, terrifying night terrors and memories of that terrible night are making it impossible. If only she didn’t feel so guilty… To escape her past, Anna takes a job at a hotel on the remote Scottish island of Rum, but when seven guests join her, what started as a retreat from the world turns into a deadly nightmare. Each of the guests have a secret, but one of them is lying – about who they are, and why they’re on the island. There’s a murderer staying in the Bay View hotel. And they’ve set their sights on Anna. Seven strangers. Seven secrets. One deadly lie. Someone’s going to sleep and never wake up…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Murder on Trinity Place (Gaslight mysteries 22)
Thompson, Victoria
As 1899 draws to a close, Frank and Sarah Malloy are ready to celebrate the New Year – and century – at Trinity Church; when they notice Mr Pritchard, a neighbour’s relative, behaving oddly and annoying the other revellers. When Frank tries to intervene and convince Pritchard to return home with them, he refuses; and Frank loses him in the crowd. The next morning, Sarah and Frank are horrified to learn Pritchard was murdered, sometime in the night – his body left on Trinity Place, mere steps from the incident. The police don’t seem very invested in solving the crime; and the family is concerned that the irregular circumstances of the death will reflect badly on Pritchard’s reputation. They ask Frank to investigate. To prevent scandal, and catch the killer, Frank and Sarah must search Pritchard’s past, for a link between the new crimes… and old sins.
Historical mystery | HC | $42.99

Murder on Union Square (Gaslight mysteries 21)
Thompson, Victoria
Sarah and Frank Malloy are enjoying married life and looking to make their family official, by adopting Catherine; the child, whom Sarah rescued and has been raising, as her daughter. The process seems fairly straightforward; but, at the last minute, the newlyweds discover that Parnell Vaughn, Catherine’s legal father, has a claim on the child, and his grasping fiancée is demanding a financial settlement to relinquish parental rights. Even though exchanging money for a child is illegal, Frank and Sarah’s love for Catherine drives them to comply. When Frank returns with the money and finds Vaughn beaten to death, all evidence points to Frank as the culprit. A not-quite-famous actor with modest means, Vaughn seems an unlikely candidate for murder, particularly such a violent crime of passion. But Frank soon uncovers real-life intrigue as dramatic as any that appears on stage. Sarah and Frank enlist those closest to them to help hunt for Vaughn’s killer as Frank’s own life – and the future of their family – hang in the balance.
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

A Cotswold Ordeal
Tope, Rebecca
Thea Osborne embarks on her second house-sitting commission with very few worries, after the first disastrous venture during which she became entangled in a murder case. But the Phillips’ are obviously a laidback family, and there is little to do; but tend an ailing pony and feed various furry pets and farmyard birds. However, it seems Thea is jinxed as an apparent suicide takes place in one of the barns. DS Phil Hollis is more than a little surprised to find Thea, at the centre of this second police investigation, and realises that she can be more of a hindrance than a help, but they find themselves working closely together to solve the mystery, once again.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Trotter, Alan
In a hard-boiled city of crooks, grifts and rackets lurk a pair of toughs: Box and —. They’re the kind of men capable of extracting apologies and reparations, of teaching you a chilling lesson. They seldom think twice…and ask very few questions. Until one night, over the poker table, they encounter a pulp writer with wild ideas and an unscrupulous private detective, leading them into what is either a classic mystery, a senseless maze of corpses, or an inextricable fever dream…
Noir | PBK | $22.99

Thread on Arrival (Mainely Needlepoint mysteries 08)
Wait, Lea
Ike Hamilton is a part of the Haven Harbor community, just like anyone else; though, he’s fallen on hard times and has to make do on disability cheques and deposit bottles. Most of the locals do what they can to help him out, and needlepointing partners Angie and Sarah are happy to see him at the annual Blessing of the Fleet, honouring all those lost at sea over the centuries. But when harmless Ike is stabbed, suspicion quickly falls on a troubled teenage boy who’s new in town. Angie’s convinced that young Leo is innocent – but if he didn’t do it, who did? Turns out Ike may have appeared simple minded; but he knew a few secrets that someone might have murdered him, to keep quiet. Angie sets out to trace Ike’s bottle-collecting route to find out what he witnessed – and for this killer, there may be no redemption…
Mystery | PBK | $21.95

The Lost History of Dreams
Waldherr, Kris
When famed Byronesque poet Hugh de Bonne is discovered dead of a heart attack in his bath one morning, his cousin Robert Highstead – a historian turned post-mortem photographer – is charged with a simple task: transport Hugh’s remains for burial in a chapel. This chapel, a stained-glass folly set on the moors of Shropshire, was built by de Bonne, sixteen years earlier; to house the remains of his beloved wife and muse, Ada. Since then, the chapel has been locked and abandoned, a pilgrimage site for the rabid fans of de Bonne’s last book, The Lost History of Dreams. However, Ada’s grief-stricken niece refuses to open the glass chapel for Robert, unless he agrees to her bargain: before he can lay Hugh to rest, Robert must record Isabelle’s story of Ada and Hugh’s ill-fated marriage, over the course of five nights. As the mystery of Ada and Hugh’s relationship unfolds, so does the secret behind Robert’s own marriage – including that of his fragile wife, Sida, who has not been the same, since the tragic accident, three years ago; and the origins of his own morbid profession that has him seeing things he shouldn’t – things from beyond the grave…
Historical mystery | HC | $49.95

Side by Side: a novel of Bonnie and Clyde
Walsh, Jenni L
Texas: 1931. It’s the height of the Great Depression, and Bonnie is miles from Clyde. He’s locked up, and she’s left waiting… their dreams of a life, together, dwindling every day. When Clyde returns from prison, damaged and distant, unable to keep a job, and dogged by the cops, Bonnie knows the law will soon come for him. But there’s only one road forward, for her. If the world won’t give them their American Dream, they’ll just have to take it.
Historical suspense | TP | $26.99

Beautiful Bad
Ward, Annie
Maddie and Ian’s romance began with a chance encounter at a party overseas; he was serving in the British Army and she was a travel writer visiting her best friend, Jo. Now, almost two decades later, married with a beautiful son, Charlie, they are living the perfect suburban life in Middle America. But when a camping accident leaves Maddie badly scarred, she begins attending writing therapy, where she gradually reveals her fears about Ian’s PTSD; her concerns for the safety of their young son Charlie; and the couple’s tangled and tumultuous past with Jo…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

River of Salt
Warner, Dave
1961, Philadelphia. After having to give up his brother to save his own life, hitman Blake Saunders flees the Mob and seeks refuge in a small Australian coastal town. But then the body of a young woman is found at a local motel, and evidence links her to Blake’s bar, the Surf Shack. When Blake’s friend is arrested, and the local sergeant doesn’t want to know, it becomes clear to Blake – who knows a thing or two about murder – that the only way to protect his paradise is to find the killer.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

To the Lions
Watt, Holly
Casey Benedict, star reporter at the Post, has infiltrated the lives and exposed the lies of countless politicians and power players. Tipped off by an overheard conversation at an exclusive London nightclub, she begins to investigate the apparent suicide of a wealthy young British man, whose death has left his fiancée and family devastated. Casey’s determined hunt for the truth will take her from the glitz of St-Tropez to the deserts of Libya, and on to the very darkest corners of the human mind.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Friend
Zander, Joakim
Jacob Seger arrived in Lebanon with a head full of dreams. This is his first job in the world of international diplomacy, and he’s determined to change the world. When he meets the handsome, soulful Yassim at a glamorous party, his happiness is complete. But three weeks later, Jacob recognises his own face in the newspaper. He is wanted on terrorism charges. Has Yassim set him up? Is he now a pawn in a murderous plot? Jacob doesn’t know who he can trust. Only that he needs to flee Beirut – and fast.
Thriller | TP | $29.99