Crime & Mystery Catalogue: August 2017

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in August 2017.

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August 2017 includes new books by: Donna Andrews, Andrea Camilleri, Michael Connelly, Amanda Flower, Sulari Gentill, Jorn Lier Horst, Mark Pryor, Kathy Reichs, Jock Serong… and many others.

August Crime and Mystery

You Will Know Me
Abbott, Megan
Katie and her husband Eric have made their daughter Devon the centre of their world. Talented, determined, a rising gymnastics star, Devon is the focus of her parents’ lives and the lynchpin of their marriage. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for her. When a violent hit-and-run accident sends shockwaves through their close-knit community, Katie is immediately concerned for her daughter. She and Eric have worked so hard, to protect Devon from anything that might distract or hurt her. That’s what every parent wants for their child, after all. Even if they don’t realise how much you’ve sacrificed for them. Even if they are keeping secrets from you… A mother knows best… doesn’t she?
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Dove’s Necklace
Alem, Raja
When a dead woman is discovered in Abu Al Roos, one of Mecca’s many alleys, no one will claim the body because they are ashamed by her nakedness. As we follow the investigation of the case, the secret life of the holy city of Mecca is revealed.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Gone Gull
Andrews, Donna
Meg Langslow is spending the summer at the Biscuit Mountain Craft Centre, helping her grandmother Cordelia run the studios. But someone is committing acts of vandalism, which threaten to ruin the newly-opened centre’s reputation. Is it the work of a rival centre? Have the developers who want to build a resort atop Biscuit Mountain found a new tactic to pressure Cordelia into selling? Or is the real target Meg’s grandfather, who points out that any number of environmentally irresponsible people and organisations could have it in for him? While Meg is trying to track down the vandal, her grandfather is more interested in locating a rare gull. Their missions collide when a body is found in one of the classrooms. Can Meg identify the vandal and the murderer in time to save the centre’s name (and also help her grandfather track down and rescue his beloved gull)?
Meg Langslow | HC | $47.95

Dark Water (Makana Investigations)
Bilal, Parker
When Marcus Winslow appears at Private Investigator Makana’s door, one April morning, Makana does not realise that soon he will risk losing everything he has built for himself in Cairo. A representative of the British government, Winslow has come with a mission, one impossible to turn down – Ayman Nizari, an Iraqi scientist specialising in biochemical nerve agents, a man whose work could kill thousands, is on the run and asking for asylum. But he insists that he trusts only one man to bring him to safety – Makana. But why is Ayman demanding that only Makana can help him? And what part does Winslow have to play in this? The scientist has gone to ground in Istanbul, and Makana quickly discovers that in this place nothing is as it appears, in a case that will see his past and present collide, with fatal consequences.
Mystery | TP | $27.99

Murder on the Quai (Aimée Leduc series)
Black, Cara
November 1989 – Aimée Leduc is in her first year of college at Paris’ preeminent medical school. She lives in a 17th-century apartment that overlooks the Seine with her father, who runs the family detective agency. But the week the Berlin Wall crumbles, so does Aimée’s life, as she knows it. First, someone has sabotaged her lab work, putting her at risk of failing out of the program. Then, she finds out her aristo boyfriend is getting engaged to another woman. And, finally, Aimée’s father takes off to Berlin on a mysterious errand. He asks Aimée to help out at the detective agency, while he’s gone – as if she doesn’t already have enough to do. But the case Aimée finds herself investigating – a murder linked to a transport truck of Nazi gold that disappeared in the French countryside, during the height of World War II – has gotten under her skin. Her heart may not lie in medicine, after all – maybe, it’s time to think harder about the family business.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Fateful Mornings (Henry Farrell series)
Bouman, Tom
In Wild Thyme, Pennsylvania, Officer Henry Farrell’s life is getting complicated. Widowed and more traumatised than he cares to admit, he is caught up in an affair with a local woman, and with helping out on his friend’s barn construction job – on which the clock is ticking. When a troubled old acquaintance of theirs becomes the prime suspect, in the disappearance of his girlfriend, it becomes increasingly clear that something seriously dark is at large in the woods that surround them. Against this old and strange landscape – where silence rules – a fascinating and troubling case ensues, as Henry struggles for his very survival. A follow up to Dry Bones in the Valley (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

To Kill the President
Bourne, Sam
he unthinkable has happened… The United States has elected a volatile demagogue as president, backed by his ruthless chief strategist, Crawford ‘Mac’ McNamara. When a war of words with the North Korean regime spirals out of control and the President comes perilously close to launching a nuclear attack, it’s clear someone must act, or the world will be reduced to ashes. Soon Maggie Costello, a seasoned Washington operator and stubbornly principled, discovers an inside plot to kill the President – and faces the ultimate moral dilemma. Should she save the President and leave the free world at the mercy of an increasingly crazed would-be tyrant – or commit treason against her Commander in Chief and risk plunging the country into a civil war?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Paradise Valley (Highway Quartet)
Box, C J
He’s the Lizard King – a serial killer who haunts North America’s highways and truck stops, preying on runaways and prostitutes. After years on the road, he’s tired. The net is closing around him. It’s time to end it. For three years, Chief Investigator Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Dewell has been hunting the Lizard King. Twice she has come close to taking him, but this time she surely has him. The trap is set and baited. What happens next will cost three policemen their lives and Cassie her job. But she can’t give up the hunt – she refuses to believe the charred body they pull from the flames is the Lizard King’s. Tracking two missing fourteen-year-old boys, Cassie – alone – takes to the road. A road from which, quite possibly, there is no return. A road that ends in Paradise Valley.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The List
Brissenden, Michael
Sidney Allen is a Fed. Part of the Australian Federal Police’s K block – a unit doing whatever it takes to stop terrorist attacks on home soil. But when young Muslim men on the Terror Watchlist start turning up dead, Sid and his partner, Haifa, must work out what’s going on. Sectarian war? Drugs? Retribution? For Sid, there’s nothing unclear about a bullet to the head, and a severed hand. Someone is sending a message. Sid and the agency have to decide just how far they’ll go, to prevent a deadly attack. Time is running out… for them, and Australia. This is Brissenden’s – a two-time Walkley Award winner, who has recently joined the ABC’s Four Corners, as a reporter – first novel.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

A Nest of Vipers (Inspector Montalbano series)
Camilleri, Andrea
Quite a family, you had to admit! A nest of vipers might be a better description… An elderly man is found dead in the dining room of his Vigàtan beach house; his coffee spilt across the table, a gunshot wound through the back of his head. The son who discovered the body has the most to gain from his father’s untimely death, and his sister is quick to point out the reasons why. But as Inspector Montalbano learns more about the victim’s dishonourable life, he soon finds half of Vigàta has a motive for the murder. The inspector truly has his work cut out for him this time.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Murder on the Orient-Express (Hercule Poirot series)
Christie, Agatha
Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient-Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer – in case he or she decides to strike again. Agatha Christie’s most famous murder mystery, reissued with a new cover, to tie in with the hugely anticipated 2017 film adaptation.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Oh, Fudge! (Candy-Coated mysteries 06)
Coco, Nancy
After Allie inherited her family’s McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop, cousin Tori moved off to California in a bitter huff, and the two haven’t spoken since. So, to have her cousin reappear on Mackinac Island, without warning, is a big surprise – but not as surprising as finding her standing over a dead woman impaled with a garden spade in the Mackinac Butterfly House. Butterflies may be free, but Tori won’t be for much longer – unless the cousins can bury the hatchet and work together to catch a killer who’s taken flight. Because when it comes to family, blood is thicker than fudge…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Bosch series)
Connelly, Michael
Harry Bosch is working as a part-time detective in the town of San Fernando outside of Los Angeles, when he gets the invitation to meet with the ageing aviation billionaire Whitney Vance. When he was eighteen Vance had a relationship with a Mexican girl called Vibiana Duarte, but soon after becoming pregnant, she disappeared. Now, as he reaches the end of his life, Vance wants to know what happened to Vibiana and whether there is an heir to his vast fortune. And Bosch is the only person he trusts to undertake the assignment. Harry’s aware that with such sums of money involved, this could be a dangerous undertaking – not just for himself, but for the person he’s looking for – but as he begins to uncover Vibiana’s tragic story, and finds uncanny links to his own past, he knows he cannot rest until he finds the truth.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Cat About Town (Cat Café mysteries 01)
Conte, Cate
Maddie James has arrived in Daybreak Island, just off the coast of Massachusetts, eager to settle down and start her own business – and, maybe, even fall in love. When a stray orange tabby pounces into her life, she’s inspired to open a cat café. But little does Maddie know that she’s in for something a lot more catastrophic when her new furry companion finds the dead body of the town bully. Now, all eyes are on Maddie: Who is this crazy cat-whisperer lady, who’s come to town? If pet-hair maintenance and crime fighting weren’t keeping her busy enough, Maddie now has not one but two eligible bachelors who think she’s the cat’s pyjamas… and will do anything to win her heart. But how can she even think about happily ever after while a killer remains on the loose – and on her path?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Catered Tea Party (Mystery with Recipes 12)
Crawford, Isis
Everyone in Longely is talking about Blue House, an art complex that will bring the town a theater, an art gallery, and even a restaurant and coffee bar. But they’re less than enthusiastic about Ludvoc ‘Zeb’ Zalinsky, the self-made billionaire who’s funding the complex. The night of the benefit arrives and Westchester’s finest show up in droves. But just when it seems the production is going according to plan, Zeb lifts an electric tea kettle, clutches his chest, and falls to the floor in fittingly dramatic fashion. The kettle shorted out and his pacemaker malfunctioned – but it doesn’t take long for police to decide that this seemingly random accident was actually cold-blooded murder, making another case for Bernie and Libby.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Champagne Conspiracy (Wine Country mysteries 07)
Crosby, Ellen
Lucie Montgomery and winemaker Quinn Santori have decided to make champagne, a first for the Montgomery Estate Vineyard in Atoka, Virginia. But then Gino Tomassi, Quinn’s uncle, turns up on their doorstep, demanding help in solving the mystery of what happened to Zara Tomassi, the first wife of his grandfather, who died in a San Francisco hotel in 1923, under suspicious circumstances. It seems there’s no coincidence that her death came the day after President Warren Harding passed away in that same hotel. Gino needs answers before his blackmailer takes him for all he’s worth – or exposes an explosive family secret. Lucie searches for what happened almost 100 years ago, as she delves into Prohibition-era Washington, DC – a town of bootlegging and duplicity, jazz clubs and speakeasies. But then the investigation turns deadly, threatening Lucie, her relationship with Quinn, and the vineyard. Someone is still out there, nearly a century later, who will go to any lengths to keep the truth about Zara’s death a buried secret.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Watching You (Detective Sam Berger series)
Dahl, Arne
At each abandoned crime scene, there’s a hidden clue: a tiny metal cog, almost invisible to the naked eye. Someone is sending Detective Sam Berger a message, someone who knows that only he will understand the cryptic trail. When another teenaged girl disappears without trace, Sam must convince his superiors that they’re dealing with a serial killer. Sam is forced to unearth long-buried personal demons. He has no choice, if he is to understand the killer’s darkly personal message, before time runs out. The first in a new series.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Faithless (Oslo Detectives series)
Dahl, Kjell Ola
When the body of a woman turns up in a dumpster, scalded and wrapped in plastic, Inspector Frank Frolich is shocked to discover that he knows her and their recent meetings may hold the clue to her murder. As he ponders the tragic events surrounding her death, Frolich’s colleague Gunnarstranda investigates a disturbingly similar cold case involving the murder of a young girl in northern Norway… A sequel to Lethal Investments (PBK, $19.99).
Noir | PBK | $19.99

Death Comes to Lynchester Close (Lord Francis Powerscourt series)
Dickinson, David
People will kill for a desirable address… When the Bishop of Lynchester visits Lord Francis Powerscourt at home in London, seeking advice about the death of an aged parishioner, Powerscourt advises that discretion rather than accusation is the best way forward – but this is just the start of his association with the diocese of Lynchester. The parishioner’s death has left available a property in the cathedral close which the church traditionally rents out to a suitable tenant. Four worthy candidates are nominated… and then one of them is found dead in the house, poisoned by strychnine. This time there is no doubt of foul play, and Powerscourt is once again summoned by the bishop. But there are many potential suspects and Powerscourt’s investigations lead him to uncover a trail of greed, deception and death which goes straight to the heart of the cathedral itself.
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

Disher, Gary
Out in that country the sun smeared the sky and nothing ever altered, except that one day a scrap man came by… her name is scarcely known, or remembered. All in all, she is worth less than the nine shillings and sixpence counted into her father’s hand. She bides her time. She does her work. Way back in the corner of her mind, is a thought she is almost too frightened to shine a light on: one day she will run away.
Historical fiction | TP | $29.99

Signal Loss (Peninsula Crimes series)
Disher, Garry
A small bushfire, but nasty enough for ice cooks to abandon their lab. Fatal, too. But when the bodies in the burnt-out Mercedes prove to be a pair of Sydney hitmen, Inspector Hal Challis’ inquiries into a local ice epidemic take a darker turn. Meanwhile, Ellen Destry, head of the new sex crimes unit, finds herself not only juggling the personalities of her team but hunting a serial rapist, who leaves no evidence behind.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Vita Brevis (Medicus series)
Downie, Ruth
Ruso and Tilla and their new baby daughter have left Roman-occupied Britain – and the military – for Rome at the urging of Ruso’s patron, Accius. Their excitement upon arriving is soon dulled by the discovery that the grand facades of polished marble mask an underworld of corrupt landlords and vermin-infested tenements. There are also far too many doctors – some skilled, but others positively dangerous. Ruso thinks he has been offered a reputable medical practice only to find that his predecessor, Doctor Kleitos, has fled, leaving a dead man in a barrel on the doorstep and the warning, Be careful who you trust. Distracted by the body and his efforts to help Accius win the hand of a rich young heiress, Ruso makes a grave mistake, causing him to question both his competence and his integrity. With Ruso’s reputation under threat, he and Tilla must protect their small family from Doctor Kleitos’ debt collectors and find allies in their new home while they track down the vanished doctor and find out the truth about the unfortunate man in the barrel.
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

Paul Temple and the Tyler Mystery
Durbridge, Francis
When two young women are found murdered, within a week of each other, Scotland Yard enlist the help of sleuthing crime writer Paul Temple to unravel the mystery. Working in tandem with his astute and elegant wife Steve, Temple takes up the scent and discovers a dark secret that places them both in mortal danger.
Historical mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Berlin Red (Inspector Pekkala series)
Eastland, Sam
April 1945 – Inspector Pekkala is in a race against time, as he heads to Berlin to capture the plans for a secret weapon that could change the course of the war.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Continental Crimes (anthology)
Edwards, Martin (editor)
A new collection of vintage crime stories. Detective stories from the golden age and beyond have used European settings – cosmopolitan cities, rural idylls and crumbling chateaux – to explore timeless themes of revenge, deception, murder and haunting. Including lesser-known stories by Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, G K Chesterton, J Jefferson Farjeon, and other classic writers, this collection reveals many hidden gems of British crime.
British Library Crime Classics | TP | $27.95

The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books
Edwards, Martin (editor)
The story of crime fiction published during the first half of the twentieth century. The diversity of this much-loved genre is breathtaking, and so much greater than many critics have suggested. To illustrate this, the leading expert on classic crime discusses one hundred books ranging from The Hound of the Baskervilles to Strangers on a Train, which highlight the entertaining plots, the literary achievements, and the social significance of vintage crime fiction. This book serves as a companion to the acclaimed British Library Crime Classics series, but it tells a very diverse story. It presents the development of crime fiction – from Sherlock Holmes to the end of the golden age – in an accessible, informative and engaging style.
British Library Crime Classics | TP | $31.95

Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars
Emmerson, Miranda
When the American actress Iolanthe Green disappears after an evening’s performance at the Galaxy, the newspapers are wild with speculation about her fate. But as the news grows old and the case grows colder, it seems Anna is the only person left determined to find out the truth. Her search for the missing actress will take her into an England she did not know existed: an England of jazz clubs and prison cells, backstreet doctors and seaside ghost towns…
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Deadfall (Alex Cooper series)
Fairstein, Linda
A wild heart beats within New York City. Amid concrete and skyscrapers, the Wildlife Conservation Society works to preserve and protect the animal kingdom both within and beyond the borders of the five boroughs. But dangerous creatures don’t always have claws and fangs, as Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper and NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace know all too well. Predators lurk close to home, and in the aftermath of the shocking drive-by murder of an important city employee – someone Alex has worked with for years – the trio must discover who the bigger snake is: the killer or the victim. Investigations into the death provide more questions than answers, as a tangled mess of secrets slowly comes to light. From bribes to secret societies, from big-game hunting to the illegal animal trade, from New York City zoos to behind closed doors in government buildings, Alex will have her work cut out for her, if she wants to uncover the truth – and uphold the integrity of the office she has so proudly served.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Perfect Prey (DI Callanach series)
Fields, Helen
In the middle of an Edinburgh rock festival, a charity worker is sliced across the stomach. He dies, minutes later. In a crowd of thousands, no one saw his attacker. The following week, the body of a primary school teacher is found in a dumpster in an Edinburgh alley, strangled with her own woollen scarf. DI Ava Turner and DI Luc Callanach have no leads and no motive – until around the city, graffitied on buildings, words appear describing each victim…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

Assaulted Caramel (Amish Candy Shop mysteries 01)
Flower, Amanda
Bailey King is living the sweet life as assistant chocolatier at world-famous JP Chocolates in New York City. But just when Bailey’s up for a life-changing promotion, her grandmother calls with news that her grandfather’s heart condition has worsened. Bailey rushes to Harvest, Ohio, where her grandparents still run Swissmen Sweets, the Amish candy shop where she was first introduced to delicious fudge, truffles, and other assorted delights. Unfortunately, Bailey finds a local Englisch developer dead, in the candy shop kitchen – with Jebediah King’s chocolate knife buried in his chest. Now, the police are sweet on her grandfather, as the prime suspect…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

American Assassin (Mitch Rapp series)
Flynn, Vince
Tensions in the Middle East are simmering, when Central Intelligence Agency Director Irene Kennedy pays a visit to Syracuse University, where she hopes to recruit none other than Mitch Rapp, a student who has quickly climbed up the academic and athletic ranks. At first glance, he appears like any other smart, good-looking American college kid. Under the surface, however, a tempest rages… A reissue of the first in the series.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Hellfire (Inspector Sejer series)
Fossum, Karin
A mother and child are found dead in an old caravan on a remote piece of land. There is a bloody footprint at the scene. Meanwhile, another mother confesses to her son that he is adopted. The man who abandoned them, now the focus of the boy’s obsession, is not his real father. Chief Inspector Sejer is tasked with investigating the murder – and soon receives important information about the two families…
Chief Inspector Sejer | PBK | $19.99

Fall (Archer & Bennett series)
Fox, Candice
If Detective Frank Bennett tries hard enough, he can sometimes forget that Eden Archer, his partner in the Homicide Department, is also a moonlighting serial killer… Thankfully, their latest case is proving a good distraction. Someone is angry at Sydney’s beautiful people – and the results are anything but pretty. On the rain-soaked running tracks of Sydney’s parks, a predator is lurking, and it’s not long before night-time jogs become a race to stay alive…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Crossing the Lines
Gentill, Sulari
When Madeleine d’Leon conjures Ned McGinnity as the hero in her latest crime novel, she makes him a serious writer, simply because the irony of a protagonist who’d never lower himself to read the story in which he stars, amuses her. When Ned McGinnity creates Madeleine d’Leon, she is his literary device, a writer of detective fiction who is herself a mystery to be unravelled. As Ned and Madeleine play out their own lives while writing the other’s story, they find themselves crossing the lines that divide the real and the imagined.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

I Know a Secret (Rizzoli & Isles series)
Gerritsen, Tess
In a house decorated with horror movie posters, a young woman’s body is found. She lies on her bed, two bloodied objects clutched in her palm. Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles are called to the murder scene, but even faced with this gruesome sight they are unable to identify the immediate cause of death. Their investigation leads them to a high-profile murder case that was seemingly solved years before. But when another body is found in horrific circumstances, the link between the two bodies is clear. Was the wrong person sent to prison? Is the real killer out there right now, picking off new targets? One woman knows the killer is coming for her next. She’s the only one who can help Rizzoli and Isles catch him. But she has a secret that she has to keep…
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Do or Die (omnibus)
Gerritsen, Tess
Collecting Call After Midnight and Keeper of the Bride.
Thriller omnibus| TP | $27.99

The Absence of Guilt (Scott Fenney series)
Gimenez, Mark
An ISIS attack on America is narrowly averted when the FBI uncovers a plot to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in Dallas, Texas during the Super Bowl. A federal grand jury indicts twenty-four co-conspirators, including Omar al Mustafa, a notorious and charismatic Muslim cleric known for his incendiary anti-American diatribes on YouTube and Fox News. His arrest is greeted with cheers around the world and relief at home. The President goes on national television and proclaims: ‘We won!’ There is only one problem: there is no evidence against Mustafa. That problem falls to the presiding judge, newly appointed US District Judge A Scott Fenney. If Mustafa is innocent, Scott must set the most dangerous man in Dallas free, with no idea who is really guilty. And with just three weeks before the attack is due…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

They Hanged My Saintly Billy
Graves, Robert
A real historical figure, the British surgeon Dr William Palmer was accused in 1856 of murdering fourteen people by means of poison. The Dr Kevorkian trial of the 19th century, with a bit of O J Simpson mixed in for good measure, the scandal entranced nearly the entire population of the British Isles. Everyone had an opinion on the case – including esteemed poet and historical fabulist Robert Graves. They Hanged My Saintly Billy is true crime, as only a true literary master could write it, with exquisitely rendered portraits of Palmer’s era and milieu, told from the shifting perspectives of all who encountered the notorious doctor. Just as his renowned I, Claudius opened a window onto a case of history once thought to be closed, Graves’ account of Palmer’s life recasts the surgeon as a victim of yellow journalism and overzealous judges. But, ultimately, it’s left up to the reader to decide whether Palmer’s mother is in the right, or merely duped along with the rest of Palmer’s supporters, when she laments: ‘Yes, they hanged my saintly Billy! He was a bit of a scamp, right enough, but a good son to me; the best of the brood… and no murderer.’
True crime | TP | $29.99

Too Easy (Stella Hardy series)
Green, J M
On a stormy Halloween night, Stella gets a call from her best friend, Detective Phuong Nguyen. Phuong has a problem. Or rather her lover, Bruce Copeland, does. Copeland has been implicated in a police-corruption scandal, and the only person who can help prove his innocence has disappeared. The missing man is Isaac Mortimer, a drug dealer associated with the notorious motorcycle gang: the Corpse Flowers. Reluctantly, Stella offers to help track him down — and it isn’t long before she is way in over her head: evading bikies, drinking tea with drug dealers, and, worst of all, hanging out in the Macca’s carpark with a bunch of smart-aleck teenagers. Then, when Stella discovers that local street kids are being groomed for some sinister purpose – and that a psychopath with bust face tattooed across his knuckles is pursuing her – she realises she has her work cut out for her. Sounds easy? Too easy. The follow up to Good Money (TP, $29.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

A Grave Concern (Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew)
Gregory, Susanna
Identifying the murderer of the Chancellor of the University is not the only challenge facing physician Matthew Bartholomew. Many of his patients have been made worse by the ministrations of a ‘surgeon’ recently arrived from Nottingham, his sister is being rooked by the mason she has commissioned to build her husband’s tomb, and his friend, Brother Michael, has been offered a Bishopric which will cause him to leave Cambridge. Brother Michael, keen to leave the University in good order, is determined that the new Chancellor will be a man of his choosing. The number of contenders putting themselves forward for election threatens to get out of control, then more deaths in mysterious circumstances make it appear that someone is taking extreme measures to manipulate the competition. With passions running high and a bold killer at large, both Bartholomew and Brother Michael fear the very future of the University is at stake.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

A Deadly Brew (Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew)
Gregory, Susanna
The winter of 1353 has been appallingly wet, there is a fever outbreak amongst the poorer townspeople and the country is not yet fully recovered from the aftermath of the plague. The increasing reputation and wealth of the Cambridge colleges are causing dangerous tensions between the town, Church and University. Matthew Bartholomew is called to look into the deaths of three members of the University of who died from drinking poisoned wine, and soon he stumbles upon criminal activities that implicate his relatives, friends and colleagues – so he must solve the case before matters in the town get out of hand… Reissued, with beautiful, new, series-style covers.
Historical mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

A Wicked Deed (Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew)
Gregory, Susanna
Matthew Bartholomew, doctor of medicine and fellow of Michaelhouse, Cambridge, is travelling with a party from the college to accept the gift of the living of a parish in Grundisburgh, Suffolk. One of his companions, Unwin, an unworldly scholar, is to be installed as priest. When they arrive, they are immediately thrust into the machinations of local boundary disputes between three landowners, but all such squabbles seem mere trivia when Unwin is murdered in the very church which was to have been his home. While trying to investigate a possible motive for his killing, Bartholomew discovers that this is not the first unnatural death in the village – deaths which everyone has put down to the curse of the plague-dead village. He is of too practical a mind to believe the superstitions, but is he wily enough to work out the real motive behind the murders and who will gain from them? Reissued, with beautiful, new, series-style covers.
Historical mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Kitty Peck and the Daughter of Sorrow
Griffin, Kate
Summer 1881: the streets of Limehouse are thick with opium… and menace. At eighteen Kitty Peck has inherited Paradise, a sprawling criminal empire on the banks of the Thames. Determined to do things differently to her fearsome grandmother, she now realises that the past casts a long and treacherous shadow. Haunted by a terrible secret and stalked by a criminal cabal intent on humiliation and destruction, Kitty must fight for the future of everyone she cares for… This latest in the series follows: Kitty Peck and the Music Hall Murders and Kitty Peck and the Child of Ill-Fortune (PBK, $19.99 each).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Block 46 (Roy & Castells series)
Gustawsson, Johana
Falkenberg, Sweden. The mutilated body of talented young jewellery designer, Linnea Blix, is found in a snow-swept marina. Hampstead Heath, London. The body of a young boy is discovered with similar wounds to Linnea’s. Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 1944. Amid the hell of the Holocaust, Erich Hebner will do anything, to see himself as a human again. Are the two murders the work of a serial killer, and how are they connected to shocking events at Buchenwald? Emily Roy, a profiler on loan to Scotland Yard from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police, joins up with Linnea’s friend, French true-crime writer Alexis Castells, to investigate the puzzling case. They travel between Sweden and London and then deep into the past, as a startling and terrifying connection comes to light. The first in a series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Truly Evil (Pearson & Russell series)
Hardie, Mark
A body has been found dumped on the shores of Southend. Already under scrutiny – following the murder of a corrupt cop – DS Frank Pearson and DC Cat Russell of the Essex Major Investigation Team are tasked with solving the case quickly, and quietly. When the victim’s identity is revealed, the list of suspects begins to grow: a young woman knows more than she’s letting on, but is she really involved? Or there’s the estranged father, who’s been trying to find the victim for months. One thing is clear: no one is telling the whole truth… A sequel to Burned and Broken (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

You Belong to Me
Harrison, Colin
Paul Reeves is a successful New York lawyer, with a seemingly charmed life. But when his seductive, all-American neighbour Jennifer Mehraz – wife of the suave but shadowy young businessman Ahmed Mehraz – desperately pleads for his help, Paul is catapulted into Manhattan’s dangerous underworld. Behind its glamourous façade, this city is a dark and troubling place where anything can be bought for a high-enough price…
Thriller | PBK | $21.99

A Tangled Yarn (Yarn Retreat mysteries 05)
Hechtman, Betty
Casey Feldstein has her hands full with preparations at the Vista Del Mar hotel on the scenic Monterey Peninsula as another yarn retreat begins. The retreaters will be thrown for a loop this time, learning the trendy art of arm knitting and finger crocheting. But not everyone is enthusiastic about trying something new, and Casey is forced to come up with an alternative craft for her less adventurous pupils. Things go from worst to worsted when a travel writer from a neighbouring retreat group is found dead in his room among a sea of feathers. When one of the owners of Vista Del Mar pleads for help, Casey gets hooked into the case and must unravel a delicate skein of secrets to catch a killer.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Susan Effect
Høeg, Peter
Susan Svendsen has a special talent: she has a unique ability to make people confide in her and tell her their innermost secrets. She has exploited that talent, and now has a prison sentence hanging over her head… for punching a Bollywood actor, in an Indian casino. But Susan gets an offer from a former government official – an offer to use her power one more time and have all her charges dropped so she can return to Denmark. Together with her family, she must track down the last surviving members of a secret think-tank of young talents founded in the 1970s, the so-called Future Committee, and find out what was written in the committee’s final report. But the report is apparently covering up information of great value, and some powerful people are determined it is not revealed.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Chime and Punishment (Clock Shop mysteries 03)
Holmes, Julianne
Years ago, the serenity of picturesque Orchard, Massachusetts, was shattered by a fire that destroyed the town’s beloved clock tower. Ruth inherited the dream of repairing it from her late grandfather. Now that she’s returned home to run his clock shop, the Cog & Sprocket, she’s determined to make it happen, despite wrenches that are being thrown into the works by her least favourite person, town manager Kim Gray. A crowd of residents and visitors are excited to see the progress of the tower at a fundraiser for the campaign, until Kim is found crushed under the tower’s bell, putting an end to all the fun. The list of suspects is so long it could be read around the clock, and it includes some of Ruth’s nearest and dearest. Time’s a-wastin’, as Ruth tries to solve another murder in her beloved Orchard while keeping the gears clicking on her dream project.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Hunting Dogs (William Wisting series)
Horst, Jorn Lier
Seventeen years ago, William Wisting led the investigation into one of Norway’s most widely-publicised criminal cases, when the young Cecilia Linde was killed. Now it is discovered that evidence was planted and the wrong man convicted. Now, another young woman has disappeared. This series, which begins with Dregs (PBK, $19.99) is highly recommended.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

An Incidental Death (DI Hanlon series)
Howard, Alex
DCI Hanlon faces the toughest decision of her career as a string of political murders lead to a deadly confrontation. DCI Hanlon faces the toughest decision of her career as a string of political murders lead to a deadly confrontation. A controversial, right-wing German politician is due to speak at the Oxford Union. Following a series of murders linked to a violent anarchist group, the city is on high alert. DCI Hanlon has been partnered with DI Huss to ensure the speech goes smoothly and that there will be no more killing. The murders soon reveal a chilling alliance between the anarchists and European Jihadis. And when Hanlon traces the killer, she soon realises that the truth has a terrible price. Is Hanlon willing to meet the cost?
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

In A Lonely Place
Hughes, Dorothy B
After the war, cynical veteran Dix Steele has moved to LA, a city terrified by a strangler preying on young women. Bumping into an old friend, now a detective working on the case, Dix is thrilled by closely following the progress of the police. And meeting his new neighbour, sultry and beautiful actress Laurel Gray, brings even more excitement into his life. But the strangler is still prowling the streets – and Laurel may be in more danger than she realises… A classic California noir with a feminist twist, this prescient 1947 novel exposed misogyny in post-World War II American society, making it far ahead of its time.
Noir | TP | $29.95

Finisterre (Wars Within series)
Hurley, Graham
Germany, October 1944: For the Thousand Year Reich, time is running out. Desperate to avoid the humiliation of unconditional surrender, German intelligence launch Operation Finisterre – a last-ditch plan to enable Hitler to deny the savage logic of a war, on two fronts, and bluff his way to the negotiating table. Success depends on two individuals: Stefan Portisch, a German naval officer washed ashore on the coast of Spain after the loss of his U-boat, and Hector Gomez, an ex-FBI detective, planted by Director J Edgar Hoover… in the middle of the most secret place on earth: the American atomic bomb complex. Followed by Aurore (TP, $29.99).
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Ide, Joe
East Long Beach. The LAPD is barely keeping up with the neighbourhood’s high crime rate. Murders go unsolved, lost children unrecovered. But someone from the neighbourhood has taken it upon himself to help solve the cases the police can’t or won’t touch. They call him IQ. He’s a loner and a high school dropout, his unassuming nature disguising a relentless determination and a fierce intelligence. He charges his clients whatever they can afford, which might be a set of tires or a homemade casserole. To get by, he’s forced to take on clients, who can pay. This time, it’s a rap mogul whose life is in danger. As Isaiah investigates, he encounters a vengeful ex-wife, a crew of notorious cutthroats, a monstrous attack dog, and a hit man who even other hit men say is a lunatic. The deeper Isaiah digs, the more far reaching and dangerous the case becomes. The first in a series.
Mystery | TP | $24.99

The Twentieth Man
Jones, Tony
In September 1972, journalist Anna Rosen takes an early morning phone call from her boss at the ABC, telling her about two bombings in Sydney’s busy CBD. It’s the worst terrorist attack in the country’s history; and Anna has no doubt which group is responsible for the carnage. She has been investigating the role of alleged war criminals in the globally-active Ustasha movement. High in the Austrian Alps, Marin Katich is one of twenty would-be revolutionaries who slip stealthily over the border into Yugoslavia – on a mission planned and funded in Australia. Soon the arrival, in Australia, of Yugoslavia’s prime minister will trigger the next move in a deadly international struggle. The debut novel of the beloved host of Q&A.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Bone Field (DI Ray Mason series)
Kernick, Simon
1990. A young woman goes missing, while backpacking in Thailand. She is never seen again. 2016. Her bones are discovered, 6000 miles away in an English field and, within hours, the boyfriend who reported her disappearance all those years ago is dead. So begins, a hunt to solve her murder that will take DI Ray Mason and PI Tina Boyd into a dark and terrifying world of corruption and deadly secrets, where murder is commonplace, and nothing and nobody is safe…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

A Stranger in the House
Lapena, Shari
You wake up in hospital, with no idea how you got there. They tell you that you were in an accident; you lost control of your car… driving in a dangerous part of town. The police suspect you were up to no good. But your husband refuses to believe it. Your best friend isn’t so sure. And even you don’t know what to believe…
Suspense | TP | $32.99

The Last Place You Look
Lepionka, Kristen
Nobody knows what happened to Sarah Cook. The beautiful blonde teenager disappeared fifteen years ago, the same night her parents were brutally murdered in their suburban Ohio home. Her boyfriend Brad Stockton – black and from the wrong side of the tracks – was convicted of the murders and is now on death row. Though, he’s maintained his innocence all along, the clock is running out. His execution is only weeks away when his devoted sister insists she spied Sarah, at an area gas station. Willing to try anything, she hires PI Roxane Weary to look at the case and see if she can locate Sarah. Roxane finds herself drawn in to the story of Sarah’s vanishing act, especially when she links the disappearance to one of her father’s unsolved murder cases, involving another teen girl…
Suspense | TP | $29.99

The Murder of a Queen Bee (Henny Penny Farmette mysteries 02)
Lester, Meera
When Abby invites her free-spirited friend, Fiona Mary Ryan, owner of Ancient Wisdom Botanicals, to her farmette for lunch, she never imagines that Fiona’s no show will lead to a murder investigation. Only hours after their lunch date, Fiona’s body is found in a burning car – in what, at first, appears to be a tragic accident. But after the coroner’s report is issued, it’s clear she was dead before being placed in the vehicle. Someone has gone to great lengths to cover up a murder. But, who… and why?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

You Said Forever
Lewis, Susan
Charlotte Goodman is living the dream. Surrounded by family, friends and a stunning vineyard overlooking the ocean, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that she has a troubled past. However, haunted by the theft of a young girl, Charlotte begins to realise the enormity of what she did, all those years ago; and soon finds herself having to make the most harrowing decision, any woman would ever have to face.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly (Sean Duffy series)
McKinty, Adrian
This time, help isn’t coming. This time, Duffy must save himself. Belfast 1988: a man has been shot in the back with an arrow. It ain’t Injuns, and it isn’t Robin Hood. But uncovering exactly who has done it will take Detective Inspector Sean Duffy down his most dangerous road yet, a road that leads to a lonely clearing on the high bog where three masked gunmen will force Duffy to dig his own grave. Hunted by forces unknown, threatened by Internal Affairs and with his relationship on the rocks, Duffy will need all his wits to get out of this investigation in one piece. This is another hugely entertaining novel from McKinty.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes
Mann, George (editor)
Once again, famous associates of the Great Detective – clients, colleagues and, of course, villains – tell their own stories in this collection of brand-new adventures. Meet Lucy Hebron years after Holmes’ only ever failed deduction; follow your nose down the streets of London with Toby the Dog; join Mrs Hudson on her first ever case; greet an ambassador from Mars, alongside Lord Holdhurst; and confess your sins to your cellmate, Professor James Moriarty…
Sherlockiana | TP | $29.95

The Nursing Home Murder (Detective Club)
Marsh, Ngaio
Sir John Phillips, the Harley Street surgeon, and his beautiful nurse Jane Harden, are almost too nervous to operate. The emergency case on the table before them is the Home Secretary – and they both have very good, personal reasons to wish him dead. Within hours he does die, although the operation itself was a complete success, and Chief Detective Inspector Alleyn must find out why… Ngaio Marsh’s bestselling and ingenious third novel remains one of the most popular pieces of crime fiction of all time.
Mystery | HC | $24.99

Lost Girls (Detective Kim Stone series)
Marsons, Angela
Two girls go missing. Only one will return. The couple that offers the highest amount will see their daughter again. The losing couple will not. Make no mistake. One child will die. When nine-year-old best friends Charlie and Amy disappear, two families are plunged into a living nightmare. A text message confirms the unthinkable; that the girls are the victims of a terrifying kidnapping. And when a second text message pits the two families against each other for the life of their children, the clock starts ticking for DI Kim Stone and the squad. Seemingly outwitted at every turn, as they uncover a trail of bodies, Stone realises that these ruthless killers might be the deadliest she has ever faced. And that their chances of bringing the girls home alive are getting smaller by the hour… Untangling a dark web of secrets from the families’ past might hold the key to solving this case. But can Kim stay alive long enough to do so? Or will someone’s child pay the ultimate price? The next in the series, after Silent Scream and Evil Games (PBK, $19.99 each).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Circus Train Conspiracy (Inspector Colbeck series)
Marston, Edward
Following a string of successful performances along the west coast, the Moscardi Circus is travelling by train to Hexham on the Newcastle to Carlisle Railway for their next show. Yet, a collision on the track with a couple of sleepers causes pandemonium: passengers thrown about and animals escaping into the night. When the headless body of a woman is discovered in nearby woodland, Inspector Colbeck is desperate to lend assistance, believing the two incidents to be connected, however a reluctant Superintendent Tallis forbids him from doing so. Torn between his desire to detect and his duty as a father, Colbeck agrees, until contact from an old friend is made and Tallis relents.
Historical mystery | HC | $39.99

The Dark Room
Moore, Jonathan
Homicide inspector Gavin Cain is standing by a grave, when he gets the call. Cain knows there’s something terrible in the coffin they’re about to exhume. He and his team have received a dying man’s confession and it has led them here. Cain is summoned by Mayor Castelli, who has been sent sinister photographs of a woman that he claims he doesn’t know and a note threatening that worse are on their way. As Cain tries to identify the woman in the pictures, and considers the mayor’s past, he finds himself being drawn towards a situation as horrifying and as full of secrets, as the grave itself.
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

Charcoal Joe (Easy Rawlins mysteries)
Mosley, Walter
Seymour Brathwaite, a young physicist, was found standing over the body of a murdered man. Charcoal Joe, one of the deadliest men in America, wants Brathwaite cleared. Easy Rawlins, a renowned Los Angeles PI, cannot refuse Charcoal Joe. But what links the king of the LA underworld to Seymour Brathwaite? And can Easy find the evidence before he gets embroiled in something much, much worse?
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

A Necessary Evil (Capt Sam Wyndham series)
Mukherjee, Abir
India, 1920. Captain Wyndham and Sergeant Banerjee of the Calcutta Police Force investigate the dramatic assassination of a Maharajah’s son. The fabulously wealthy kingdom of Sambalpore is home to tigers, elephants, diamond mines and the beautiful Palace of the Sun. But when the heir to the throne is assassinated in the presence of Captain Sam Wyndham and Sergeant ‘Surrender-Not’ Banerjee, they discover a kingdom riven with suppressed conflict. Prince Adhir was a moderniser, whose attitudes – and romantic relationship – may have upset the more religious elements of his country, while his brother – now, in line to the throne – appears to be a feckless playboy. As Wyndham and Banerjee desperately try to unravel the mystery behind the assassination, they become entangled in a dangerous world where those in power live by their own rules and those who cross their paths pay with their lives. They must find a murderer, before the murderer finds them… The follow up to the highly recommended A Rising Man (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

The Dead (Vengeance of Memory series)
Oldfield, Mark
Madrid, 1982. Comandante Leopoldo Guzman has decided it is time to disappear. Franco is in his grave and there’s no place in the new order for the one-time head of the dead dictator’s secret police. But first Guzman needs money. Luckily, blackmail has always come easily to him – after all, he knows where the bodies are. And, so, he should. He buried them. Madrid, 2010. Fifteen tangled corpses in a disused mine, three bound skeletons in a sealed cellar – a trail of dead that has led forensic investigator Ana Maria Galindez to one Comandante Leopoldo Guzman. Guzman himself disappeared decades ago but she fears his toxic legacy lives on. Her investigation has revealed a darkness at the heart of Spain, a conspiracy born amid the corruption and deprivation of Franco’s dictatorship, a conspiracy that after decades in the shadows, is finally ready to bloom. Follows The Sentinel and The Exile (PBK, $19.99 each).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Walls
Overton, Hollie
Single mom Kristy Tucker works as press agent for the Texas Department of Corrections – handling everything on death row, from inmate interviews to chronicling the last moments during an execution. Her job exposes Kristy to the worst of humanity and it’s one that’s beginning to take its toll. So, when Kristy meets Lance Dobson, her son’s martial arts’ instructor, she believed she finally found her happy ending. She was wrong. Kristy soon discovers that Lance is a monster. Forced to endure his verbal and physical abuse, Kristy is serving her own life sentence… unless she’s willing to take matters into her hands…
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Bibliomysteries: Stories of Crime in the World of Books and Bookstores
Penzler, Otto (editor)
If you open your dictionary, you will discover that there is no such word as ‘bibliomystery’. However, most mystery readers know that the word refers to a mystery story that involves the world of books: a bookshop, a rare volume, a library, a collector, or a bookseller. The stories in this unique collection were commissioned by the Mysterious Bookshop and written by some of the mystery genre’s most distinguished authors: Ken Bruen, Reed Farrel Coleman, Loren D Estleman, Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins, Nelson DeMille, Anne Perry, Jeffery Deaver, C J Box, Thomas H Cook, and Laura Lippman.
Mystery anthology | HC | $49.95

Grave Errors (Witch City mysteries 05)
Perry, Carol J
For residents of Salem, Massachusetts, the day after Halloween brings empty candy wrappers, sagging pumpkins, and a community-wide identity crisis. That is, until Lee Barrett’s TV production class suggests extending the spooky season with the traditional Mexican celebration Dia de Los Muertos. But when the students discover not all of Salem’s dead are resting in peace, the post-October blues don’t seem so bad after all… As if a series of haunting graveyard visits isn’t disturbing enough, Lee and her policeman boyfriend connect the crime to an unsolved missing person case. Driven by a series of chilling psychic visions, Lee calls on her cleverest allies – including her shrewd cat, O’Ryan – to go underground and dig up the evidence needed to put a lid on a cold case forever… before the latest headstone in town has her name on it!
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Shoot the Crows
Perry, Karen
Patrick Bagenal can no longer afford to keep Thornbury Hall – his family’s crumbling home. The last time he visited was his eighteenth birthday, an occasion swiftly followed by his father’s suicide. Before Patrick sells up, he and his sister Rachel, school friends Niall, Hilary and Marcus and old flame Lindsey are back here for one last visit, a shooting party to rid the grounds of the legion of crows. But as the weekend wears on, the layers of the past are stripped away and murky secrets begin to surface. Ones that compel revenge, at any cost…
Suspense | TP | $32.99

The Obsidian Chamber (Agent Pendergast series)
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln
After a harrowing, otherworldly confrontation on the shores of Exmouth, Massachusetts, Special Agent A X L Pendergast is missing, presumed dead. The darkest and most terrifying Pendergast story yet. After a harrowing, otherworldly confrontation on the shores of Exmouth, Massachusetts, Special Agent A X L Pendergast is missing, presumed dead. Sick with grief, Pendergast’s ward, Constance, retreats to her chambers beneath the family mansion at 891 Riverside Drive – only to be taken captive by a shadowy figure from the past. Proctor, Pendergast’s long-time bodyguard, springs to action, pursuing Constance’s kidnapper through cities, across oceans, and into wastelands unknown. And, by the time Proctor discovers the truth, a terrifying mechanism has stirred – and it may already be too late…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Sorbonne Affair (Hugo Marston series)
Pryor, Mark
American novelist Helen Hancock is in Paris to research her work in progress and teach a writing class when she discovers a spy camera hidden in her room at the luxury Hotel Sorbonne. Hancock notifies the US embassy, which dispatches former FBI profiler Hugo Marston to investigate. Almost immediately the stakes are raised when a bellhop is found dead, in the hotel’s stairwell. Police tell Hugo they have discovered evidence on the dead man’s computer suggesting that he was the one who bugged Hancock’s room. The next day things become even more complicated when a salacious video clip explodes across the Internet showing Hancock in the embrace of Ambrosio Silva, one of her writing students – both are naked and nothing is left to the imagination. But when Hugo tries to find him, his investigation leads only to Silva’s dead body. He too has been murdered. Through a series of sharp deductions, Hugo uncovers new evidence pointing to the most surprising suspect of all. A close call with a dark figure on the steps of his own apartment building proves that he’s on the right track and leaves no doubt that he is next on the hit list. This great Parisian series begins with The Bookseller (TP, $31.95).
Mystery | TP | $31.95

Trespass (Celcius Daly series)
Quinn, Anthony
The abduction of a child propels Celcius Daly into a forty-year-old quest for justice. The abduction of a child entangles Celcius Daly in a forty-year-old quest for justice. Inspector Celcius Daly is leading the search for a ten-year-old boy, abducted in broad daylight from the car park outside Armagh Courthouse. His investigation leads to a notorious group of travellers long suspected of smuggling and organised crime. Digging deeper, Daly discovers some harrowing truths about their past treatment and unearths a family secret linked to an unsolved crime during the Troubles – the disappearance of a young traveller woman and her baby. Under investigation by Internal Affairs, hounded by Special Branch, ostracised by his colleagues, Daly realises just how much he has in common with the outcast travellers. But dare he risk becoming entangled in a vigilante vendetta? Just how far will this group of outsiders go to find their own justice?
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Right Side
Quinn, Spencer
LeAnne Hogan went to Afghanistan as a rising star in the military, and came back a much lesser person, mentally and physically. Now missing an eye and with half her face badly scarred, she can barely remember the disastrous desert operation that almost killed her. She is confused, angry, and suspects the fault is hers, even though nobody will come out and say it. Shattered by one last blow – the sudden death of her hospital roommate, Marci – LeAnne finds herself on a fateful drive across the country, reflecting on her past and seeing no future. Her native land is now unfamiliar, recast in shadow by her one good eye, her damaged psyche, and her weakened body. Arriving in the rain-soaked small town in Washington state that Marci had called home, she makes a troubling discovery: Marci’s eight-year-old daughter has vanished. When a stray dog – a powerful, dark, unreadable creature, no one’s idea of a pet – seems to adopt LeAnne, a surprising connection is formed and something shifts inside her. As she becomes obsessed with finding Marci’s daughter, LeAnne and her inscrutable canine companion are drawn into danger as dark and menacing as her last Afghan mission. This time she has a strange but loyal fellow traveller protecting her blind side.
Thriller | HC | $39.99

Raabe, Marc
A boy is witness to a horrible crime. Decades later, his girlfriend is kidnapped by an insane serial killer. To save her, he must return to the events of the past. But how can he remember when forgetting was the only way to survive?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Two Nights
Reichs, Kathy
Meet Sunday Night, a woman with physical and psychological scars, and a killer instinct… Sunnie has spent years running from her past, burying secrets and building a life – in which she needs no one and feels nothing. But a girl has gone missing, lost in the chaos of a bomb explosion, and the family needs Sunnie’s help. Is the girl dead? Did someone take her? If she is out there, why doesn’t she want to be found?
Thriller | TP | $32.99

If We Were Villains
Rio, M L
On the day Oliver Marks is released from jail, the man who put him there is waiting at the door. Detective Colborne wants to know the truth, and after ten years, Oliver is finally ready to tell it. Ten years before: Oliver is one of seven young Shakespearean actors at Dellecher Classical Conservatory, a place of keen ambition and fierce competition. In their fourth and final year, the balance of power began to shift, good-natured rivalries turned ugly, and on opening night, real violence invaded the students’ world of make believe…
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Rogneby, Jenny
Naked and bloody, a seven-year-old girl walks into a bank in central Stockholm in broad daylight and gets away with millions. With a long, distinguished history in the police force, Leona Lindberg of Stockholm’s Violent Crimes Division seems the perfect choice to work the case. But Leona is grappling with deep issues of her own – a gambling addiction, a strained marriage – that could jeopardise the investigation…
Hardboiled | TP | $29.99

Three Minutes (DCI Ewart Grens series)
Roslund, Anders & Hellström, Börge
One-time Swedish government agent Piet Hoffmann is on the run: both from the life prison sentence he escaped, and from the Polish drug mafia he double crossed. Only Hoffmann’s handler, Erik Wilson, knows he now hides in Cali, Colombia, living under a false identity with his wife Zofia and sons Rasmus and Hugo. But life on the run is precarious. And, so, when Hoffmann, in order to survive, accepts employment as a bodyguard and hit man for the Colombian cocaine mafia, and is simultaneously approached by the US DEA to infiltrate the same cartel, he chooses to say yes to both. Hoffmann has a new, lucrative double life. However, Hoffmann’s successful balancing act is short lived. When Timothy D Crouse, Chairman of the US House of Representatives, is kidnapped while on a trip to Colombia, US forces settle on a new enemy for their next War on Terror. This gives the cartel and the US government the same problem. Piet Hoffmann. Condemned and hung out to dry, Hoffmann is stranded, and marked. Yet, Erik Wilson will find him help from the most unlikely of figures – the stubborn, acerbic Swedish detective who has never forgotten Piet Hoffmann’s face. DCI Ewert Grens – the enemy who Hoffmann once tricked – will now become the only ally he can trust.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Hermit
Rydahl, Thomas
A car is found crashed on a beach in the Canary Island resort of Fuerteventura. In the trunk is a cardboard box containing the body of a small boy – no one knows his name, and there is no trace of a driver. The last thing Fuerteventura needs is a murder; the local police are under pressure to cut the investigation short. But long-time islander Erhard, who sees more than most people, won’t let the investigation drop – and he has nothing to lose… For fans of Paul Auster, Raymond Chandler, and Graham Greene.
Mystery | PBK | $17.99

The Secrets of Wishtide (Laetitia Rodd mysteries)
Saunders, Kate
Mrs Laetitia Rodd, aged fifty-two, is the widow of an archdeacon. Living in Hampstead with her confidante and landlady, Mrs Bentley, who once let rooms to John Keats, Laetitia makes her living as a highly-discreet private investigator. When her brother, Frederick, a criminal barrister, brings to her attention a case involving the son of the well-respected, highly-connected Sir James Calderstone; Laetitia sets off for Lincolnshire to take up a position as the family’s new governess – quickly making herself indispensable. But the seemingly simple case – looking into young Charles Calderstone’s ‘inappropriate’ love interest – soon takes a rather unpleasant turn… Introducing an irresistible, new detective, this is the first book in a new series.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Don’t Close Your Eyes
Seddon, Holly
Robin and Sarah weren’t the closest of twins. They weren’t even that similar. But they loved each other dearly. Until, in the cruellest of domestic twists, they were taken from one another. Now, Sarah’s just been accused of the most terrible thing of all. To come to terms with something that happened, a long time ago, she needs to track down her twin sister. But Sarah isn’t the only person looking for Robin…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

On the Java Ridge
Serong, Jock
On the Java Ridge, skipper Isi Natoli and a group of Australian surf tourists are anchored beside an idyllic reef off the Indonesian island of Dana. In the Canberra office of Cassius Calvert, Minister for Border Integrity, a Federal election looms; and (not coincidentally) a new, hard-line policy is being announced – regarding maritime assistance to asylum-seeker vessels in distress. A few kilometres away from Dana, the Takalar is having engine trouble. The storm now closing in on the Takalar and the Java Ridge will mean catastrophe, for them all.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

House of Spies (Gabriel Allon series)
Silva, Daniel
Just months after a deadly attack on America, terrorists leave a trail of carnage through London’s glittering West End. The attack is a brilliant feat of planning and secrecy, but with one loose thread. The thread leads Gabriel Allon and his team to the south of France and the gilded doorstep of Jean-Luc Martel and Olivia Watson. A beautiful former British fashion model, Olivia pretends not to know the true source of Martel’s enormous wealth. And Martel, likewise, turns a blind eye to the fact he is doing business with a man whose objective is the very destruction of the West.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Maigret Goes to School
Simenon, Georges
When a school teacher from near La Rochelle asks Maigret for help to defend his innocence, Maigret returns with him to a small coastal town and confronts the insular community… in order to discover the truth.
Maigret | PBK | $16.99

Walk in Silence
Sinclair, John Gordon
Keira Lynch is a lawyer who’s used to trouble; she’s only just landed in Albania, and already, she’s neck deep. She thought money would help her find the boy, but in a brutal underworld where anything can be bartered – trust, loyalty, even lives – his kidnappers have other ideas. They want the freedom of one of their gang members. A man Keira is about to help bring to trial, back in the UK; a man who once put three bullets in her chest. Can she walk away in silence, and save the boy? Or will she have to play the game, fight and risk losing everything?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Good Daughter
Slaughter, Karin
Two girls are forced into the woods at gunpoint. One runs for her life. One is left behind… Twenty-eight years ago, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s happy, small-town, family life was torn apart by a terrifying attack on their family home. Now, Charlie has followed in her father’s footsteps, to become a lawyer herself – the archetypal good daughter. But when violence comes to Pikeville, again – and a shocking tragedy leaves the whole town traumatised – Charlie is plunged into a nightmare…
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Wolves in the Dark (Varg Veum series)
Staalesen, Gunnar
Reeling from the death of his great love, Karin, Varg Veum’s life has descended into a self-destructive spiral of alcohol, lust, grief and blackouts. When traces of child pornography are found on his computer, he’s accused of being part of a paedophile ring and thrown into a prison cell. There, he struggles to sift through his past to work out who is responsible for planting the material… and who is seeking the ultimate revenge. When a chance to escape presents itself, Varg finds himself on the run in his hometown of Bergen. With the clock ticking and the police on his tail, Varg takes on his hardest – and most personal – case yet.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Dying to Live (Detective Kubu series)
Stanley, Michael
A Bushman is discovered dead near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Africa. Although the man looks old enough to have died of natural causes, the police suspect foul play, and the body is sent to Gaborone for an autopsy. Pathologist Ian MacGregor confirms the cause of death as a broken neck, but is greatly puzzled by the man’s physiology. Although he’s obviously very old, his internal organs look remarkably young. He calls in Assistant Superintendent David ‘Kubu’ Bengu. When the Bushman’s corpse is stolen from the morgue, suddenly the case takes on a new dimension.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Nothing Short of Dying (Clyde Barr series)
Storey, Erik
Sixteen years. That’s how long Clyde Barr has been away from Colorado’s thick forests, alpine deserts, and craggy peaks, running from a past filled with haunting memories. But now he’s back, having roamed across three continents as a hunter, adventurer, soldier of fortune, and, most recently, unjustly imprisoned convict. And once again, his past is reaching out to claim him. By the light of a flickering campfire, Clyde receives a frantic phone call from his sister Jen. No sooner has she pleaded with him to come rescue her that the line goes dead. Clyde doesn’t know how much time he has, or where Jen is located, or why she needs rescuing. All he knows is that nothing short of dying will stop him from saving her. Joining Clyde, in his against-all-odds quest, is a young woman named Allie whose motivations for running this gauntlet are fascinatingly complex. As the duo races against the clock, it’s Allie who gets Clyde to see what he has become and what he can still be.
Thriller | PBK | $14.99

Swanston, A D
England, 1572. A powder keg of rumour, fanaticism, treachery and dissent. All it would take is a single spark… In the England of Elizabeth I, the fear of plague, invasion and the threat of insurrection are constant. As the Earl of Leicester’s chief intelligencer, lawyer Christopher Radcliff is tasked with investigating rumours of treachery at home and the ever – present papist threat from abroad. With heresy and religious unrest simmering beneath the surface of a country on the brink, Radcliff is under pressure to get results. And then a whisper of a plot against the queen reaches him. But all his network of agents has, to go on, is a single word – Incendium. Radcliff must find out what it means, and who lies behind it – before it’s too late… The first in a series – for fans of C J Sansom and S J Parris.
Historical thriller | PBK | $19.99

Dressed to Confess (Costume Shop mysteries 03)
Vallere, Diane
It’s no secret around Proper City, Nevada, that the Sagebrush Festival, the town’s annual family-friendly event, is the place to be. This year’s theme of board games has everything from Conspiracy to Clue. Margo Tamblyn’s costume shop, Disguise DeLimit, has been tasked with providing costumes for the festival headliner, the Domino Divas. But on the night of the performance, one fallen Domino threatens to bring down the whole show when head dancer Ronnie Cass is found in her dressing room, unmasked, unprepared, and very, very dead. As the police investigate, Margo learns that Don Digby, her father’s best friend, is the prime suspect, tied to the victim by an unsolved robbery connected to Proper City’s past. As conspiracies abound and theories are debunked, Margo seeks to unmask the real killer before her dad’s buddy winds up in a costume made with prison stripes.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Climate of Fear (Commissionaire Adamsberg series)
Vargas, Fred
A woman is found dead in her bath. The murder has been disguised as a suicide and a strange symbol is discovered at the scene. Then the symbol is observed near a second victim, who ten years earlier had also taken part in a doomed expedition to Iceland. How are these deaths, and rumours of an Icelandic demon, linked to a secretive local society? And what does the mysterious sign mean? Commissaire Adamsberg is about to find out. Recommended!
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Death in the Tuscan Hills (Inspector Bordelli series)
Vichi, Marco
Spring, 1967. The trail of tragedy and destruction that followed the previous winter’s flood seems to have died down; Florence is beginning to recover. But Inspector Bordelli does not feel the same sense of relief – he has not had a moment’s peace since his investigation of a young boy’s murder went disastrously wrong. Unsettled and embittered, Bordelli resigns from the force and leaves the city. He could not continue to work as a policeman while the perpetrators of such a terrible crime were still at large. Now, in the solitude of his new home in the Tuscan hills, he spends his days cooking, going for long walks and learning to grow his own vegetables. But the thought of that case – of justice not served – is constantly with him. Until fate, in which he has never believed, unexpectedly offers him the chance of retribution…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

A Lesson in Secrets (Maisie Dobbs series)
Winspear, Jacqueline
In the summer of 1932, Maisie Dobbs’ career takes an exciting new turn when she accepts an undercover assignment directed by Scotland Yard’s Special Branch and the Secret Service. Posing as a junior lecturer, she is sent to a college in Cambridge to monitor any activities, ‘not in the interests of His Majesty’s Government’. When the college’s controversial pacifist founder and principal, Greville Liddicote, is murdered, Maisie is directed to stand back as Detective Chief Superintendent Robert MacFarlane and Detective Chief Inspector Richard Stratton spearhead the investigation. She soon discovers, however, that the circumstances of Liddicote’s death appear inextricably linked to the suspicious comings and goings of faculty and students under her surveillance. As the storm clouds of World War II gather on the horizon, Maisie must overcome a reluctant Secret Service, discover shameful hidden truths about Britain’s conduct during the Great War, and face off against the rising powers of the Nazi Party.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Elegy for Eddie (Maisie Dobbs series)
Winspear, Jacqueline
April, 1933. To the costermongers of London, Eddie Pettit is simply a gentle soul with a near-magical gift for working with horses. When he is killed in a violent accident, the costers are sceptical about the cause of his death, and recruit Maisie Dobbs to investigate. Maisie, who has known these men since childhood and remembers Eddie fondly, is eager to help. But it soon becomes clear that powerful political and financial forces are equally determined to prevent her from learning too much about Eddie’s death. As Maisie uncovers lies and manipulation on a national scale, she must decide whether to risk all to see justice done.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Leaving Everything Most Loved (Maisie Dobbs series)
Winspear, Jacqueline
The year is 1933. Maisie Dobbs is contacted by an Indian gentleman who has come to England in the hopes of finding out who killed his sister two months ago. Scotland Yard failed to make any arrest in the case, and there is reason to believe they failed to conduct a thorough investigation. The case becomes even more challenging when another Indian woman is murdered just hours before a scheduled interview. Meanwhile, unfinished business from a previous case becomes a distraction, as does a new development, in Maisie’s personal life.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

The Big Bow Mystery (Dover Mystery Classics)
Zangwill, Israel
On a chilly December morning in Bow, a working-class area in London’s East End, a landlady unsuccessfully attempts to rouse a tenant whose door is locked and bolted from the inside. The alarmed landlady calls upon her neighbour, a retired Scotland Yard detective, who breaks down the door to reveal the tenant with his throat cut, and no weapon in sight… ‘It seems clear that the deceased did not commit suicide,’ the coroner declares at the inquest, adding, ‘It seems equally clear that the deceased was not murdered.’
Classic mystery | PBK | $12.95