Crime & Mystery Catalogue: January 2016

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in January 2016.

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January 2016 includes new books by: Peter Corris, Tami Hoag, Anne Holt, Graham Hurley, Julie Hyzy, Victoria Laurie, Stuart MacBride, Adrian McKinty, Barbara Nadel… and many others.

Blood Relatives
Alcock, Stevan
Leeds, late 1975, and a body has been found on Prince Philip Playing Fields. Ricky, teenage delivery van boy for Corona pop, will be late for The Matterhorn Man. In the years that follow until his capture, the Yorkshire Ripper and Rick’s own life draw ever closer with unforeseen consequences. Set in a time in England’s history of upheaval and change – both personal and social – this is a story told in an unforgettable voice.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

City of the Lost
Armstrong, Kelley
Where would you go if you suddenly had to disappear? In her new standalone thriller, Armstrong delivers us to Rockton, a secret town where the hunted go to hide. And where a hunter has now come to play.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Widow
Barton, Fiona
Jean Taylor’s life was blissfully ordinary. Until her Prince Charming became that man accused, that monster on the front page. Jean was married to a man everyone thought capable of unimaginable evil. But now Glen is dead and she’s alone, for the first time, free to tell her story on her own terms. Jean Taylor is going to tell us what she knows.
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Kraken Rising (Alex Hunter series)
Beck, Greig
In 2008, a top-secret US submarine went missing on its test voyage off the coast of Antarctica. After years of silence, its emergency beacon is suddenly activated, but strangely, the beacon is emanating from a point miles below the ice sheets of the frozen continent. The race is on. The Chinese government, alerted at the same time as the Americans, is after the submarine’s secrets. And the Americans need to retrieve their technology, quickly and quietly, from a place now marked as an international forbidden zone. With the reluctant assistance of petrobiologist Aimee Weir, Alex Hunter and his team of HAWCs return to the location of their first mission together. But only a few members of the team know the truth. A treacherous horror lies in wait for them, deep beneath the Antarctic ice.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Killing Lessons
Black, Saul
When the two strangers turn up at Rowena Cooper’s isolated Colorado farmhouse, she knows instantly that it’s the end of everything. For the two haunted and driven men, on the other hand, it’s just another stop on a long and bloody journey. And they still have many miles to go, and victims to sacrifice, before their work is done. For San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart, their trail of corpses – women abducted, tortured and left with a seemingly random series of objects inside them – has brought her from obsession to the edge of physical and psychological destruction. But the slaughter at the Cooper farmhouse didn’t quite go according to plan. There was a survivor, Rowena’s ten-year-old daughter Nell, who now holds the key to the killings. This is a truly scary, brilliant novel – recommended!
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Little Black Lies
Bolton, Sharon
In such a small community as the Falkland Islands, a missing child is unheard of. In such a dangerous landscape it can only be a terrible tragedy, surely… When another child goes missing, and then a third, it’s no longer possible to believe that their deaths were accidental, and the villagers must admit that there is a murderer among them. Even Catrin Quinn, a damaged woman living a reclusive life after the accidental deaths of her own two sons a few years ago, gets involved in the searches and the speculation. And suddenly, in this wild and beautiful place that generations have called home, no one feels safe and the hysteria begins to rise. But three islanders – Catrin, her childhood best friend, Rachel, and her ex-lover Callum – are hiding terrible secrets. And they have two things in common: all three of them are grieving, and none of them trust anyone, not even themselves.
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

The Cakes of Monte Cristo (Piece of Cake Mysteries 06)
Brady, Jacklyn
Rita Lucero, co-owner of New Orleans’s Zydeco Cakes, is thrilled to be catering an annual ball held at the Monte Cristo Hotel. Designing the high-end desserts is her priority – until she stumbles upon a mystery, long buried at her shop. It’s an ornate ruby necklace, hidden underneath her staircase and rumoured to be cursed. After the gem’s appraiser suddenly drops dead, and Rita herself is targeted by a menacing stranger, she’s no longer laughing at local superstition. Now, with five cakes on order and an investigation into the necklace’s past revealing layers of unsettling clues, Rita has reason to keep looking over her shoulder while she’s frosting. Because any way you slice it, the next victim of the legendary curse could be her.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Killing Winter (Inspector Akyl Borubaev series)
Callaghan, Tom
When Inspector Akyl Borubaev of Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek Murder Squad arrives at the brutal murder scene of a young woman, all evidence hints at a sadistic serial killer on the hunt for more prey. But when the young woman’s father turns out to be a leading government minister, the pressure is on Borubaev to solve the case not only quickly but also quietly, by any means possible. Still in mourning after his wife’s recent death, Borubaev descends into Bishkek’s brutal underworld, a place where everyone is playing for the highest stakes and violence is the only solution.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Daisies For Innocence (Enchanted Garden Mysteries 01)
Cattrell, Bailey
Ellie’s life has blossomed in Poppyville, California, since she opened Scents & Nonsense, a custom-made perfume store. Her perfumes can evoke emotions, bring about change, or simply make people happy. Customers are flocking to the store to buy her wares, or just to sit in her beautiful garden, sip tea and enjoy homemade cookies. But she smells trouble, when she learns that her part-time assistant Josie is dating her ex. And before she can tell the young woman to beware of his charms, she finds Josie dead, in the Enchanted Garden.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Murder In Hindsight (New Scotland Yard Mysteries 03)
Cleeland, Anne
While Acton and Doyle, two of Scotland Yard’s finest, pursue a self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner, Acton’s own questionable methods may prove their undoing… The victims are all criminals who eluded justice – until they ran afoul of an avenger whose modus operandi is a bullet to the back of the head. The key to the vigilante’s identity lies in connecting the cold cases to an event that may have triggered retribution after all these years. Meanwhile, Doyle finds herself shadowed by a mysterious figure. After the man steps forward to rescue her from harm, she wonders why he is invested in protecting her. But when she learns he’s in contact with Acton’s nemesis, she fears she’s being used in a plot against her husband. The stakes are high, and both Doyle and Acton must work independently to outwit the players – before their lives are brought crashing down like a house of cards…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Deal Breaker (Myron Bolitar series)
Coben, Harlan
Reissue of the first in Coben’s Myron Bolitar series. The truth can get you killed… Investigator and sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big time. So is Christian Steele, a rookie quarterback and Myron’s prized client. But when Christian gets a phone call from a former girlfriend, a woman who everyone, including the police, believes is dead, the deal starts to go sour. Recommended – this series is great fun… and funny too.
Mystery | PBK | $14.99

Tell No One
Coben, Harlan
Reissue of the thriller which made Harlan Coben a household name. Eight years ago, David Beck was knocked unconscious and left for dead, and his wife Elizabeth was kidnapped and murdered. Dr Beck relived the horror of what happened, that day, every day of his life. Then one afternoon, he receives an anonymous email telling him to log on to a certain website. The screen opens on to a webcam – and it is Elizabeth’s image he sees.
Thriller | PBK | $14.99

Sweet Pepper Hero (Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade 04)
Cook, J J
Fire chief Stella Griffin has been put in charge of judging the annual recipe contest, but Eric her resident ghost and true culinary genius has vanished. Before she can track down his latest haunt, she’s called in to investigate a local moonshine distillery that was set ablaze, making her realise there’s more than pies and cakes cooking in Sweet Pepper. As rumours of a revived whiskey war ignite, Stella turns to the town’s elders to help her find answers. The past might have some clues as to what has sparked the present fires. But when following a lead lands her in buried rubble, Stella realises she must extinguish this case fast or she might be going down in flames.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Cornwell, Patricia
Reissue of the first of the Kay Scarpetta novels. Body of Evidence, the second Scarpetta novel, is also available in this promotion.
Scarpetta | PBK | $14.99

That Empty Feeling
Corris, Peter
One case still haunts Hardy… Legendary PI Cliff Hardy has reached an age when the obituaries have become part of his reading, and one triggers his memory of a case in the late 1980s. Back then, Sydney was awash with colourful characters, and Cliff is reminded of a case involving ‘Ten-Pound Pom’ Barry Bartlett and racing identity and investor Sir Keith Mountjoy. Two murders raised the stakes and with the sinister figure of Lady Betty Lee Mountjoy pulling the strings, it was odds against a happy outcome.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Double Madness
De Costa, Caroline
As local residents and authorities in Far North Queensland assess the damage in the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, a woman’s body is found, in bizarre circumstances, deep in the rainforest. Cass Diamond of Cairns CIB is on the team investigating the murder of fashionista Odile Janvier and it’s not long before she uncovers a disturbing connection between the victim and the local medical profession. ‘Caroline de Costa’s Cairns is a community rife with secrets, and where for every secret there exists someone ready to take advantage. Fast-paced, unsentimental and forensic, Double Madness is sure to entertain.’ – David Whish-Wilson.
Mystery | TP | $26.99

Inspector Morse Mysteries
Dexter, Colin
Re-jacketed, reissued, paperback editions of the first four Morse novels: Last Bus to Woodstock, Last Seen Wearing, The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn, and Service of All the Dead.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99 each

Wolf Winter
Ekbäck, Cecilia
There are six homesteads on Blackasen Mountain. A day’s journey away lies the empty town. It comes to life just once, in winter, when the Church summons her people through the snows. Then, even the oldest enemies will gather. But now it is summer, and new settlers are come. It is their two young daughters who find the dead man, not half an hour’s walk from their cottage. The father is away. And whether stubborn, or stupid, or scared for her girls, the mother will not let it rest. To the wife, who is not concerned when her husband does not come home for three days; to the man, who laughs when he hears his brother is dead; to the priest, who doesn’t care; she asks and asks her questions, digging at the secrets of the mountain. They say a wolf made those wounds. But what wild animal cuts a body so clean?
Noir | PBK | $19.99

Final Jeopardy (Alexandra Cooper series)
Fairstein, Linda
Reissue of the first in Linda Fairstein’s series featuring Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper.
Mystery | PBK | $14.99

The House Opposite (The Detective Club)
Farjeon, J Jefferson
Strange things are happening in the untenanted houses of Jowle Street. There are unaccountable creakings and weird knockings on the door of No 29, where a homeless ex-sailor has taken up residence. But even stranger things are happening in the House Opposite, from where a beautiful woman in an evening gown brings Ben a mysterious message; and worse – the offer of a job! The latest in the Collins’ Crime Club’s fab, reissued series.
Classic mystery | HC | $24.99

The Nightwalker
Fitzek, Sebastian
As a young man, Leon Nader suffered from insomnia. As a nightwalker, he even turned to violence during his nocturnal excursions and had psychiatric treatment for his condition. Eventually, he was convinced he had been cured – but one day, years later, Leon’s wife disappears from their flat under mysterious circumstances. Could it be that his illness has broken out again?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Hades (Archer & Bennett 01)
Fox, Candice
Twenty years ago, two children were kidnapped and left for dead. Raised by a master criminal, they grew up to become cops. Very unusual cops… Homicide detective Frank Bennett has an intriguing new partner. Dark, beautiful, coldly efficient, Eden Archer is one of the most enigmatic colleagues Frank has ever worked with – that includes her brother Eric, who’s also on the Sydney Metro police force. All of them are tested to the core when a local man discovers a graveyard of large steel toolboxes lying at the bottom of the harbor. Each box contains a grisly trove of human body parts. For Frank, the madman’s clues are a tantalising puzzle. For Eden and Eric, the case holds chilling links to a scarred childhood – and a murderous mentor named Hades. But the true evil goes beyond the bloody handiwork of a serial killer… Award-winning Australian crime fiction at a great price!
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $9.99

The Ghost Fields (Ruth Galloway mysteries)
Griffiths, Elly
It’s a blazing hot summer in Norfolk when a construction crew unearths a downed American fighter plane from World War II with a body inside. Forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway determines that the skeleton couldn’t possibly be the pilot, and DNA tests identify the man as Fred Blackstock, a local aristocrat long presumed dead – news that seems to frighten his descendants. Events are further complicated by a TV company that wants to make a film about Norfolk’s deserted air force bases, the so-called ghost fields, which the Blackstocks have converted into a pig farm. As production begins, Ruth notices a mysterious man loitering at Fred Blackstock’s memorial service. Then human bones are found on the family’s pig farm and the weather quickly turns. Can the team outrace a looming flood to find the killer?
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St Olaf’s Church
Harkla, Indrek
The first in a series of books that have taken Europe by storm and are soon to be filmed, featuring a chemist-turned-sleuth who battles ignorance and superstition as well as killers in a beautiful setting and in a gripping and mysterious era of history. The Apothecary Melchior series plunges the reader into 15th-century Tallinn when Estonia is at the edge of Christian lands and the last foothold before the East: a town of foreign merchants and engineers, dominated by the mighty castle of Toompea and the construction of St Olaf’s Church, soon to become the tallest building in the world. Apothecary Melchior is a divisive figure in the town: respected for his arcane knowledge and scientific curiosity but also slightly feared for his mystical, witchdoctor aura. When a mysterious murder occurs in the castle, Melchior is called in to help find the killer and reveals a talent for detection.
Historical mystery | TP | $29.99

The Night Charter
Hawken, Sam
Camaro Espinoza has spent her whole life protecting people: at home, in the army, whenever she can. Sometimes, that’s meant leaving bodies behind. Now, she’s running a boat off the Miami shore, keeping a low profile and aiming for a simple life. Then a man named Parker comes by with an errand to run near the Cuban coast. He’s offering good money, and bad trouble. Camaro is reluctant – but Parker’s in deep with the wrong people and he has a daughter who’ll suffer if he doesn’t come home. Camaro’s not the sort to ignore the girl’s plight.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Man Who Watched Women
Hjorth, Michael & Rosenfeldt, Hans
As a heatwave blazes in Stockholm, a series of women are found brutally murdered and the Criminal Investigation Department is getting nowhere. The murders bear all the hallmarks of Edward Hinde, the serial killer jailed by psychological profiler Sebastian Bergman fifteen years earlier. Sebastian desperately needs some order in his chaotic life. The revelation that he has a daughter, Vanja, could provide this longed-for stability. But should he tell her the truth and risk destroying her life and career?
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Alibi Man
Hoag, Tami
Reissue of the second of the Elena Estes novels, at a great promotional price.
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $14.99

The Bitter Season (Kovac & Liska series)
Hoag, Tami
It was a shocking crime. A middle-aged couple – hacked to death in their own home – with a samurai sword. Normal people. Who were they? And why were they targeted? It was a shocking crime. But it wasn’t the first. Twenty years ago a policeman was murdered in his own back garden and the killer was never caught. One woman might link these mysteries. But she is being watched. Can Detectives Nikki Liska and Sam Kovac find her, before it is too late?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Dead Joker (Hanne Wilhelmsen series)
Holt, Anne
Chief Prosecutor Sigurd Halvorsrud’s wife is found dead in front of the fireplace in the family living room. The cause of death is instantly apparent – she has been brutally decapitated. Halvorsrud immediately falls under suspicion. Then a journalist at one of Oslo’s largest newspapers is found beheaded. What links these two horrifically violent crimes? Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen is called in to lead the investigation, with her old colleague Billy T. But the most demanding task that Hanne Wilhelmsen has ever faced in her career clashes with the worst crisis in her personal life. Cecilie, the woman she lived with, for almost twenty years, is seriously ill. Wilhelmsen must ask herself: is the truth worth chasing at all costs?
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Traitor (Carnivia trilogy)
Holt, Jonathan
An Italian Muslim has been snatched by the CIA. His crime: a plot to engulf Venice in flames. Carnivia is awash with rumour and speculation. Have the CIA extradited an innocent man? Holly and Kat must find the powerful men who truly run Italy.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Flying Shoes
Howorth, Lisa
Mary Byrd could understand how the journalist couldn’t resist the story: a nine-year-old boy sexually molested and killed on Mother’s Day, 1966. A suspect to whom nothing would stick. Neighbourhood secrets. No one, especially the Low Byrd County police, had known what to do. It had been long before stories of sex and murder and missing children appeared every week in morning papers. And, now, Mary and her family would have to revisit it all, again, and who knew how long it would go on and what would come of it…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Sins of the Father (Jimmy Suttle series)
Hurley, Graham
A rich old man, Rupert Moncrieff, is beaten to death in the silence of his West Country waterside mansion, his head hooded and his throat cut. His extended family are still living beneath his roof, each with their own room, their own story, their own ghosts, and their own motives for murder. And in this world of darkness and dysfunction are the artefacts and memories of colonial atrocities that are returning to haunt them all. At the heart of the murder investigation is DS Jimmy Suttle who, along with his estranged journalist wife Lizzie, is fighting his own demons after the abduction and death of their young daughter, Grace. But who killed Rupert Moncrieff? And what secrets is the house holding onto that could unravel this whole investigation? The enquiry takes Suttle to Africa and beyond, as he slowly begins to understand the damage that human beings can inflict upon one another. Not simply on the battlefield. Not simply in the torture camps in the Kenyan bush. But much, much closer to home.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Foreign Eclairs (White House Chef Mysteries 09)
Hyzy, Julie
White House executive chef Ollie Paras has served plenty of meals to foreign dignitaries from around the world. But someone is ready to serve her an ice-cold dish of revenge… Things are about to really heat up for Ollie. News of a bombing and attempted breakout at a federal prison reveals that the brother of a terrorist she helped defeat is back with a vengeance. And after she gets mugged on her way home from work, the Secret Service won’t leave her side, fearing that she is now a target. When a White House staff member is murdered, officials rush into action over a possible security breach. It may be time for Ollie to trade in her apron for a bulletproof vest, as she becomes part of a bold strategy to make sure this terrorist gets his just desserts.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Spirit Tiger (Kain Songket Mysteries)
Ismail, Barbara
Amateur sleuth Mak Cik Maryam volunteers to investigate the death of a village reprobate, convinced it will be a quick investigation with clear suspects. But her detection soon spirals out of control with a plethora of suspects who wanted him dead, including almost everyone he knew. Maryam falls victim to a hala spell turning her into a were-tiger, terrifying her and her family, and leaving her vulnerable to any number of evil influences.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Hand of God (Scott Manson thrillers)
Kerr, Philip
A London City player collapses in a crucial match in Athens. A heart attack? Or something more sinister? Scott Manson must find the truth before the rest of the team is in danger. The beautiful game just got ugly. London City is set to play Olympiacos in Athens. With Greek fans rioting in the street, football manager Scott Manson is keeping his team on a tight leash: no drinking, no nightlife and no women. After the game, they fly home for a crucial match at Silvertown Docks. But Scott didn’t plan for death on the pitch. City’s star striker collapses, mid-match, and now the Greek authorities are mounting a murder investigation. Scott Manson must find the truth – and fast – to get his boys home in time.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Method 15/33
Kirk, Shannon
What would you do if you were kidnapped and held captive whilst heavily pregnant? Would you submit, or would you subvert? They thought she was the victim, but they’re the ones in danger…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Knight, Renee
What if you realised the book you were reading was all about you? When an intriguing novel appears on Catherine’s bedside table, she curls up in bed and begins to read. But as she turns the pages, she is sickened to realise the story will reveal her darkest secret. A secret she thought no one else knew…
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

One Foot in the Grove (Olive Grove Mysteries 01)
Lane, Kelly
After leaving a man at the altar, for the second time in her life, Eva Knox decides to head home to her family’s plantation, to regroup and soak in some Southern charm. But hiding from her woes is a slipperier proposition than Eva imagined. A death on her family’s farm soon makes her the lead suspect in a murder case and the sheriff investigating is none other than Eva’s old flame Buck. With the police putting the squeeze on her, it’s up to Eva and her sisters, Pep and Daphne, to figure out who could have possibly left a dead body in their olive grove. And they’ll have to catch the greasy killer quickly, because it looks like Eva has been picked as the murderer’s next victim…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Ghoul’s Guide to Love and Murder (Ghost Hunter Mysteries 10)
Laurie, Victoria
A museum is hosting an exhibit of supernatural artefacts in honour of the Ghoul Getters’ new film. Unfortunately, Gilley – engaged with wedding plans – donated a dagger which keeps the demon Oruc locked in the lower realm. Before M J can recover the bewitched blade, there is a murder and a heist at the museum and the dagger is stolen. Now, Oruc and other formerly vanquished demons are suddenly causing mayhem. The Ghoul Getters are in for a devil of a time, rounding them up before these paranormal party crashers turn Gilley’s wedding bells to funeral knells.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Cut Me In
McBain, Ed
When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it. Maybe, no one liked Del Gilbert, not the men he did business with, not the women who discovered his other lovers, not even his partner in the Gilbert and Blake literary agency – me. But when I found him shot to death on the floor of his office, I had no choice. I had to track down the person responsible. And not just to lay Del to rest, either. The office safe was open, and a contract, worth millions, was missing… Originally published in 1954, Cut Me In is the latest from Hard Case Crime.
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.95

In the Cold Dark Ground (Logan McCrae series)
MacBride, Stuart
Sergeant Logan McRae is in trouble… His missing-person’s investigation has just turned up a body in the woods – naked, hands tied behind its back, and a bin bag – duct taped over its head. The Major Investigation Team charges up from Aberdeen, under the beady eye of Logan’s ex-boss Detective Chief Inspector Steel. And, as usual, she wants him to do her job for her. But it’s not going to be easy…
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Thirteenth Coffin (DCI Mark Lapslie series)
McCrery, Nigel
It was supposed to be the most special day of her life – until the unthinkable happened. Leslie Petersen is shot dead on her wedding day. With the bride’s killer vanished without a trace, the investigation into the murder grinds to a halt before it’s even begun. But then, the decomposing body of an unidentified homeless man is found in an old Cold War bunker, and DCI Mark Lapslie makes a bizarre discovery. Hidden near the body is a shrine full of miniature wooden coffins. Each coffin contains a little doll, all dressed differently. One of the dolls is dressed as a bride – could this be a link to Leslie’s murder?
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $19.99

The Retribution
McDermid, Val
Reissue of the unforgettable, gripping Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novel, at a great promotional price. There is one serial killer, who has shaped and defined police profiler Tony Hill’s life. One serial killer, whose evil surpasses all others. One serial killer, who has the power to chill him to the bone: Jacko Vance. And, now, Jacko is back in Tony’s life. Even more twisted and cunning than ever before, he is focused on wreaking revenge on Tony – and DCI Carol Jordan – for the years he has spent in prison…
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $14.99

Killer Gourmet (Savannah Reid Mysteries 20)
McKevett, G A
Plus-sized PI Savannah Reid and her pals at the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency know a thing or two about fine dining. But when murder shows up on the menu, it’s time to go back to the kitchen… When the Moonlight Magnolia gang learns their friends Ryan Stone and John Gibson are planning to open a chic new restaurant, they eagerly offer their input on everything. But all Ryan and John can think about is how excited they are to have hired the temperamental but talented chef Baldwin Norwood. Too bad the only thing being sliced and diced in the kitchen is the chef himself… As Savannah turns her attention from munchies to murder, she quickly realises the cantankerous chef left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Now, Savannah has her work cut out for her, and just when she thinks there couldn’t be any more suspects, she uncovers a plot more precarious than a perfect soufflé…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Copy Cap Murder (Hat Shop Mysteries 04)
McKinlay, Jenn
For Scarlett Parker, part of the fun of living in London is celebrating the British holidays, and she’s excited to share her first Bonfire Night with her cousin Vivian Tremont. Invited to a posh party by their friend Harrison Wentworth, Scarlett and Viv decide to promote their hat shop, Mim’s Whims, by donning a few of their more outrageous creations. The hats prove to be quite the conversation starters, as the girls mix and mingle with the guests – never suspecting that one of them is a killer. It’s a cold, clear night, perfect for the British tradition of tossing a straw stuffed effigy of Guy Fawkes, traitor to the crown, onto the bonfire. But instead of a straw man, they realise in the heat of the moment that the would-be Guy Fawkes is actually Harrison’s office rival and he’s been murdered. Before the smoke has cleared, Harrison is the Metropolitan police’s prime suspect, and Scarlett and Vivian must find the real homicidal hothead before their dear friend’s life goes up in flames.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Rain Dogs (Sean Duffy series)
McKinty, Adrian
It’s just the same things, over and again, for Sean Duffy. Riot duty. Heartbreak. Cases he can solve, but never get to court. But what detective gets two locked-room mysteries in one career? When journalist Lily Bigelow is found dead in the snowy courtyard of Carrickfergus castle, it looks like a suicide. But there are just a few things that bother Duffy, enough to keep the case file open. Which is how he finds out that she was working on a devastating investigation of corruption and abuse at the highest levels of power in the UK and beyond. And so Duffy has two impossible problems on his desk: who killed Lily Bigelow? And what were they trying to hide? Recommended.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Darkest Secret
Marwood, Alex
When identical twin Coco goes missing, during a family celebration, there is a media frenzy. Her parents are rich and influential, as are the friends they were with, at their holiday home by the sea. But what really happened to Coco? Over two intense weekends – the first, when Coco goes missing; and the second, twelve years later at the funeral of her father – the darkest of secrets will gradually be revealed.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

Coffin Road
May, Peter
The master of crime brings murder back to the Outer Hebrides. A man is washed up on a deserted beach on the Hebridean Isle of Harris, barely alive and borderline hypothermic. A detective crosses rough Atlantic seas to a remote rock twenty miles west of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. A teenage girl lies in her Edinburgh bedroom, desperate to discover the truth about her father’s death.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Angel Killer
Mayne, Andrew
She knows how the bodies are buried. How can a young woman crawl out of a grave that she’s been buried in for two years, but only have died within hours? How can a World War Two plane that’s been missing for decades suddenly reappear on the beach where it was last seen – with the pilot’s body in the cockpit? How can a girl disappear from the Empire State Building only to reappear, almost instantly, in Times Square looking like an angel fallen to earth? This is the work of the ‘Warlock’ – a case which has the FBI clueless and facing the rising hysteria of believers, who see ‘Warlock’ as a miracle worker. Enter Jessica Blackwood, FBI Agent and ex-illusionist. Only she has the knowledge and the skills necessary, to see beyond the illusions. Only she can stop the ‘Warlock’.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Beside Myself
Morgan, Ann
Helen and Ellie are identical twins – like two peas in a pod, everyone says. The girls know this isn’t true, though: Helen is the leader and Ellie the follower. Until they decide to swap places: just for fun, and just for one day. But Ellie refuses to swap back. And so begins a nightmare from which Helen cannot wake up. Her toys, her clothes, her friends, her glowing record at school, the favour of her mother and the future she had dreamed of are all gone, to a sister who blossoms in the approval that used to belong to Helen. And as the years pass, she loses not only her memory of that day but also herself – until, eventually, only ‘Smudge’ is left. Twenty-five years later, Smudge receives a call from out of the blue. It threatens to pull her back into her sister’s dangerous orbit, but if this is her only chance to face the past, how can she resist?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Sherlock Holmes, the Missing Years: Timbuktu
Murthy, Vasudev
An Italian scholar travels from Venice to 221B Baker Street, to beg the help of the legendary detective, carrying an ancient parchment – written in the hand of Marco Polo himself. It is a rubbing made from a brass disc, found in the libraries of Kublai Khan, and it was torn in half centuries ago to protect the world from a terrifying secret, one that, apparently, first Marco Polo, then another great traveller, the Moroccan Ibn Battuta, took dramatic steps to guard. Where, if anywhere, is its missing half? Holmes springs into action. He fakes his death, at Reichenbach, and proceeds undercover to Venice. A murdered scholar, an archivist from the Vatican, British imperial politics and, of course, the dire hand of Moriarty propel Holmes and a surprised but resolute Dr Watson, playing the roles they assumed in Morocco, on a perilous journey down the Sahara to the ancient city of Timbuktu and beyond. In deepest Africa, Holmes will confront ruthless criminals, an ancient culture, and a staggering surprise.
Sherlockiana | TP | $31.95

On the Bone (Cetin Ikmen series)
Nadel, Barbara
In Istanbul – the golden city on the Bosphorus – ancient myths and modern evils are at work… On a buzzing street in the fashionable district of Beyoglu, a young man drops dead. mit’Kavas’s death was natural, but the autopsy betrays a shocking truth: his last meal was human flesh. Soon, Inspector Cetin Ikmen and his colleague Mehmet S’leyman find themselves embroiled in a dark web of underground worlds: of Turkey’s old secular elite; a community of squatters; and a new gastronomy scene breaking every boundary. But where does the truth lie? Perfect for fans of Donna Leon.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

A Second Chance at Murder (Love or Money Mysteries 02)
Orgain, Diana
After Love or Money made them reality TV stars, former cop Georgia Thornton and her new boyfriend Scott were supposed to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, as their 15 minutes of fame came to an end, actual reality kicked in and their prize money quickly evaporated. So Georgia and Scott agree to appear in a new program, pitting them against other teams in an athletic journey across the countryside of Spain, for a chance to win $250,000. But the fierce competition turns frightening when Scott disappears during an overnight camping trip in the Pyrenees Mountains, leaving only his bloody wristwatch behind – and a woman’s dead body. With the Spanish authorities ready to convict Scott, Georgia must find him and prove his innocence in an amazing race against crime…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Body in the Birches (Faith Fairchild Mysteries 22)
Page, Katherine Hall
At home on Sanpere Island, Maine, caterer and amateur sleuth Faith Fairchild discovers that real estate can be murder, especially when it’s all in the family, in this twenty-second book in the popular mystery series. The Fourth of July is one of the hottest on record and even the breeze off Penobscot Bay can’t seem to cool things down for Faith Fairchild and the rest of the folks on Sanpere Island. But the fireworks are just beginning. After the celebrations are over, Faith discovers a body in the woods near The Birches, an early twentieth-century ‘cottage’. The body is identified as The Birches’ housekeeper, who seems to have succumbed to a heart attack. The death is only one of the dramatic events upending the historic house. A family gathering has been called to decide who will inherit the much loved, and very valuable, estate that has been in the Proctor family for generations. With this much money involved, it’s just a matter of time before trouble arises…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Martini Shot and Other Stories
Pelecanos, George
‘Pelecanos showcases his formidable skills in his first story collection… While these eight tales are not as deep as the author’s novels, the collection is still a winner.’ – Publisher’s Weekly.
Collection | PBK | $19.99

The Long Way Home (Chief Inspector Gamache series)
Penny, Louise
Former Chief Inspector of Homicide, Armand Gamache, has found a peace he’d never imagined possible, away from the front line of the police and in the tranquil village of Three Pines. But when his friend Clara Morrow asks for help, he can’t bring himself to refuse her, despite the old wounds it threatens to reopen. Clara’s husband, Peter, is missing, having failed to come home on the first anniversary of their separation, as promised.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Death of a Bad Apple (Food Festival Mysteries 03)
Pike, Penny
Anxious to take a break from bustling San Francisco, Darcy and her Aunt Abby pack up the food truck and head for the apple festival at Apple Valley, California. Aunt Abby is sure her almond apple tarts will be a hit and Darcy wants to collect more recipes for her food truck cookbook. But when a fellow guest at the Enchanted Apple Inn is pared down – and the Inn’s owner ends up the prime suspect – Darcy must peel away the layers of the mystery. Because an apple a day certainly isn’t keeping the killer away…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

No Free Man
Potts, Graham
A fast-paced, Australian, spy thriller, by a Brisbane author, bringing international espionage close to home! Volkov forfeited his future when he was paid to forget his past. Forced to adapt, he ultimately became the world’s most wanted killer feared, vicious and brutal. A tool of the Organisatsiya, a Russian crime syndicate that forged him into ‘The Wolf’, he’s pursued by American spies and Australian agents, torn between his need to survive and his desire to be free. When a shock encounter in Australia uncovers forgotten secrets and threatens uneasy allegiances, Volkov suddenly sees a choice one he thought would never be his to make…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Whites
Price, Richard, aka Brandt, Harry
Every cop has a personal ‘White’: those who had committed violent crimes on their watch and then walked away, untouched by justice, leaving the detectives heading into retirement plagued with guilt, calling victim’s families on anniversaries and desperately searching for ways to finally nail the perpetrators. Now, Billy Graves, the only Wild Goose still in the NYPD, is content simply to do his job, he has settled into his gold shield and a comfortable family life, his wife Carmen’s mysterious, tragic past aside. But when the murder of a fellow WG’s ‘White’ falls into his lap, the group’s desperation to tie up their own loose ends intensifies; old wounds open and friendships start to fracture…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Complaints
Rankin, Ian
Reissue of the first in the Malcolm Fox series. Nobody likes The Complaints – they’re the cops who investigate other cops. In the midst of an aggressive Edinburgh winter, the reluctant Fox is given a new task. There’s a cop called Jamie Breck, and he’s dirty. Problem is, no one can prove it. But as Fox takes on the job, he learns that there’s more to Breck than anyone thinks. This knowledge will prove dangerous, especially when murder intervenes.
Mystery | PBK | $14.99

A Question of Blood
Rankin, Ian
Two seventeen-year-olds are killed by an ex-Army loner who has gone off the rails. The mystery takes Rebus into the heart of a shattered community. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, and finds he is not alone. Army investigators are on the scene, and won’t be shaken off. The killer had friends and enemies to spare and left behind a legacy of secrets and lies. Reissue of the first Rebus novel.
Mystery | PBK | $14.99

The Great Zoo of China
Reilly, Matthew
It is a secret the Chinese government has been keeping for 40 years. They have found a species of animal no one believed even existed. It will amaze the world. Now the Chinese are ready to unveil their astonishing discovery within the greatest zoo ever constructed. A small group of VIPs and journalists has been brought to the zoo deep within China to see its fabulous creatures for the first time. Among them is Dr Cassandra Jane ‘CJ’ Cameron, a writer for National Geographic, and an expert on reptiles. The visitors are assured by their Chinese hosts that they will be struck with wonder at these beasts, that they are perfectly safe, and that nothing can go wrong…
Thriller | PBK | $17.99

Stiff Competition (Mattie Winston Mysteries 07)
Ryan, Annalise
Every fall, hunting season in Sorenson, Wisconsin, leads to some accidental injuries. Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don’t bring any more business to her office. But somebody seems to have declared open season on land developers. One real estate developer who’s recently come to town has been found dead in the woods with an arrow through his neck. Now, it’s up to Mattie to get to the bottom of the killing. That might be easier, if she wasn’t also hunting for Detective Hurley’s teenage daughter, Emily, who has suddenly disappeared. With a homicidal William Tell out on the loose, Mattie is desperate to find Emily before the killer notches another arrow…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

American Blood
Sanders, Ben
After a botched undercover operation, ex-NYPD officer Marshall Grade is living in witness protection in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marshall’s instructions are to keep a low profile: the mob wants him dead, and a contract killer known as the Dallas Man has been hired to track him down. Racked with guilt over wrongs committed during his undercover work, and seeking atonement, Marshall investigates the disappearance of a local woman named Alyce Ray. Members of a drug ring seem to hold clues to Ray’s whereabouts, but hunting traffickers is no quiet task. Word of Marshall’s efforts spreads, and soon the worst elements of his former life, including the Dallas Man, are coming for him.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Try Not To Breathe
Seddon, Holly
Alex is sinking. Slowly, but surely, she’s cut herself off from everything but her one true love – drink. Until she’s forced to write a piece about a coma ward, where she meets Amy. Amy is lost. When she was fifteen, she was attacked and left for dead in a park not far from her house. Her attacker was never found. Since then, she has drifted in a lonely, timeless place. She’s as good as dead, but not even her doctors are sure how much she understands. Alex and Amy grew up in the same suburbs, played the same music, flirted with the same boys. And as Alex begins to investigate the attack, she opens the door to the same danger that has left Amy in a coma… Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, or The Book of You.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

To Helvetica and Back (Dangerous Type Mysteries 01)
Shelton, Paige
Star City is known for its slopes and its powder. But nestled in the valley of this ski resort town is a side street full of shops that specialise in the simple charms of earlier eras. One of those shops is the Rescued Word, where Chester Henry and his adult granddaughter Clare lovingly repair old typewriters and restore old books. Who ever thought their quaint store would hold the key to some modern-day trouble? When a stranger to town demands they turn over an antique Underwood typewriter they’re repairing for a customer, Clare fears she may need to be rescued. A call to the police scares the man off, but later Clare finds his dead body in the back alley. What about a dusty old typewriter could possibly be worth killing for?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Long Wait
Spillane, Mickey
Lyncastle is a small town that likes to be dirty: gin joints, gambling dens and brothels make sure of that, and bring in more money than the State Capitol. One night, a man named Johnny McBride returns to the town, and nobody is happy about it. Supposedly he ran away from embezzling and murder charges, five years ago – he’s believed to have killed no less than the town’s DA. But Johnny doesn’t scare easily when he’s rousted by angry cops, or when harder men try to kill him. He’s back to clear his name and settle some scores, and the forces that control the town from its shadows are nervous. But is Johnny really the man everyone thinks he is? Whoever he may be, his road to revenge isn’t for the faint of heart…
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.99

Mike Hammer series
Spillane, Mickey
Two of Spillane’s Mike Hammer books have been reissued, this month: The Big Kill and Kiss Me, Deadly.
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.99 each

Ashes To Ashes
Starr, Mel
Master Hugh, Kate, and their children attend the Midsummer’s Eve fire. The next morning Hugh hears the passing bell ring from the Church of St Beornwald, and moments later is summoned. Tenants collecting the ashes to spread upon their fields have found burned bones. Master Hugh learns of several men of Bampton and nearby villages who have gone missing recently. Most are soon found, some alive, some dead. Master Hugh eventually learns that the bones are those of a bailiff from a nearby manor. Someone has slain him and placed his body in the fire to destroy evidence of murder. Bailiffs are not popular men; they dictate labour service, collect rents, and enforce other obligations. Has this bailiff died at the hand of some angry tenant? Hugh soon discovers this is not the case. There is quite another reason for murder…
Historical mystery | PBK | $26.99

L.A. Math: Romance, Crime, and Mathematics in the City of Angels
Stein Jr, James D
Freelance investigator Freddy Carmichael and his sidekick, Pete Lennox, show how math smarts can crack even the most perplexing cases. Freddy meets colourful personalities throughout Los Angeles and encounters mysterious circumstances from embezzlement and robbery to murder. In each story, Freddy’s deductive instincts – and Pete’s trusty math skills – solve the crime. Featuring such glamorous locales as Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, and Santa Barbara, the fourteen short stories take Freddy and Pete through various puzzles and challenges. Readers will not only be entertained, but also gain practical mathematics knowledge, ranging from percentages and probability to set theory, statistics, and the mathematics of elections. For those who want to delve into mathematical subjects further, the book includes a supplementary section with more material.
Mystery | HC | $46.95

A Wee Dose of Death (Scotshop Mysteries 02)
Stewart, Fran
While on a transatlantic hunt for some authentic wares to sell at her Scottish-themed shop, Peggy comes across the ghost of a 14th-century Scotsman. Now back in Vermont with her dog and spirit friend Dirk, Peggy is at her wits end trying to keep the ghost in line. Life becomes even more complicated when the local police find a body in a deserted mountain cabin, murdered. It’s up to Peggy and Dirk to set aside their differences to put the cold-blooded killer under loch and key.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Color of Money
Tevis, Walter
It has been twenty years, since the epic match up, between Eddie Felson and Minnesota Fats. Having gone from bona fide stardom to playing in exhibition matches for cable television, Eddie decides that he’d like to give the game one more shot. With a failed marriage behind him and a new generation of competitors in his way, Eddie must face his demons and find the will to succeed, once more. Back in print!
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.99

The Darkest Day (Victor the Assassin)
Wood, Tom
One night. One target. A city in chaos. Thriller master Tom Wood crafts a non-stop, explosive thriller as ruthless hitman Victor hunts female assassin Raven through a blacked-out Manhattan.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99