Crime & Mystery Catalogue: May 2018

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in May 2018.

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May 2018 includes new books by: Nancy Atherton, M C Beaton, Barbara Cleverly, Carolyn Hart, Vaseem Khan, John Lawton, Elizabeth Peters, Iona Whishaw, June Wright… and many others.

Crime & Mystery, May 2018

Murder in the Locked Library (Book Retreat mysteries 04)
Adams, Ellery
With her twins, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, back in school, Jane Steward can finally focus on her work again – managing Storyton Hall, and breaking ground on the resort’s latest attraction: a luxurious, relaxing spa named in honour of Walt Whitman. But when the earth is dug up to start laying the spa’s foundation, something else comes to the surface – a collection of unusual bones and the ragged remnants of a very old book. The attendees of the Rare Book Conference are eager to assist Jane with this unexpected historical mystery – until a visitor meets an untimely end in the Henry James Library. As the questions – and suspects – start stacking up, Jane will have to uncover a killer before more unhappy endings ensue…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Gone Gull
Andrews, Donna
Meg is spending the summer at the Biscuit Mountain Craft Centre, helping her grandmother Cordelia run the studios. But someone is committing acts of vandalism, threatening to ruin the newly-opened centre’s reputation. Is it the work of a rival centre? Have the developers who want to build a resort atop Biscuit Mountain found a new tactic to pressure Cordelia into selling? Or is the real target Meg’s grandfather, who points out that any number of environmentally irresponsible people and organisations could have it in for him? While Meg is trying to track down the vandal, her grandfather is more interested in locating a rare gull. Their missions collide when a body is found in one of the classrooms. Can Meg identify the vandal and the murderer in time to save the centre’s name – while helping her grandfather track down and rescue his beloved gulls?
Meg Langslow | PBK | $19.95

Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse
Atherton, Nancy
It’s early April in the small English village of Finch. Lori Shepherd’s husband and sons are spending Easter break camping, and Lori is perfectly happy to be left at home with Bess, spared a week of roughing it with a curious toddler. The two attend a village events committee meeting and Lori is astonished when the elderly, soft-spoken widow Mrs Annabelle Craven stands to make an announcement: she’s decided to hold a quilting bee in the old schoolhouse. At the quilting bee, Lori ends up seated beside Mrs Craven, delighted at the opportunity to learn more about her neighbour’s life in the village of Old Cowerton. But dear, sweet Mrs Craven’s stories reveal a startling secret about her first husband’s death. With Aunt Dimity’s advice, Lori sets out to learn the truth about what the residents of Old Cowerton refer to as the ‘widow’s curse’ – and the deeper she digs, the more horrifying the tale becomes, until she discovers the most astounding revelation of all.
Mystery | TP | $29.95

Robert B Parker’s Little White Lies
Atkins, Ace
Connie Kelly thought she’d found her perfect man on an online dating site. She fell so hard – for handsome, mysterious M Brooks Welles – that she wrote him a cheque for almost three hundred thousand dollars, hoping for a big return on her investment. But within weeks, both Welles and her money are gone. Her therapist, Dr Susan Silverman, hands her Spenser’s card… A self-proclaimed military hotshot, Welles had been a frequent guest on national news shows, speaking with authority about politics and world events. When he disappears, he leaves not only a jilted lover but a growing list of angry investors, duped cops, and a team of paramilitary contractors looking for revenge. Enter Spenser, who quickly discovers that Welles’ name, resume, and client list are nothing but an elaborate fraud. As he follows the mystery man’s trail from Boston to backroads Georgia, Spenser will need help from trusted allies Hawk and Teddy Sapp to make sure Welles’ next con is his last.
Spenser | PBK | $22.95

Robert B Parker’s Old Black Magic
Atkins, Ace
The heist was legendary, still talked about – twenty years after the priceless paintings disappeared from one of Boston’s premier art museums. Most thought the art was lost forever, buried deep, sold off overseas, or, worse, destroyed as incriminating evidence. But when paint chips from the most valuable piece stolen, Gentlemen in Black by a Spanish master, arrives at the desk of a Boston journalist, the museum finds hope and enlists Spenser’s help. Soon the cold art case thrusts Spenser into the shady world of black market art dealers, aged Mafia bosses, and old vendettas. A $5 million reward by the museum’s top benefactor, an aged, unlikable Boston socialite, sets Spenser and pals Vinnie Morris and Hawk onto a trail of hidden secrets, jailhouse confessions, and decades-old murders.
Spenser | HC | $49.95

Greater Good
Ayliffe, Tim
Battered war correspondent John Bailey is a man living on the edge. He’s haunted by nightmares of being kidnapped and tortured in Iraq and he’s drinking too much to drown the memories. As he battles to get his life back together, a story breaks that will force him back into the spotlight – and into the crosshairs of a deadly international player. When a prostitute is found murdered in her luxury Sydney apartment, Bailey is ordered to cover the story by The Journal’s editor and his old friend, Gerald Summers – because he can’t trust anyone else. One of the victim’s clients, a key advisor to the Defence Minister, is chief suspect in her murder and he’s on the run. When he contacts Bailey, claiming to have information that will bring down the government, the stakes become deadly. To complicate matters, the investigating police detective is the woman Bailey walked out on, a decade ago. When a ruthless CIA fixer turns up, followed by a murderous Chinese agent hot on his trail, Bailey realises he has stumbled onto the story of a lifetime – one that he may not live to tell. This is well done – recommended.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

The Fallen (Amos Decker series)
Baldacci, David

Suspense | TP | $29.99

Agatha Raisin and the Witches’ Tree
Beaton, M C
Cotswolds inhabitants are used to inclement weather, but the night sky is especially foggy as Rory and Molly Devere, the new vicar and his wife, drive slowly home from a dinner party in their village of Sumpton Harcourt. They strain to see the road ahead – and then suddenly brake, screeching to a halt. Right in front of them, aglow in the headlights, a body hangs from a gnarled tree at the edge of town. Margaret Darby, an elderly spinster, has been murdered – and the villagers are bewildered as to who would commit such a crime. Agatha Raisin rises to the occasion (a little glad for the excitement, to tell the truth, after a long run of lost cats and divorces on the books). But Sumpton Harcourt is a small and private village, she finds – a place that poses more questions than answers. And when two more murders follow the first, Agatha begins to fear for her reputation – and even her life. That the village has its own coven of witches certainly doesn’t make her feel any better…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Tattoo Thief
Belsham, Alison
When Brighton tattoo artist Marni Mullins discovers a flayed body, newly-promoted DI Francis Sullivan needs her help. There’s a serial killer at large, slicing tattoos from his victims’ bodies while they’re still alive. Marni knows the tattooing world like the back of her hand, but has her own reasons to distrust the police. So, when she identifies the killer’s next target, will she tell Sullivan, or go after the Tattoo Thief alone?
Thriller | TP | $29.99

A Secret Worth Killing For
Berthon, Simon
Somebody knows where the bodies are buried… Minister of State Anne-Marie Gallagher appears to have an unblemished record. Only she knows that two decades ago, she was integral to an underground mission which went disastrously wrong. Now, unknown to Anne-Marie, DCI Jon Carne has received an anonymous tip off, leading him to a body – badly decomposed after twenty-five years underground. When news reaches Westminster, Anne-Marie knows she’s in danger. And with Carne closing in, there’s not much time for her to decide how far she’ll go to keep the past where it belongs… Previously published as Woman of State.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes: Master Detective, Myth and Media Star
Bostrom, Mattias
Everybody knows about Sherlock Holmes, the unique literary character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has remained popular over the decades and is more appreciated than ever, today. But what made this fictional character, dreamed up by a small-town English doctor back in the 1880s, into such a great success? This is the fascinating and exciting tale of the man and people who created the Holmes legend. It is also the tragic story of an author who tried to escape from his own invention and the inheritance that ruined a family dynasty. The book also charts the unexpected fortune and success of the actors, writers and readers – who, over the decades, have recreated and renewed the idea of this most-famous of all detectives: from the gentleman amateur of the 1890s to the odd genius of Sherlock, today. The book was winner of the Best Non-fiction Award by the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy 2013 and shortlisted for the Great Non-Fiction Book Prize (Sweden’s biggest non-fiction award) in Sweden 2013.
Sherlockiana | HC | $39.99

Accidental Death? When Things May Not be as They Seem
Bowles, Robin
This collection of stories centres on the idea of ‘accidental death’, and the upheaval caused in the lives of those who lose a loved one in this way. Several of the cases examined here turned out, on investigation, not to be accidents at all. Some were crimes. Some remain unexplained; others were shown to be just what they appeared to be. What connects them is what happens to those involved: suddenly, grieving people are thrown into the spotlight. There is no privacy and nowhere to hide. Like it or not, and often through no fault of their own, these people become part of an investigation, subject to the scrutiny of police, media, the courts, and the court of public opinion. Featuring a range of meticulously researched cases – from the tragic story of Akon Guode, jailed in 2017 for driving her children into a lake, to the accidental death of cricketer Phillip Hughes – Australia’s ‘queen of true crime’ delves deep into the criminal justice system. With Bowles’ trademark compassion and forensic attention to detail, Accidental Death explores the reality of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations when an accident upends their lives.
True crime | TP | $35.00

Blue Night (Chastity Riley series)
Buchholz, Simone
After convicting a superior for corruption and shooting off a gangster’s crown jewels, the career of Hamburg’s most hard-bitten state prosecutor, Chastity Riley, has taken a nose dive: she has been transferred to the tedium of witness protection to prevent her making any more trouble. However, when she is assigned to the case of an anonymous man lying under police guard in hospital – almost every bone in his body broken, a finger cut off, and refusing to speak in anything other than riddles – Chastity’s instinct for the big, exciting case kicks in. Using all her powers of persuasion, she soon gains her charge’s confidence, and finds herself on the trail to Leipzig, a new ally, and a whole heap of lethal synthetic drugs. When she discovers that a friend and former colleague is trying to bring down Hamburg’s Albanian mafia kingpin, singlehandedly, it looks like Chas Riley’s dull life on witness protection really has been short lived… The first in a series.
Noir | PBK | $19.99

Fall of Angels (Inspector Redfyre mysteries)
Cleverly, Barbara
England 1923. Detective Inspector John Redfyre is a godsend to the Cambridge CID. When he is invited to attend the annual St Barnabas College Christmas concert, in his Aunt Henrietta’s stead, he is expecting a quiet evening; though, perhaps, a bit of matchmaking mischief on his aunt’s part. But he arrives to witness a minor scandal: Juno Proudfoot, the trumpeter of the headlining musical duo, is a woman, and a young one at that, practically unheard of in conservative academic circles. When she suffers a near-fatal fall after the close of the show, Redfyre must consider whether someone was trying to kill her. The first in a new series.
Historical mystery | HC | $49.95

What You Break (Gus Murphy series)
Coleman, Reed Farrel
Gus’ ex-priest pal, Bill Kilkenny, introduces him to a wealthy businessman anxious to have someone look more deeply into the brutal murder of his granddaughter. Though the police already have the girl’s murderer in custody, they have been unable to provide a reason for the killing. The businessman, Spears, offers big incentives if Gus can supply him with what the cops cannot – a motive. Later that same day, Gus witnesses the execution of a man who has just met with his friend Slava. As Gus looks into the girl’s murder, and tries to protect Slava from the executioner’s bullet, he must navigate a mine field populated by hostile cops, street gangs, and a Russian mercenary who will stop at nothing to do his master’s bidding. A sequel to Where It Hurts (TP, $27.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $27.99

Back Up
Colize, Paul
Berlin, 1967: four members of the British rock band Pearl Harbour die at the same time but in separate locations. Inexplicably, the police conclude natural causes are to blame. Brussels, 2010: A homeless man is hit by a car outside the Gare du Midi, leaving him with locked-in syndrome, able to communicate (sometimes) by blinking. An Irish journalist starts to investigate. How did the members of Pearl Harbor die, and how is this linked to the homeless man in Brussels?
Suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Late Show (Renée Ballard series)
Connelly, Michael
Renee Ballard works the night shift at the LAPD in Hollywood, beginning many investigations but finishing none, as each morning she turns her cases over to day shift detectives. A once up-and-coming detective, she’s been given this beat as punishment – after filing a sexual harassment complaint against a supervisor. But, one night, she catches two cases she doesn’t want to part with: the brutal beating of a prostitute left for dead in a parking lot and the killing of a young woman in a nightclub shooting. Ballard is determined not to give up, at dawn. The first in a new series, now in paperback.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

The Last Mrs Parrish
Constantine, Liv
Amber Patterson is fed up. She’s tired of being a nobody: a plain, invisible woman who blends into the background. She deserves more – a life of money and power like the one blonde-haired, blue-eyed goddess Daphne Parrish takes for granted. To everyone in the exclusive town of Bishops Harbor, Connecticut, Daphne – a socialite and philanthropist – and her real-estate mogul husband, Jackson, are a couple straight out of a fairy tale. Amber’s envy could eat her alive… if she didn’t have a plan. Amber uses Daphne’s compassion and caring to insinuate herself into the family’s life – the first step in a meticulous scheme to undermine her. Before long, Amber is Daphne’s closest confidante, traveling to Europe with the Parrishes and their lovely young daughters, and growing closer to Jackson. But a skeleton from her past may undermine everything that Amber has worked towards, and if it is discovered, her well-laid plan may fall to pieces.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Fools and Mortals
Cornwell, Bernard
Young Richard Shakespeare is an actor, struggling to make his way in a company dominated by his estranged older brother, William. As the growth of theatre blooms, their rivalry – and that of the playhouses, playwrights and actors vying for acclaim and glory – propels a high-stakes story of conflict and betrayal.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Presumed Dead (Carter Blake series)
Cross, Mason
Fifteen years ago, Adeline Connor was the Devil Mountain Killer’s final victim. After she was gunned down, the murderer disappeared; and the killing spree ended. Now, Carter Blake has been hired to do what he does best: to find someone. But this time he’s hunting a dead girl – Adeline Connor’s brother is convinced she’s still alive. But this town doesn’t want an outsider digging up old business. And as Blake gets deeper into the case, it starts to become clear that the murders didn’t just stop, fifteen years ago. The killer is on the hunt, again.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

My Grave Ritual (Warlock Holmes series)
Denning, G S
As they blunder towards doom, Warlock Holmes and Dr John Watson find themselves inconvenienced by a variety of eldritch beings. Christmas brings a goose that doesn’t let being cooked slow it down; they meet an electricity demon, discover why being a redhead is even trickier than one might imagine; and Holmes attempts an Irish accent. And, naturally, Moriarty is hanging around… in some form or other. The third in the series, following A Study in Brimstone and The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles (TP, $29.95 each). An absolute hoot.
Sherlockiana | TP | $29.95

The Angel (DS Imogen Grey series)
Diamond, Katherina
When a burned body is found in a disused signal box, suspicion falls on lonely teenager Gabriel Webb. There’s no doubt he was at the scene of the crime, but does he really deserve what awaits him in prison? DS Imogen Grey is certain there’s more to the case than meets the eye. But while she struggles to convince those around her of the truth, her partner, DS Adrian Miles, is distracted by his own demons. When a brutal double murder is reported, their investigation is stopped in its tracks. Is the body in the box even who they thought it was? The duo realise Gabriel might have been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. But with enemies watching Gabriel’s every move, they may be too late.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Dead Letters
Dolan-Leach, Caite
Ava doesn’t believe it when the email arrives to say that her twin sister is dead. It’s not grief or denial that causes her scepticism – it just feels too perfect – to be anything other than Zelda’s usual manipulative scheming. And Ava knows her twin. Two years after she left, vowing never to speak to Zelda again, after the ultimate betrayal, Ava must return home to retrace her errant sister’s last steps. She soon finds notes that lead her on a twisted scavenger hunt of her twin’s making. Letter by letter, Ava unearths clues to her sister’s disappearance: and unveils harrowing truths of her own. A is for Ava, and Z is for Zelda, but deciphering the letters, in between, is not so simple…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Girl Who Was Taken
Donlea, Charlie
Megan McDonald is a high school senior when she disappears from the small town of Emerson Bay. Miraculously, after two weeks held captive, she escapes from a bunker hidden deep in the woods. Now, one year on, Megan is a national celebrity thanks to her bestselling book, Missing. It’s an inspiring story – except for one inconvenient detail. There was a second girl who was taken. Her classmate Nicole Cutty. Megan knows more than she’s revealed. Flashes of memory are coming together – and they are pointing to something darker and more monstrous than anything her chilling memoir describes.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Confessions of a Red Herring (Red Herring mysteries 01)
Dratch, Dana
Alex Vlodnachek has been a reporter for 12 years, a PR rep for three months, and a murder suspect for all of 24 hours. When her agency’s double-dealing CEO is stabbed, scheming co-workers cast the new redhead as a compelling red herring. The story is media catnip – especially her salacious nickname: Vlod the Impaler. Even Alex has to admit she looks guilty. Out of a job and under suspicion, Alex is running low on cash, when she’s visited by a second disaster: her family. Soon, her tiny bungalow is bursting with her nearest and not-so dearest… She goes undercover to reclaim her life, break the story, and unmask a murderer. Pretty much in that order. The first in a series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

So Pretty a Problem (Mordecai Tremaine mysteries)
Duncan, Francis
Adrian Carthallow, enfant terrible of the art world, is no stranger to controversy. But this time it’s not his paintings that have provoked a blaze of publicity – it’s the fact that his career has been suddenly terminated by a bullet to the head. Not only that, but his wife has confessed to firing the fatal shot. Inspector Penross of the town constabulary is, however, less than convinced by Helen Carthallow’s story – but has no other explanation for the incident that occurred when the couple were alone in their clifftop house. Luckily, for the Inspector, amateur criminologist Mordecai Tremaine has an uncanny habit of being in the near neighbourhood whenever sudden death makes its appearance. Investigating the killing, Tremaine is quick to realise that however handsome a couple the Carthallows were, and however extravagant a life they led, beneath the surface there’s a pretty devil’s brew… Follows Murder Has a Motive and Murder for Christmas (TP, $29.95 each), in the popular, resurrected mystery series from the 1940s.
Classic mystery | TP | $29.95

Shadows (PC Lucy Clayburn series)
Finch, Paul
As a female cop walking the mean streets of Manchester, life can be tough for PC Lucy Clayburn. But when one of the north west’s toughest gangsters is your father, things can be particularly difficult. When Lucy’s patch is gripped by a spate of murder-robberies, the police are quick to action. Yet, when it transpires that the targets are Manchester’s criminal underworld, attitudes change. Lucy is soon faced with one of the toughest cases of her life – and one which will prove, once and for all, whether blood really is thicker than water… A sequel to Strangers (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Underneath
Finn, Melanie
Kay Ward, a former journalist, is struggling with the constraints of motherhood. Along with her husband and two children, she rents a quaint Vermont farmhouse for the summer. The idea is to disconnect from their work-based lifestyle – that had her doggedly pursuing a genocidal leader of child soldiers known as General Christmas…even through Kay’s pregnancy, and the birth of their second child – in an effort to repair their shaky marriage. It isn’t long before Kay’s husband is called away and she discovers a mysterious crawlspace in the rental with unsettling writing etched into the wall. Alongside some of the house’s other curiosities and local sleuthing, Kay is led to believe that something terrible may have happened to the home’s owners. Kay’s investigation leads her to a local logger, Ben Comeau, a man beset with his own complicated and violent past. A product of the foster system and life-long resident of the Northeast Kingdom, Ben struggles to overcome his situation, and to help an abused child whose addict mother is too incapacitated to care about the boy’s plight.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Young Man, I Think You’re Dying
Fleming, Joan
Winston Sledge began his criminal career at an early age, starting with shoplifting and pickpocketing. Bossy and self-confident, he took particular delight in leading other boys astray and organising a gang of petty thieves. These days, the charismatic, self-styled ‘entrepreneur’ is driving around London in a Jaguar, keeping a teenage mistress in his riverside council flat, and supplementing his unemployment benefits with the proceeds from his burglaries. Winston’s boyhood friend, Joe, works in a Soho pizzeria and lives with his mum and dad. Joe dreams of having his own pizza parlour, and he’s acted as Winston’s accomplice for the thrills as well as the money. But when Winston’s violent temper gets the better of him one night, a routine robbery suddenly turns into a far greater crime. Now Joe is implicated in a murder and the more he tries to distance himself from his partner in crime, the tighter Winston clings on to him. A chance encounter with a runaway girl promises a way out but only if Joe and his new friend can outwit Winston, whose villainy has already spiralled out of control. A taut, award-winning novel from one of the unsung British masters. Winner of the Gold Dagger Award for Best Novel, originally published in 1990.
Mystery | TP | $29.95

Hidden Hours
Foster, Sara
Arabella Lane, senior executive at a children’s publisher, is found dead in the Thames on a frosty winter’s morning after the office Christmas party. No one is sure whether she jumped, or was pushed. The one person who may know the truth is the newest employee at Parker & Lane – the office temp, Eleanor. Eleanor has travelled to London to escape the repercussions of her traumatic childhood in outback Australia, but now tragedy seems to follow her wherever she goes. To her horror, she has no memory of the crucial hours leading up to Arabella’s death – memory that will either incriminate or absolve her. As Eleanor desperately tries to remember her missing hours and uncover the events of that fateful night, her own extended family is dragged further into the dark, terrifying terrain of blame, suspicion and guilt. Caught in a crossfire of accusations, Eleanor fears she can’t even trust herself, let alone the people around her. And soon, she’ll find herself in a race against time to find out just what happened, that night – and discover just how deadly some secrets can be.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes
Goldberg, Leonard
1914. Joanna Blalock’s keen mind and incredible insight lead her to become a highly-skilled nurse, one of the few professions that allow her to use her finely-tuned brain. But when she and her ten-year-old son witness a man fall to his death, apparently by suicide, they are visited by the elderly Dr John Watson and his charming, handsome son, Dr John Watson Jr. Impressed by her forensic skills, they invite her to become the third member of their investigative team. Unbeknownst to her, Joanna harbors a mystery of her own. The product of a one-time assignation between the now dead Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler, the only woman to ever outwit the famous detective, Joanna has unwittingly inherited her parents’ deductive genius. The first in a series.
Sherlockiana | TP | $33.95

Nightfall Berlin (Tom Fox series)
Grimwood, Jack
Major Tom Fox is despatched to East Berlin to bring home a traitor who defected to escape justice. But it’s clear that there’s more at stake than an old man wanting to return home to face the music. Powerful forces on both sides of the Iron Curtain stand to lose if the defector is given his day in court. Fox soon finds that in the upside-down world of Cold War Berlin he’s operating alone in the enemy’s backyard, unsure of who he can trust. And if Fox is going to succeed in his mission, let alone escape with his life, he will need to draw on skills learned during a past he’s trying to forget… A follow-up to the fantastic Moskva (PBK, $19.99). Recommended!
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Our Kind of Cruelty
Hall, Araminta
Most of us spend our whole lives searching for the person who’ll make us feel complete. But Mike and Verity know they’re different. They’ve found their soulmate, and nothing can tear them apart. Not even the man Verity is marrying. Because they play a secret game, one they call ‘the Crave’, to demonstrate what they both know: that Verity needs Mike, and Mike alone. But Mike knows that Verity’s impending marriage will raise the stakes of their game, higher than ever before.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Lake (Konrad Simonsen series)
Hammer, Lotte & Soren
The remains of a young woman are discovered in a lake north of Copenhagen. Her identity is a mystery and no one, it appears, has reported her missing. After months of fruitless investigation by the local police the case is handed over to Konrad Simonsen. It soon becomes clear to Simonsen and his team that this unknown woman is the key to a world of trafficking, prostitution, and violence. A world where everything comes with a price, no mistake goes unpunished and everyone knows how to keep a secret.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

A Lesson in Violence
Harper, Jordan
Eleven-year-old Polly McClusky is shy, too old for the teddy bear she carries with her everywhere, when she is unexpectedly reunited with her father, Nate, fresh out of jail and driving a stolen car. He takes her from the front of her school into a world of robbery, violence, and the constant threat of death. And he does it to save her life. Nate made dangerous enemies in prison – a gang called Aryan Steel has put out a bounty on his head, counting on its members on the outside to finish him off. They’ve already murdered his ex-wife, Polly’s mother. And Polly is their next target. Nate and Polly’s lives soon become a series of narrow misses, of evading the bad guys and the police, of sleepless nights in motels. Out on the lam, Polly is forced to grow up early: With barely any time to mourn her mother, she must learn how to take a punch and pull off a drug-house heist. She finds herself transforming from a shy little girl into a true fighter. Nate, in turn, learns what it’s like to love fiercely and unconditionally – a love he’s never quite felt before. But can their powerful bond transcend the dangerous existence he’s carved out for them? Will they ever be able to live an honest life, free of fear?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Harris, Robert
Hugh Legat is a rising star of the British diplomatic service, serving at 10 Downing Street as a private secretary to the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. Rikard von Holz is on the staff of the German Foreign Office – and secretly a member of the anti-Hitler resistance. The two men were friends at Oxford in the 1920s, but have not been in contact since. Now, when Hugh flies with Chamberlain from London to Munich, and Rikard travels on Hitler’s train overnight from Berlin, their paths are set on a disastrous collision course.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Walking on My Grave (Death on Demand mysteries 26)
Hart, Carolyn
Annie’s friend and fellow shop owner Ves Roundtree is a very wealthy woman. Her rich brother entrusted her with his estate, and upon her death, his fortune is to be divided. Several cash-strapped islanders are in line to collect life-changing inheritances. The problem is, Ves is very much alive. Ves hosts a dinner for the prospective beneficiaries and feels a chill in the air that has nothing to do with the wintry season. Not long after, she suffers a bad fall that was no accident. Everyone at the table had a motive but not a shred of evidence was left behind. When one of the suspects is found floating in the harbor and Ves disappears, Annie and her husband Max spring into action to catch a calculating killer before greed takes another life.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Mayfly (Charlie Priest series)
Hazel, James
It’s happening again. A mutilated body discovered in the woods. A murderous plan conceived in the past. A reckoning, 70 years in the making… Charlie Priest, ex-detective inspector turned London lawyer, is hired by influential entrepreneur Kenneth Ellinder – to investigate the murder of his son. But Priest is no ordinary lawyer. Brilliant yet flawed, this case will push him, and those closest to him, to the edge. Priest traces the evidence back to the desperate last days of the Second World War. Buried in the ashes of the Holocaust is a secret, so deadly its poison threatens to destroy the very heart of the establishment. With more victims going missing, Priest realises that not everyone should be trusted. As he races to uncover the truth, can he prevent history from repeating itself?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

The Susan Effect
Høeg, Peter
Susan Svendsen has a special talent: she has a unique ability to make people confide in her and tell her their innermost secrets. She has exploited that talent, and now has a prison sentence hanging over her head for punching a Bollywood actor in an Indian casino. To make matters worse, her husband is on the run from the mafia, one of her children has been accused of antiquity smuggling, and the other has run off with a monk. But Susan gets an offer from a former government official – an offer to use her power one more time and have all her charges dropped so she can return to Denmark. Together with her family, she must track down the last surviving members of a secret think tank of young talents founded in the 1970s, the so-called Future Committee, and find out what was written in the committee’s final report. But the report is apparently covering up information of great value, and some powerful people are determined it is not revealed.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Liar’s Girl
Howard, Catherine Ryan
Dublin’s notorious Canal Killer is 10 years into his life sentence when a body is fished out of the Grand Canal. Detectives suspect a copycat is emulating the crimes, and they must turn to Ireland’s most prolific serial killer for help. Will admits he has the information the cops need, but will give it to only one person… When Alison Smith gets the request from Dublin, she is pulled back to face the man she’s worked so hard to forget.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

A Brush with Death (Bob Skinner series)
Jardine, Quintin
When millionaire Leo Speight is found poisoned, at his Ayrshire mansion, Police Scotland has a tough case on its hands. Speight was a champion boxer with national hero status, and a long list of lovers and friends stand to benefit from his estate. Did one of them decide to speed things up? Or was jealousy or rivalry the motive? The Security Service wants to stay close to the investigation and they have just the man to send in: ex-Chief Constable Bob Skinner. Skinner might have retired from the police, but solving crimes is in his blood. Combining forces with DI Lottie Mann and DS Dan Provan of Serious Crimes, he’s determined to see Speight’s murderer put away for a long time. But there’s a twist even Bob Skinner couldn’t see coming…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Good Son
Jeong, You-Jeong
Yu-jin is a good son, a model student and a successful athlete. But one day he wakes up covered in blood. There’s no sign of a break in and there’s a body downstairs. It’s the body of someone who Yu-jin knows all too well. Yu-jin struggles to piece together the fragments of what he can remember from the night before. He suffers from regular seizures and blackouts. He knows he will be accused if he reports the body, but what to do instead? Faced with an unthinkable choice, Yu-jin makes an unthinkable decision. Through investigating the murder, reading diaries, and looking at his own past and childhood, Yu-jin discovers what has happened. The police descend on the suburban South Korean district in which he lives. The body of a young woman is discovered. Yu-jin has to go back, right back, to remember what happened, back to the night he lost his father and brother, and even further than that.
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Kardos, Michael
At twenty-seven, Natalie Webb is already a has-been. A card-trick prodigy, she performed on the world magic circuit at eighteen but a liaison with an older performer ended disastrously after he stole her act and blackened her name. With her career over, she now lives alone with her pigeons and a pile of overdue bills, in a New Jersey apartment. To make ends meet, Natalie agrees to write a magazine article on the art of cheating at cards. While researching in Atlantic City, she meets Ellen – a beguiling card cheat with a dazzling sleight of hand. Ellen has targeted a group of gamblers called the Midnight Riders – a hedge fund manager, a car dealer mogul and a Senatorial candidate – who play an annual high-dollar poker game. Ellen proposes that they combine their skills to pull off the greatest illusion of all and walk away with $1.5 million. But the rules of the game are about to change…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Rabbit Hunter (Joona Linna series)
Kepler, Lars
A stranger wearing a mask stands in the shadow of a garden. He’s watching his first victim through the window. He will kill him slowly, make it last – play him a nursery rhyme – make him pay. There’s only one person the police can turn to – ex-Detective Joona Linna – but he’s serving time in a high-security prison. So, they offer him a chance to secure his freedom: help Superintendent Saga Bauer track down the vicious killer known as the Rabbit Hunter, before he strikes again. Soon, another three victims have been murdered and Stockholm is in the grip of terror. Joona Linna must catch a disturbed predator, whose trail of destruction leads back to one horrific night of violence – with consequences more terrifying than anyone could have imagined…
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Murder at the Grand Raj Palace (Baby Ganesh Agency series)
Khan, Vaseem
For a century, the iconic Grand Raj Palace Hotel has welcomed the world’s elite. From film stars to foreign dignitaries, anyone who is anyone stays at the Grand Raj. The last thing the venerable old hotel needs is a murder… When American billionaire Hollis Burbank is found dead – the day after buying India’s most expensive painting – the authorities are keen to label it a suicide. But the man in charge of the investigation is not so sure. Chopra is called in – and discovers a hotel full of people with a reason to want Burbank dead. Accompanied by his sidekick, baby elephant Ganesha, Chopra navigates his way through the palatial building, a journey that leads him steadily to a killer and into the heart of darkness… The first in this utterly charming series, featuring Inspector Chopra and his elephant sidekick, is The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Friend
Koomson, Dorothy
What secrets would you kill to keep? After her husband’s big promotion, Cece Solarin arrives in Brighton with their three children, ready to start afresh. But their new neighbourhood has a deadly secret. Three weeks earlier, Yvonne, a very popular parent, was almost murdered in the grounds of the local school – the same school where Cece has unwittingly enrolled her children. Already anxious about making friends, when the parents seem so cliquey, Cece is now also worried about her children’s safety. By chance, she meets Maxie, Anaya and Hazel – three very different school mothers who make her feel welcome and reassure her about her new life. That is, until Cece discovers the police believe one of her new friends tried to kill Yvonne. Reluctant to spy on her friends, but determined to discover the truth, Cece must uncover the potential murderer before they strike again…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Babylon Berlin (Gereon Rath mysteries)
Kutscher, Volker
1929: When a car is hauled out of the Landwehr Canal with a mutilated corpse inside, Detective Inspector Gereon Rath claims the case. Soon, his inquiries drag him ever deeper into the morass of Weimar Berlin’s ‘Roaring Twenties’ underworld of cocaine, prostitution, gunrunning and shady politics. Now a major international television series.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Good Friday (Tennison series)
La Plante, Lynda
Jane Tennison is now a fully-fledged detective. On the way to court, one morning, Jane passes through Covent Garden Underground station and is caught up in a bomb blast that leaves several people dead, and many horribly injured. Jane is a key witness; but is adamant that she can’t identify the bomber. When a photograph appears in the newspapers, showing Jane assisting the injured at the scene, it puts her and her family at risk from IRA retaliation. ‘Good Friday’ is the eagerly awaited date of the annual formal CID dinner, due to take place at St Ermin’s Hotel. Hundreds of detectives and their wives will be there. It’s the perfect target. As Jane arrives for the evening, she realises that she recognises the parking attendant as the bomber from Covent Garden. Can she convince her senior officers in time, or will another bomb destroy London’s entire detective force? A new entry in the Prime Suspect prequel series.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Friends and Traitors (Frederick Troy series)
Lawton, John
When Frederick Troy first meets the infamous Burgess at a posh party at the family home in 1935, he’s utterly charmed by him; before he learns from his elder brother Rod, who was at Cambridge with Burgess, of his sexual voraciousness and his duplicitous behaviour in Russia. Over the next decade or so, Troy sees Burgess intermittently, ignoring his brother’s warning, and feels a significant tug toward Burgess’ hedonism, though their association never develops into a sexual relationship. In the 1950s, as the focus moves from London to Venice to Paris to Vienna to Moscow, the relationship between England and Russia becomes more complex, and earlier suspicions of misconduct by Burgess and fellow Cambridge mates Anthony Blunt and Donald Maclean blossom into charges of treason. Not until 1958, does Troy first realise that he’s being followed… ‘Burgess makes a delicious antagonist in this eighth instalment.’ – Kirkus Reviews. Brilliant – if you have previously read the series. If not, start with the first Inspector Troy novel, Black Out (PBK, $19.99).
Suspense | TP | $29.99

District VIII (Danube Blues series)
Lebor, Adan
Life’s tough for a Gypsy cop in Budapest. The cops don’t trust you because you’re a Gypsy. Your fellow Gypsies, even your own family, shun you because you’re a cop. The dead, however, don’t care. So, when Balthazar Kovacs, a detective in the city’s murder squad, gets a mysterious message on his phone from a blocked number, he gulps down the rest of his morning coffee, grabs his police ID and goes to work. The message has two parts: a photograph and an address. The photograph shows a man lying on his back with his eyes open, half covered by a blue plastic sheet. The address is 26, Republic Square – the former Communist Party headquarters and, once, the most feared building in the country. But when Kovacs arrives at Republic Square, the body has gone… The first in a new series, now in paperback.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

A Legacy of Spies
Le Carré, John
Peter Guillam, staunch colleague and disciple of George Smiley of the British Secret Service, otherwise known as the Circus, has retired to his family farmstead on the south coast of Brittany, when a letter from his old Service summons him to London. The reason? His Cold War past has come back to claim him.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Burnings (Dark Centre series)
Lees, Julian
When Australian Jillian Parker’s scorched remains are discovered in her burnt-out car, Ruud Pujasumarta and his team are brought in to investigate what appears at first to be a routine homicide. But when Canadian citizen, Anita Dalloway’s charred body is found a few days later Ruud finds a banner unfurled by the corpse’s feet. A verse from the Quran is scribbled across it, calling for unbelievers to be burned. The killer is targeting Christians. And the team’s suspicions are confirmed when a third body, that of English backpacker Emily Grealish, turns up with the same MO. But Ruud is suspicious that the killer may be someone much closer to home, someone Ruud has trusted for many years. What unravels is a terrifying chain of events for Ruud. And what he discovers puts his and those around him lives in danger. A sequel to the Jakarta-set The Bone Ritual (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Three Days and a Life
Lemaitre, Pierre
In the last days of 1999, a series of events unfolds, culminating in the shocking vanishing without trace of a young child. The adults of the town are at a loss to explain the disappearance – but, for 12-year-old Antoine, it all begins with the violent death of his neighbour’s dog. From that one brutal act, his fate and the fate of his neighbour’s six-year-old son are bound forever. In the years following Remi’s disappearance, Antoine wrestles with the role his actions played.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

What You Want to See (PI Roxane Weary series)
Lepionka, Kristen
Shaken by the outcome of her last big case, PI Roxane Weary is keeping a low profile. When she takes on a new client, who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him, Roxane is happy to have landed a run-of-the-mill surveillance job. Until, that is, Marin Strasser, the woman she’s been tailing, turns up dead. The police are convinced her client is the one who pulled the trigger. Certain – and scared – that things aren’t so straightforward, Roxane starts to follow a paper trail that gets more dangerous the farther it goes. So, who really was Marin Strasser? Who could have wanted her dead? And how can Roxane stop her work from once again pushing away the few people she thinks she can trust?
Suspense | TP | $29.99

The Last Place You Look (PI Roxane Weary series)
Lepionka, Kristen
Nobody knows what happened to Sarah Cook. The beautiful blonde teenager disappeared, fifteen years ago – the same night her parents were brutally murdered, in their suburban Ohio home. Her boyfriend, Brad Stockton – black and from the wrong side of the tracks – was convicted of the murders and is now on death row. Though he’s maintained his innocence all along, the clock is running out. His execution is only weeks away when his devoted sister insists she spied Sarah at an area gas station. Willing to try anything, she hires PI Roxane Weary to look at the case and see if she can locate Sarah. Brad might be in a bad way, but private investigator Roxane Weary isn’t doing so hot, herself. Still reeling from the recent death of her cop father in the line of duty, her main way of dealing with her grief has been working as little and drinking as much as possible. But Roxane finds herself drawn in to the story of Sarah’s vanishing act, especially when she links the disappearance to one of her father’s unsolved murder cases involving another teen girl.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Logan, T M
When Joe Lynch stumbles across his wife driving into a hotel car park while she’s supposed to be at work, he’s intrigued enough to follow her in. And when he witnesses her in an angry altercation with family friend Ben, he knows he ought to intervene. But just as the confrontation between the two men turns violent, and Ben is knocked unconscious, Joe’s young son has an asthma attack – and Joe must flee in order to help him. When he returns, desperate to make sure Ben is okay, Joe is horrified to find that Ben has disappeared. And that’s when Joe receives the first message…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Bats in the Belfry (British Library Crime Classics)
Lorac, E C R
Bruce Attleton dazzled London’s literary scene with his first two novels – but his early promise did not bear fruit. His wife Sybilla is a glittering actress, unforgiving of Bruce’s failure, and the couple lead separate lives in their house at Regent’s Park. When Bruce is called away on a sudden trip to Paris, he vanishes completely – until his suitcase and passport are found in a sinister artist’s studio, the Belfry, in a crumbling house in Notting Hill. Inspector Macdonald must uncover Bruce’s secrets, and find out the identity of his mysterious blackmailer.
Classic mystery | TP | $27.95

Angel in the Shadows (Heartland trilogy)
Lucius, Walter
After investigating what appeared to be a simple hit-and-run, journalist Farah Hafez became caught up in a web of crime and corruption that led to her kidnap. Detained in Russia, she was forced to pledge her allegiance to a terrorist group on camera. Now, sought by international security and members of the criminal class alike, Farah flees to Jakarta to continue her investigation while her friends and allies attempt to clear her name from across the globe. If Farah is ever going to regain her freedom, she needs to discover the root of the evil that bought her here. The problem is that discovering this might cost her, her life. A sequel to Butterfly on the Storm (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | $32.99

I, Witness (Detective Madison Attalee series)
Mackay, Niki
Six years ago, Kate Reynolds was found holding the body of her best friend; covered in blood, and clutching the knife that killed her. Kate has been in prison, ever since… but, now, her sentence is up. She is being released. There’s only one person who can help: Private Investigator Madison Attallee, the first officer on the scene, all those years ago.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Long Drop
Mina, Denise
William Watt wants answers about his family’s murder. Peter Manuel has them. But Peter Manuel is a liar. William Watt is an ordinary businessman, a fool, a social climber. Peter Manuel is a famous liar, a rapist, a criminal. He claims he can get hold of the gun used to murder Watt’s family. One December night in 1957, Watt meets Manuel in a Glasgow bar, to find out what he knows. Based on true events.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Anything for Her
Minett, G J
When Billy Orr returns home to spend time with his dying sister, he bumps into his ex-girlfriend Aimi, the love of his life. He might not have seen her in eleven years, but Billy’s never forgotten her. He’d do anything for her, then; and he’d do anything for her, now. When Aimi tells him that she wants to escape her abusive husband, Billy agrees to help her fake her own death. But is she still the Aimi that Billy remembers, from all those years ago? Once Aimi disappears, Billy must face the possibility that perhaps she had different reasons for disappearing – reasons that might be more dangerous than she’s led him to believe…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

A Necessary Evil (Captain Sam Wyndham series)
Mukherjee, Abir
Prince Adhir was a moderniser, whose attitudes – and romantic relationship – may have upset the more religious elements of his country, while his brother – now in line to the throne – appears to be a feckless playboy. As Wyndham and Banerjee desperately try to unravel the mystery behind the assassination, they become entangled in a dangerous world where those in power live by their own rules; and those who cross their paths, pay with their lives… The follow up to the highly-recommended A Rising Man (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Dead (Vengeance of Memory series)
Oldfield, Mark
Madrid, 1982. The dictator is dead, and Guzman is finally back in the capital. Years of bitter exile in the provinces, doing the dirty work for the sinister head of military intelligence have left their mark on the Comandante. He wants out. But he needs money, first… and what better way to get it than blackmail? After all, he knows better than anyone where all the bodies are buried. The sequel to The Sentinel (PBK, $14.99) and The Exile (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Our Little Secret
O’Sullivan, Darren
Chris is ready to join his wife. He’s planned this moment for nearly a year. The date. The time. The train. But he hadn’t factored in Sarah. So, when Sarah walks on to the platform and sees a man swaying at the edge, she assumes he’s just had too much to drink. What she doesn’t expect is to stop a suicide. As Sarah becomes obsessed with discovering the secrets that Chris is clearly hiding, he becomes obsessed with stopping her, protecting her. But there are some secrets that are meant to stay buried…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Private Princess (Private 14)
Patterson, James & Jones, Rees
Jack Morgan receives an offer he cannot refuse… When the head of the world’s foremost investigation agency is invited to meet Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, he boards his Gulfstream jet and flies straight to London. The Princess needs Morgan’s skills, and his discretion. Sophie Edwards, a close friend of the royal, has gone missing. She must be found before the media become aware of it. Morgan knows there is more to this case than he is being told. But what is the Princess hiding?
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Nineteen Seventy Four (Red Riding Quartet)
Peace, David
It’s winter, 1974, and Ed Dunford’s the crime correspondent of the Evening Post. He didn’t know that this Christmas was going to be a season in hell. A dead, little girl – with a swan’s wings stitched to her back. A reissue of the first of the four novels of the critically-acclaimed crime series Red Riding Quartet.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Nineteen Seventy Seven (Red Riding Quartet)
Peace, David
This tale is set in Jubilee year. Its heroes, the half-decent copper Bof Fraser, and the burnt-out hack Jack Whitehead, are the only two who suspect that there is more than one killer at large, among the Chapeltown whores. A reissue of the second of the four novels of the critically-acclaimed crime series Red Riding Quartet.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Nineteen Eighty (Red Riding Quartet)
Peace, David
This tale is set in 1980, when the Yorkshire Ripper murders his 13th victim. Assistant Chief Constable Hunter is drawn into a world of corruption and sleaze. When his house is burned down, and his wife threatened, his quest becomes personal. A reissue of the third of the four novels of the critically-acclaimed crime series Red Riding Quartet.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Nineteen Eighty Three (Red Riding Quartet)
Peace, David
The intertwining storylines see the Quartet’s central themes of corruption and the perversion of justice come to a head… as BJ, the rent boy; lawyer, Big John Piggott; and cop, Maurice Oldfield, find themselves on a collision course that can only end in terrible vengeance. A reissue of the fourth of the four novels of the critically-acclaimed crime series Red Riding Quartet.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt series)
Perry, Anne
1910: Twenty-five-year-old Daniel Pitt is a junior barrister in London and eager to prove himself, independent of his renowned parents’ influence. And the new case before him will be the test. When his client, arrogant biographer Russell Graves, is found guilty of murdering his wife, Daniel is dispatched to find the real killer, before Graves faces the hangman’s noose – in only twenty-one days. Could Mrs Graves’ violent death have anything to do with her husband’s profession? Someone in power may be framing the biographer to keep damaging secrets from coming to light. It is a theory that leads Daniel’s investigation unexpectedly to London’s Special Branch – and, disturbingly, to one of his father’s closest colleagues. Caught between duty to the law and a fierce desire to protect his family, Daniel must call on his keen intellect – and trust his natural instincts – to find the truth in a tangle of dark deception, lest an innocent man hang, for another’s heinous crime. A new series, featuring the barrister son of Sir Thomas Pitt.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Painted Queen (Amelia Peabody series)
Peters, Elizabeth & Hess, Joan
Egypt, 1912. For Amelia, this excavation season will prove to be unforgettable. Throughout her journey, a parade of men in monocles will die under suspicious circumstances, fascinating new relics will be unearthed, a diabolical mystery will be solved, and a brilliant criminal will offer his final challenge… and perhaps be unmasked, at last. The long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated, final instalment of Elizabeth Peters’ bestselling, beloved mystery series.
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.95

Cross Her Heart
Pinborough, Sarah
Lisa lives a very quiet life. A single mother nearing forty, she devotes herself to raising her sixteen-year-old daughter, Ava. Wary of men, Lisa doesn’t speak of her past, or Ava’s absent father. Her best friend Marilyn wishes she would open up more and, maybe, finally go on a date – with the sexy new client who’s obviously keen – but Marilyn has problems of her own. Ava is getting tired of her overprotective mother. She wants to live like a normal teenager – chill with friends, go to swim practice, study for exams, have a boyfriend. Her mom would freak if she knew that Ava’s already got someone special, someone who makes her feel sophisticated – and wanted. Lisa has spent a long time looking over her shoulder, but lately she’s been especially uneasy. Small things from the past have begun to appear in the present, feeding her anxiety. As her life begins to unravel, Lisa knows that the only way she can protect herself and her daughter is to face her fears. Yet, courage won’t be enough. She’ll need help, from the only person she can trust – Marilyn. Between them they have to save Ava, and to do that, they have to be honest with each other. Truly honest. Marilyn did promise she’d do anything to help. But a long time ago, Lisa made a promise too. Then she broke her word. And that betrayal hasn’t been forgotten – or forgiven. Now, someone is going to make her pay for her sin.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

A Passion for Haunted Fashion (Haunted Vintage mysteries 06)
Pressey, Rose
Folks say the Sugar Creek Theatre is haunted. But that doesn’t scare off Cookie Chanel, owner of Georgia’s chicest vintage clothing store, It’s Vintage Y’All – especially since Cookie talks to the ghost of her grandmother every day through her cat Wind Song. Still, after she agrees to oversee costumes for a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, she’s surprised to find the spectre of a young woman in the theatre, keeping watch over a trunk of 1950s’ dresses. And when Cookie’s best friend Heather is found standing over a stabbed actor, she has two mysteries to solve. This is not a dress rehearsal. A desperate killer is waiting in the wings. If Cookie doesn’t tread the boards lightly, it’ll be curtains for her as well…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Two Nights
Reichs, Kathy
Meet Sunday Night, a woman with physical and psychological scars, and a killer instinct… Sunnie has spent years running from her past, burying secrets and building a life in which she needs no one and feels nothing. But a girl has gone missing, lost in the chaos of a bomb explosion, and the family needs Sunnie’s help. Is the girl dead? Did someone take her? If she is out there, why doesn’t she want to be found? It’s time for Sunnie to face her own demons – because they just might lead her to the truth about what really happened, all those years ago.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

White Bodies
Robins, Jane
Felix and Tilda seem like the perfect couple: young and in love, a financier and a beautiful up-and-coming starlet. But behind their flawless facade, not everything is as it seems. Callie, Tilda’s unassuming twin, has watched her sister visibly shrink under Felix’s domineering love. She has looked on silently as Tilda stopped working, nearly stopped eating, and turned into a neat freak, with mugs wrapped in Saran Wrap and suspicious syringes hidden in the bathroom trash. She knows about Felix’s uncontrollable rages and has seen the bruises on the white skin of her sister’s arms. Worried about the psychological hold that Felix seems to have over Tilda, Callie joins an Internet support group for victims of abuse and their friends. However, things spiral out of control, and she starts to doubt her own judgment when one of her new acquaintances is killed by an abusive man. And then, suddenly, Felix dies – or was he murdered?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Golden Prey (Prey series)
Sandford, John
Thanks to some very influential people whose lives he saved, Lucas is no longer working for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, but for the US Marshals Service, and with unusual scope. He gets to pick his own cases, whatever they are, wherever they lead him. And where they’ve led him this time is into real trouble. A Biloxi, Mississippi, drug-cartel counting house gets robbed, and suitcases full of cash disappear, leaving behind five bodies, including that of a six-year-old girl. Davenport takes the case, which quickly spirals out of control, as cartel assassins, including a torturer known as the ‘Queen of home-improvement tools’ compete with Davenport, to find the Dixie Hicks shooters who knocked over the counting house. Things get ugly real fast, and neither the cartel killers nor the holdup men give a damn about whose lives Davenport might have saved; to them, he’s just another large target.
Thriller | PBK | $22.95

Twisted Prey (Prey series)
Sandford, John
Lucas Davenport had crossed paths with her, before. A rich psychopath, Taryn Grant had run successfully for the US Senate – where Lucas had predicted she’d fit right in. He was also convinced that she’d been responsible for three murders, though he’d never been able to prove it. Once a psychopath had gotten that kind of rush, though, he or she often needed another fix, so he figured he might be seeing her again. He was right. A federal marshal now, with a very wide scope of investigation, he’s heard rumours that Grant has found her seat on the Senate intelligence committee, and the contacts she’s made from it, to be very… useful. Pinning those rumours down was likely to be just as difficult as before, and considerably more dangerous. But they had unfinished business, he and Grant. One way or the other, he was going to see it through to the end.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

What Falls Between the Cracks (Porter & Styles series)
Scragg, Robert
When a severed hand is found in an abandoned flat, Detective Jake Porter and his partner Nick Styles are able to DNA match the limb to the owner, Natasha Barclay, who has not been seen in decades. But why has no one been looking for her? Delving into the details behind her disappearance and discovering links to another investigation, a tragic family history begins to take on a darker twist. Hampered by a widespread fear of a local heavy, as well as internal politics and possible corruption within the force, Porter and Styles are digging for answers, but will what they find ever see the light of day? The first in a series.
Mystery | TP | $27.99

Only Skein Deep (Knitting mysteries 15)
Sefton, Maggie
Kelly Flynn and her boyfriend, Steve, are expecting and couldn’t be happier. Kelly’s got the knitting group working away on blankets and booties, and the story of Giselle Callahan is a popular topic of conversation. Giselle is the young wife of Henry Callahan, a Fort Connor banking scion – who traded in his previous wife of 40 years for a newer model. When Giselle is found dead on the greens at the golf club, Kelly and her Lambspun crew worry that a vicious killer is in their midst. They must work fast to bring an unhinged murderer to justice on the back nine, before Kelly’s very special delivery.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Last Hour
Sidebottom, Harry
A lone figure stands silhouetted atop the Mausoleum of Hadrian. Behind him, the sun is setting over the centre of the known world. Far below, the river is in full flood; the City of Rome lies spread out before him on the far bank. Footsteps pound up the stairs. He’s been set up. An enemy is closing in; he is cornered. He jumps. Bruised and battered, he crawls out of the raging river. As the day dies, he realises he has only 24 hours to expose the conspirators and save the leader of the world. If the Emperor dies, chaos and violence will ensue. If the Emperor dies, every single person he loves will die. He must run, bluff, hide and fight his way across the Seven Hills. He must reach the Colosseum, and the Emperor. He must make it to the Last Hour.
Historical thriller | TP | $29.99

The Reckoning (Children’s House series)
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
In 2016, the following people are going to die: K, S, BT, JJ, OV and I. Nobody will miss them. Least of all me. I can’t wait. This is the chilling message found in a school’s time capsule, ten years after it was buried. But surely, if a thirteen-year-old wrote it, it can’t be a real threat… The discovery of the letter coincides with a string of macabre events: body parts found in a garden, followed by the murder of the man who owned the house. His initials are BT… and, now, time is running out to identify the writer, the victims and the killer, before further deaths come. A sequel to The Legacy (PBK, $19.99) from the queen of Icelandic noir.
Noir | TP | $29.99

Grounds for Remorse (Tallie Graver mysteries 02)
Simon, Misty
Best friends Tallie Graver and Gina Laudermilch both seem to spend a lot of time around urns. For Tallie, they’re part and parcel of the family business: Graver’s Funeral Home. Even though she’s traded ashes for dusting, with her own cleaning business, she still works, part time, for her folks and lives above the funeral parlour. For Gina, they’re the vessels that contain her heavenly brew at her coffee shop, Bean There, Done That. And both women are learning that owning a business can make finding time, for romance, challenging. But when Gina’s new beau turns out to have a wife, who barges into the coffee shop to take him home, she can’t contain her bitterness and loudly threatens to poison his cup, or boil him in a vat of coffee. So, when Mr Wrong turns up dead at the bottom of a staircase, inside Gina’s locked home… she finds herself at the top of the police’s suspect list. Tallie needs to sweep in to save her friend. But she’ll need to watch her step, or she may go from being a funeral home employee to becoming their next client…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The House of Unexpected Sisters
Smith, Alexander McCall
Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are approached by their part-time colleague, Mr Polopetsi, with a troubling story: A woman, accused of being rude to a valued customer, has been wrongly dismissed from her job at an office furniture store. Never one to let an act of injustice go unanswered, Mma Ramotswe begins to investigate but soon discovers unexpected information that causes her to reluctantly change her views about the case. Other surprises await our intrepid proprietress, in the course of her inquiries. Mma Ramotswe is puzzled when she happens to hear of a local nurse named Mingie Ramotswe. She thought she knew everybody by the name of Ramotswe and that they were all related. Who is this mystery lady? Then she is alerted by Mma Potokwani that an unpleasant figure from her past has recently been spotted in town. Mma Ramotswe does her best to avoid the man, but it seems that he may have returned to Botswana, specifically, to seek her out. What could he want from her?
Precious Ramotswe | PBK | $19.99

Murder with Cinnamon Scones (Daisy’s Tea Garden mysteries 02)
Smith, Karen Rose
As local merchants unite to attract tourists for a much-anticipated, weekend quilting event, one gallery owner is wrapped up in some dangerous affairs… Reese Masemer had been dating one of Daisy’s employees, Tessa, an artist; though, their last interaction was as strained as a cup of loose leaf tea. Now, Reese has been found dead near a covered bridge where Tessa’s been practicing her sketches. She’s the obvious suspect, but Daisy’s learning that there were some major secrets in Reese’s background, and several of his relationships were infused with resentment.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Guide for Murdered Children
Sparrow, Sarah
We’ve heard it said that there is no justice in this world. But what if there really was? What if the souls of murdered children were able to briefly return, inhabit adult bodies, and wreak revenge on the monstrous killers, who stole their lives? Such is the unthinkable mystery confronting ex-NYPD detective Willow Wylde, fresh out of rehab and finally able to find a job running a Cold Case squad, in suburban Detroit. When the two rookie cops assigned to him take an obsessive interest in a decades-old disappearance of a brother and sister, Willow begins to suspect something out of the ordinary is afoot. And when he uncovers a series of church-basement, AA-type meetings made up of the slain innocents, a new way of looking at life, death, murder – and missed opportunities – is revealed to him.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

A Tyranny of Petticoats: 15 Stories of Belles, Bank Robbers and Other Bad-Ass Girls
Spotswood, Jessica (editor)
Crisscross America – on dogsleds and ships, stagecoaches and trains – from pirate ships off the coast of the Carolinas to the peace, love, and protests of 1960s’ Chicago. Join fifteen of today’s most talented writers of young adult literature on a thrill ride through history with American girls charting their own course. They are monsters and mediums, bodyguards and barkeeps, screenwriters and schoolteachers, heiresses and hobos. And they all have a story to tell.
YA anthology | PBK | $18.99

The Woman Who Married a Bear (Cecil Younger Investigations)
Straley, John
Cecil Younger, local Alaskan investigator, is neither good at his job nor at staying sober. When an old Tlingit woman hires him to discover why her son, a big game guide, was murdered, he takes the case without much conviction that he’ll discover anything the police missed. He really just needs the extra cash. But after someone tries to kill him, Younger finds himself traveling across Alaska to ferret out the truth in the midst of conspiracies, politics, and Tlingit mythology. High drama meets local colour as Cecil Younger works to uncover the motive and identity of the killer. The first in an excellent series.
Mystery | PBK | $22.95

The Pharmacist’s Wife
Tait, Vanessa
When Rebecca Palmer’s new husband opens a pharmacy in Victorian Edinburgh, she expects to live the life of a well-heeled gentlewoman. But her ideal turns to ashes when she discovers her husband is not what he seems. As Rebecca struggles to maintain her dignity, in the face of his infidelity and strange sexual desires, Alexander tries to pacify her so-called hysteria with a magical new chemical creation… a wonder drug, he calls heroin. Rebecca’s journey into addiction takes her further into her past, and her first, lost love, while Alexander looks on, curiously observing his wife’s descent. Meanwhile, Alexander’s desire to profit from his invention leads him down a dangerous path that blurs science, passion, and death. He soon discovers that even the most promising experiments can have unforeseen and deadly consequences…
Historical mystery | TP | $29.99

Dead Girls
Tarttelin, Abigail
Thera Emily Kathryn Wilde is 11 years, 3 months, 5 days, 17 hours, and 32 minutes old; when she’s asked by a police woman if she knows Billie Brooke. She’s always had what might politely be called a mind of her own, and she’s a firm believer in the adage that if you want something doing, then you should do it yourself. So, when it subsequently turns out that Billie has been murdered, it’s no surprise that Thera decides it’s her duty – as Billie’s official best friend, and the last person but one to see her alive – to find the killer and avenge her death.
Suspense | TP | $29.99

Perfect Match
Thorne, D B
When Solomon’s sister is found drugged and in a coma, after an online date, Solomon can’t believe this was just a terrible accident. Determined to find out what happened to his sister, and with the police unwilling to help, Solomon begins to investigate on his own. He soon uncovers a rash of similar cases of women who have been found brutally murdered or assaulted after online dates. There is a predator out there, working the streets of London, preying on young women. Solomon sets out to bring him to justice, putting him on a collision course with a deadly killer who is fiendishly clever and more twisted than anyone could possibly imagine…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Lady Killer
Togawa, Masako
Ichiro Honda leads a double life: by day, a devoted husband and a diligent worker; by night, he moves through the shadow world of Tokyo’s cabaret bars and nightclub sin search of vulnerable women to seduce and then abandon. But when a trail of bodies seems to appear in his wake, the hunter becomes the prey and Ichiro realises he has been caught in a snare. Has he left it too late to free himself, before time runs out?
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

A Cotswold Casebook (collection)
Tope, Rebecca
A brand-new collection of twelve short stories, featuring the popular characters from the Cotswold mystery novels.
Mystery collection | PBK | $19.99

Below the Clock (Detective Club series)
Turner, J V
Many highly-dramatic and historic scenes have been enacted below the clock of Big Ben, but none more sensational than on that April afternoon… when, before the eyes of a chamber crowded to capacity for the Budget Speech, the Chancellor fell headlong to the floor with a resounding crash. For the first time a murder had been committed in the House of Commons, itself – and Amos Petrie faced the toughest case of his career.
Classic mystery | HC | $19.99

Trust Me
Wand, Zosia
Who can you trust if you can’t trust yourself? Twenty-seven-year-old Lizzie has a great relationship with her teenage stepson, Sam, even though they could pass for brother and sister. When Sam becomes sullen and withdrawn, Lizzie starts to suspect that something sinister is going on at school. But no one believes her, and then suspicion falls on Lizzie, herself…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

It Begins in Betrayal (Lane Winslow mysteries)
Whishaw, Iona
Summer descends over the picturesque King’s Cove as Darling and Lane’s mutual affection blossoms. But their respite from solving crime is cut short when a British government official arrives in Nelson to compel Darling to return to England for questioning about the death of a rear gunner under his command in 1943. This terrific series, which has quickly become a customer favourite, begins with A Killer in King’s Cove (TP, $29.95).
Mystery | TP | $29.95

Live and Let Fry (Rusty Bore series)
Williams, Sue
For Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the Rusty Bore Takeaway (and definitely not an unlicensed private investigator), it’s weird enough that her neighbour Vern’s somehow acquired a lady friend. But then he asks Cass to look into the case of the dead rats someone’s dumped on Joanne’s doorstep. She’s barely started when Joanne goes missing, leaving hints of an unsavoury past. Then a private investigator from Melbourne turns up asking questions about Joanne’s involvement in a fatal house fire – and before you can say ‘unauthorised investigation’ Cass is back on the case.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

My Name Is Nathan Lucius
Winkler, Mark
How far would you go for your best friend? If she begged you to, would you kill her? Nathan Lucius, 31, is an ad salesman at a Cape Town newspaper. Disaffected, hard drinking and plagued by blackouts, Nathan lives alone and has only one true friend – a woman, named Madge. But Madge is dying slowly of cancer; and when she asks Nathan to end her pain, she sets off a shocking string of events.
Noir | PBK | $24.99

The Devil’s Caress
Wright, June
Overworked young medico Marsh Mowbray has been invited to the country home of her revered mentor, Dr Kate Waring – on the Mornington Peninsula, outside Melbourne. But it’s far from the restful weekend she was hoping for. As storms rage outside, the house on the cliff’s edge seethes with hatred and tension, and two suspicious deaths soon follow. This is a classic country house mystery with shades of Agatha Christie, but with the jagged emotional edge of Daphne du Maurier, originally published in 1952.
Classic mystery | PBK | $22.95