Crime & Mystery Catalogue: November 2017

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in November 2017.

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November 2017 includes new books by: Garry Disher, David Downing, Mick Herron, Catherine Lloyd, Jenn McKinlay, Håkan Nesser, Sara Sheridan, Amy Stewart, Ashley Weaver… and many others.

Assault and Buttery (Popcorn Shop mysteries 03)
Abbott, Kristi
Repairs are under way at Rebecca Anderson’s gourmet popcorn shop. With production of her tasty treats on hold, Rebecca has plenty of time to read the old diary she discovered hidden in the shop’s walls. It’s a fun peek into her town’s history… until the diary’s abrupt ending leaves Rebecca wondering whether she’s actually stumbled upon a cold case. Unfortunately, for Rebecca, mysteries are popping up right and left. When local busybody Lloyd McLaughlin is found dead, the police suspect he was poisoned by Rebecca’s popcorn. But Rebecca has only made one batch of popcorn recently, and it wasn’t intended for Lloyd. Nothing about Lloyd’s death makes sense – until Rebecca discovers a startling connection between the missing diary-writer and the murdered man. Now, with her reputation on the line, Rebecca must discover who’s been cooking up murder – both in the past and in the present.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

At Hell’s Gate
Abernethy, Mark
‘I deal with heavy, dangerous people. People who can bring a society undone.’ He’s a big unit. He builds houses and drives a ute. But he isn’t your typical tradie. When a client calls he downs tools and flies into the hot zone in his other guise – as an elite private intelligence contractor. In four high-octane adventures, The Contractor takes on a counter-surveillance gig, in Singapore; a jungle ambush on a bomb maker, in south-east Asia; a cannonball run against the Taliban, in Kabul; and a gun deal, on a floating armoury, in the Indian Ocean. Will Mike make it back to his BBQ and building site?
True crime | TP | $29.99

The Death of Kings (John Madden series)
Airth, Rennie
1949. An unsigned letter arrives on the desk of Chief Inspector Derry of the Canterbury police. Enclosed is a jade pendant, identical to the one that went missing from the body of Portia Blake, an actress murdered a decade previously. The case had been shut quickly at the time – the accused vagrant giving a written confession and sentenced to the gallows – but in the police’s haste to close the inquiry, the necklace was never recovered. Until now. Inspector Madden is asked to investigate the letter’s worrying claims by his old friend, and former Chief Inspector, Angus Sinclair – who fears the wrong man may have been hanged, on his watch. But with a world war separating Madden from the murder, the truth will not come easy… Rennie Airth’s John Madden series – a modern take on the Golden Age, English murder mystery – is highly recommended. If you haven’t tried them, start with River of Darkness ($19.99, PBK).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Fatal Tree
Arnott, Jake
Newgate Gaol, 1726. An anonymous writer sets down the words of Edgworth Bess, as she confides the adventures and misfortunes that led her all too soon to the judgement of London: Cruelly deceived, Bess is cast out onto the streets of the wicked city. In that dangerous underworld – known, in thieves’ cant, as Romeville – she will learn new tricks and trades. And all begins with her fateful meeting, that very first night, with the corrupt thief-taker general, Jonathan Wild. But it is the infamous gaol-breaker, Jack Sheppard, who will lay Romeville at her feet…
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Lost Daughter (Jean Brash mysteries)
Ashton, David
It’s spring and Jean Brash, Mistress of the Just Land (best bawdy-hoose in Edinburgh) is raring to go. But past, present and future collide to undermine that desire. A theatre company arrives in Leith to perform King Lear. A ruthless robbery is planned, a gruesome murder committed, both of which set Inspector James McLevy on the prowl, and Jean’s past returns in the form of bad seed from a vicious killer… Follows the first Jean Brash mystery: Mistress of Just Land (PBK, $19.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

End Game (Will Robie series)
Baldacci, David
London is on red alert. Will Robie, as the US government’s most lethal assassin, is called in to foil a terrorist attack on the London Underground. An attack serving as a test run for a much larger plot to take place on US soil. Trained to neutralise threats without leaving a trace, he’s an indispensable asset to his country. But then reports come in that his mentor, Blue Man, real name Roger Walton, has gone missing while visiting his home town in Colorado. Fearing he’s been kidnapped, Robie, and fellow agent Jessica Reel, are sent to investigate. The high-ranking CIA official holds secrets that could threaten national security if released and so only the best will do in tracking him down. This tight-knit community close to the Rocky Mountains holds many secrets and people there are more than willing to take the law into their own hands at the first sign of trouble. To them, two government agents are just that. As their investigation deepens, Robie and Reel come into contact with white supremacists and a cult that call themselves the King’s Apostles. But is either group implicated in the disappearance of Walton? When the truth emerges, it will test them both to their very limits…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

Bad Guys (Zack Walker series)
Barclay, Linwood
Much to his family’s relief, stay-at-home writer Zack Walker finally gets a job outside of the house. Surely, becoming a journalist will keep his overactive imagination in check… Now, in fulltime employment, Zack’s protective instincts must work overtime to keep his kids safe from dangers real and imagined. But while writing his feature article, Zack stumbles into the centre of a web of murder and deceit. What seems like a tragic accidental hit-and-run may actually be a far darker crime. And Zack will find himself in the dark about who the good guys are, what the bad guys want, and what he’s started to uncover… Follows Bad Move (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

In the Dark (Tom Thorne series)
Billingham, Mark
A rainy night in London. Shots are fired into a car which swerves on to the pavement, ploughing into a bus stop. It seems that a chilling gang initiation has cost an innocent victim their life. But the reality is far more sinister… One life is wiped out and three more are changed forever: the young man whose finger was on the trigger; an ageing gangster planning a deadly revenge, and the pregnant woman who struggles desperately to uncover the truth. Two weeks away from giving birth, how will she deal with a world where death is an occupational hazard? In a city where violence can be random or meticulously planned, where teenage gangs clash with career criminals and where loyalty is paid for in blood, anything is possible. Secrets are uncovered as fast as bodies, and the story’s final twist is as breathtakingly surprising as they come. Reissued, alongside the Tom Thorne novel, Time of Death, to tie in with BBC TV adaptions.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99 each

Full Bodied Murder (Rose Avenue Wine Club mysteries 01)
Blum, Christine E
Leaving behind a failed marriage, New Yorker Annie ‘Halsey’ Hall is ready to begin the next phase of her life, in coastal Southern California. She looks forward to joining the neighbourhood ladies for their weekly Wine Club gathering. Unfortunately, she finds nothing but red, at the Wine Club meeting – and judging by the dead woman, lying face down in the backyard, it’s not spilled merlot. Enlisting the eclectic talents of the Wine Club ladies, Halsey searches for the true criminal at large… The first in a series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Restless (Bloomsbury Modern Classics)
Boyd, William
It is 1939. Eva Delectorskaya is a beautiful 28-year-old Russian émigrée, living in Paris. As war breaks out, she is recruited for the British Secret Service by Lucas Romer, a mysterious Englishman. Since the war, Eva has carefully rebuilt her life as a typically English wife and mother. But once a spy, always a spy. Now, she must complete one final assignment, and this time Eva can’t do it alone: she needs her daughter’s help. A beautiful new paperback. Recommended.
Suspense | PBK | $17.99

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d (Flavia de Luce mysteries)
Bradley, Alan
Twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce is back at Buckshaw, at last; but her homecoming is overshadowed by news of her father’s illness. Forbidden from visiting Colonel de Luce in hospital, Flavia busies herself in the village, but she soon makes a macabre discover: the corpse of a reclusive woodcarver hanging upside down on the back of a door, in a house empty but for a curiously uncurious cat. While the local constabulary are stumped, Flavia is soon piecing together a puzzle that connects a death by murderous gulls on a desolate island, a local woman said to be a witch, and a beloved children’s author who terrified his own son – plus, of course, a certain tortoiseshell cat… The latest in this absolutely delightful and well-beloved series, which begins in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Assassin of Verona (William Shakespeare series)
Brandreth, Benet
All is not well in Venice. Threatened daily by Papal assassins, William Shakespeare and his close friends Oldcastle and Hemminges are increasingly isolated – the lies that have protected them so far beginning to wear thin. Will is tied to the city – his lover, the beautiful Isabella, is growing ever sicker. This series, reimagining the lost years of William Shakespeare, begins with The Spy of Venice (PBK, $19.99).
Historical mystery | HC | $34.99

Nightmare (Detective Club series)
Brock, Lynn
Simon Whalley is an unsuccessful novelist, who is gradually going to pieces under the strain of successive setbacks. Brooding over his troubles, and driven to despair by the cruelty of his neighbours, he decides to take his revenge, in the only way he knows how – by planning to murder them…
Classic mystery | HC | $24.99

The Thirty-Nine Steps (Pan’s 70th anniversary editions)
Buchan, John
When a strange man turns up on his doorstep, with stories of spies and assassinations, Richard Hannay is drawn into the murky world of international espionage. Four days later, the stranger is dead, and Hannay is caught up in a dramatic race to prevent a world war. Hunted across Britain by enemies unknown, he must outwit his pursuers and try to reach the site of the mysterious ‘Thirty-Nine Steps’. Set in 1914, this classic British thriller has been adapted many times for stage, television, and film.
Pan classics | PBK | $14.99

The Jealous Kind
Burke, James Lee
Beneath the glitz and superficial normality of Houston, a class war has begun. When Aaron Holland Broussard inadvertently challenges the power of the Mob, and one of the richest families in Texas, he must find the courage his father had found, as an American soldier in the Great War.
Fiction | PBK | $22.99

Of Murder and Men (Cat Latimer mysteries 03)
Cahoon, Lynn
Ever since her business partner, Shauna, fell for a wealthy landowner in town, Cat has been working double time to keep her writers’ retreat running. And with the January session almost underway, that spells trouble. As if scheduling mishaps aren’t disastrous enough, Shauna skips out on kitchen duties one morning, forcing Cat to serve unsuspecting guests store-bought muffins… But best-laid plans really go awry when Shauna discovers her beau missing from their bed. When his body later turns up in the horse barn, they quickly find out the victim’s scandalous lifestyle left many dying for revenge. While balancing an eccentric group of aspiring writers and a suspect list for the record books, Cat soon finds herself on the heels of a killer – and authoring her most deadly conclusion, yet…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha (Chocoholic mysteries 16)
Carl, Joanna
The approach of Easter means a rush of business at TenHuis Chocolade, and Lee and her Aunt Nettie need all the help they can get to make their famous chocolate bunnies. Unfortunately, new hire Bunny Birdsong is a klutzy basket case, dropping everything she picks up. But to Lee’s surprise, she’s a whiz with computers and fixing the store’s website so they decide to keep her. However, Bunny receives a few visitors they could do without: her soon to be ex-husband Beau, his wealthy aunt Abigail, and his new girlfriend and her brother all descend on the shop one day and have a bitter argument. Lee hopes they can find a peaceful way to settle their dispute and not bring any more trouble to TenHuis. But when Abigail’s body is discovered in the vacant store next door, it’s clear to Lee there’s a bad egg in her midst. Now, she’s on the hunt to find out who it is…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Eaves of Destruction (Fixer-Upper mysteries 05)
Carlisle, Kate
Shannon is in high demand among rival homeowners who will do anything to win Best in Show. One-upmanship and even espionage break out among neighbours, construction crews, decorators, and landscapers. Thanks to several new hires, Shannon is sure she can handle the extra load – until murder throws a wrench in the works. The small town’s corrupt building inspector is found dead on one of Shannon’s jobsites, and soon plenty of suspects are coming out of the woodwork. When another body is discovered, Shannon calls on her team of close friends and devilishly astute thriller writer Mac to help her nail down the details and build a case against the killer before the door shuts on someone else – for good.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Girl in the Fog
Carrisi, Donato
Anna, fifteen, has disappeared, on a cold night in a small town in the Italian mountains close to the Slovenian border. Vogel, a policeman specialising in murder cases, has two suspects: a lonely literature professor who could be connected to the crime; and a teenage boy tracked down, via Anna’s diary. The lines blur between policemen and murderer when Vogel becomes a potential suspect, in the case of Anna’s death…
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Potions and Pastries (Magical Bakery mysteries 07)
Cates, Bailey
It’s been exactly two years since Katie and her aunt and uncle opened the Honeybee Bakery, where they serve delicious – and bespelled – treats to the good people of Savannah. After a dinner celebrating the bakery’s anniversary, they all take a stroll along the waterfront and meet Aunt Lucy’s friend Orla, a colourful character who has been telling the fortunes of locals and tourists alike for years. The next day, Orla meets with what seems like a terrible accident, but Katie’s witchy intuition tells her it was something more sinister. Together with her trustworthy coven and her fire-fighter boyfriend, she’ll race to find out what happened to the unfortunate fortune-teller, before the piping hot trail goes cold…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Liar (Eddie Flynn series)
Cavanagh, Steve
Once a con artist, now a hotshot lawyer, Eddie Flynn’s learnt that fast talk and sleight of hand are just as important in the courtroom, as are they are on the street. That’s why Leonard Howell asks for Eddie’s help when his 19-year-old daughter goes missing – he needs someone willing to break the rules. But what if the whole thing was a set up, from the very beginning? With a client on trial for his life and the body count rising, the only question is which is deadlier – a man who keeps his oath, or one who breaks it?
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Hunting El Chapo: How One Man Captured the World’s Most Powerful Drug Lord
Century, Douglas & Merrell, Cole
This is the incredible story of Merrell’s seven-year-long chase to capture El Chapo, a multibillionaire drug-lord and escape-artist, posing as a Mexican Robin Hood – who, in reality, was a brutal sociopath, responsible for the murders of thousands…
True crime | TP | $32.99

Date With Malice (Dales Detective series)
Chapman, Julia
When a pensioner turns up at the Dales Detective Agency and tells Samson O’Brien that someone in her old people’s home is trying to kill her, he dismisses her fears as the ramblings of a confused elderly lady. But after several disturbing incidents at Fellside Court, he begins to wonder if perhaps there is something malicious at the heart of the retirement community, after all. With Christmas around the corner, Samson is thrown into an investigation that will require all of his detective skills. Follows the first Dales Detective mystery, Date with Death (PBK, $19.99), which was a big hit with customers.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Midnight Line (Jack Reacher series)
Child, Lee
Reacher takes a stroll through a small Wisconsin town and sees a class ring in a pawn shop window: West Point 2005. A tough year to graduate: Iraq, then Afghanistan. The ring is tiny, for a woman, and it has her initials engraved on the inside. Reacher wonders what unlucky circumstance made her give up something she earned over four hard years. He decides to find out. And find the woman. And return her ring. Why not? So begins a harrowing journey that takes Reacher through the upper Midwest, from a lowlife bar on the sad side of small town to a dirt-blown crossroads in the middle of nowhere, encountering bikers, cops, crooks, muscle, and a missing persons’ PI who wears a suit and a tie in the Wyoming wilderness. The deeper Reacher digs, and the more he learns, the more dangerous the terrain becomes. Turns out, the ring was just a small link in a far darker chain. Powerful forces are guarding a vast criminal enterprise. Some lines should never be crossed. But then, neither should Reacher.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Book of Mirrors
Chirovici, E O
When big-shot literary agent Peter Katz receives an unfinished manuscript entitled The Book of Mirrors, he is intrigued. The author, Richard Flynn, is writing a memoir about his time at Princeton in the late 80s, documenting his relationship with the famous Professor Joseph Wieder. One night in 1987, Wieder was brutally murdered in his home, and the case was never solved… ‘Intelligent and sophisticated – a crime story told the way Picasso painted pictures. Highly recommended.’ – Lee Child.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Murder on the Orient Express (Poirot series)
Christie, Agatha
Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer – in case he or she decides to strike again. Agatha Christie’s most famous murder mystery, reissued with a new cover to tie in with the hugely-anticipated 2017 film adaptation. A gorgeous little hardcover edition is also available now.
Mystery | PBK/HC | $19.99/$29.99

Cole, Daniel
A body is discovered with the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together like a puppet, nicknamed by the press as the ‘ragdoll’. Assigned to the shocking case are Detective William ‘Wolf’ Fawkes, recently reinstated to the London Met, and his former partner Detective Emily Baxter. The ‘Ragdoll Killer’ taunts the police by releasing a list of names to the media, and the dates on which he intends to murder them. With six people to save, can Fawkes and Baxter catch a killer, when the world is watching their every move? The first in a series – this is 2017’s breakout debut.
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

Where It Hurts (Gus Murphy series)
Coleman, Reed Farrel
Gus had everything a man could want: a great marriage, two kids, a nice house, and the rest of his life ahead of him. But during a single deadly moment, his family is blown apart, and he is transformed from a man who believes he understands everything, into a man who understands nothing. But his comfortable waking trance comes to an end, when ex-con Tommy Delcamino asks him for help. Four months earlier, the battered body of Tommy’s son TJ was discovered in a wooded lot, yet the Suffolk County PD doesn’t seem interested in pursuing the killers. It’s a dangerous favour Gus has taken on, as he claws his way back to take a place among the living, while searching through the sewers for a killer. The first in a new series.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Two Kinds of Truth (Bosch series)
Connelly, Michael
Harry Bosch is back as a volunteer, working cold cases for the San Fernando police; and is called out to a local drug store where a young pharmacist has been murdered. Bosch and the town’s three-person detective squad sift through the clues, which lead into the dangerous, big business world of prescription drug abuse. Meanwhile, an old case from Bosch’s LAPD days comes back to haunt him when a long-imprisoned killer claims Harry framed him, and seems to have new evidence to prove it. Bosch left the LAPD on bad terms, so his former colleagues aren’t keen to protect his reputation. He must fend for himself in clearing his name and keeping a clever killer in prison. The two unrelated cases wind around each other like strands of barbed wire. Along the way Bosch discovers that there are two kinds of truth: the kind that sets you free and the kind that leaves you buried in darkness.
Mystery/thriller | TP | $32.99

A Late Frost (Orchard mysteries 11)
Connolly, Sheila
The usually quiet town of Granford, Massachusetts is even drowsier during the colder months. But this year it’s in for a jolt when Monica Whitman moves into town. She’s a dynamo who wants to make friends fast in her new home, and she throws herself into community activities. Meg Corey – now Chapin, after her marriage to Seth Chapin – is intrigued by the new arrival, who has already sold the town board on a new, fun way to bring in visitors during the off season: WinterFare, which will feature local foods (such as Meg’s apples) and crafts, as well as entertainment. Tragically, Monica falls ill and dies after the event in what looks like a case of food poisoning. When all the food served at WinterFare has been tested, including Meg’s apples, it becomes clear that there’s a more sinister explanation to the older woman’s sudden demise. Meg’s investigation uncovers a bushel of potential suspects, one of whom is rotten to the core.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Fools and Mortals
Cornwell, Bernard
Young Richard Shakespeare is an actor, struggling to make his way in a company dominated by his estranged older brother, William. As the growth of theatre blooms, their rivalry – and that of the playhouses, playwrights and actors vying for acclaim and glory – propels a high-stakes story of conflict and betrayal.
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

Frequent Hearses (Gervase Fen series)
Crispin, Edmund
The young actress, Gloria Scott, drowns after throwing herself off Waterloo Bridge. The news sends shockwaves around her film studio – where Gervase Fen, Oxford Don and amateur criminologist, just so happens to be working. With help from friend, the Inspector Humbleby, the tragic loss of young life leads them to many more dark places. Young Ms Scott’s apartment has been searched, and all signs of her real identity have been removed, and what’s more, minutes before Humbleby interrogates her co-workers, one of them, a lecherous cameraman, is poisoned.
Classic mystery | PBK | $16.99

The Glimpses of the Moon (Gervase Fen series)
Crispin, Edmund
When a decapitated head is seen floating down the river in the Devon village of Aller, the rural calm is shattered. Soon the corpses are multiplying, and the entire community is involved in the hunt for the murderer. Whilst many chase false trails, it is left to Gervase Fen, Oxford don and amateur criminologist, to uncover the sordid truth.
Classic mystery | PBK | $16.99

Garden of Lamentations (Duncan Kincaid & Gemma Jones series)
Crombie, Deborah
On a beautiful spring morning in mid-May, in one of Notting Hill’s private gardens, the pretty young woman in the white dress looks, to passers by, as if she’s sleeping. But Reagan Keating has been murdered, and lead detective, DI Kerry Boatman, turns to Detective Investigator, Gemma James for help, as Gemma has a personal connection to the case. It seems Reagan was the nanny of a child who attends the same dance studio as Toby, Gemma and Kincaid’s son. Gemma soon discovers that Reagan’s death is not the first tragedy in this idyllic London spot; a few months before, a young boy died in a tragic accident. When still another violent end befalls a third garden resident, it’s clear that Boatman and Gemma must stop the killer before another innocent life is taken. Meanwhile, Kincaid finds himself haunted by disturbing connections between past events and several previous – and seemingly unrelated – cases that involved members of Scotland Yard, that the crimes are linked. Are his family and friends in mortal danger as well? When a Metropolitan Police officer close to him is brutally attacked, Kincaid’s hunch turns to certainty that there’s a traitor in the ranks. Kincaid now fears he can’t trust anyone.
Mystery | TP | $29.95

Typhoon Fury (Oregon Files series)
Cussler, Clive
Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon sail into a perfect storm of danger, when they try to stop a new world war.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Not A Creature Was Purring (Paws & Claws mysteries 05)
Davis, Krista
Inspired by her German heritage, Holly’s grandmother has arranged for Wagtail to have a Christkindl Market packed with goodies and decorations for the howliday tourists. But Holly’s mood takes an unseasonable turn when she learns that her old flame and childhood friend, Holmes Richardson, has brought his fiancée home – and she’ll be staying at the Sugar Maple Inn… A love triangle becomes the last thing on Holly’s mind, when her Jack Russell Trixie’s nose for trouble leads her to the corpse of a pet clothing tycoon. Now, Holly and her dedicated detectives – Trixie and Twinkletoes the cat – must sniff out the killer to keep Christmas from going to the dogs…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Cold Case in Amsterdam Central (Lotte Meerman series)
De Jager, Anja
Having been shot in the shoulder in the line of duty, Dutch police detective Lotte Meerman returns to work after four months of painful recovery – yet, not all her colleagues are happy to see her. But department politics take a backseat, when Lotte is called to investigate a worker’s fall from the roof on a building site in the centre of Amsterdam. Frank Stapel’s tragic accident becomes suspicious when Tessa, his widow, discovers human bones in her husband’s left-luggage locker at Amsterdam Central. To Lotte, this changes the course of her investigation from fatal accident to potential murder. When forensics discover the skeleton dates back to the Second World War, the rest of the team are convinced that Lotte is wasting everybody’s time by insisting this somehow ties in with the Frank’s death, but then it is discovered that some of the bones are less than a decade old… and although vindicated for pursuing the cold case, Lotte finds that the investigation takes a dark and sinister turn, linking an old war crime to events in the much more recent past. The second Lotte Meerman procedural, following A Cold Death in Amsterdam (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Sharp Edge
Delacourt, Marianne
Dead bodies, a complicated love life, a conflict between the local drug cartels, and a favour owed to the local bikies have Tara scrambling to stay ahead of the game. Just another Tuesday for Tara Sharp.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Hark the Herald Angels Slay (Year-Round Christmas mysteries 03)
Delany, Vicki
The town of Rudolph, New York, has the Christmas spirit all year long – but when homicide heats up a summer holiday, it’s up to shop owner Merry Wilkinson to wrap up the case. In Rudolph, Christmas in July heralds Santa’s arrival by boat to begin his summer vacation at the lake, and Merry Wilkinson, owner of Mrs Claus’s Treasures, is looking forward to a busy weekend. But she’s caught off guard when her ex-fiancé, Max Folger, unexpectedly arrives with a team from a lifestyle magazine wanting to do a feature on the July festivities. It’s clear that Max’s visit has less to do with business and more to do with winning back Merry’s heart. Merry has too much on her plate to deal with an old flame, but when Max is found strangled to death in Mrs Claus’s Treasures, she must find out who wanted him dead – and stop a killer from ruining the summer holiday cheer.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Under the Cold Bright Lights
Disher, Garry
The young detectives call Alan Auhl a re-tread, but that doesn’t faze him. He does things his own way – and gets results. He still lives with his ex-wife, off and on, in a big house full of random boarders and hard-luck stories. And he’s still a cop, even though he retired from Homicide, some years ago. He works cold cases, now. Auhl will stick with these cases, until justice is done. One way or another. Auhl is a brilliantly ambivalent character – recommended.
Mystery/thriller | TP | $29.99

One Man’s Flag (Jack McColl series)
Downing, David
Jack McColl is stationed in India, charged with defending the Empire against Bengali terrorists and their German allies. Belgium, he finds, is not the only country seeking to expel an invader. In England, meanwhile, suffragette journalist Caitlin Hanley begins the business of rebuilding her life after the execution of her brother an IRA sympathiser whose terrorist plot was foiled by Caitlin’s own ex-lover, the very same Jack McColl… Jack McColl first appears in the excellent Jack of Spies ($19.99).
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Lost World (Pan’s 70th anniversary editions)
Doyle, Arthur Conan
A girl on a train finds herself in a terrifying situation – when her travelling companion vanishes suddenly from their compartment, while she is sleeping. Every other passenger aboard insists that the woman doesn’t exist – that she was never there, at all. But as the train rattles on through Europe, it becomes increasingly clear that something very sinister is at work. Originally published as The Wheel Spins, this gripping psychological suspense novel was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s famous 1938 thriller, starring Margaret Lockwood and Michael Redgrave.
Pan classics | PBK | $14.99

The Judge and His Hangman
Durrenmatt, Friedrich
Inspector Barlach forgoes the arrest of a murderer in order to manipulate him into killing another, more elusive criminal. This is a thriller that brings existential philosophy and the detective genre into dazzling convergence.
Thriller | PBK | $9.99

Ditched 4 Murder (Sophie Kimball mysteries 02)
Eaton, J C
Sophie ‘Phee’ Kimball is much closer to her mother’s retirement community, now that she’s moved, from Minnesota to Arizona – which can drive her a little crazy. At least, her mom, Harriet, has her book club and her chiweenie dog, Streetman, to keep her company. And, now, there’s even more activity, with Aunt Ina’s upcoming wedding. The seventy-four-year-old bride has roped Phee into working on the tent, the pastries, and even her headpiece, in preparation for the ceremony. But it’s Harriet, who really gets demanding when a dead body turns up, yards from her front door…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Whispers of Warning (Change of Fortune mysteries 02)
Estevao, Jessica
Ruby Proulx feels a sense of purpose, as she helps her Aunt Honoria keep her business afloat, by acting as a psychic medium for metaphysically-inclined guests. When one of the guests, renowned Spiritualist and outspoken suffragist, Sophronia Foster Eldridge checks into the hotel for a month-long stay, a dangerous act of sabotage is carried out, and a body is found floating in the pool of a local bathhouse. Ruby takes it upon herself to find answers – and, in the process, learns that her new friend has been hiding some deadly secrets, of her own…
Historical mystery | TP | $24.99

Hardcore Twenty-Four
Evanovich, Janet
Headless bodies have started appearing across town in Trenton, New Jersey. At first, it’s just corpses from a funeral home and the morgue that have had the heads removed. Then a homeless man is murdered and dumped behind a church. Stephanie Plum knows that she’s the only one with a prayer of catching this killer. If that’s not enough, Diesel’s back in town. The six-foot-tall, blond-haired hunk accepts no limits – that includes locked doors, closed windows and underwear. Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, isn’t pleased at his arrival, nor is Ranger, the high-powered security consultant with his own plans for Stephanie. Jersey’s favourite bounty hunter is stuck in the middle… with more questions than answers. Who is behind the startling epidemic of mutilated corpses? And is the enigmatic Diesel’s sudden appearance a coincidence or the cause of recent deadly events?
Stephanie Plum | TP | $29.99

Shadows (Lucy Clayburn series)
Finch, Paul
As a female cop walking the mean streets of Manchester, life can be tough for PC Lucy Clayburn. But when one of the North West’s toughest gangsters is your father, things can be particularly difficult. When it transpires that the targets of a spate of murder-robberies are Manchester’s criminal underworld, attitudes change. Lucy is soon faced with one of the toughest cases of her life… Follows Strangers (PBK, $19.99), the first of the Lucy Clayburn novels.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

Sweet Little Lies
Frear, Caz
What I thought I knew: In 1998, Maryanne Doyle disappeared and Dad knew something about it? Maryanne Doyle was never seen again. What I actually know: In 1998, Dad lied about knowing Maryanne Doyle. Alice Lapaine has been found strangled, near Dad’s pub. Dad was in the local area, for both Maryanne Doyle’s disappearance and Alice Lapaine’s murder – Fact. Connection?
Suspense | TP | $29.99

The Cuckoo’s Calling (Cormoran Strike series)
Galbraith, Robert
When a troubled model falls to her death from a snow-covered Mayfair balcony, it is assumed that she has committed suicide. However, her brother has his doubts, and calls in private investigator Cormoran Strike to look into the case. Strike is a war veteran – wounded both physically and psychologically – and his life is in disarray. The case gives him a financial lifeline, but it comes at a personal cost: the more he delves into the young model’s complex world, the darker things get – and the closer he gets to terrible danger. Cormoran Strike is one of the most engaging private detectives in recent years, and this is one of the best debuts in years. Absolutely wonderful. Now reissued, to tie in with the recent BBC series: Strike.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Silkworm (Cormoran Strike series)
Galbraith, Robert
When novelist Owen Quine goes missing, his wife calls in private detective Cormoran Strike. At first, she just thinks he has gone off, by himself, for a few days – as he has done before – and she wants Strike to find him and bring him home. Now reissued, to tie in with the recent BBC series: Strike.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Turn On the Heat
Gardner, Erle Stanley
Hired by a mysterious ‘Mr Smith’, to find a woman who vanished 21 years earlier, Donald Lam finds himself facing a sadistic cop, a desperate showgirl, a duplicitous client, and one very dogged (and beautiful) newspaper reporter – while Bertha Cool’s attempts to cut herself in on this lucrative opportunity land them both hip-deep in murder… First published in 1940, this reissue is latest from Hard Case Crime.
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.95

Ultimatum (Luke Carlton series)
Gardner, Frank
Deep within a cave system at Parchin, an Iranian military complex 30 kilometres south-east of Tehran, and hidden from the prying eyes of Western surveillance satellites, scientists are hard at work on a secret device. They are acting on the orders of a renegade group within the hardline Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, dismayed at their government’s recent overtures to the West. Their work contravenes the international nuclear pact, and aims to propel Iran into the elite club of nuclear-armed nations, provoking chaos in the Middle East and threatening the West’s oil supplies. Britain’s MI6 Secret Intelligence Service know something is up – they have an agent in deep cover, inside the programme. But to hand over his information, face to face, he needs to get out of Iran by crossing the border into Armenia. And, so, Luke Carlton, now a fully-fledged SIS officer, heads to a remote Armenian monastery to debrief him. But the mission goes bloodily wrong. Luke has to be extracted, leaving two dead bodies behind him. Then an opportunity to recruit someone with close personal access to the leader of the IRGC hardliners arises – and Luke, eager to redeem himself, is chosen to bring her in. Going into Iran undercover is dangerous enough, but the nightmare begins when a senior British government minister on an official visit is kidnapped, his close protection officer killed and Britain presented with a terrifying ultimatum. It seems the Iranian hardliners have the upper hand, unless Luke Carlton – on the ground, on his own and unsure who he can trust – can turn the tables. And he’s got less than 48 hours in which to do it… A sequel to superb Crisis (PBK, $19.99).
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Right Behind You (FBI Profiler series)
Gardner, Lisa
Thirteen-year-old Sharlah Nash knows that the first time her brother killed, eight years ago, he did it to save their lives. Now, retired FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his wife, Rainie Connor, have offered Sharlah a new life of safety. She desperately wants to believe this is her shot at happily ever after. Then two people are murdered in their local convenience store, and Sharlah’s brother is identified as the killer. Telly Ray Nash is on the hunt for Sharlah; and, as the death count rises, it becomes clear that nothing and no one, including Pierce and Rainie, will stop him getting to her. Now, Sharlah has one chance to take control. She can run for her life… or turn and face the danger right behind her.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Glamorous Dead
Gates, Suzanne
The chipped pink nail polish is a dead giveaway – no pun intended. When a human thumb is discovered near a Hollywood nightclub, it doesn’t take long for the police to identify its owner. Miss Penny Harp would recognise that pink anywhere: it belongs to her best friend, Rosemary. And so does the rest of the body buried beneath it. Rosemary, with the beauty and talent, who stood out from all other extras on the Paramount lot. She was the one whose name was destined for a movie marquee – not for the obituaries. And, for an extra twist, now an LAPD detective thinks Penny is the one who killed her… Penny is determined to prove her innocence – with a little help from an unlikely ally, the world-famous queen of film noir, Barbara Stanwyck. Penny met ‘Stany’ on the set of Paramount’s classic comedy The Lady Eve, where the star took an instant liking to her. With Stany’s powerful connections and no-nonsense style, she has no trouble following clues out of the studio back lot, from the Los Angeles morgue to the Zanzibar Room to the dark, winding streets of Beverly Hills. But there’s something Penny isn’t telling her famous partner in crime solving: a not-so-glamorous secret that could lead them to Rosemary’s killer – or send Penny to the electric chair…
Mystery | TP | $24.99

Good as Gone
Gentry, Amy
Eight years ago, thirteen-year-old Julie Whitaker was kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night. Her family have papered over the cracks of their grief, ever since – while hoping against hope that Julie is still alive. And then, one night, the doorbell rings.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Still Dark (Lorimer & Brightman series)
Gray, Alex
New Year’s Eve should be a time for celebrating. A chance to spend time with loved ones and look forward to the year ahead. For DSI William Lorimer, however, this New Year’s Eve will be one that he will never forget. Called to a house after gunshots are reported, the carnage he finds there will have a powerful impact on his life – leaving him questioning his future with Police Scotland. Meanwhile, the man who eluded police capture during Lorimer’s last investigation – the Quiet Release case involving the euthanasia of vulnerable patients – is back, and this time he’s aligned with a powerful gangster from Glasgow’s underworld. As Lorimer struggles to return to duty – and stop this mystery killer, once and for all – he discovers that there are forces high up, within Police Scotland, that are protecting the gangster that holds the key to finding the man they are looking for. Can Lorimer and his team get a killer off the streets for good, before more innocent people die?
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Vanishing Box (Stephens & Mephisto series)
Griffiths, Elly
Christmas 1953. Max Mephisto and his daughter Ruby are headlining Brighton Hippodrome, an achievement only slightly marred by the less-than-savoury support act: a tableau show of naked ‘living statues’. This might appear to have nothing in common with DI Edgar Stephens’ investigation into the death of a quiet flower seller, but if there’s one thing the old comrades have learned it’s that, in Brighton, the line between art and life – and death – is all too easily blurred…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Freefall (John Wallace series)
Hamdy, Adam
An assassination attempt makes Wallace realise that he has, once again, been targeted for death. This time, Wallace is prepared and, tracking down his would-be assassin, he discovers a link to his nemesis, Pendulum. The link is the missing piece of a puzzle that has tormented FBI Agent Christine Ash, ever since they confronted Pendulum; but with no Bureau support, she has been unable to progress her case… John Wallace’s first appearance, Pendulum, is available in its paperback edition ($19.99).
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Deadlier: 100 of the Best Crime Stories Written by Women (anthology)
Hannah, Sophie (Editor)
One hundred of the best crime stories written by women, selected and introduced by Sophie Hannah. From Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier, to Val McDermid and Margaret Atwood, women writers have long been drawn to criminal acts. Deadlier includes prize-winners, bestsellers and rising stars, so whether you take your crime cosy, or hardboiled… this big, beautiful anthology will keep you reading, long into the night.
Mystery anthology | HC | $44.99

Spook Street (Slough House series)
Herron, Mick
Twenty years retired, David Cartwright can still spot when the stoats are on his trail. Jackson Lamb worked with Cartwright, back in the day. He knows better than most that this is no vulnerable old man. ‘Nasty old spook with blood on his hands’ would be a more accurate description. ‘The old bastard’ has raised his grandson with a head full of guts and glory. But far from joining the myths and legends of Spook Street, River Cartwright is consigned to Lamb’s team of pen-pushing no-hopers, at Slough House. So, it’s Lamb they call to identify the body, when Cartwright’s panic button raises the alarm at Service HQ. And Lamb who will do whatever he thinks necessary, to protect an agent in peril… ‘Mick Herron is an incredible writer and if you haven’t read him yet, you need to.’ – Mark Billingham. This fantastic series begins with Slow Horses (PBK, $19.99). Ron highly recommends – a slow burner but fantastic!
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Sleep Baby Sleep (Pieter Vos series)
Hewson, David
Annie Schrijver is just twenty-two-years-old. She works in the picturesque Albert Cuyp flower market where her father has a stall. Brimming with personality, she’s always been popular with the customers. But then she goes missing, only to be found barely alive, tied to a stone angel in a graveyard, surrounded by a ring of fire. Her body contains traces of a drug which connect the police to a previous case: the Sleeping Beauty murders. But Annie seems to have been the lucky one, as a body is found nearby, freshly tattooed with three words: Sleep Baby Sleep. It is summer, and Amsterdam is full of tourists drunk, or high, on all that it has to offer. The drum of music from a makeshift DJ booth near the zoo is deafening, and empty frites cones and beer cans litter the streets. But the atmosphere has sinister undercurrents, as a killer is at work in a city where crime pays and tensions run high.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Snowdrift and Other Stories
Heyer, Georgette
Affairs of honour between bucks and blades, rakes and rascals; affairs of the heart between heirs and orphans, beauties and bachelors; romance, intrigue, escapades and duels at dawn. All the gallantry, villainy and elegance of the age that Georgette Heyer has so triumphantly made her own are exquisitely revived in these wonderfully romantic stories of the Regency period. Includes three, new, recently-discovered short stories.
Short fiction collection | PBK | $19.99

The Exiled (Anna Fekete series)
Hiekkapelto, Kati
Anna Fekete returns to the Balkan village of her birth for a relaxing summer holiday. But when her purse is stolen, and the thief is found dead on the banks of the river, Anna is pulled into a murder case. Her investigation leads straight to her own family, to closely guarded secrets concealing a horrendous travesty of justice that threatens them all…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Etched In Tears (Webb’s Glass Shop mysteries 04)
Hollon, Cheryl
Celebrated glass artist Dennis Lansing is returning to St Petersburg, Florida, for an exhibit at the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum. His unique style of embedding document images in his art is at the vanguard of contemporary glasswork. But as Savannah’s first boyfriend and a former apprentice to her father, Dennis’s return home has her reflecting on the past – a trip down memory lane that takes a dark turn… Dennis is found murdered at the museum, with an old reference letter from her father in his pocket. A search through her father’s records sheds new light on Dennis’s history, but it seems his present life wasn’t so transparent, either. Now, with a gallery of suspects to consider, it’s up to Savannah to figure out who fits the mould of a murderer.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Fatal Collection (Keepsake Cove mysteries 01)
Hughes, Mary Ellen
Callie Reed pays a long overdue visit to her aunt, Melodie, at her fairy-tale cottage in quaint Keepsake Cove. Just as they’re beginning to reconnect, Callie discovers her aunt’s body on the floor of the music box shop she owns. Grief-stricken, Callie finds she can’t accept Melodie’s death being ruled accidental… Signs seem to come from her late aunt, through a favourite music box, urging Callie on. The first in a new series.
Mystery | TP | $29.95

Hope to Die (DS Nathan Cody series)
Jackson, David
On a bitterly cold winter’s night, Liverpool is left stunned by a brutal murder in the grounds of the city’s Anglican Cathedral. DS Nathan Cody is quickly stumped by the case. Wherever he digs, the victim seems to be almost angelic – no one has a bad word to say, let alone a motive for such a violent murder. And Cody has other things on his mind too. The ghosts of his past are coming ever closer… The second in Jackson’s Nathan Cody series, following A Tapping at My Door (PBK, $19.99).
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales
James, P D
P D James was often commissioned by newspapers and magazines to write a special short story for Christmas. The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories contained four of these stories and this companion volume contains a further six, recorded here together for the first time.
Mystery collection | HC | $24.99

Need You Dead (Roy Grace series)
James, Peter
Lorna Belling, desperate to escape the marriage from hell, falls for the charms of another man who promises her the earth. But, as Lorna finds, life seldom follows the plans you’ve made. A chance photograph on a client’s mobile phone changes everything for her. When the body of a woman is found in a bath in Brighton, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is called to the scene. At first it looks an open and shut case with a clear prime suspect. Then other scenarios begin to present themselves, each of them tantalisingly plausible, until, in a sudden turn of events, and to his utter disbelief, the case turns more sinister than Grace could ever have imagined.
Mystery | PBK | $17.99

Game Over (Bob Skinner series)
Jardine, Quintin
When supermodel Annette Bordeaux is found battered and strangled in her Edinburgh flat, former Chief Constable Bob Skinner’s old team instantly have a global case on their hands. The victim’s husband, world-renowned footballer and recent Merrytown FC signing, is quickly discounted as a suspect. But there are others in the club with less watertight alibis… Two years out of the game, Skinner can’t help getting his hands dirty. And as his old team work to convict the prime suspect, his own daughter, Alex, is the lawyer tasked with leading the defence. The opposing sides must work to find the culprit while the press watch on. But in this game, no one can be trusted, and there are murkier deeds still to uncover before the final whistle blows…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Killing Season
Kellerman, Faye
Three years ago, fifteen-year-old Ellen Vicksburg went missing in the quiet town of River Remez, New Mexico. On the first anniversary of her death, her brother Ben found her body in a shallow grave by the river’s edge. The police believe she was the victim of a known psychopath. But Ben continues to pore over the evidence. In his sister’s files, they see patterns that don’t fit – tiny threads that link Ellen’s case to similar unsolved murders…
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon
King, Laurie R & Klinger, Leslie S (editors)
The third of the King & Klinger-curated anthologies. To the editors’ great delight, these stories go in many directions. Some explore the spirit of Holmes himself; others tell of detectives themselves inspired by Holmes’s adventures or methods. A young boy becomes a detective; a young woman sharpens her investigative skills; an aging actress and a housemaid each find that they have unexpected talents. Other characters from the Holmes stories are explored, and even non-Holmesian tales by Conan Doyle are echoed. The variations are endless!
Sherlockiana | TP | $29.95

Shadow Man
Kirk, Margaret
The body of the queen of daytime TV, Morven Murray, is discovered by her sister, Anna, on the morning of her wedding day. But does Anna know more about the murder than she’s letting on? Police informant Kevin Ramsay’s murder looks like a gangland-style execution. But what could he have stumbled into that was dangerous enough to get him violently killed? Ex-Met Detective Inspector Lukas Mahler has only a couple of weeks to solve both cases, while dealing with his mother’s fragile mental health… A gripping Scottish crime thriller from the winner of the 2016 Good Housekeeping Novel Writing competition.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Darkness Within (Faro & McQuinn series)
Knight, Alanna
It is 1906 and the Faro family gather in Orkney, after the sudden death of Inspector Faro’s son-in-law Erland Yesnaby. The family try to support grieving widow Emily, but after witnessing strange behaviour from the royal yacht, the Victoria and Albert III – and, when a body of one of its passengers washes up on the shore – both Inspector Faro and his investigator daughter, Rose McQuinn, struggle to resist the mystery of the Scottish coastline. When the ever-loyal gardener Sven starts acting strangely, and a shocking truth about him is uncovered, Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn realise that the lives of more than one member of their family might be in danger. And with time running out, will these two renowned detectives be able to crack the case together?
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Ice Princess (Patrik Hedstrom series)
Läckberg, Camilla
Returning to her hometown after the funeral of her parents, writer Erica Falck finds a community on the brink of tragedy. The death of her childhood friend, Alex, is just the beginning. Her wrists slashed, her body frozen in an ice-cold bath… it seems like she’s taken her own life. A newly-rejacketed edition of the first in the series.
Noir | PBK | $22.99

The House
Lelic, Simon
Londoners Jack and Syd moved into the house, a year ago. It seemed like their dream home: tons of space, the perfect location, and a friendly owner who wanted a young couple to have it. So, when they made a grisly discovery in the attic, Jack and Syd chose to ignore it. But that was a mistake. Because someone has just been murdered. Right outside their back door. And, now, the police are watching them…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

Death Comes to the Fair (Kurland St Mary mysteries)
Lloyd, Catherine
As Miss Lucy Harrington, daughter of the village rector, and Major Sir Robert Kurland plan their nuptials, the major is beginning to wonder if he’ll ever hear wedding bells. He’s seen complex military campaigns that involved less strategy, and he’s finding Lucy’s meddling family maddening. When the body of Ezekiel Thurrock, the church verger, is discovered crushed by a gargoyle that has fallen from the bell tower, the wedding is delayed. But the evidence suggests this was no accident, and Lucy wonders if bad blood at the village fair had anything to do with the man’s mysterious demise, since there was much bitterness over Ezekiel’s prize-winning vegetables. As Lucy and Robert uncover long-standing village feuds, the town’s dark secrets begin to take their toll and the couple soon finds they too are in grave danger… The first in this excellent series, redolent of golden-age English mysteries, is Death Comes to the Village ($27.95).
Historical mystery | TP | $24.99

Butterfly on the Storm (Heartland trilogy)
Lucius, Walter
Journalist Farah Hafez, together with her colleague Paul Chapelle, gets caught up in an investigation that takes them all the way to Moscow, and has greater political and personal ramifications than they bargained for. New in translation, this first in a series is perfect for fans of Steig Larsson’s Millennium novels.
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

Dead Girls Dancing (Kate Maguire series)
Masterton, Graham
In the middle of winter, a fire blazes through a dance studio. Seventeen young dancers die. Their promising careers cut short by a tragic accident. But where others see tragedy, DCI Katie Maguire sees murder. This is not the first fire to sweep through Cork. And, in one recent case, the victims were dead before the fire was lit. Katie Maguire is determined to see justice done, unaware she’s about to face her most chilling killer, yet…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Better Late Than Never (Library Lover’s mysteries 07)
McKinlay, Jenn
When the Briar Creek Public Library holds its first overdue book amnesty day, the volume of incoming materials is more than Lindsey and her staff can handle. In a bind, Lindsey drafts the crafternoon ladies, to help check in and sort the stacks of books. But one tardy tome catches her attention – a copy of J D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, twenty years past due. When Lindsey looks up the borrower, she’s shocked to discover it was a murdered school teacher, named Candice Whitley, whose killer was never found. Now, Lindsey wonders if it could provide a clue to the decades-old cold case. Lindsey is determined to catch the culprit one way or another, because justice for Candice Whitley is long overdue. A cosy recommendation!
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Christmas Pudding
Mitford, Nancy
Christmas Day was organised, by Lady Bobbin, with the thoroughness and attention to detail of a general leading his army into battle. Not one moment of enjoyment was left to chance. But even Lady Bobbin, superwoman though she might be, could not prevent the day by being marked with a great deal of crossness, much overeating, and a series of startling incidents. The battle opened with the Christmas stockings…
Christmas-y | HC | $24.99

The Death Box
Morgan, Lorna Nicholl
When someone asks for assistance with a dead man, the sensible option is to walk away. But when club owner Joe Trayne meets Wendy Bond on a warm summer’s night in London, his curiosity gets the better of him. Joe accompanies Wendy into her flat off Conduit Street, only to find himself alone after she mysteriously disappears. But it’s what she leaves him with that’s most disturbing: a large box… and a body, inside it. After he flees the scene, Joe finds he can’t stop thinking about Wendy and her unfortunate guest. As he sets about tracking her down, he finds himself at the centre of not just one but several cases of murder. Can Joe solve the crime before he becomes the next victim?
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Ruler of the Night (Thomas de Quincey Investigations)
Morrell, David
In 1855, the first murder on an English train causes a wave of fear and panic. There is no escape from a killer in a closed train carriage… and yet the killer can vanish into any station and be lost in the crowd. Notorious Opium-Eater Thomas De Quincey and his irrepressible daughter, Emily, are travelling on the train where the murder takes place. As they follow the clues through the fogbound London streets, they find themselves confronting their most ruthless enemy. A sequel to Murder is a Fine Art and Inspector of the Dead (PBK, $19.99 each).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The No 2 Feline Detective Agency (Hettie Bagshot mysteries)
Morton, Mandy
As soon Hettie Bagshot launches her No 2 Feline Detective Agency, she’s bucketed into a case: Furcross, home for slightly older cats, has a nasty spate of bodysnatching, and three of the residents have been stolen from their graves. Hettie and her sidekick, Tilly, set out to reveal the terrible truth.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

The Darkest Day (Inspector Barbarotti series)
Nesser, Håkan
It’s December, in the quiet Swedish town of Kymlinge, and the Hermansson family are gathering to celebrate father Karl-Erik and eldest daughter Ebba’s joint landmark birthdays. But tensions are running high, and it’s not long before the night takes a dark and unexpected turn… Before the weekend is over, two members of the Hermansson family are missing; and it’s up to Inspector Barbarotti to determine exactly what has happened. And he soon discovers he’ll have to unravel a whole tangle of sinister family secrets, in the process… The first in a new series.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Midnight Club
Patterson, James
New York cop John ‘Stef’ Stefanovitch was left widowed and wheelchair-bound, after local crime boss ‘the Grave Dancer’ brutally shot he and his wife. Now, Stef’s looking at the Grave Dancer’s shattered body in a high-end Manhattan brothel. Before his murder, the Grave Dancer was heard speaking of the Midnight Club – a mysterious and secretive group of crime lords who are rumoured to control organised crime around the world. As more criminals turn up dead, the shadowy Midnight Club are believed to be behind the killings. But when men like that are threatened, everyone is in danger…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

The People vs Alex Cross (Alex Cross series)
Patterson, James
Alex Cross is on the wrong side of the law. Serving a suspension from the force while he awaits trial for murder, Cross has been branded as a trigger-happy cop, another bad apple walking the streets with a gun, an accusation that Cross will do anything to refute. To make himself feel useful again, Cross opens a counselling office in the basement of his home. When his former partner Sampson shows up needing his help, Cross jumps at the chance, even if it may end up costing him what’s left of his career. When a string of young, blonde women go missing, the investigation leads Cross and Sampson to the most depraved, darkest corners of the internet. Struggling to prove his own innocence and uncover the truth lurking online, Cross must risk everything to save his most at-risk patient of all… himself.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

A Christmas Message
Perry, Anne
The year is 1900, and Victor Narraway is giving his wife, Vespasia, an unforgettable Christmas present – a trip to Jerusalem. Vespasia is enchanted by the exotic landscape of Palestine, and charmed by a fellow traveller the Narraways meet at their hotel in Jaffa. But when the man is murdered over a torn piece of ancient parchment he was taking to Jerusalem, Victor and Vespasia risk their lives to finish his mission and deliver the puzzling document to its home. Pursued by a shadowy figure with evil intent, they embark on a dangerous yet ultimately enlightening pilgrimage to the holy city, where the mysterious message on the parchment may finally be revealed.
Christmas novella | PBK | $19.99

A Spot of Folly: Ten and A Quarter New Tales of Murder and Mayhem
Rendell, Ruth
These are ten (and a quarter) of Rendell’s most chillingly compelling short stories, collected here together for the first time. Atmospheric, gripping and never predictable, this is Ruth Rendell at her inimitable best; with an introduction by Sophie Hannah.
Mystery collection | HC | $29.99

Death At Breakfast (Crime Club series)
Rhode, John
Victor Harleston awoke with uncharacteristic optimism. Today, he would be rich at last. Half an hour later, he gulped down his breakfast coffee and pitched to the floor, gasping and twitching. Despite an almost complete absence of clues, the circumstances were so suspicious that Inspector Hanslet of Scotland Yard soon referred the evidence to his friend and mentor, Dr Lancelot Priestley; whose deductions revealed a diabolically ingenious murder that would require equally fiendish ingenuity to solve.
Classic mystery | PBK | $24.99

Ritter, Krysten
It has been ten years since Abby Williams left home and scrubbed away all evidence of her small-town roots. Now, working as an environmental lawyer in Chicago, she has a thriving career, a modern apartment, and her pick of meaningless one-night stands. But when a new case takes her back home to Barrens, Indiana, the life Abby painstakingly created begins to crack. Tasked with investigating Optimal Plastics, the town’s economic heart, she begins to find strange connections to a decade-old scandal involving the popular Kaycee Mitchell, and her friends – just before Kaycee disappeared for good…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers series)
Sandford, John
Virgil knows the town of Trippton, Minnesota, a little too well. A few years back, he investigated the corrupt – and as it turned out, homicidal – local school board, and now, the town’s back in view – with more alarming news: A woman’s been found dead, frozen in a block of ice. There’s a possibility that it might be connected to a high school class of twenty years ago that has a midwinter reunion coming up, and so, wrapping his coat a little tighter, Virgil begins to dig into twenty years’ worth of traumas, feuds, and bad blood. In the process, one thing becomes increasingly clear to him. It’s true what they say: High school is murder.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Operation Goodwood (Mirabelle Bevan mysteries)
Sheridan, Sara
It’s 1955. When Mirabelle Bevan is rescued from a fire at her home on the Brighton seafront, she’s lucky to escape unharmed – but the blaze takes the life of her neighbour, Dougie Beaumont, a dashing and successful racing driver living in the flat above. It soon becomes clear that this was arson, raising questions about the young man’s death that Mirabelle can’t resist investigating further. With her curiosity piqued and on the trail of a potential killer, she finds herself taking on the mysterious world of Fleet Street, with its long lunches and dodgy deals, as well as the glamorous motor racing world at Goodwood. It gradually becomes clear to Mirabelle that Dougie Beaumont’s life was not as aboveboard, as it first seemed, and that this talented man had many secrets, hidden when he was alive by his international lifestyle where he was constantly on the move. Then, when a second shocking murder takes place, Mirabelle’s pursuit is frustrated first by Dougie’s well-connected and suspicious family and then by the official investigation – led by her would-be lover, Superintendent McGregor. With the help of her colleague at McGuigan & McGuigan Debt Recovery, Vesta, and some of her ex-intelligence service connections, Mirabelle discovers the dark secrets of the glamorous racing driver have ramifications, far beyond the English coastline.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Sigurdardottir, Lilja
After a messy divorce, attractive young mother Sonia is struggling to provide for herself and keep custody of her son. With her back to the wall, she resorts to smuggling cocaine into Iceland, and finds herself caught up in a ruthless criminal world. She must pit her wits against her nemesis, Bragi, a customs officer, whose years of experience frustrate her new and evermore daring strategies. Things become even more complicated, when Sonia embarks on a relationship with a woman, Agla. Once a high-level bank executive, Agla is currently being prosecuted, in the aftermath the Icelandic financial crash.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Maigret and the Headless Corpse
Simenon, Georges
When a man’s headless body is pulled from the Canal Saint Martin, Maigret and his colleagues are puzzled. In a chance encounter at a local cafe Maigret uncovers the truth behind this disturbing murder in an intriguing story of an estranged family, adulterous affairs and a secret inheritance.
Maigret | PBK | $16.99

Maigret’s Christmas and Other Stories
Simenon, Georges
This collection of short stories brings together three separate cases involving murder, break-ins, and a missing child – all set in Paris at Christmastime.
Maigret | HC | $24.99

The End of the Web (British Library Classic Thrillers)
Sims, George
Leo Selver, a middle-aged antiques dealer, is stunned when the beautiful and desirable Judy Latimer shows an interest in him. Soon, they are lying in each other’s arms, unaware that this embrace will be their last. Popular opinion suggests that Leo murdered the girl, a theory Leo’s wife – well aware of her husband’s infidelities – refuses to accept. Ed Buchanan, a former policeman who has known the Selvers since childhood, agrees to clear Leo’s name. Selver and his fellow antique dealers had uncovered a secret and it is up to Ed to find the person willing to kill, in order to protect it. This exhilarating and innovative thriller was first published in 1976.
Classic thriller | TP | $27.95

The Last Best Friend (British Library Classic Thrillers)
Sims, George
At 2pm, on a Monday, in 1966, Ned Balfour wakes in Corsica beside a beautiful woman. In the same instant, back in London, fellow art dealer and Dachau survivor Sam Weiss falls ten storeys – to his death. Ned refuses to believe that Sam’s death was intentional, and his investigation thrusts him into the deceit and fraudulence of the art world, where he unmasks more than one respectable face. First published in 1967, this thrilling tale of vertigo, suspicion and infidelity is a long-forgotten classic, with an intriguing plot twist.
Classic thriller | TP | $27.95

My Italian Bulldozer
Smith, Alexander McCall
When writer Paul Stewart heads to the idyllic Italian town of Montalcino to finish his already late book, it seems like the perfect escape from stressful city life. Upon landing, however, things quickly take a turn for the worse when he discovers his hired car is nowhere to be found. With no record of any reservation and no other cars available it looks like Paul is stuck at the airport. That is, until an enterprising stranger offers him an unexpected alternative. While there may be no cars available there is something else on offer: a bulldozer. With little choice in the matter, Paul accepts and so begins a series of laugh-out-loud adventures through the Italian countryside, following in the wake of Paul and his Italian Bulldozer. A story of unexpected circumstance, and a lesson in making the best of what you have.
Fiction | PBK | $19.99

Slay Bells Ring (Caprice de Luca mysteries 07)
Smith, Karen Rose
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially now that Caprice De Luca has wrapped up her holiday-themed staging gig at a stunning historic home in downtown Kismit, Pennsylvania. Behind all the red ribbon and glowing string lights, homeowners Chris and Sara Merriweather have it all. But Chris, a Vietnam vet who plays Santa every year at the community park, has been displaying strange behaviour after a recent trip to Washington, DC. The joy of the season vanishes entirely, when Chris is found murdered on Santa Lane, leaving behind his loyal malamute and lots of unfinished business. As Caprice uncovers hidden secrets in Santa’s workshop, the pressure is on to catch the candy cane-wielding culprit – before she’s next on a killer’s deadly wish list…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Girl From Venice
Smith, Martin Cruz
Cenzo is a world-weary fisherman, determined to sit out the rest of the war. He’s happy to stay out of the way of the SS, quietly going about his business of fishing in the lagoons of northern Italy. Then one night, Cenzo fishes a young woman out of the canal. Guilia is an Italian Jew, who has managed to escape capture and is determined to find her family. This meeting results in them both taking an entirely unexpected journey, and Cenzo suddenly finds himself thrown headlong into the world of international wartime politics. Recommended.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Little Secrets
Snoekstra, Anna
An arsonist is on the loose in Colmstock, Australia, most recently burning down the town’s courthouse and killing a young boy who was trapped inside. The clock is ticking for Rose Blakey: an aspiring journalist, desperate for a story. With nothing but rejections from newspapers piling up, her job pulling beers for cops at the local tavern isn’t enough to even cover rent. Rose needs a story – a big one. But as her articles gain traction, and the boundaries of her investigation blur, Colmstock is seized by a seething paranoia…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Dr Knox
Spiegelman, Peter
Adam Knox comes from a long line of patrician Connecticut doctors – a line he broke to serve with an NGO in the war-torn Central African Republic. His attempt to protect his patients, there, from a brutal militia ended in disaster and disgrace; and, now, he runs a clinic near Los Angeles’s Skid Row, making ends meet by making house calls – cash only, no questions asked – on those too famous or too criminal to seek other medical care. When a young boy is abandoned at his clinic, Knox is determined to find the boy’s family and save him from the not-so-tender mercies of the child welfare bureaucracy. But Knox’s search for the volatile woman who may, or may not, be the boy’s mother leads him and his friend, a former Special Forces operator, into a labyrinth of human traffickers, Russian mobsters, and corporate security thugs and squarely into the sights of a powerful, secretive, and utterly ruthless family that threatens to destroy Dr Knox and everything – and everyone – he holds dear.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions (Kopp Sisters series)
Stewart, Amy
Deputy sheriff Constance Kopp is outraged to see young women brought into the Hackensack jail over dubious charges of waywardness, incorrigibility, and moral depravity. The strong-willed, patriotic Edna Heustis, who left home to work in a munitions factory, certainly doesn’t belong behind bars. And sixteen-year-old runaway Minnie Davis, with few prospects and fewer friends, shouldn’t be publicly shamed and packed off to a state-run reformatory. But such were the laws – and morals – of 1916. Constance uses her authority as deputy sheriff, and occasionally exceeds it, to investigate and defend these women, when no one else will. But it’s her sister Fleurette who puts Constance’s beliefs to the test and forces her to reckon with her own ideas of how a young woman should and shouldn’t behave. The third in this hugely popular series, after Girl Waits With Gun and Lady Cop Makes Trouble (TP, $32.99 each). Very much recommended!
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster
Street, Karen Lee
Summer, 1840. Edgar Allan Poe sails from Philadelphia to London to meet his friend, Auguste Dupin, in the hope that the great detective will help him solve a family mystery. For Poe has inherited a mahogany box, containing a collection of letters – allegedly written by his grandparents, Elizabeth and Henry Arnold. The Arnolds were actors who struggled to make a living on the London stage, but the mysterious letters suggest that the couple played a more clandestine role: stalking well-to-do young women at night, to slice their clothing and derrieres…
Historical mystery | PBK | $18.99

The Secret History (25th anniversary edition)
Tartt, Donna
Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality their lives are changed profoundly and for ever, and they discover how hard it can be to truly live and how easy it is to kill.
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

A Conspiracy In Belgravia (Lady Sherlock series)
Thomas, Sherry
As ‘Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective’, aided by the capable Mrs Watson, Charlotte’s had great success helping with all manner of inquiries, but she’s not prepared for the new client, who arrives at her Upper Baker Street office. Lady Ingram, wife of Charlotte’s dear friend and benefactor, wants Sherlock Holmes to find her first love, who failed to show up at their annual rendezvous. Matters of loyalty and discretion aside, the case becomes even more personal for Charlotte, as the missing man is none other than Myron Finch, her illegitimate half-brother…
Historical mystery | TP | $24.99

The Dog Walker (Detective’s Daughter series)
Thomson, Lesley
January, 1987: in the depths of winter, only joggers and dog walkers brave the Thames towpath after dark. Helen Honeysett, a young newlywed, sets off for an evening run from her riverside cottage. Only her dog returns. Twenty-nine years later, her husband has asked Stella Darnell, a private detective, and her sidekick Jack Harmon, to find out what happened, all those years ago. But when the five households on that desolate stretch of towpath refuse to give up their secrets, Stella and Jack find themselves hunting a killer whose trail has long gone cold.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Apothecary’s Shop
Tiraboschi, Roberto
Venice, 1118 AD. In a medieval Venice undone by devastating famine and excessive, orgiastic Carnival festivities of all kinds, the young Costanza, of the noble Grimani family, has disappeared. The family scribe, Edgardo, promises to return the girl to her family – who, themselves, may not be above suspicion. Abella, Edgardo’s ambiguous ally and the only female doctor in Venice, introduces him into secrets and occult practices of medicine. Through her, Edgardo discovers Sabbatai’s Apothecary, where remedies and concoctions are prepared, and clues to Costanza’s disappearance may lie.
Historical thriller | TP | $32.99

The Windermere Witness (Lake District series)
Tope, Rebecca
Following a personal tragedy, florist Persimmon ‘Simmy’ Brown has moved to the beautiful region of the Lake District. The peace she is searching for is quickly disturbed as a millionaire’s daughter’s wedding ends in tragedy; her brother is found brutally murdered. Simmy slowly becomes involved with the scandalous Baxter family, and is further entangled, as she is the prime witness to another shocking killing… A reissue of the first in Tope’s Lake District series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Ambleside Alibi (Lake District series)
Tope, Rebecca
Simmy has been adjusting to life in Windermere, running her florist shop, integrating into the community and trying to put her tragic past behind her. But just when Simmy thinks her life is quietly coming together, it starts to unravel at the seams. She delivers a bouquet of flowers with a mysterious message attached to an elderly lady, and sinister secrets come creeping into the light. And when another old woman is found murdered in her own home, Persimmon knows her peaceful life in Windermere is about to be shaken once again. Simmy is inexorably drawn into the centre of the murder investigation as the prime suspect names her as an alibi. Trying to rebuild her own life, Simmy must untangle the murky lives others and uncover the motive behind the murder before another one is committed. A reissue of the second in Tope’s Lake District series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Mine
Toumainen, Antti
In the dead of winter, investigative reporter Janne Vuori sets out to uncover the truth about a mining company, whose illegal activities have created an environmental disaster in a small town in Northern Finland. When the company’s executives begin to die, in a string of mysterious accidents, and Janne’s personal life starts to unravel, past meets present in a catastrophic series of events that could cost him his life.
Noir | PBK | $19.99

Who Watcheth (Irene Huss Investigations)
Tursten, Helene
A woman is found dead in a cemetery, strangled and covered in plastic. Just a few days before her death, the victim had received a flower, an unintelligible note, and a photograph of herself. Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her colleagues on the Violent Crimes Unit in Goteborg, Sweden, have neither clue nor motive to pursue, and when similar murders follow, their search for the killer becomes increasingly desperate. Meanwhile, strange things have been going on at home for Irene: first the rose bush in her garden is mangled, then she receives a threatening package with no return address. Is Irene being paranoid, or is she next on the killer’s list?
Hardboiled | TP | $31.95

Five at the Office Christmas Party (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno
George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy are given the task of organising the Christmas party for cousin Rupert’s failing company. Join the Five as they set out to give the best office Christmas party ever, in the most traditional of fashions. Of course, true to form, things don’t go quite according to plan…
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Five Escape Brexit Island (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno
It’s a year after the Brexit vote. The four housemates and Timmy are on a visit to see their evil genius cousin, Rupert. Rupert owns a chunk of the Jurassic Coast, part of which he has turned into an island and declared independence from Britain. Its fifteenth-century Dorset castle is a tourist attraction, but a computer hack puts the ancient fortifications into lockdown and plunges the Five into peril. Can our intrepid friends escape to the safety of mainland Europe? The topical sequel to last year’s runaway bestseller: Five On Brexit Island (HC, $19.99).
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Five Get Gran Online (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno
The Five go north to see their grandmother – Granny Barnard – who they haven’t caught up with for many years, since she remarried. She is alone over the Easter weekend and so the Five decide to look after and reconnect. They’re shocked to find it’s been so long that they don’t recognise her, at all. While they’re there, they try to help her with her computer. They try first to fix her iTunes account, and then her internet banking – after all, it’s the least they can do! However, everything they touch turns to dust. They end up getting her cut off from the internet, the gas and the electricity, and reduced to World War II-style privations – that is, until the toddler from next door comes in and fixes everything. They return home, with their tails somewhat between their legs, only to discover that with their help Gran has learned to make videos, and has become an internet sensation.
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Five Get on the Property Ladder (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno
Join the Five as they struggle to get their feet (and paws) on the first rung of the property ladder. Luckily, cousin Rupert is on hand to help. But not before they’ve had some very exciting adventures. Who knew that it was all going to be so difficult?
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Five Go Bump in the Night (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno
George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy go camping in the deep dark woods. Sleep does not come easily, so they have the brilliant idea of telling each other spooky stories. Join the Five, as they scare themselves witless recounting tales that would terrify the bravest of souls. From encounters with American werewolves and being lost in space, to ghostly graveyard apparitions, it is hardly surprising that there is a sleepless night ahead of the intrepid crew. Even grumpy old Uncle Quentin and kind Aunt Fanny cannot be relied upon, to be entirely themselves…
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Five Go Down Under (Enid Blyton For Grown-Ups)
Vincent, Bruno & Hamley, Sophie
The Famous Five have gone on their greatest adventure yet – a trip Down Under to Oz, for some gap year fun. Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy head Down Under, for some relaxing holiday fun. But will it be the adventure they had hoped for? Setting up camp in Bondi, they soon meet the Sydney Six, a couple of guitar-strumming Kiwis and a rogue South African and find themselves in the thick of Sydney’s real estate perils and the attempts of their omnipresent cousin, Rupert Kirrin, to buy up the local media. But when the sun, surf and bluebottles have their revenge and things don’t quite go to plan, it’s time to head for the country – for a spot of sheep shearing and quad-bike riding. Will the country be kinder to them, or will their close calls with the Australian wildlife have them heading back to the city, before you can say decaf soy latte?
Crime parody | HC | $19.99

Clear to the Horizon
Warner, Dave
In 1999, several young women go missing, in the Perth suburb of Claremont. One body is discovered. Others are never seen again. Snowy Lane is hired as a private investigator, but neither he nor the cops can find the serial killer. Sixteen years later, an incidental crime puts Snowy back on the Claremont case. Based on one of the great unsolved crimes of Western Australia’s recent history.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Essence of Malice (Amory Ames series)
Weaver, Ashley
When Milo Ames receives a troubling letter from his childhood nanny, Madame Nanette, he and Amory travel to Paris – where they are soon embroiled in a mystery surrounding the death of a famous parfumier. The more Amory and Milo look into the motives of industry rivals and heirs who are vying for control of his perfume empire, the more they are convinced that Nanette may be right. When secrets unfold and things take a dangerous turn, Amory and Milo must work quickly to uncover the essence of the matter and catch a killer before the scent goes cold.
Historical mystery | HC | $24.99

A Most Novel Revenge (Amory Ames series)
Weaver, Ashley
A mysterious summons from her cousin Laurel causes Amory Ames and her playboy husband Milo to set off, post haste, for the Lyonsgate estate in the English countryside. The pair are surprised to discover an eccentric and distinguished group of guests have been invited, echoing a party from seven years ago of wild young things which ended in tragedy. At the centre of the group stands the notorious socialite Isobel Van Allen. But someone wants the past to stay buried and they are desperate enough to turn to murder. It’s up to Amory and Milo to sort through a web of scandal and lies to uncover the truth, and the identity of a killer.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

I Am Missing (David Raker series)
Weaver, Tim
When a young man wakes up bruised and beaten, with no memory of who he is or where he came from, the press immediately dub him ‘The Lost Man’. Naming himself Richard Kite, he spends the next ten months desperately trying to find out who he is. But despite media appeals and the efforts of the police, no one knows him. Richard’s last hope may be private investigator David Raker – a seasoned locator of missing people. But Raker has more questions than answers. Who is Richard Kite? Why does no one know him? And what links him to the body of a woman found beside a London railway line two years ago? Could Richard be responsible for her death – or is he next?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99