Crime & Mystery Catalogue: October 2016

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in October 2016.

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October 2016 includes new books by: Alan Bradley, Frances Brody, Andrea Camilleri, Anthony Horowitz, Laurie R King, Hans Olav Lahlum, Barry Maitland, Ian Rankin… and many others.

Behind Chocolate Bars (Chocolate Covered mysteries 03)
Aarons, Kathy
Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to-do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Festival. Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine-chilling books. Thank goodness the teenagers from Erica’s comic-book club are chipping in to help. But one of their volunteers winds up in trouble after a woman’s body is found in an abandoned house – with the teen’s superhero key ring close by. The teen swears he didn’t do it, but he’s obviously hiding something – leaving Michelle and Erica with a witch’s cauldron of questions. Soon, they discover that the dead woman was tricking a whole bunch of people out of more than just treats. Now, these two friends must go door-to-door, if they hope to unmask a killer…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Hammett Hex (Book Collector mysteries 05)
Abbott, Victoria
Jordan has been able to swing a romantic trip with Officer Tyler ‘Smiley’ Dekker on one condition – she must return with a rare copy of Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest for her irascible employer, Vera Van Alst. For his own part, Smiley is full of surprises. He’s a Dashiell devotee himself – excited to be in the city of Hammett’s hard-boiled heroes… like Sam Spade, and the Continental Op – and, also, announces he plans to visit his previously unmentioned estranged grandmother, who lives in an old Victorian on Telegraph Hill. But the trip goes downhill fast – when Jordan is pushed from a cable car and barely escapes death. And when a dark sedan tries to run the couple down, it’s clear someone’s after them – but who? Just like in Hammett’s world, nothing is quite what it seems.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Victim Without a Face (Fabian Risk series)
Ahnhem, Stefan
Detective Fabian Risk returns to his hometown, to resolve a string of hideously inventive murders. The first victim was a bully who liked using his fists. The second was a thug who favoured steel-capped boots. Their bodies bore the marks of a killer who knew their sins. A single clue was left at the scene: a class photo from 1982, with two faces neatly crossed out. There are eighteen men and women in the photo, who are still alive – and one of them is the lead detective on the case. Fabian Risk thought he’d left his schooldays behind. Now, his classmates are dying for the sins of their childhood… The first in a new series.
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $19.99

Hide and Seek (DI Helen Grace series)
Arlidge, M J
Detective Inspector Helen Grace has spent her whole life running. From the past. From herself. From everyone who’s ever tried to get close to her. She’s spent her whole life hiding. Behind the badge. Behind her reputation as one of the country’s best detectives. Until – framed for murder – she became one of its most high-profile prisoners. Now, there is nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Because HMP Holloway is a place of dark days and long nights, with dangers at every turn. Despised by the inmates and reviled by the guards, Helen must face her nightmare alone. And then a carefully-mutilated body is found in a locked cell. Now, Helen must find a ruthless serial killer. Before the killer finds her.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Woman Who Ran
Baker, Sam
Newly arrived, in a tiny Yorkshire village, Helen Graham finds the locals’ curiosity her worst nightmare. Looking over her shoulder every day, she tries to piece together her past, before it can catch up with her. But with everything she knows in fragments, from her marriage to her career as a war photographer, how can she work out who to trust, and what to believe?
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Twenty-Three (Promise Falls series)
Barclay, Linwood
Everything has been leading to this. It’s the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, May 23rd, and the small town of Promise Falls, New York, has found itself in the midst of a full-blown catastrophe. Hundreds of people are going to the hospital with similar flu-like symptoms – and dozens have died. Investigators quickly zero in on the water supply. But the question for many, including private investigator Cal Weaver, remains: Who would benefit from a mass poisoning of this town? Meanwhile, Detective Barry Duckworth is faced with another problem. A college student has been murdered, and he’s seen the killer’s handiwork before – in the unsolved homicides of two other women in town. Suddenly, all the strange things that have happened in the last month start to add up. Bloody mannequins found in car ‘23’ of an abandoned Ferris wheel, a fiery, out-of-control bus with ‘23’ on the back, that same number on the hoodie of a man accused of assault. The motive for harming the people of Promise Falls points to the number 23 – and working out why will bring Duckworth closer to death than he’s ever been before.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Pushing Up Daisies (Agatha Raisin series)
Beaton, M C
Allotment wars! Lord Bellington has enraged locals by saying he is going to sell off their allotments to make way for a new housing development. So, when he turns up dead, poisoned by antifreeze, nobody mourns his passing. On another fine summer’s day, Agatha visits Carsley’s allotments where everything looks peaceful and perfect: people of all ages digging in the soil and working hard to grow their own fruit and veg. Agatha feels almost tempted to take on a strip herself… but common sense soon prevails. She doesn’t really like getting her hands dirty. She is introduced to three keen gardeners; Harry Perry, Bunty Daventry and Josephine Merriweather are lamenting the neglected condition of a patch that has become available. But as Harry starts to shovel through the weeds and grass his spade comes across something hard so he bends down and tries to move the object. And he starts to yell… The body is that of Peta Currie, a newcomer to the village – but who would want to murder her? Blonde and beautiful, she’s every local male’s favourite. And then Lord Bellington’s son engages Agatha to do some digging of her own and very soon Agatha is thrown into a world of petty feuds, jealousies and disputes over land. It would seem that, far from being tiny gardens of Eden, Carsley’s allotments are local battlefields where passions – and the body count – run high!
Mystery | HC | $39.99

As the Pig Turns (Agatha Raisin series)
Beaton, M C
The picturesque Cotswold village of Winter Parva has decided to warm the winter months after the holidays by roasting a pig in the town square. Agatha, always one for a good roasting, has arrived with her former protégée and current rival in the private detection racket, Toni, to enjoy the merriment. But as the rotary spit is placed over a bed of fiery charcoals and the pig is carried toward its final resting place, Agatha realises that things are not as they seem… ‘Stop!’ she screams, suddenly. The ‘pig’, in fact, is Gary Beech, a policeman not exactly beloved by the good people of the village. Although Agatha has every intention of leaving matters to the police, everything changes when Gary’s ex-wife hires Toni to investigate. With that provocation, how could any sleuth as obviously vain and competitive (and secretly insecure) as Agatha could do anything other than solve the case herself?
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

Busy Body (Agatha Raisin series)
Beaton, M C
Cranky, yet lovable Agatha Raisin has never been one for holiday cheer, but her cosy little village of Carsely has always prided itself on its decadent Christmas festivities. But this year the bells will not be ringing ‘Silent Night’, as Mr John Sunday, an officer with the Health and Safety Board, has gradually begun to crack down what he sees as gross misconduct – by each and every man, woman, and child in town. The village shop is told it can no longer have wooden shelves which have been there since the time of Queen Victoria, ‘in case someone is inflicted with a splinter’. The village school is ordered to leave lights on at night, ‘to prevent unauthorised intruders from tripping in the dark’. And children are warned to not play with ‘counterfeit banknotes’ after passing around toy money. But the Grinch, going by the name of Mr Sunday, finally goes too far when he rules that there cannot be a Christmas tree atop the church tower this year. Soon after the decry, and just before Christmas, Agatha is sipping a cup of tea and trying to stay awake as minute by minute of the Carsely Ladies’ Society meeting at the vicarage drones on, when a sudden scream wakes her from her stupor. The ladies rush out of the vicarage and into the garden to find Sunday, Enemy Number One, of all of Carsely, lying face down in the petunias. Agatha is on the case, but with so many people having threatened the life of the victim, it’s almost impossible to know where to start.
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

There Goes the Bride (Agatha Raisin series)
Beaton, M C
Agatha’s former husband James is engaged to be married to a beautiful, young woman and Agatha has been kindly invited to the wedding. To take her mind off this, Agatha decides she has fallen for Sylvan, a Frenchman she met at James’ engagement party. To distract her still further, she decides upon a holiday and flies to Istanbul, where unfortunately she bumps into James and his fiancé not once, but twice – convincing him she is stalking them. So, when the bride is murdered on her wedding day, naturally Agatha is Suspect Number One – but then matters are turned on their head when the dead bride’s mother engages Agatha to take on the case of her murdered daughter! And very soon Agatha’s own life is in danger - while she tries to solve the mystery of the corpse bride, while fighting off (half heartedly) the advances of a very attractive and determined Frenchman!
Mystery reissue | PBK | $19.99

A Highland Christmas (Hamish MacBeth series novella)
Beaton, M C
In the dark, wintry highlands of Lochdubh, Scotland, the spirit of Old St Nick is about as welcome as a flat tyre, on a deserted road. The Calvinist element in Lochdubh has always resisted what they view as the secular trimmings of the holiday; so, for most of the townspeople, there’s no pudding, carols, banquets, gifts, or even whisky for Christmas. Nor is crime taking a holiday, as Hamish soon finds himself looking for a missing cat, belonging to a lonely spinster. Confrontational and curt, the unfriendly woman insists her pet was stolen. Looking into her eyes, behind her heavily-bolted door, Hamish can see her true problem – she lives in great fear… but what is she afraid of? Then some thieves make off with a Christmas tree and lights, in nearby Cnothan, and Hamish must investigate. As if that isn’t enough on his holiday plate, Hamish’s romance of the new schoolteacher is going fine, until she mentions a perfect little girl whose family abhors Christmas… and whose behaviour has recently become very imperfect. Now, it’s up to Hamish to make things right. He has to protect an unhappy girl, unlock the secrets of a frightened old woman, and retrieve some stolen holiday goods. And he had better do it quickly, for the church bells will soon toll, and all of Lochdubh will be forced to face another dreary winter, without the warm embrace of a Highland Christmas.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Witch and the Dead (Wishcraft mysteries 07)
Blake, Heather
When Darcy moved to Salem, Massachusetts, she never expected her life to change, as drastically as it did. But within a short time, the Enchanted Village has become her home, its mystical residents have become her family, and As You Wish, the personal concierge business formerly run by her Aunt Ve, has become her calling. Still, the time has come for change, and for Darcy to move out of Aunt Ve’s house. Darcy’s belongings are stashed in Aunt Ve’s garage, alongside a mess of memories, forgotten possessions, and, to both Ve and Darcy’s horror, a pile of old bones. It turns out they belong to Ve’s long-missing, second husband. Now, Darcy must unpack old secrets to solve a cold case, and make sure that her aunt isn’t looking at a spell behind bars.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d (Flavia De Luce mysteries)
Bradley, Alan
Growing up in a crumbling mansion with two elder sisters (who are both, in their own way, horrible to her), a father who seems perennially lost in contemplation of the past and haunted by fleeting memories of her mother – who died mysteriously in the Himalayas, when Flavia was a baby; her refuge has always been an obsession with chemistry; an interest that has proved very useful, whenever unexplained death has come to the otherwise sleepy village of Bishop’s Lacey, which is surprisingly often. But the latest mystery to puzzle Bishop’s Lacey’s eccentric inhabitants is perhaps the strangest and darkest yet, and it will test Flavia’s budding investigative skills to the limit – not to mention put her in terrible danger… The latest in this absolutely delightful and well-beloved series, which begins in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | HC | $29.99

Death at the Seaside (Kate Shackleton mysteries)
Brody, Frances
Nothing ever happens in August, and tenacious sleuth Kate Shackleton deserves a break. Heading off for a long-overdue holiday to Whitby, she visits her school friend Alma who works, as a fortune-teller, there. Kate had been looking forward to a relaxing, seaside sojourn, but upon arrival discovers that Alma’s daughter Felicity has disappeared, leaving her mother a note and the pawn ticket for their only asset: a watch-guard. What makes this more intriguing is the jeweller who advanced Felicity the thirty shillings is Jack Phillips, Alma’s current gentleman friend. Kate can’t help but become involved, and goes to the jeweller’s shop to get some answers. When she makes a horrifying discovery in the back room, it soon becomes clear that her services are needed. Met by a wall of silence by town officials, keen to maintain Whitby’s idyllic facade, it’s up to Kate – ably assisted by Jim Sykes and Mrs Sugden – to discover the truth behind Felicity’s disappearance. And they say nothing happens in August… This well-loved series is great fun – imagine Miss Marple in her youth; and begins with Dying in the Wool (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Promise (DC Gary Goodhew mysteries)
Bruce, Alison
In a single night, Kyle Phipps’ life is derailed. His relationship is over; he is denied access to his young son; and everything important to him is at risk. His thoughts stumble between fear and revenge. Kyle Phipps has a choice to make. Meanwhile, after the tragic end to a previous case, DC Gary Goodhew finds himself questioning his reasons for returning to work until the badly-beaten body of a homeless man is found on Market Hill. Having known the homeless man for several years, Goodhew feels compelled to be part of the investigation – but routine lines of enquiry soon take a dark and unexpected turn… Suddenly, the Cambridge back streets hold deadly secrets for Goodhew and the only person who has the answers is planning one final, desperate act.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Killing Thyme (Spice Shop mysteries 03)
Budewitz, Leslie
In Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Spice Shop owner, Pepper Reece, is savouring her business success, but soon finds her plans disrupted by a killer. Pepper Reece’s to-do list is longer than the shopping list for a five-course dinner, as she conjures up spice blends bursting with seasonal flavour, soothes nervous brides fretting over the gift registry, and crosses her fingers for a rave review from a sharp-tongued food critic. Add to the mix a welcome visit from her mother, Lena, and she’s got the perfect recipe for a busy summer, garnished with a dash of fun. While browsing in the artists’ stalls, Pepper and Lena drool over stunning pottery made by a Market newcomer. But when Lena recognises the potter, Bonnie Clay, as an old friend who disappeared years ago, the afternoon turns sour. To Pepper’s surprise, Bonnie seems intimately connected to her family’s past. After Bonnie is murdered only days later, Pepper is determined to uncover the truth. But as Pepper roots out long-buried secrets, will she be digging her own grave?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Voice in the Night (Inspector Montalbano series)
Camilleri, Andrea
Montalbano investigates a robbery at a supermarket, a standard case that takes a spin when manager Guido Borsellino is later found hanging in his office. Was it a suicide? The inspector and the coroner have their doubts, and further investigation leads to the director of a powerful local company. Meanwhile, a girl is found brutally murdered in Giovanni Strangio’s apartment – Giovanni has a flawless alibi, and it’s no coincidence that Michele Strangio, president of the province, is his father. Weaving together these two crimes, Montalbano realises that he’s in a difficult spot where political power is enmeshed with the mafia underworld.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Dead in the Water
Chandler, Tania
When Brigitte and her family moved from the city, they were supposed to be happier. And safer. But soon her crime-writer ex-boyfriend turns up in town to promote his new novel, in which a woman is found dead – murdered – in a country lake. Hours later, Brigitte watches the police pull a body from the water, near her Gippsland home. Her husband, a country cop now, is at the scene, though it’s not his investigation; he’s only helping the Melbourne Homicide Squad. But there’s something he’s not telling Brigitte.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Parchment and Old Lace (Scrapbooking mysteries 13)
Childs, Laura
Enjoying dinner at Commander’s Palace with her beau, Detective Edgar Babcock, Carmela finds the food and the company equally divine – with the exception of Isabelle Black stopping by, to brag about her upcoming wedding. Leaving the restaurant, the couple is interrupted, once again – this time by a terrifying scream from inside the cemetery. Rushing to investigate, Carmela and Edgar find Isabelle lying across an aboveground tomb, strangled with a piece of vintage lace. Carmela would rather leave the case to Edgar, but she can’t say no to Isabelle’s sister, Ellie, the tarot card reader at Juju Voodoo. As she untangles the enemies of Isabelle’s past, Carmela hopes she can draw out the killer, before someone else gets cold feet.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Fool Me Once
Coben, Harlan
Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny-cam, while she is at work: her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya’s husband, Joe – who had been brutally murdered, two weeks earlier. The provocative question at the heart of the mystery: Can you believe everything you see with your own eyes, even when you desperately want to? To find the answer, Maya must finally come to terms with deep secrets and deceit in her own past before she can face the unbelievable truth about her husband… and herself.
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

Robert B Parker’s The Devil Wins (Jesse Stone series)
Coleman, Reed Farrel
In the wake of a huge storm, three bodies are discovered in an abandoned factory building in an industrial part of Paradise known as The Swap. One body, a man’s, wrapped in a blue tarp, is only hours’ dead. But nearby are the remains of two teenage girls who had gone missing, twenty-five years earlier. Things become even more complicated when one of the dead girls’ mothers returns to Paradise to bury her daughter and is promptly murdered. It’s up to Police Chief Jesse Stone to pull away the veil of the past to see how all the murders are connected.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.95

Quarry in the Black
Collins, Max Allan
With a controversial presidential election, just weeks away, Quarry is given a rare political assignment: kill the Reverend Raymond Wesley Lloyd, a passionate Civil Rights’ crusader and campaigner for the underdog candidate. But when a hate group out of Ferguson, Missouri, turns out to be gunning for the same target, Quarry starts to wonder just who it is he’s working for.
Hard case crime | PBK | $22.95

Seeds of Deception (Orchard mysteries 10)
Connolly, Sheila
With the bushels of time they spent organising their wedding, Meg and Seth didn’t have a chance to plan a honeymoon. But now that winter has arrived, there’s not much to do at the orchard. So, with their shared love of history and all things apple, they pick Thomas Jefferson’s orchards at Monticello as the perfect getaway. While they enjoy the beautiful sights, there’s a rotten addition to the agenda – when Meg’s parents discover their handyman dead in the backyard. With a bitter police chief eyeing Meg’s father as a suspect, Meg and Seth have to cut their honeymoon short, to find the root of the problem.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Hit (Leone Scamarcio series)
Dalbuono, Nadia
The investigation of an apparent hit and run unravels a tangled web, in modern Rome. When the family of Micky Proietti, a top television executive, goes missing, Leone Scamarcio is called to investigate. Everyone, it seems – from Premier League footballers, to jilted starlets and cabinet ministers – has an axe to grind with Proietti. What starts out as an investigation into his countless affairs soon becomes an inquiry into how Proietti does business and the people he has discarded along the way. Finally, Proietti’s finances attract Scamarcio’s attention, and he discovers that the drama commissioner has been granting favours to some very shadowy sponsors. Like a swimmer trying to escape a riptide, Scamarcio comes to realise that this new inquiry threatens to bring him head to head with his father’s old lieutenant, Piero Piocosta. If he’s to survive in the police force, Scamarcio knows that he must find a way to get Piocosta off his back, once and for all. And find it, quickly. Reluctantly, he travels home to Calabria – in an attempt to understand how powerful Piocosta has really become and whether he might ever be silenced. It’s a perilous journey, but one Scamarcio must make, if he’s to finally banish the ghosts of his past.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Mystery of the Three Orchids (Inspector di Vicenzi series)
de Angelis, Augusto
Death is in the air, at one of Milan’s great fashion houses. As a new collection is unveiled, and the wealthy rub shoulders with the glamorous, owner Cristiana O’Brian escapes upstairs to discover the strangled body of her servant slumped on her bed – a single orchid by his side. When Inspector Di Vicenzi is called in to investigate, the brilliant detective is puzzled; why is Cristiana behaving so suspiciously? And what is her estranged ex-husband doing there? As two further corpses appear, each accompanied by an orchid, Di Vicenzi must see through dirty tricks and slippery clues in order to uncover the real killer.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Death Comes to the Ballets Russes (Lord Francis Powerscourt mysteries)
Dickinson, David
London, 1912, and the famed Ballet Russes have come to London to perform. Anticipation is high, for Diaghilev’s troupe is renowned throughout Europe. At the end of their famed performance of Thamar, at the Royal Opera House, the Georgian queen stabs her prince to death and throws him into the river. But life mirrors art – when the prince is found truly dead, stabbed through the heart in the orchestra pit below stage. But the corpse is not the dancer in the programme. It is his understudy. Powerscourt is summoned to investigate. But who was the intended victim… the understudy, or the star of the Ballets Russes? And the Ballet Russes are not the only Russian visitors in London, this season. Lenin – Europe’s most dangerous revolutionary – has sent some bank robbery money to be changed into pounds. There are stolen jewels, from St Petersburg, to be sold. There are other darker forces abroad, too, and Powerscourt has to look death in the face, before he can solve the mystery…
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Counterfeit Detective (Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
Douglas, Stuart
An anonymous telegram brings strange news to Baker Street; there is an impostor Sherlock Holmes at work in New York City, solving cases and taking society by storm. The real Sherlock Holmes, fresh from an undercover mission for his enigmatic brother Mycroft, wastes no time in crossing the Atlantic to confront the charlatan. But he and Watson find more than they bargained for: the counterfeit Sherlock is nowhere to be found and his clients are none too keen on revealing their secrets…
Sherlockiana | TP | $22.95

Vita Brevis (Medicus Investigations)
Downie, Ruth
‘An idealistic doctor who moves to the big city with his family finds a nest of corruption – and corpses – literally on their doorstep. Now that it’s CE 122 in Imperial Rome, physician Gaius Petreius Ruso is starting a new chapter in his life, moving from Britannia with his wife, Tilla, and their young adopted daughter, Mara. The trip has been arduous, with Metellus, a long-time antagonist of Ruso, popping up in Rome to insult Tilla and Mara. Ruso is set to take over the medical practice of the venerable physician Kleitos, but when they arrive at the older man’s home, the door is locked, and when they get inside they find the furniture, including Kleitos’ medical items, missing. On the porch sits a big barrel. Opening it with difficulty, Ruso finds a corpse inside… The seventh adventure for Downie’s physician hero (Tabula Rasa, etc) masterfully draws out its suspense, painting a vivid portrait of ancient Rome that feels persuasive and authentic.’ – Kirkus Reviews.
Historical mystery | HC | $35.00

The House of Eyes (Wesley Peterson series)
Ellis, Kate
When Darren Hatman reports his daughter missing, DI Wesley Peterson isn’t too concerned. Leanne Hatman is an aspiring model, keen to abandon her native Devon for the bright lights of London. However, Darren’s claim that a photographer has been stalking Leanne soon changes Wesley’s opinion. Leanne works at Eyecliffe Castle, once home to the wealthy D’Arles family and now converted into a luxury hotel. When Darren himself is found brutally murdered in the castle grounds, the police fear is that Leanne has met a similar fate.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Death By Pumpkin Spice (Bookstore Cafe mysteries 03)
Erickson, Alex
Bookstore cafe owner Krissy Hancock would rather spend Halloween serving pumpkin goodies, than wearing costumes with Pine Hills’ wealthiest at Yarborough mansion, especially when the soiree shapes up to be more trick than treat… As if a run-in with an old flame and a failed marriage proposal weren’t enough to horrify Krissy, for one night, a woman is found strangled to death in a room filled with ominous jack-o’-lanterns. All signs suggest a crime of passion – but when the hostess’ jewellery disappears, malevolent intentions seem way more likely… With the estate on lockdown and a killer roaming the halls, Krissy must help Officer Paul Dalton investigate each nook, cranny, and guest for answers – while also confronting a few demons of her own. Someone has lots of skeletons in the closet, and Krissy better tread lightly to expose them…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Dying For Strawberries (Berry Basket mysteries 01)
Farrow, Sharon
Much has changed for Marlee Jacob, since she returned to Oriole Point, Michigan, three years ago. Between running the Berry Basket – a berry emporium with something for everyone; dodging local gossip; and whipping up strawberry muffins, smoothies, and margaritas, to celebrate the town’s first annual Strawberry Moon Bash, the twenty-nine-year-old hardly has time for her fiancé, let alone grim memories of her old life, in New York… But, unfortunately for Marlee, Oriole Point is muddled with secrets of its own. First, her friend Natasha disappears, after an ominous dream. Next, the seediest man in town threatens to crush her business. Then an unknown person nearly kills her on the night of the Bash. When she discovers a dead body, while searching for Natasha, Marlee realises she’ll have to foil a killer’s plot, herself, before the past permanently stains her future.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Nightwalker
Fitzek, Sebastian
As a young man, Leon Nader suffered from insomnia. As a nightwalker, he even turned to violence during his nocturnal excursions and had psychiatric treatment for his condition. Eventually, he was convinced he had been cured – but one day, years later, Leon’s wife disappears from their flat under mysterious circumstances. Could it be that his illness has broken out again? In order to find out how he behaves in his sleep, Leon fits a movement activated camera to his forehead – and when he looks at the video, the next morning, he makes a discovery that bursts the borders of his imagination.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Order to Kill (Mitch Rapp series)
Flynn, Vince & Mills, Kyle
Rapp heads to Pakistan to confront a mortal threat, he may not be prepared for. In fact, this time he might have met his match. Mitch Rapp is used to winning. But, now, the CIA operative finds himself chasing false leads from continent to continent, in an effort to keep nukes from falling into the hands of terrorists. Together with friend and colleague Scott Coleman, Rapp struggles to prevent the loss of these lethal weapons, and soon it becomes alarmingly clear that forces in Moscow are hell-bent on fomenting even more chaos and turmoil in the Middle East. Rapp must go deep into Russian territory, posing as an American ISIS recruit, to stop a plan much more dangerous and insidious than he ever expected.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Triple Crown (Dick Francis novels)
Francis, Felix
The richest prize in racing. The perfect motive to commit a crime… Jeff Hinkley, a British Horseracing Authority investigator, has been seconded to the US Federal Anti-Corruption in Sports Agency (FACSA) where he has been asked to find a mole in their organisation… an informant, who is passing on confidential information to fix races. Jeff goes in search of answers, taking on an undercover role as a groom on the backstretch at Belmont Park racetrack in New York. But he discovers far more than he was bargaining for, finding himself as the meat in the sandwich between FACSA and corrupt individuals who will stop at nothing, including murder, to capture the most elusive and lucrative prize in the world – the Triple Crown.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Between the Crosses (Joseph Stark series)
Frank, Matthew
Now, a freshly-minted DC, war-hero-turned-copper Joseph Stark is called to the scene of a double murder. The husband and wife victims were shot dead in their own home. It looks like a tragic burglary gone wrong. But Stark has a creeping feeling that the killings might be something more chilling. And when new evidence points to a twenty-year-old cold case, the hunt is on… The sequel to If I Should Die (PBK, $22.99).
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

The Absence of Guilt (Scott Fenney series)
Gimenez, Mark
A Scott Fenney takes the stand for an impossible case. An ISIS attack on America is narrowly averted when the FBI uncovers a plot to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in Dallas, Texas during the Super Bowl. A federal grand jury indicts twenty-four co-conspirators, including Omar al Mustafa, a notorious and charismatic Muslim cleric, known for his incendiary anti-American diatribes on YouTube and Fox News. His arrest is greeted with cheers around the world, and relief at home. The President goes on national television and proclaims: ‘We won!’ There is only one problem: there is no evidence against Mustafa. That problem falls to the presiding judge, newly-appointed US District Judge A Scott Fenney. If Mustafa is innocent, Scott must set the most dangerous man in Dallas free, with no idea who is really guilty. And all, with just three weeks to go, before the attack is due…
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Case Against William
Gimenez, Mark
Criminal defence lawyers must make their peace with one harsh fact of life: most of their clients are guilty. Yet, when William Tucker, a celebrated and self-centred star college football player, is suddenly arrested and charged with the brutal rape and murder of a college coed, two years before, his broken-down, drunken estranged father Frank can’t believe he’s guilty. What father could? But Frank is also an ex-criminal defence lawyer. Now, Frank must find a way to sober up and save his son from the death penalty sought by an ambitious district attorney. Can a father’s love for his accused son save him from death?
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

A Most Extraordinary Pursuit
Gray, Juliana
February, 1906. As the personal secretary of the recently-departed Duke of Olympia – and a woman of scrupulous character – Miss Emmeline Rose Truelove never expected her duties to involve steaming through the Mediterranean on a private yacht, under the prodigal eye of one Lord Silverton, the most charmingly corrupt bachelor in London. But here they are, improperly bound on a quest to find the duke’s enigmatic heir, current whereabouts unknown. An expert on anachronisms, Maximilian Haywood was last seen at an archaeological dig on the island of Crete. And from the moment Truelove and Silverton disembark, they are met with incidents of a suspicious nature: a ransacked flat, a murdered government employee, an assassination attempt. As they travel from port to port, on Max’s trail, piecing together the strange events of the days before his disappearance, Truelove will discover the folly of her misconceptions – about the whims of the heart, the motives of men, and the nature of time itself… The first in a new series.
Historical mystery | TP | $29.95

The Ice Beneath Her
Grebe, Camilla
A young woman is found beheaded, in an infamous business tycoon’s marble-lined hallway. The businessman, scandal-ridden CEO of the retail chain Clothes & More, is missing without a trace. But who is the dead woman? And who is the brutal killer, who wielded the machete? Rewind, to two months earlier, to meet Emma Bohman, a sales assistant for Clothes & More, whose life is turned upside down by a chance encounter with Jesper Orre. Insisting that their love affair is kept secret, he shakes Emma’s world a second time – when he suddenly leaves her with no explanation. As frightening things begin to happen to Emma, she suspects Jesper is responsible.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Primrose Path
Griffiths, Rebecca
As a teenager, Sarah D’Villez famously escaped a man who abducted and held her hostage for eleven days. The case became notorious, with Sarah’s face splashed across the front of every newspaper in the country. Now, seventeen years later, that man is about to be released from prison. Fearful of the media storm that is sure to follow, Sarah decides to flee to rural Wales under a new identity, telling nobody where she’s gone. Settling into the small community she is now part of, Sarah soon realises that someone is watching her. Someone who seems to know everything about her…
Thriller | PBK | $22.99

All the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden mysteries)
Harris, Charlaine
Aurora Teagarden is basking in the news of her pregnancy, when disaster strikes her small Georgia town: four kids vanish from the school soccer field. Aurora’s 15-year-old brother, Phillip, is one of them. When a dead body is found, the local police and sheriff’s department comb the county, and Aurora and her new husband, true-crime writer Robin Crusoe, begin their own investigation. With Christmas approaching, Aurora is determined to find her brother… if he’s still alive.
Mystery | HC | $47.95

The Lazarus Curse (Dr Thomas Silkstone mysteries)
Harris, Tessa
In 1780s’ London, American anatomist Dr Thomas Silkstone is plunged into a swirling cauldron of sorcery, slavery, and cold-blooded murder… When the sole survivor of an ill-fated scientific expedition to Jamaica goes missing upon his return to London, Dr Thomas Silkstone – entrusted with cataloguing the expedition’s New World specimens – feels compelled to investigate. There are rumours of a potion that has the power to raise the dead – and the formula is suspected to be in the private journal that has disappeared, along with the young botanist. As Dr Silkstone searches for clues to the man’s whereabouts, he is drawn deeper into a dark and dangerous world of vengeance, infidelity, murder, and the trafficking of corpses for profit. Without the support of his beloved Lady Lydia Farrell – from whom he has been forcibly separated by law – he must confront the horrors of slavery, as well the very depths of human wickedness. And after a headless corpse is discovered, Dr Silkstone begins to uncover the sinister motives of those in power who would stop at nothing to possess the Lazarus potion…
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Shadow of the Raven (Dr Thomas Silkstone mysteries)
Harris, Tessa
In the notorious mental hospital known as Bedlam, Dr Thomas Silkstone seeks out a patient with whom he is on intimate terms. But he is unprepared, for the state in which he finds Lady Lydia Farrell. Shocked into action, Thomas vows to help free Lydia – by appealing to the custodian of her affairs, Mr Nicholas Lupton. But when Silkstone arrives at the Boughton Estate to speak to Lupton, he finds that another form of madness has taken over the village… Sweeping changes to the Boughton Estate threaten to leave many villagers, who are rightfully angry, destitute. After a single shot rings out and a man dies in the woods, it appears that the desperate villagers have turned to murder to avenge their cause. But for Thomas, a post mortem on the victim raises more questions than answers. Although he manages to save an innocent man from the gallows, a second murder warns him of his potentially-fatal situation. Soon, he discovers a conspiracy far more sinister, than anything he has ever faced. But who it leads to, is the last person he suspects…
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Secrets in the Stones (Dr Thomas Silkstone mysteries)
Harris, Tessa
Newly released from the notorious asylum known as Bedlam, Lady Lydia Farrell finds herself in an equally terrifying position – as a murder suspect – when she stumbles upon the mutilated body of Sir Montagu Malthus in his study at Boughton Hall. Meanwhile, Dr Thomas Silkstone has been injured in a duel with a man who may or may not have committed the grisly deed of which Lydia is accused. Despite his injury, Thomas hopes to clear his beloved’s good name by conducting a post mortem on the victim. With a bit of detective work, he learns that Montagu’s throat was slit by no ordinary blade, but a ceremonial Sikh dagger from India – a clue that may be connected to the fabled lost mines of Golconda. From the mysterious disappearance of a cursed diamond buried with Lydia’s dead husband, to the undying legend of a hidden treasure map, Thomas must follow a trail of foreign dignitaries, royal agents – and even more victims – to unveil the sinister and shocking secrets in the stones…
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Ghost to the Rescue (Bailey Ruth Ghost mysteries 03)
Hart, Carolyn
When you wish upon a star, you get… Bailey Ruth? You do, if you’re a little girl – whose mom needs help – and you touch the soft heart of Supervisor Wiggins at Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Modus (Vik & Stubo series)
Holt, Anne
A drug addict dead in a basement, a young asylum seeker floating in the harbour, a high-profile female bishop stabbed to death in the street. What is the connection? During a snowy Christmas season in Norway, criminal psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds not only her husband and herself, but also her autistic daughter, drawn into the investigation of a number of disturbing deaths. Her husband, detective Yngvar Stubo, has been dispatched to Bergen – to investigate the shocking Christmas Eve murder of a local female bishop. Meanwhile, in Oslo, dead bodies keep turning up, though the causes of death vary. Before long, Inger Johanne will incredulously discover something that will link them all. Previously published, as Fear Not – this entry in Holt’s Vik & Stubo series is reissued to tie-in with the new Swedish TV series Modus – which will air in Australia on SBS, later in the year.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Death in Oslo (Vik & Stubo series)
Holt, Anne
When Helen Barclay becomes the first female US president, the whole world takes notice. And, unfortunately, for President Barclay – one man takes very particular notice. He knows her darkest secret, buried for over twenty years. And not only does he have the power to destroy everything she’s worked for, but he also has the ultimate motive. Revenge. Unfortunately, for the FBI and the Norwegian police, nobody knows about this, when Helen Barclay chooses to visit Norway for her first state visit. But when she goes missing from a locked, heavily secured bedroom, they are forced – unwillingly – to work together to find her. Has she been kidnapped? Murdered? Can the US president really just disappear into thin air…?
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Magpie Murders
Horowitz, Anthony
When editor Susan Ryeland is given the tattered manuscript of Alan Conway’s latest novel, she has little idea it will change her life. She’s worked with the revered crime writer for years and his detective, Atticus Pund, is renowned for solving crimes in the sleepy English villages of the 1950s. As Susan knows only too well, vintage crime sells handsomely. It’s just a shame that it means dealing with an author like Alan Conway… But Conway’s latest tale of murder at Pye Hall is not quite what it seems. Yes, there are dead bodies and a host of intriguing suspects, but hidden in the pages of the manuscript there lies another story: a tale written between the very words on the page, telling of real-life jealousy, greed, ruthless ambition and murder. A deliciously dark take on the cosy crime novel, brought bang up to date, with a fiendish modern twist.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

To Fight For (Killing Machine series)
Hunter, Phillip
Fighting is all he knows. Before he became an assassin, in London’s underworld, Joe was a bare-knuckle boxer. Before that, he was a soldier in the British army. But nothing prepared him for this. Revenge drives him forward. On the streets of East London, a turf war is raging. And Joe has no choice, but to join the fight. It’s the only way he can find out what happened to the woman he loved – the only way he can bring her killers to justice. Either they die, or he does…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Let Me Tell You
Jackson, Shirley
‘I am tired of writing dainty little biographical things that pretend that I am a trim little housewife… I live in a dank, old place with a ghost.’ The dark, unsettling writings of Shirley Jackson have established her as one of the great literary voices of the twentieth century. This volume of recently discovered and uncollected works brings together her candid, acerbically funny essays, lectures and articles with a treasure trove of short stories, each a miniature masterwork of unease.
Collection | PBK | $22.99

By Familiar Means (Witch’s Cat mysteries 02)
James, Delia
After discovering her mystical heritage – and being adopted by furry, feline familiar, Alistair – artist Annabelle Britton has decided to make picturesque Portsmouth, New Hampshire, her new home. Now, she can take the time to figure out her new abilities and welcome her grandmother, who is visiting Portsmouth, and her old coven – for the first time, in thirty years. But being a witch doesn’t magically put money in the bank. When she’s hired to paint the murals for a new coffee house, it seems like a wish come true. But then a series of spooky sounds and strange happenings convince the owners that their new shop is haunted. They want Anna and her coven to evict the restless spirit, before the grand opening. Annabelle is certain the haunted happenings at the shop are just hocus pocus. But when her search reveals hidden smugglers’ tunnels beneath the shop – and a dead body – Annabelle, Alastair, and the coven suddenly find themselves in a cat and mouse game with a killer…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories
James, P D
Four of P D James’ very best Christmas short stories, in a beautiful, hardback, gift edition. As the acknowledged ‘Queen of Crime’, P D James was frequently commissioned by newspapers and magazines to write a special short story for Christmas. James’ prose illuminates each of these perfectly-formed stories, making them ideal reading for the darkest days of the year. While she delights in the secrets that lurk beneath the surface at family gatherings, her Christmas stories also provide tantalising puzzles, to keep the reader guessing; James embraces the challenge of the short-story form, and ingeniously weaves the strands of plot, setting, characterisation and surprise to create a satisfying whole, within only a few thousand words. From the title story about a strained, country-house party on Christmas Eve, to another about an illicit affair that ends in murder, and two cases for James’ poet-detective Adam Dalgliesh, each treats the reader to James’ masterfully atmospheric storytelling, always with the lure of a mystery to be solved.
Mystery collection | HC | $24.99

Paws and Effect (Magical Cats mysteries 08)
Kelly, Sofie
Kathleen is excited to meet three old pals of her beau, detective Marcus Gordon, while they visit charming Mayville Heights on business. But the reunion is cut short, when one of the friends is killed – and the evidence points toward Marcus as the murderer. Though, it seems, she doesn’t know all of Marcus’ secrets, Kathleen is sure he’s no killer. With his suspect status sidelining him from investigating the case, it’s up to Kathleen and her feline partners-in-crime to find whoever is framing Marcus and make sure the good detective hasn’t found his last clue.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Loving Husband
Kent, Christobel
A marriage, where nothing is as it seems… Fran Hall and her husband Nathan have moved with their two children to a farmhouse on the edge of the Fens – a chance to get away from London and have a fresh start. But when Fran wakes one night, to find Nathan gone, she makes a devastating discovery. As questions about her husband and her relationships start to mount, Fran’s life begins to spiral out of control. What is she hiding from the police about her marriage; and does she, really, know the man she shared her bed with?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Mary Russell’s War and Other Stories of Suspense
King, Laurie R
In nine short stories, seven of which have never previously been available in print, and one brand new, never-before-seen Sherlock Holmes mystery – available together, for the first time – Laurie R King blends her long-running brand of crime fiction with historical treats and narrative sleight of hand. At the heart of the collection is a prequel novella that begins with England’s declaration of war, in 1914. As told in Mary Russell’s teenage diaries, the whip-smart girl investigates familial mysteries, tracks German spies through San Francisco, and generally delights with her extraordinary mind, until an unimaginable tragedy strikes. Here, too, is the case of a professor killed by a swarm of bees; Mrs Hudson’s investigation of a string of disappearing household items and a lifelong secret; a revealing anecdote about a character integral to The God of the Hive; the story of Mary’s beloved Uncle Jake and a monumental hand of cards; and a series of postcards, in which Mary searches for her missing husband, Sherlock Holmes. Last, but not least, fans will be especially thrilled by Mary’s account of her decision, at age ninety-two, to publish her memoirs and how she concluded that Ms King should be the one to introduce her voice, to the world.
Sherlockiana (story collection) | TP | $31.95

Echoes of Sherlock Holmes (Stories inspired by the Holmes Canon)
King, Laurie R & Klinger, Leslie S (editors)
In this follow-up to In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, expert Sherlockians Laurie King and Les Klinger put forth the question: what happens when great writers and creators – who are not known as Sherlock Holmes’ devotees – admit to being inspired by Conan Doyle stories? While some are highly-regarded mystery writers, others are best known for their work in the fields of fantasy, or science fiction. All of these talented authors, however, share a great admiration for Arthur Conan Doyle and his greatest creations, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.
Sherlockiana | HC | $46.95

Kirby, William S
Justine is an A-list fashion model on a photo shoot in Europe. Adored by half the world, she can have whomever she wants, but she’s never met anyone like the strange English girl whose bed she wakes up in one morning. Vienna is an autistic savant, adrift in a world of overwhelming patterns and connections only she can see. Socially awkward and inexperienced, she’s never been with anyone before, let alone a glamorous supermodel enmeshed in a web of secrets and intrigue. When Justine’s current beau is murdered in the bathroom of her hotel room, she suddenly finds herself thrown into the middle of a deadly conspiracy focusing on a set of antique, wooden mannequins – the same ones that are the centrepieces of the photo shoot. What secret do the mannequins hide, and why is it worth killing over? Inspired by a classic Sherlock Holmes story, Vienna reimagines Holmes and Watson for the 21st century.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Method
Kirk, Shannon
What would you do, if you were kidnapped and held captive, while heavily pregnant? Would you submit, or would you subvert? They thought she was the victim, but they’re the ones in danger…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Akin to Murder (Inspector Faro series)
Knight, Alanna
The year is 1864 and Detective Inspector Faro’s idyllic life has been shattered by the escape of convicted murderer John McLaw. With countless dead end sightings of the killer, and further criminal activity, Faro realises that this case is far more complicated than he had first assumed. When the disappearance of a maid comes to light, Faro begins to think there could be a link between her disappearance and the murder of Annie McLaw. His determination to unearth the truth becomes personal and, in a race against time to solve the anonymities of the case, he takes matters into his own hands.
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

Death Among Rubies (Lady Frances Ffolkes mysteries)
Koreto, R J
Lady Frances Ffolkes is incensed, when she finds out that her dear friends Gwendolyn and Thomasina have been subject to vicious threats. Promising to uncover their attacker, she travels with them to Kestrel’s Eyrie, the fabled estate belonging to Gwen’s family. But soon Frances faces an even greater problem, when Gwen’s father, a powerful diplomat, is stabbed to death with his prized ruby dagger. Frances, with her loyal maid June Mallow at her side, jumps right into interrogating the estate’s numbered guests: a charming Turkish diplomat with a habit of sneaking off into the night, a brash American heiress with lofty dreams of becoming mistress of the Eyrie, two gossiping widows with their own scandalous secrets, and Gwen’s own aunt tasked with keeping the affairs of the estate in order among the chaos of the investigation. But as the case unfolds, Frances’ righteous conviction might just be the very thing that leads danger – and even more death – to her own doorstep.
Historical mystery | TP | $31.95

Chameleon People (K2 investigations)
Lahlum, Hans Olav
1972. On a cold, March morning the weekend peace is broken – when a frantic young cyclist rings on Inspector Kolbjorn ‘K2’ Kristiansen’s doorbell, desperate to speak to the detective. Compelled to help, K2 lets the boy inside, only to discover that he is being pursued by K2’s colleagues in the Oslo police. A bloody knife is quickly found in the young man’s pocket: a knife that matches the stab wounds of a politician, murdered just a few streets away. The evidence seems clear cut, and the arrest couldn’t be easier. But with the suspect’s identity unknown, and the boy refusing to speak, K2 finds himself far from closing the case. And then there is the question that K2 can’t get out of his head: why would a guilty man travel directly to a police detective, from the scene of his own brutal crime? The first in this excellent, hugely recommended series is The Human Flies (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Killing Kate
Lake, Alex
Kate returns from a post-break-up holiday, with her girlfriends, to news of a serial killer in her home town – and his victims all look like her. It could, of course, be a simple coincidence. Or maybe not. She becomes convinced she is being watched, followed even. Is she next? And could her mild-mannered ex-boyfriend, really, be a deranged murderer? Or is the truth something far more sinister?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Putting on the Witch (Retired Witches mysteries 03)
Lavene, Joyce & Jim
With their coven’s spell book still missing, Molly and Elsie – along with their ghostly friend Olivia, her daughter Dorothy, and her boyfriend Brian – are all on edge; especially, now that Dorothy’s infamously wicked father is back in the picture. So, when they receive an invitation to an exclusive Witches’ Ball, the ladies jump at the chance to dress up and have some fun. The castle locale is spectacular and the party is hopping, but the festivities come to a swift end – when a member of the Grand Council of Witches is murdered. With the whole place on lockdown, the coven is determined to find the cunning killer, even with an angry council, and a real Spanish Inquisitor, breathing down their necks…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Bone Ritual
Lees, Julian
Ruud Pujasumarta has seen some gang-perpetrated horror crimes in his time, but the slum murder of a middle-aged woman he is called to is both horrifying and baffling. Mari Agnes Liem has not only been choked to death while tied to her bed, but the murderer has amputated her left hand and left a mah-jong tile in her throat. And he has taken the hand with him. Ruud’s personal life is a disaster – the whole world seems to know that his wife has left him for another man; perhaps, because his (ex) mother-in-law keeps on turning up at his office with food for him. As Ruud and his department investigate the crime and the others that follow, he begins to realise that the current murderous spree may be linked to events which occurred fifteen years ago… The first in a new series, set in contemporary Jakarta.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Lesiewicz, Aga
Life is good for Anna Wright. She’s a successful media executive, working for one of the UK’s largest TV corporations. She’s got a great boyfriend, some close friends and a lovely home. But Anna’s perfect life starts to crumble from the moment when, out jogging on the Heath one day, she meets a handsome stranger. She takes a route into unfamiliar territory, and then she must face the consequences.
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

The Guilty One
Littlefield, Sophie
Maris used to be a loving, happy mother. Then her daughter was murdered. Who is she, now? A man stands on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. His son killed Maris’ daughter. Now, she holds his life in her hands. At one word from her, he’ll jump… Should Maris let him live, or die? And will this shocking offer free her, or destroy her?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

And Sometimes I Wonder About You (Leonid McGill series)
Mosley, Walter
In New York, if you have a problem no one else can solve, you call Leonid McGill… Ex-boxer, hard drinker, in a business that trades in cash and favours, McGill’s an old-school PI, working a city that’s got fancy all around him. When McGill is approached by a small-time office manager, to track down his long-lost cousin, he declines the case. He can almost smell the desperation on the man. But then McGill’s office is broken into, and his potential client is found dead. Soon, McGill finds himself drawn into the underbelly of an establishment family, and a Pandora’s box of secrets and lies.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Queen’s Accomplice (Maggie Hope series)
MacNeal, Susan Elia
England, 1942. The Nazis’ relentless Blitz may have paused, but London’s nightly blackouts continue. Now, under the cover of darkness, a madman is brutally killing and mutilating young women – in eerie and exact re-creations of Jack the Ripper’s crimes. What’s more, he’s targeting women, who are reporting for duty to be Winston Churchill’s spies and saboteurs, abroad. The officers at MI5 quickly realise they need the help of Special Agent Maggie Hope, to find the killer dubbed ‘the Blackout Beast’. A trap is set. But once the murderer has his sights on Maggie, not even Buckingham Palace can protect the resourceful spy from her fate. This totally charming series begins with Mr Churchill’s Secretary (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | TP | $27.99

Slaughter Park (Belltree trilogy 03)
Maitland, Barry
DS Harry Belltree has gone bush. His obsessive pursuit of justice has cost him everything – his job, his marriage and his newborn child – but then his estranged wife disappears, leaving their baby daughter behind, and he is dragged back to Sydney. The police think Jenny has murdered a man. Harry thinks she’s in danger. When body parts are found, maimed and strewn around a suburban park, his former colleagues are distracted by this apparently unrelated case. Harry is left to track Jenny down on his own – and to lay bare, at last, the extraordinary conspiracy that led to his parents’ murder. The first two books of the trilogy, Crucifixion Creek and Ash Island, are available in paperback editions ($22.99 each).
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Name of the Devil (Jessica Blackwood series)
Mayne, Andrew
West Virginia: A church congregation vanishes in mysterious circumstances, only to be found dead some miles away. The evidence on the ground appears to indicate a ritual killing, and the work of demonic forces. Enter Jessica Blackwood, the FBI’s specialist in all things unusual. A former illusionist, Jessica’s talent and experience enable her to see what others cannot, as she proved in the infamous ‘Warlock’ case. Maybe now, once again, the devil will be in the details. Following the trail from West Virginia to Mexico and Miami, Jessica uncovers a deadly conspiracy that might lead all the way to the Vatican itself. Only with her unique understanding of the powers of deception, can they hope to stop a ruthless killer from exacting a revenge that’s been thirty years in the planning…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Hidden Legacy
Minett, G J
Recently divorced and with two young children, Ellen Sutherland is up to her elbows in professional and personal stress. When she’s invited to travel all the way to Cheltenham to hear the content of an old woman’s will, she’s far from convinced the journey will be worthwhile. But when she arrives, the news is astounding. Eudora Nash has left Ellen a beautiful cottage – worth an amount of money that could turn her life around. There’s just one problem – Ellen has never even heard of Eudora Nash. Her curiosity piqued, Ellen and her friend Kate travel to the West Country, in search of answers. But they are not the only ones interested in the cottage, and Ellen little imagines how much she has to learn about her past…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Cat Shout for Joy (Joe Grey mysteries 19)
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau
Joe Grey and Dulcie are thrilled to be awaiting their first litter, but their joy is bittersweet. They are also sad for Pan’s father, the old yellow cat Misto, whose time on earth is drawing to a close. While the proud parents await the birth of their babies, the criminals are busy, too. The Molena Point PD has stepped up patrols, to apprehend a street prowler – who has been attacking the village’s elderly citizens. Neither the police nor the cats have a clue about the culprit’s identity or what is motivating the attacks. There are no witnesses, and even more puzzling, the assailant has left no clues behind at any of the scenes, not even a trace of evidence – no hairs or fabric particles, not even a lost button. It’s as if the perpetrator is a ghost. The case becomes a homicide, when one of the victims dies, leaving everyone in the town – including Joe Grey and his furry sleuthing companions – on edge, just as the kittens arrive…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

So Say The Fallen (DCI Serena Flanagan series)
Neville, Stuart
When DCI Serena Flanagan is asked to sign off the suicide of a severely-disabled, local businessman, she finds herself envying the grieving widow’s comfortable life and devoted marriage, until the widow’s close relationship with the local rector starts to sound an alarm. But with a clean crime scene and no evidence to back her up, have Serena’s instincts led her down the wrong path? With her husband struggling to deal with the aftermath of an attack that nearly cost him his life, and her young children anxious and unhappy, Serena’s determination to unlock the mystery of what happened in that house may cost her, her job – and her family.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Norton, Graham
Duneen is a quiet place, far enough from the big towns to have kept its own rhythms. Its residents include cast-down policeman PJ, who lives a lonely, uneventful life punctuated only by the next meal – until now; the beautiful and mysterious family of three spinster sisters each with their own secrets and sorrows; and, of course, the town’s gossip who thinks she knows the answers. When a grim discovery is made on a building site, up by the old school, it becomes the catalyst for long-buried secrets and rivalries to come to light and this silent, once innocent and repressed-seeming town is revealed to have a much darker, hungrier undertow.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Yappy Hour (Roundup Crew mysteries 01)
Orgain, Diana
Every Friday night in the idyllic seaside town of Pacific Cove, California, the Roundup Crew, a group of dog-friendly folks, have a spirited meet-up at their local wine bar. But when the owner, Rachel, leaves town on mysterious business and her pet-unfriendly sister, Maggie, takes charge of the bar, things take a ruff turn. Not only does Maggie find a body sprawled on the floor, it’s accompanied by an incriminating letter with Rachel’s name on it. On impulse, she hides the letter from hunky detective, Officer Brad Brooks. With Rachel as the prime suspect, Maggie sniffs out the scene on her own, while getting to know the Roundup Crew and their four-legged besties. The Doggie Daiquiris and Muttgaritas are flowing, but it’s not long before another body turns up. Thanks to the Roundup Crew, Maggie’s new litter of friends will do anything to save the bar and solve the mystery… and maybe find a bit of puppy love, in the process.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Cinnamon Toasted (Spice Shop mysteries 03)
Oust, Gail
Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Case in point: Piper Prescott’s former mother-in-law, Melly. Beneath her twin sets and pearls beats the heart of a geek – a geek whose programming changes, for the point-of-sale software in Piper’s shop, have the owners of the program ready to make her an offer she can’t refuse. ‘Trusty’ Rusty Tulley and Chip Balboa swing by Brandywine Creek – just in time for the town’s annual Oktoberfest, which has cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom flying off Piper’s shelves, in record numbers. News spreads faster than a text message, and Melly is the toast of the town. But it isn’t long, before Melly’s status changes to public enemy number one – when Chip’s body is found at the foot of her basement stairs. Questions start to pile up, when handsome police chief Wyatt McBride arrives on the scene and the coroner sets the time of death for the previous evening. McBride wants to know why it took Melly so long to report the incident – especially, after she admits to arguing with Chip about the contract he wanted her to sign. Piper knows Melly would never hurt a fly, so she enlists the help of her BFF Reba Mae, to clear her name – but can they find the real killer, before Melly gets sent away for good?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Travelling Companion
Rankin, Ian
A new novella about a Jekyll and Hyde-obsessed Scot in Paris. For recent college graduate Ronald Hastie, a job at the legendary Shakespeare and Company bookshop offers the perfect occupation during a summer abroad in Paris. Working part-time in exchange for room and board leaves plenty of freedom to explore the city once visited by his literary hero, Robert Louis Stevenson, and things only get better when he meets a collector who claims to have the original manuscripts of both the first draft of Jekyll and Hyde and the never-published The Travelling Companion (both thought to have been destroyed). Then Ron meets the man’s mysterious assistant, and a reckless obsession stirs inside him. As the life he knew back home in Scotland fades from memory, he desperately seeks the secret, lying within Stevenson’s long-lost pages…
Mystery novella | HC | $9.99

The Four Legendary Kingdoms (Jack West Junior series)
Reilly, Matthew
There are 16 contestants, but only one will survive. The last thing Jack West Jr remembers, is arriving for a meeting at a top-secret military base, with his family in tow. Now, he awakens to find himself in a hellish scenario. Jack has been selected to take part in the Games, a series of deadly challenges designed to fulfil an ancient ritual. If he chooses not to compete, both he and his daughter will be killed. With the fate of the earth at stake, Jack will have to traverse diabolical mazes, fight ruthless assassins and face unimaginable horrors that will test him to the limit. In the process, he will discover the mysterious and powerful group of individuals behind it all: the four legendary kingdoms.
Thriller | HC | $42.99

Brotherhood in Death
Robb, J D
The shots came quickly, silently, and with deadly accuracy. Within seconds, three people were dead at Central Park’s ice-skating rink. The victims: a talented young skater, a doctor, and a teacher. As random as random can be. Eve Dallas has seen a lot of killers, during her time with the NYPSD, but never one like this. A review of the security videos reveals that the victims were killed with a tactical laser rifle, fired by a sniper – who could have been miles away when, the trigger was pulled. And though the list of locations, where the shooter could have set up, seems endless, the number of people with that particular skill set is finite: police, military, professional killer. Eve’s husband, Roarke, has unlimited resources – and genius – at his disposal. And when his computer program leads Eve to the location of the sniper, she learns a shocking fact: There were two – one older, one younger. Someone is being trained, by an expert, in the science of killing, and they have an agenda. Central Park was just a warm-up. And as another sniper attack shakes the city to its core, Eve realises that though we’re all shaped by the people around us, there are those who are just born evil…
Eve Dallas | PBK | $19.99

Close Your Eyes (Joseph O’Loughlin series)
Robotham, Michael
A mother and her teenage daughter are found murdered in a remote farmhouse, one defiled by multiple stab wounds and the other left lying like Sleeping Beauty waiting for her Prince. Reluctantly, clinical psychologist Joe O’Loughlin is drawn into the investigation when a former student, calling himself the ‘Mindhunter’, trading on Joe’s name, has jeopardised the police inquiry by leaking details to the media and stirring up public anger. As the case becomes ever more complex, nothing is quite what it seems and soon Joe’s fate, and that of those closest to him, become intertwined with a merciless, unpredictable killer… An award-winning Australian writer!
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Maigret’s Memoirs
Simenon, Georges
Maigret sets the record straight and tells the story of his own life, giving a rare glimpse into the mind of the great inspector – and the writer who would immortalise him.
Maigret collection | PBK | $22.99

Maigret’s Dead Man
Simenon, Georges
A series of strange phone calls leads Inspector Maigret through the Paris streets towards a man out of his depth amid a network of merciless criminals.
Maigret | PBK | $22.99

The Revolving Door of Life (44 Scotland Street series)
Smith, Alexander McCall
For seven-year-old Bertie Pollock, life in Edinburgh’s most celebrated fictional street has just got immeasurably better. The enforced absence of his endlessly pushy mother Irene – currently consciousness-raising in a Bedouin harem (don’t ask) – has manifold and immediate blessings: no psychotherapy, no Italian lessons, and no yoga classes. Bliss. For Scotland Street’s grown-ups, life throws up some new dilemmas. Matthew makes a discovery that could make him even richer but also leaves him worried. Pat makes one that could make her poorer and her father miserable – unless that uber-narcissist, Bruce, can help her out. And the Duke of Johannesburg, we discover, isn’t exactly who he says he is.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Silence Between Breaths
Staincliffe, Cath
Passengers boarding the 10:35 train from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston are bound for work, assignations, reunions, holidays or new starts, with no idea that their journey is about to be brutally curtailed. Holly has just landed her dream job, which should make life a lot easier than it has been; and Jeff is heading for his first ever work interview, after months of unemployment. They end up sitting next to each other. On-board, customer service assistant Naz dreams of better things, as he collects rubbish from the passengers. And among the others travelling are Nick with his young family who are driving him crazy; pensioner Meg and her partner setting off on a walking holiday and facing an uncertain future; Caroline, run ragged by the competing demands of her stroppy teenage children and her demented mother; and Rhona, unhappy at work and desperate to get home to her small daughter. And in the middle of the carriage sits Saheel, carrying a deadly rucksack…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Ash and Bones (DC Will Macready series)
Thomas, Mike
At a squalid flat near the Cardiff docks an early morning police raid goes catastrophically wrong when the police aren’t the only unexpected guests. A plainclothes officer is shot dead, at point-blank range; the original suspect is left in a coma. The killer, identity unknown, slips away. Young and inexperienced, Will MacReady starts his first day on the CID. With the city in shock and the entire force reeling, he is desperate to help – but unearths truths that lead the team down an increasingly dark path… The first in a dark, new, Welsh crime series.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

A Study in Scarlet Women (Lady Sherlock series)
Thomas, Sherry
With her inquisitive mind, Charlotte Holmes has never felt comfortable with the demureness expected of the fairer sex, in upper-class society. But even she never thought that she would become a social pariah, an outcast fending for herself on the mean streets of London. When the city is struck by a trio of unexpected deaths and suspicion falls on her sister and her father, Charlotte is desperate to find the true culprits, and clear the family name. She’ll have help from friends new and old: a kind-hearted widow, a police inspector, and a man who has long loved her. But in the end, it will be up to Charlotte, under the assumed name Sherlock Holmes, to challenge society’s expectations, and match wits against an unseen mastermind.
Sherlockiana | TP | $29.95

On the Blue Train
Thornell, Kristel
It was the work of a moment: On 4 December 1926, Agatha Christie became Teresa Neele, resident of the spa hotel, the Harrogate Hydro. With her wedding ring left behind, and her minimal belongings unpacked, the lost days begin. Lying to her fellow guests – about the death of a husband and child, Teresa settles in to the anonymity she so fiercely desires. Until Harry McKenna, bruised from the end of his own marriage, asks her to dance…
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Tangled Up in Brew (Brewing Trouble mysteries 02)
Tremel, Joyce
Brew pub owner Maxine ‘Max’ O’Hara and her chef/boyfriend, Jake Lambert, are excited to be participating in the Three Rivers Brews and Burgers Festival. Max hopes to win the coveted Golden Stein, for best craft beer – but even if she doesn’t, the festival will be great publicity for her Allegheny Brew House. Or… will it? When notoriously nasty food and beverage critic Reginald Mobley is drafted as a last-minute replacement judge, Max dreads a punishing review. Her fears are confirmed, when Mobley literally spits out her beer; but things get even worse when the cranky critic drops dead, right after trying one of Jake’s burgers. Now, an ambitious, new police detective is determined to pin Mobley’s murder on Max and Jake, who must pore over the clues to protect their freedom and reputations – and to find the self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Dark as My Heart
Tuomainen, Antti
Aleksi lost his mother on a rainy October day, when he was 13 years old. Twenty years later, he is certain that he knows who’s responsible. Everything points to millionaire Henrik Saarinen. The police don’t agree. Aleksi has only one option: to get close to Henrik Saarinen and find out the truth about his mother’s fate on his own. But as Aleksi soon discovers, delving into Saarinen and his beautiful daughter’s family secrets is a confusing and dangerous enterprise. A Hitchcockian psychological thriller from Finland’s top crime writer.
Thriller | PBK | $24.99

Masking for Trouble (Costume Shop mysteries 02)
Vallere, Diane
Halloween conjures up big business for Margo Tamblyn’s costume shop, Disguise DeLimit; but, this year, the holiday comes knocking with serious trouble. Venture capitalist Paul Haverford plans to rezone historic downtown into a glitzy commercial area which would push out local business. Margo is set on saving her family’s store, especially after a nasty run-in with the chain-store tycoon, but after Haverford’s body is discovered – during a spooky party at the derelict Alexandria Hotel, Margo finds herself dressed as the police’s prime suspect. Anxious to clear her name, Margo begins hunting down, anyone who might have wanted Haverford dead. Between all of his malicious manoeuvrings, the murdered mogul had buckets of people anxious to see him gone. Now, Margo will have to use every trick in the book, to find a cloaked killer – before someone else winds up wearing a death shroud…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Dangling by a Thread (Mainely Needlepoint mysteries 04)
Wait, Lea
Hermit Jesse Lockhart lives alone on King’s Island, three miles east of Haven Harbor, Maine – where he’s created a private sanctuary for the endangered Great Cormorants. But when a wealthy family wants to buy the island, and Jesse’s cousin Simon petitions for power of attorney to force him to sell; Jesse is the one who becomes endangered. Mainely Needlepointer Dave Perry, who befriended Jesse in the VA hospital, rallies the group to his defence. Angie Curtis and the ravellers stitch ‘Save the King’s Island Cormorants’ pillows and sell t-shirts, to pay for Jesse’s legal counsel. But, tragically, on a visit to the island, Angie finds Jesse dead. Now, the search is on for a common thread that can tie the murdered man to his killer…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

A Deadly Thaw (Inspector Francis Sadler series)
Ward, Sarah
2004: In Bampton, Derbyshire, Lena Fisher is arrested for suffocating her husband, Andrew. Spring, 2016: A year after Lena’s release from prison, Andrew is found murdered, in a disused mortuary. Who was the man Lena killed, twelve years ago, and why did she lie about his identity? When Lena disappears, her sister, Kat, follows a trail of clues delivered by a teenage boy.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

A Killer in King’s Cove (Lane Winslow mysteries)
Whishaw, Iona
It is 1946, and war-weary young ex-intelligence officer Lane Winslow leaves London to look for a fresh start. When she finds herself happily settled in King’s Cove, a sleepy hamlet nestled in the idyllic interior of British Columbia, surrounded by a suitably eclectic cast of small-town characters, she feels like she may finally be able to put her past to rest. But then a body is discovered, the victim of murder, and although she works alongside the town’s inspectors Darling and Ames to discover who might possibly have motive to kill, she casts doubt on herself. As the investigation reveals facts that she has desperately tried to keep a secret, it threatens to pull her into a vortex of even greater losses than the ones she has already endured. A clever post-war mystery – the first in a new series – that will appeal to fan of historical mysteries with women sleuths, like the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear, or the Bess Crawford series by Charles Todd.
Mystery | TP | $29.95