Science Fiction & Fantasy Catalogue: February 2017

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in February 2017.

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February 2017 includes new books by: Stephen Baxter, Greg Bear, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jacqueline Carey, Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, Kameron Hurley, Richard Kadrey, Wen Spencer… and many others.

Elisha Mancer (Dark Apostle 04)
Ambrose, E C
Elisha was once a skilled barber-surgeon, but healing is no longer his finest art. After discovering his exceptional potential for a singularly deadly magic, Elisha has slain a king, stopped a war, and even had the regency thrust upon his own commoner’s head until he could rescue the true heir, Thomas. With Thomas back on the throne of England, Elisha must now work on his king’s behalf to fight an even greater threat than civil war: the spectre of the necromancers, a shadowy cabal that has already corrupted priests and princes, and that may have even grander, darker plans. Elisha travels to the continent to warn England’s allies of the mancer threat, as well as to discover the full extent of the mancers’ plans. But it soon becomes clear that, if he is to have any hope of stopping those plans from coming to fruition, he must forge new alliances in unexpected places – as well as embrace the terrifying magical abilities in his possession, a move he fears will make him into just the kind of man he strives against.
Dark fantasy | PBK | $19.95

The Bear and the Nightingale
Arden, Katherine
In a village at the edge of the wilderness of northern Russia, where the winds blow cold and the snow falls many months of the year, a stranger with piercing blue eyes presents a new father with a gift – a precious jewel on a delicate chain, intended for his young daughter. Uncertain of its meaning, the father hides the gift away and his daughter, Vasya, grows up a wild, wilful girl, to the chagrin of her family. But when mysterious forces threaten the happiness of their village, Vasya discovers that, armed only with the necklace, she may be the only one who can keep the darkness at bay.
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

City of the Lost
Armstrong, Kelley
Where would you go, if you suddenly had to disappear? In her new thriller, Armstrong delivers us to Rockton, a secret town where the hunted go to hide. And where a hunter has now come to play.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

King’s Cage (Red Queen 03)
Aveyard, Victoria
Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her lethal mistakes. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal. Now a king, Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother’s web… in an attempt to maintain control over his country – and his prisoner. As Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace, her once-ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organising, training, and expanding. They prepare for war, no longer able to linger in the shadows. And Cal, the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare’s heart, will stop at nothing to bring her back. When blood turns on blood, and ability on ability, there may be no one left to put out the fire – leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way down. Follows Red Queen and Glass Sword (PBK, $16.99 each).
YA fantasy | TP | $19.99

The Massacre of Mankind
Baxter, Stephen
It has been 14 years, since the Martians invaded England. The world has moved on, always watching the skies but content that we know how to defeat the Martian menace. Machinery looted from the abandoned capsules and war machines has led to technological leaps forward. The Martians are vulnerable to earth germs. The Army is prepared. So, when the signs of launches on Mars are seen, there seems little reason to worry. Unless you listen to one man, Walter Jenkins, the narrator of Wells’ book. He is sure that the Martians have learned, adapted, understood their defeat. He is right. Thrust into the chaos of a new invasion, a journalist – sister-in-law to Walter Jenkins – must survive, escape and report on the war. Highly recommended for all Wells and Baxter readers. The authorised sequel to War of the Worlds (a new SF Masterworks edition, is available this month: PBK, $22.99; see below).
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

In Calabria
Beagle, Peter S
Claudio Bianchi has lived alone, for many years, on a hillside in Southern Italy’s scenic Calabria. Set in his ways and suspicious of outsiders, Claudio has always resisted change, preferring farming and writing poetry. But one chilly morning, as though from a dream, an impossible visitor appears at the farm. When Claudio comes to her aid, an act of kindness throws his world into chaos. Suddenly, he must stave off inquisitive onlookers, invasive media, and even more sinister influences. A new, exquisitely-told unicorn fable, for the modern age.
Fantasy | HC | $39.95

Take Back the Sky (War Dogs 03)
Bear, Greg
First it was Mars, then Titan – the battlefield changed but the war remained the same. Until now. Master Sergeant Michael Venn and his soldiers now know the truth about what the supposedly benevolent Gurus are really doing in our solar system. A truth both Earth and the alien Antagonists are intent on wiping out. The soldiers must forget their training, forget what they know, and journey to Planet X – infamous home of the Antagonists. Hunted by friend and foe alike and desperate for answers, they will do anything to survive. Even team up with their greatest enemy. The sequel to War Dogs (PBK, $19.99) and Killing Titan (PBK, $22.99).
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

With Blood Upon the Sand (Song of the Shattered Sands 02)
Beaulieu, Bradley
Ceda could become the champion the enslaved asirim have been waiting for, but the need to tread carefully has never been greater. The kings are hungry for blood, scouring the city in a ruthless quest for revenge, while eda’s friend Emre and his new allies in the Moonless Host are laying plans to take advantage of the unrest in Sharakhai, and strike a major blow against the kings and their god-given powers. The sequel to Twelve Kings (PBK $22.99).
Fantasy | TP | $29.99

Marked in Flesh (The Others 04)
Bishop, Anne
Since the Others allied themselves with the cassandra sangue, the fragile yet powerful human blood prophets, who were being exploited by their own kind; the dynamic between humans and Others has changed. Some, such as Simon Wolfgard, wolf shifter and leader of the Lakeside Courtyard, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn see the closer companionship as beneficial. But not everyone is convinced. A group of radical humans is seeking to usurp land through a series of violent attacks on the Others. What they don’t realise is that there are older and more dangerous forces than shifters and vampires protecting the land and those forces are willing to do whatever is necessary to safeguard what is theirs… Written in Red, Murder of Crows, and Vision in Silver (PBK, $19.95 each) begin this fantastic series.
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.95

Hungry Ghosts (Eric Carter 03)
Blackmoore, Stephen
Necromancer Eric Carter’s problems keep getting bigger. Bad enough he’s the unwilling husband to the patron saint of death, Santa Muerte, but now her ex, the Aztec King of the dead, Mictlantecuhtli, has come back – and it turns out that Carter and he are swapping places. As Mictlantecuhtli breaks loose of his prison of jade, Carter is slowly turning to stone. To make matters worse, both gods are trying to get Carter to assassinate the other. But only one of them can be telling him the truth and he can’t trust either one. Carter’s solution? Kill them both. If he wants to get out of this situation with his soul intact, he’ll have to go to Mictlan, the Aztec land of the dead, and take down a couple of death gods, while facing down the worst trials the place has to offer him: his own sins.
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.95

Remnants of Trust (Central Corps 02)
Bonesteel, Elizabeth
Six weeks ago, Commander Elena Shaw and Captain Greg Foster were court-martialled for their role in an event Central Gov denies ever happened. Yet instead of dishonourable discharges or time in a military prison, Shaw and Foster are now back together, on Galileo. As punishment, they’ve been assigned to patrol the nearly empty space of the Third Sector. But their mundane mission quickly turns treacherous when the Galileo picks up a distress call: Exeter, a sister ship, is under attack from raiders. A PSI generation ship – the same one that recently broke off negotiations with Foster – is also in the sector and joins in the desperate battle that leaves 97 of Exeter’s crew dead. An investigation of the disaster points to sabotage. And Exeter is only the beginning. When the PSI ship and Galileo suffer their own ‘accidents’, it becomes clear that someone is willing to set off a war in the Third Sector to keep their secrets, and the clues point to the highest echelons of power and deep into Shaw’s past. Follows The Cold Between (PBK, $24.99).
Science fiction | PBK | $24.99

Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson 09)
Briggs, Patricia
Tensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head. And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam, are called upon to stop a rampaging troll, they find themselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out-and-out war: a human child stolen long ago by the fae. Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy… no matter what the cost. But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched?
Paranormal romance | PBK | $19.99

Penric and the Shaman (novella) (Penric & Desdemona 02)
Bujold, Lois McMaster
Young Lord Penric now wears the white robes of the Bastard’s Order, complete with shoulder braids marking him as a divine and sorcerer, while he pursues scholarly studies in the court of the Princess-Archdivine. His demon of disorder, Desdemona, is, of course, present, accounted for, and offering clever commentary, particularly when she grows bored. And, so, when a Locator of the Father’s Order shows up on the Archdivine’s threshold – in need of a sorcerer for a journey – and she volunteers Penric; at least, Des is thrilled with the prospect of an adventure. As they travel into the mountains to locate Inglis, a shaman accused of murdering his best friend, the situation grows into a test for all of Penric’s developing talents. A limited-edition hardcover from Subterranean Press, following Penric’s Demon.
Fantasy | HC | $46.95

Miranda and Caliban
Carey, Jacqueline
In this incredible retelling of The Tempest we see the other side of the coin – the dutiful and tender-hearted Miranda, who loves her father, but is terribly lonely. And Caliban, the strange and feral boy, Prospero has bewitched to serve him. The two find solace and companionship in each other; as Prospero weaves his magic and dreams of revenge.
Fantasy | HC | $47.95

Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices 01)
Clare, Cassandra
The Shadowhunters of Los Angeles star in the first novel in Cassandra Clare’s newest series, Dark Artifices, a sequel to the Mortal Instruments series.
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Magic of Blood and Sea (omnibus)
Clarke, Cassandra Rose
A pirate princess and a cursed assassin find their fates intertwined, in this gorgeous and thrilling adventure. Together, the two must break the curse, escape their enemies, and come to terms with their growing romantic attraction. An omnibus – collecting: The Assassin’s Curse and The Pirate’s Wish.
High seas fantasy | TP | $35.95

River of Ink
Cooper, Paul M M
All Asanka knows is poetry. When Kalinga Magha, a ruthless prince with a formidable army, arrives upon Lanka’s shores, Asanka’s world is changed beyond imagining. Violent, hubristic and unpredictable, Magha usurps the throne, laying waste to all who stand in his way. Under his terrifying rule, nothing in the city is left untouched and, like many of his fellow citizens, Asanka retreats into the shadows, hoping to pass unnoticed by the tyrant. But it seems his new master is a lover of poetry…
Historical fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Department Zero
Crilley, Paul
The end of the universe is only a hop, skip, and slight stumble-through-a-wormhole away… Harry Priest just wants to make sure his ex-wife doesn’t take away his visitation rights, and his dead-end job – cleaning up crime scenes, for the past ten years – isn’t doing him any favours. But when Harry attends what he thinks is a routine death, he stumbles onto a secret multiverse of alternate realities all reachable through universe-hopping gates.
Cthulhuiana | TP | $33.95

Will Save The Galaxy For Food
Croshaw, Yahtzee
Space travel just isn’t what it used to be. With the invention of Quantum Teleportation, space heroes aren’t needed anymore. When one particularly unlucky ex-adventurer masquerades as famous pilot and hate figure Jacques McKeown, he’s sucked into an ever-deepening corporate and political intrigue. Between space pirates, adorable deadly creatures, and a missing fortune in royalties, saving the universe was never this difficult!
Humorous science fiction | TP | $22.95

The Devourers
Das, Indra
On a cool evening in Kolkata, India, beneath a full moon, as the whirling rhythms of traveling musicians fill the night, college professor Alok encounters a mysterious stranger with a bizarre confession and an extraordinary story. Tantalised by the man’s unfinished tale, Alok will do anything to hear its completion. So Alok agrees, at the stranger’s behest, to transcribe a collection of battered notebooks, weathered parchments, and once-living skins. From these documents spills the chronicle of a race of people at once more than human yet kin to beasts, ruled by instincts and desires, blood deep and ages old. The tale features a rough wanderer in seventeenth-century Mughal India – who finds himself irrevocably drawn to a defiant woman and destined to be torn asunder by two clashing worlds. With every passing chapter of beauty and brutality, Alok’s interest in the stranger grows and evolves into something darker and more urgent. A debut novel of striking imagination – for readers of Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, China Miéville, and David Mitchell.
Historical fantasy | TP | $31.95

Portal of a Thousand Worlds
Duncan, Dave
Ten centuries have passed since the last time the Portal of a Thousand Worlds opened, bringing chaos, upheaval, and radical change to the then-ruling dynasty; and, now, the mystical gateway is rumoured to be on the verge of opening, once more. Only the Firstborn – he, who has been reincarnated through countless generations; and remembers all he has ever learned – knows what the future holds, but he has been imprisoned for refusing to comply with a repressive imperial government’s wishes. Now, those hoping to seize the opportunity for wealth and position are hatching sinister plots. And as the cold-hearted dowager empress closely guards a fateful secret; and a rebel army, led by a fanatical zealot, gathers strength under the Bamboo Banner, the cataclysm approaches…
Alternate history | TP | $37.95

Crossroads of Canopy (Titan’s Forest trilogy 01)
Dyer, Thoraiya
At the highest level of a giant forest, thirteen kingdoms fit seamlessly together – to form the great city of Canopy. Thirteen goddesses and gods rule this realm and are continuously reincarnated into human bodies. Canopy’s position in the sun, however, is not without its dark side. The nation’s opulence comes from the labour of slaves, and below its fruitful boughs are two other realms: Understorey and Floor, whose deprived citizens yearn for Canopy’s splendour. Unar, a determined but destitute young woman, escapes her parents’ plot to sell her into slavery by being selected to serve in the Garden under the goddess Audblayin, ruler of growth and fertility. As a Gardener, she wishes to become Audblayin’s next Bodyguard while also growing sympathetic toward Canopy’s slaves. When Audblayin dies, Unar sees her opportunity for glory – at the risk of descending into the unknown dangers of Understorey to look for a newborn god. In its depths, she discovers new forms of magic, lost family connections, and murmurs of a revolution that could cost Unar her chance… or grant it, by destroying the home she loves. The first in a series by an award-winning Australian author.
Fantasy | HC | $34.99

Elsberg, Marc
A cold night in Milan, Piero Manzano wants to get home. Then the traffic lights fail. Manzano is thrown from his Alfa as cars pile up. And not just on this street – every light in the city is dead. Across Europe, controllers watch in disbelief as electricity grids collapse. Plunged into darkness, people are freezing. Food and water supplies dry up. The death toll soars. Former hacker and activist Manzano becomes a prime suspect. But he is also the only man capable of finding the real attackers. Can he bring down a major terrorist network, before it’s too late?
Dystopic thriller | PBK | $19.99

Welcome to Night Vale
Fink, Joseph & Cranor, Jeffrey
A friendly, desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while its citizens pretend to sleep. It’s a town like your town, with a city hall, a bowling alley, a diner, and a radio station reporting all the news that’s allowed to be heard. It might be more like your town that you’d be prepared to admit. In this ordinary town, where ghosts, aliens and government conspiracies are parts of everyday life, the lives of two women, with two mysteries, are about to converge.
Speculative fiction | PBK | $19.99

Idle Hands (Factory trilogy 02)
Fletcher, Tom
Idle Hands is an ancient disease that once tore through the Discard, and if Wild Alan doesn’t find a way into the Black Pyramid – to administer the cure to his son, Billy – it will soon be stalking Gleam, once again. Even with Bloody Nora’s help, there’s only one way in – and that’s through the Sump, which was sealed long ago to contain the horrors within. And for Alan, the Black Pyramid will be even more dangerous. Thanks to the disease, the Pyramidders’ fear and loathing of the Discard is reaching fever pitch – and Alan is the most well-known Discarder of all. Bloody Nora has her own agenda. All the information she needs to complete her people’s Great Work is hidden in the Pyramid – but just by being there, she is violating a centuries-old treaty between the Pyramid and the Mapmakers, which could spark conflict between the two greatest powers that Gleam knows. The sequel to Gleam (PBK, $19.99).
Fantasy | HC | $49.99

Norse Mythology
Gaiman, Neil
The great Norse myths are woven into the fabric of our storytelling – from Tolkien, Alan Garner and Rosemary Sutcliff to Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics. They are also an inspiration for Neil Gaiman’s own award-bedecked, bestselling fiction. Now, he reaches back through time to the original source stories in a thrilling and vivid rendition of the great Norse tales. Gaiman’s gods are thoroughly alive on the page – irascible, visceral, playful, and passionate – and the tales carry us from the beginning of everything to Ragnarök and the twilight of the gods. Galvanised by Gaiman’s prose, Thor, Loki, Odin, and Freya are irresistible forces for modern readers.
Fantasy/mythology | TP | $27.99

The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Gaiman, Neil
The View from the Cheap Seats draws together, for the first time ever, more than 60 pieces of nonfiction writing by Neil Gaiman. From ‘Make Good Art’, the speech he gave at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia that went viral, to pieces on artists and legends including Terry Pratchett, Lou Reed and Ray Bradbury, the collection offers a glimpse into the head and heart of one of the most acclaimed writers of our time. Analytical yet playful, erudite yet accessible, this cornucopia explores a broad range of interests and topics, including (but not limited to): authors past and present; music; storytelling; comics; bookshops; travel; fairy tales; America; inspiration; libraries; ghosts; and the title piece – by turns, touching and self deprecating – which recounts the author’s experiences at the 2010 Academy Awards in Hollywood.
Non-fiction collection | PBK | $22.99

Caine’s Mutiny (Caine Riordan 04)
Gannon, Charles E
Caine Riordan, fresh from serving as envoy to the aliens known as the Slaasriithi, has been given yet another daunting task: apprehend raiders that are terrorising a distant planet. As difficulties mount, Caine becomes aware that the mission his superiors sent him to perform may not be the one they actually hope he will achieve. Which means Caine may be forced to choose between honouring a promise to friends or following orders – a choice that could ultimately put him in front of a board of inquiry. Or a firing squad.
Space opera | TP | $31.95

Garber, Stephanie
Welcome to Caraval, where nothing is quite what it seems. Scarlett has never left the tiny isle of Trisda, pining from afar for the wonder of Caraval, a once-a-year, week-long performance – where the audience participates in the show. Caraval is Magic. Mystery. Adventure. And for Scarlett and her beloved sister Tella it represents freedom and an escape from their ruthless, abusive father. When the sisters’ long-awaited invitations to Caraval finally arrive, it seems their dreams have come true. But no sooner have they arrived than Tella vanishes, kidnapped by the show’s mastermind organiser, Legend. Scarlett has been told that everything that happens during Caraval is only an elaborate performance. But nonetheless she quickly becomes enmeshed in a dangerous game of love, magic and heartbreak. And real or not, she must find Tella before the game is over, and her sister disappears forever.
Fantasy | TP | $24.99

Goodkind, Terry
In the wake of her brother’s brutal murder, Kate Bishop has a lot of questions. Why was her brother keeping a man chained in his cellar? What was his relationship with the detective now leading the investigation into his death? Could his murder be connected to the death of their reclusive uncle two weeks earlier? One man, the enigmatic author of a book called A Brief History of Evil contacts Kate, saying he has the answers to her questions – answers that will expose her to the nature of true evil. Kate, he says, has a hidden talent, a talent that has marked her for death at the hands of humanity’s super-predators…
Paranormal thriller | TP | $29.99

The Map of Bones (Fire Sermon 02)
Haig, Francesca
The Omega resistance has been brutally attacked, its members dead or in hiding. The Alpha Council’s plan for permanently containing the Omegas has begun. But all is not entirely lost: the Council’s seer, The Confessor, is dead, killed by her twin’s sacrifice. Cass is left haunted by visions of the past while her brother Zach’s cruelty and obsession pushes her to the edge and threatens to destroy everything she hopes for. As the country moves closer to all-out civil war, Cass will learn that to change the future she will need to uncover the past. But nothing can prepare her for what she discovers: a deeply buried secret that raises the stakes higher than ever before.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

The Immortal Bind
Harding, Traci
When Sara is gifted a beautiful antique chair as a wedding present, she is completely unaware that it is one of a unique pair. On the other side of the world, the chair’s twin is presented to a reclusive artist, Jon, as a birthday gift. The two new owners are thrust into a mind-expanding adventure through the ages – medieval East Anglia, Scotland, France, and India.
Supernatural thriller | TP | $29.99

The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death (prequel)
Harrison, Kim
Can science save us, when all else fails? Trisk and her hated rival, Kalamack, have the same goal: save their species from extinction. Death comes in the guise of hope when a genetically modified tomato created to feed the world combines with the government’s new tactical virus, giving it an unexpected host and a mode of transport. Plague takes the world, giving the paranormal species an uncomfortable choice to stay hidden and allow humanity to die, or to show themselves in a bid to save them. Under accusations of scientific misconduct, Trisk and Kal flee across a plague-torn United States, to convince leaders of the major paranormal species to save their supposedly weaker kin, but not everyone thinks humanity should be saved. An unmissable story, for fans of the Hollows series – discover Rachel Morgan’s world, as you’ve never seen it before…
Urban fantasy | TP | $29.99

Revisionary (Magic Ex Libris 04)
Hines, Jim C
When Isaac Vainio helped to reveal magic to the world, he dreamed of a utopian future, a new millennium of magical prosperity. One year later, things aren’t going quite as he’d hoped. An organisation known as Vanguard, made up of magical creatures and ex-Porters, wants open war with the mundane world. Isaac’s own government is incarcerating ‘potential supernatural enemies’ in prisons and internment camps. And Isaac finds himself targeted by all sides. It’s a war that will soon envelop the world, and the key to victory may lie with Isaac himself, as he struggles to incorporate everything he’s learned into a new, more powerful form of libriomancy. Surrounded by betrayal and political intrigue, Isaac and a ragtag group of allies must evade pursuit both magical and mundane, expose a conspiracy by some of the most powerful people in the world, and find a path to a better future. But what will that future cost Isaac and the ones he loves?
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.95

The Stars Are Legion
Hurley, Kameron
Set within a system of decaying world-ships travelling through deep space, this breakout novel of epic science fiction follows a pair of sisters who must wrest control of their war-torn legion of worlds and may have to destroy everything they know in order to survive. On the outer rim of the universe, a galactic war has been waged for centuries upon hundreds of world-ships. But these worlds will continue to die through decay and constant war unless a desperate plan succeeds. Anat, leader of the Katazyrna world-ship and the most fearsome raiding force on the Outer Rim, wants peace. To do so, she offers the hand of her daughter, Jayd, to her rival. Jayd has dreamed about leading her mother’s armies to victory, her whole life – but she has a unique ability; and that makes her leverage, not a leader. As Anat convinces her to spend the rest of her life, wed to her family’s greatest enemy, it is up to Jayd’s sister Zan – with no stomach for war – to lead the castoff warriors she has banded together to victory and rescue Jayd. But the war does not go, at all, as planned…
Space opera | PBK | $19.99

The Summon Stone (Gate of Good and Evil 01)
Irvine, Ian
The Merdrun, cruel warriors blooded by thousands of years of slaughter, are gathering in the void between the worlds. Their long-hidden summon stone is waking, corrupting good people as well as bad, and turning arcane places into magically-polluted wastelands. The start of a new series, set in the world of Irvine’s View from the Mirror series.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts 01)
James, Vic
Our world belongs to the Equals – aristocrats, with magical gifts – and all commoners must serve them, for ten years. But behind the gates, of England’s grandest estate, lies a power that could break the world. Abi is a servant to England’s most powerful family, but her spirit is free. So, when she falls for one of their noble-born sons, Abi faces a terrible choice. Uncovering the family’s secrets might win her liberty; but will her heart pay the price? Abi’s brother, Luke, is enslaved, in a brutal factory town. Far from his family, and cruelly oppressed, he makes friends – whose ideals could cost him everything. Now, Luke has discovered there may be a power, even greater than magic: revolution. He is a shadow in the glittering world of the Equals, with mysterious powers no one else understands. But will he liberate, or destroy?
Dystopian fantasy | HC | $39.95

The Guild Conspiracy (Chroniker City Story 03)
Johnson, Brooke
It has been six months since clockwork engineer Petra Wade destroyed an automaton designed for battle, narrowly escaping with her life. But her troubles are far from over. Her partner on the project, Emmerich Goss, has been sent away to France, and his father, Julian, is still determined that a war machine will be built. Forced to create a new device, Petra subtly sabotages the design in the hopes of delaying the war, but sabotage like this isn’t just risky: it’s treason. And with a soldier, Braith, assigned to watch her every move, it may not be long before Julian finds out what she’s done. Now, she just has to survive long enough to find another way to stop the war, before her sabotage is discovered and she’s sentenced to hang for crimes against the empire. But Julian’s plans go far deeper than she ever realised…

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson 11)
Jones, Darynda
Now, Charley is learning to make peace with the fact that she is a goddess with all kinds of power and that her own daughter has been born to save the world from total destruction. The forces of hell are determined to see Charley banished forever to the darkest corners of another dimension; but, with the son of Satan himself as her husband, maybe Charley can find a way to have her happily ever after, after all.

The Wrong Dead Guy (Another Coop Heist 02)
Kadrey, Richard
Coop, a master thief sort of gone legit, saved the world from an ancient doomsday device heroism that earned him a gig working for the Department of Peculiar Science, a fearsome top secret government agency that polices the odd and strange. Now, Woolrich, Coop’s boss at the DOPS, has Coop breaking into a traveling antiquities show to steal a sarcophagus containing the mummy of a powerful Egyptian wizard named Harkhuf. The first book in this new series – from the author of the Sandman Slim series – The Everything Box (TP, $29.99), is great fun.
Urban fantasy | HC | 46.95

Hold Back the Stars
Khan, Katie
Carys and Max have ninety minutes of air left. None of this was supposed to happen. But, perhaps, this doesn’t need to be the end… Adrift in space with nothing to hold on to but each other, Carys and Max can’t help but look back at the well-ordered world they have left behind – at the rules they couldn’t reconcile themselves to, and a life to which they might, now, never return. For in a world where love is banned, what happens when you find it?
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

Field of Fire (Frontline 05)
Kloos, Marko
The time has come to take the fight to the Lankies. Mars has been under Lanky control for more than a year. Since then, the depleted forces of Earth’s alliances have rebuilt their fleets, staffing old warships with freshly trained troops. Torn between the need to beat the Lankies to the punch and taking enough time to put together an effective fighting force, command has decided to strike now. Once again, seasoned veterans Andrew and Halley find themselves in charge of green troops and at the sharp tip of the spear as the combined military might of Earth goes up against the Lankies. But if there’s one constant in war, it’s that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy… and the Lankies want to hold on to Mars, as badly as humanity wants to reclaim it.
Military SF | TP | $29.95

Game of Shadows
Lewis, Erika
Thousands of years ago, in Ireland, an ancient race fought a world-changing battle and lost. Their land overrun, the Celtic gods and goddesses fled, while the mythical races and magical druids sailed to an uncharted continent, cloaked so mankind could never find it. This new homeland was named Tara. In modern day Los Angeles, Ethan Makkai struggles with an overprotective mother who never lets him out of her sight, and a terrifying secret: he can see ghosts. Desperate for a taste of freedom, he leaves his apartment by himself for the first time only to find his life changed forever…
Fantasy | HC | $47.95

The Glittering World
Levy, Robert
It’s a long way from the grit of New York City to the stark beauty of Nova Scotia, and many years separate Blue Whitley’s only two journeys between them. One occurred at age five, when his mother stole him away from the hinterlands of Canada. Now, twenty-five years later, he’s returning to sell a house left to him by a grandmother he barely remembers. Envisioning the trip as a week of countryside leisure, Blue is accompanied by his best friend Elisa, her stalwart husband Jeremy, and Gabe, his young and admiring co-worker. Starling Cove, however, is not your typical vacation spot. Blue senses secrets withheld. Strange whispers on the wind welcome him home; and, at first, he finds himself staring transfixed into the woods. Then he feels them gazing back. After a shocking discovery – that Blue went missing in these forests for weeks, as a child – life as he knows it begins to fall apart. And when another abduction strikes, the truth about Starling Cove begins to emerge.
Fantasy | TP | $24.99

A Game of Thrones (individual slipcase edition)
Martin, George R R
Winter is coming…
Fantasy | HC | $179.99

All Our Wrong Todays
Mastai, Elan
You know the future that people, in the 1950s, imagined we’d have? Well, it happened. In Tom Barren’s 2016, humanity thrives in a techno-utopian paradise of flying cars, moving sidewalks, and moon bases – where avocados never go bad, and punk rock never existed… because it wasn’t necessary. Except, Tom just can’t seem to find his place in this dazzling, idealistic world, and that’s before his life gets turned upside down. Utterly blindsided, by an accident of fate, Tom makes a rash decision that drastically changes, not only his own life, but the very fabric of the universe, itself…
Science fiction/time travel | HC | $47.95

Fleet Renegade (Under Jurisdiction 02) (omnibus)
Matthews, Susan R
Three, critically-acclaimed, epic, science fiction novels together – for the first time – from the Under Jurisdiction series by John W Campbell award finalist Susan R Matthews. The second of two series omnibus volumes, this collects: Angel of Destruction, The Devil and Deep Space, and Warring States. Fleet Renegade will be followed by the new Under Jurisdiction novel: Blood Enemies in April.
Space opera | TP | $33.95

Shadowed Threads (Rylee Adamson 04)
Mayer, Shannon
When children go missing, and the humans have no leads, I’m the one they call. I am their last hope for bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot. My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker. O’Shea is AWOL, and tracking him is proving to be harder than I expected. Not to mention the small fact that I have the Beast of Bodmin Moor chasing me across Europe – in a race against the odds, with my life as the prize. But those things are minor compared to the secrets that finally come to light. Secrets, I wish had stayed hidden in the darkness…
Paranormal romance | PBK | $19.95

Recluce Tales: Stories from the World of Recluce
Modesitt Jr, L E
A collection of short stories – set in the world of the Recluce Saga – features seventeen new tales, and four popular reprints; spanning the thousand-year history of Recluce, complemented by a background essay.
Fantasy | HC | $36.99

The Sudden Appearance of Hope
North, Claire
‘Listen. All the world forgets me. First my face, then my voice, then the consequences of my deeds. So, listen. Remember me. My name is Hope Ardern, and you won’t know who I am. We’ve met before – a thousand times. But I am the girl the world forgets. It started when I was sixteen years old. A slow declining, an isolation, one piece at a time. A father forgetting to drive me to school. A mother setting the table for three, not four. A teacher who forgets to chase my missing homework. A friend who looks straight through me and sees a stranger. No matter what I do, the words I say, the people I hurt, the crimes I commit – you will never remember who I am. That makes my life tricky. But it also makes me dangerous…’ A new thriller, from the ingenious voice who brought us The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and Touch ($19.99 each). Recommended.
Paranormal thriller | PBK | $19.99

Midnight Curse (Disrupted Magic 01)
Olson, Melissa F
Scarlett Bernard is used to cleaning up messes. As a human who cancels out any magic around her, Scarlett’s job is to keep the supernatural world hidden… at any cost. But on the eve of the Vampire Trials, a two-day tribunal that allows the otherworldly community to air their grievances, Scarlett receives a blood-soaked message from Molly, her estranged former roommate. Molly, a vampire, had been living with twelve human college students and in one terrible night, she slaughtered them all. Scarlett believes Molly’s been set up, but no one else in the Old World agrees with her. Meanwhile, the true perpetrator is determined to make sure Molly goes on trial for the massacre – and the penalty is death. With less than two days to prove her friend’s innocence, Scarlett calls on former LAPD detective Jesse Cruz to help her dig into Molly’s past. But no one – Molly included – wants Scarlett and Jesse to bring the terrible truth to light.
Urban fantasy | TP | $29.95

Version Control
Palmer, Dexter
Although Rebecca Wright has pieced her life back together after a major tragedy, she can’t shake a sense that the world around her feels off kilter. Meanwhile, her husband s dedication to his invention, the causality violation device (which he would greatly prefer you not call a time machine) has effectively stalled his career but he may be closer to success than either of them can possibly imagine. ‘[A] gripping page-turner, an insightful and wise look into the lives of scientists, a moving time-distortion story, and a clever satire about our current information age. I enjoyed the heck out of it.’ – Jeff VanderMeer.
Science fiction | TP | $33.95

Empire V: The Prince of Hamlet
Pelevin, Victor
Roman thought he’d found the perfect opportunity to rebel. He may have been wrong. He awakens strapped to a set of parallel bars in a richly appointed sitting room, and begins a conversation with a masked man which will change his life. His world has been a façade – one which the mysterious Brahma is about to tear away.
Satirical SF | PBK | $22.99

The Language of Dying (novella)
Pinborough, Sarah
Tonight is a special, terrible night. A woman sits at her father’s bedside, watching the clock tick away the last hours of his life. Her brothers and sisters – all broken, their bonds fragile – have been there for the past week, but now she is alone. And that’s when it always comes. The clock ticks, the darkness beckons. If it comes, at all. Pinborough’s British Fantasy Award winning novella – finally released in paperback.
Fantasy novella | PBK | $19.99

Lovecraft Country
Ruff, Matt
Chicago, 1954. When his father Montrose goes missing, 22-year-old Army veteran Atticus Turner embarks on a road trip to New England to find him, accompanied by his Uncle George publisher of The Safe Negro Travel Guide and his childhood friend Letitia. On their journey to the manor of Mr Braithwhite, heir to the estate that owned one of Atticus’ ancestors, they encounter both mundane terrors of white America and malevolent spirits that seem straight out of the weird tales George devours. At the manor, Atticus discovers his father in chains, held prisoner by a secret cabal named the Order of the Ancient Dawn, led by Samuel Braithwhite and his son Caleb, which has gathered to orchestrate a ritual that shockingly centres on Atticus. And his one hope of salvation may be the seed of his and the whole Turner clan’s destruction.
Fantasy | TP | $31.95

The Waking Fire (Draconis Memoria 01)
Ryan, Anthony
Throughout the vast lands controlled by the Ironship Syndicate, nothing is more prized than the blood of drakes. But not many know the truth: that the lines of drakes are weakening. The Syndicate’s last hope resides in whispers of the existence of another breed of drake, far more powerful than the rest, and the few who have been chosen by fate to seek it. Claydon Torcreek is a petty thief and an unregistered blood-blessed, who finds himself pressed into service by the protectorate and sent to wild, uncharted territories in search of a creature he believes is little more than legend. Lizanne Lethridge is a formidable spy and assassin, facing gravest danger on an espionage mission deep into the heart of enemy territory. And Corrick Hilemore is the second lieutenant of an ironship, whose pursuit of ruthless brigands leads him to a far greater threat at the edge of the world. As lives and empires clash and intertwine, as the unknown and the known collide, all three must fight to turn the tide of a coming war, or drown in its wake. Highly recommended!
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Archmage (Homecoming 01)
Salvatore, R A
Preparing for an attack by the powerful Archmage Gromph and his dark elves, Drizzt and his companions find themselves confronting demonic forces from the deepest reaches of the Abyss.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.95

Grave (Queen of the Dead trilogy 03)
Sagara, Michelle
Emma spent three long months hating life and its emptiness. But her friends, her family, and her half-deaf dog are responsibilities she can’t just walk away from; they need her. And she needs them. The Queen must be stopped, and Nathan must be freed. But to do that, Emma will have to walk into the heart of the Queen’s citadel, to face a woman who has had centuries to build her power. Emma’s had months. But if those months aren’t somehow enough, everyone – she still loves – will join Nathan in death.
Paranormal | HC | $35.95

Saturn Run: A Novel of 2066
Sandford, John & Ctein
The year is 2066. A Caltech intern inadvertently notices an anomaly from a space telescope – something is approaching Saturn, and decelerating. Space objects don’t decelerate. Spaceships do. A flurry of top-level government meetings produces the inescapable conclusion: Whatever built that ship is, at least, one hundred years ahead in hard and soft technology, and whoever can get their hands on it exclusively and bring it back will have an advantage so large, no other nation can compete. A conclusion, the Chinese definitely agree with, when they find out.
Science fiction thriller | PBK | $22.95

Quantum Night
Sawyer, Robert J
Experimental psychologist Chris Marchuk has developed a flawless technique for identifying the previously undetected psychopaths lurking everywhere in society. But while being cross examined – about his breakthrough – in court, Chris is shocked to discover that he has lost his memories of six months of his life, from twenty years previously – a dark time during which he himself committed heinous acts. Chris is reunited with Kayla Huron, his forgotten girlfriend from his lost period and now a quantum physicist who has made a stunning discovery about the nature of human consciousness. As a rising tide of violence and hate sweeps across the globe, the psychologist and the physicist combine forces in a race against time, to see if they can do the impossible – change human nature – before the entire world descends into darkness.
Science fiction | PBK | $19.95

The Beauty of Destruction (Veteran 03)
Smith, Gavin G
In the past, present and future, humanity is under attack from a mysterious, dark power. The invasion reaches its shattering conclusion in this epic space opera. In the far future, after the Loss of Earth, war has begun and an unknowable alien race has awakened, intent on the destruction of everything. Here and now, the end of the world has come. And the only way our species will survive is if two augmented humans can fight their way through apocalypse to a faint glimmer of hope. Long ago, the seeds of that apocalypse were resisted by the warrior tribes of Britain, with devastating consequences for them and their lands. And all three of these times will meet on another world. The Age of Scorpio is the first in the series ($19.99).
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

The Black Wolves of Boston
Spencer, Wen
Silas Decker had his world destroyed when he was attacked, by vampires, outside of New Amsterdam. He has rebuilt his life a dozen times in the last three hundred years – each time, less and less successfully. Now, he lives alone, buried under a hoarding habit, struggling to find some reason to wake up with the setting of the sun. Eloise is a Virtue, pledged to hunting evil. What she doesn’t know is how to live alone in a city full of strangers who know nothing about monsters. Seth is the sixteen-year-old Prince of Boston, ward of the Wolf King. Now he is left in a city that desperately needs his protection with enemies gathering all around. Joshua believes he is a normal, college-bound, high-school senior. His life is shattered when he wakes up in a field, covered with blood, and the prom committee scattered in pieces about him like broken dolls. These four must, now, come together to unravel a plot by Wickers, witches who gain power from human sacrifices and have the power to turn any human into their puppet. Four people – who lost everything – struggle to save Boston… by saving each other. The first in a new series.
Urban fantasy | HC | $46.95

Steele, Allen
Nathan Arkwright is a famous science fiction writer, who is convinced that humanity cannot survive on Earth. His Arkwright Foundation dedicates itself to creating a colony in deep space. Fuelled by Nathan’s legacy, generations of Arkwrights are drawn together, and pulled apart, by the enormity of the task and weight of their name. Recommended.
Science fiction | TP | $31.95

In the Drift (Dover Doomsday Classics)
Swanwick, Michael
The Three Mile Island accident has contaminated all of central Pennsylvania – where two-headed monsters, mutated vampires, and other outcasts struggle to survive their shattered world. ‘Compulsively readable.’ – George R R Martin.
Post-apocalypse | TP | $27.95

Kill Before Dying (Tau Ceti Agenda 05)
Taylor, Travis S
A century and a half after the Martian Separatist Wars, Alexander Moore returns to the stars with the Sienna Madira, a United States Navy supercarrier spacecraft: outfitted with advanced FTL and endlessly strange, extremely effective, quantum-based weapons and remote sensing technology. And, of course, he’s brought Marines, and lots of them. These are troops superbly trained for space battle, and equipped with advanced powered armour and artificial intelligence backup. Moore’s task: hunt down remnant weaponry platforms left by the brilliant, mad artificial intelligence known as Copernicus, the being ultimately responsible for the Solar System-wide civil war. Now, Copernicus has formed an alliance with something else out there with a similar goal: wipe humanity from the galaxy forever.
Space opera | HC | $46.95

The Bear and the Serpent (Echoes of the Fall 02)
Tchaikovsky, Adrian
Maniye, child of Wolf and Tiger, has a new soul and a new shape. But as Champion of the Crown of the World, does she represent an opportunity for the North – or a threat? Travelling as a bodyguard to the Southern prince, with her warband of outcasts, she hopes to finally discover her true place in the world. But if only it was that simple. Tensions rise, and new allies face up to old enemies as civil war threatens to tear the South apart. Royal twins can’t share a throne, so one must be chosen. And whoever rules the southern Sun River Nation will hold the fate of the world in their hands. As the protector of one potential heir, Maniye soon finds herself at the eye of a political storm. Yet all the while, an enemy from the most ancient of times prepares for conquest, and could destroy everything in their path… Follows The Tiger and the Wolf (PBK, $19.99).
Fantasy | TP | $29.99

The War of the Worlds
Wells, H G
‘No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s…’ As the Martians emerge, they construct giant killing machines – armed with heatrays – that are impervious to attack. Advancing upon London they destroy everything in their path. Everything, except the few humans they collect in metal traps. Victorian England is a place in which the steam engine is state-of-the-art technology and powered flight is just a dream. Mankind is helpless against the killing machines from Mars, and soon the survivors are left living in a new stone age. Don’t miss the brilliant authorised sequel: The Massacre of Mankind by Stephen Baxter (TP, $32.99, see above).
SF Masterworks | PBK | $22.99

The Ninth Rain (Winnowing Flame trilogy 01)
Williams, Jen
The great wall of Ebora is crumbling. Wolves walk streets that once shone with gold, and Ebora’s people – diseased and inhuman – are fading into nothing. Tormalin the Oathless, last son of Ebora, has had enough. Better to enjoy the pleasures of wine and coin, the pursuit of men and women, than to waste away under the blind gaze of a long-dead god. But not everyone is willing to let the Eboran empire fall. And Tormalin is soon drawn into a conspiracy of magic and war, whilst a horror from the depths of history threatens to make even his people look reasonable. The Jure’lia are coming, and the Ninth Rain will fall…
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

Wolfe, Bernard
In the aftermath of an atomic war, a new international movement of pacifism has arisen. Multitudes of young men have chosen to curb their aggressive instincts through voluntary amputation – disarmament, in its most literal sense. Those who have undergone this procedure are highly esteemed in the new society. But they have a problem – their prosthetics require a rare metal to function, and international tensions are rising over which countries get the right to mine it… A forgotten classic, by one of the great American writers of the twentieth century.
SF Masterworks | PBK | $22.99