Science Fiction & Fantasy Catalogue: March 2017

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in March 2017.

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March 2017 includes new books by: John Birmingham, Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Kirsten Britain, Yahtzee Croshaw, Brian McClellan, Seanan McGuire, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Christopher Nuttall… and many others.

A Darkness Absolute (Casey Duncan 02)
Armstrong, Kelley
After a shaky start, Casey Duncan is settling into her role, as the town’s much-needed detective. She’s also found love with Sheriff Eric Dalton. But when Casey discovers a young woman out in the mountains, she is soon caught up in a terrifying new case. Someone is abducting women and keeping them trapped deep in the forest. Is he from Rockton, or from the wilderness beyond? With winter storms and sudden blizzards, the town is now cut off, even more than usual. As Casey races to find a killer, she herself could become his next target. A sequel to City of the Lost (PBK, $19.99).
Thriller | TP | $29.99

Phantom Pains (Arcadia Project 02)
Baker, Mishell
Four months ago, Millie left the Arcadia Project after losing her partner Teo to the lethal magic of an Unseelie fey countess. Now, in a final visit to the scene of the crime, Millie and her former boss Caryl encounter Teo’s tormented ghost. But there’s one problem: according to Caryl, ghosts don’t exist. Millie has a new life, a stressful job, and no time to get pulled back into the Project, but she agrees to tell her side of the ghost story to the agents from the Project’s National Headquarters. During her visit though, tragedy strikes when one of the agents is gruesomely murdered in a way only Caryl could have achieved. Millie knows Caryl is innocent, but the only way to save her from the Project’s severe, off-the-books justice is to find the mysterious culprits that can only be seen when they want to be seen. Millie must solve the mystery not only to save Caryl, but also to foil an insidious, arcane terrorist plot that would leave two worlds in ruins. Borderline is the first in this excellent new series (PBK, $24.99).
Urban fantasy | TP | $31.95

Stalin’s Hammer: The Complete Sequence (omnibus)
Birmingham, John
‘Ten years have passed since Admiral Kolhammer’s 21st century battlefleet was dragged into a wormhole and thrown across oceans of time, emerging with disastrous consequences and shattering the history of the Second World War. Hitler and the Nazis have fallen, but Stalin rules half of Europe and Asia. The great Soviet engines of state power turn and burn to “set history right”. Not just of the war, but of all future time. In Rome with his lover Julia Duffy, an older, mellower Prince Harry is drawn into Stalin’s plans when a simple game of spies goes horribly wrong. Underneath the eternal city, former Spetsnaz officer Pavel Ivanov fights a running battle with the NKVD’s executioner-in-chief, as Stalin’s minions fight to preserve the secret of a weapon that could destroy the West with one, fearsome blow. Moving from Rome to Paris to Cairo, Harry and the uptimers must fight a shadow war against the communist superstate and the suspicion and prejudices of their forebears. They can save the world, but the world does not want saving, by the likes of them.’ – publisher’s blurb.
Alternate history | TP | $45.95

Etched in Bone (The Others 05)
Bishop, Anne
After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders – a primitive and lethal form of the Others – the few cities left under human control are far flung. And the people within them now know to fear the no-man’s-land beyond their borders – and the darkness… As some communities struggle to rebuild, Lakeside Courtyard has emerged relatively unscathed, though Simon Wolfgard, its wolf shifter leader, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn must work with the human pack to maintain the fragile peace. But all their efforts are threatened, when Lieutenant Montgomery’s shady brother arrives, looking for a free ride and easy pickings. With the humans on guard against one of their own, tensions rise, drawing the attention of the Elders, who are curious about the effect such an insignificant predator can have on a pack. But Meg knows the dangers, for she has seen in the cards how it will all end – with her standing beside a grave…
Urban fantasy | HC | $49.95

Gather Her Round (Tufa 05)
Bledsoe, Alex
Young Kera Rogers disappears while hiking in the woods by Needsville. When her half-eaten remains are discovered, the blame falls upon a herd of wild hogs, a serious threat in this rural community. In response, the county’s best trackers, including game warden Jack Cates and ex-military Tufa Bronwyn Chess are assembled to hunt them down. Kara’s boyfriend Duncan Gowen mourns her death, until he finds evidence she cheated on him with his best friend, Adam Procure. Seeking revenge, Duncan entices Adam to participate in their own boar hunt. Later, Bronwyn and Jack stumble across a devastated Duncan, who claims a giant boar impaled Adam and dragged him off. As this second death rocks the town, people begin to wonder who is really responsible. Determined hunters pursue the ravenous horde through the Appalachians as other Tufa seek their own answers. Between literal beasts in the woods and figurative wolves in sheep’s clothing, what truths will arise come spring?
Fantasy | HC | $52.95

Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson 10)
Briggs, Patricia
Attacked and abducted in her home territory, Mercy finds herself in the clutches of the most powerful vampire in the world, taken as a weapon to use against alpha werewolf Adam and the ruler of the Tri-Cities vampires. In coyote form, Mercy escapes – only to find herself without money, without clothing, and alone in the heart of Europe… Unable to contact Adam and the rest of the pack, Mercy has allies to find and enemies to fight, and she needs to figure out which is which. Ancient powers stir, and Mercy must be her agile best to avoid causing a war between vampires and werewolves, and between werewolves and werewolves. And in the heart of the ancient city of Prague, old ghosts rise…
Paranormal romance | TP | $29.99

Bristow, Su
What happens when magic collides with reality? Donald is a young fisherman, eking out a lonely living on the west coast of Scotland. One night he witnesses something miraculous… and makes a terrible mistake. His action changes lives – not only his own, but those of his family and the entire tightly-knit community in which they live. Can he ever atone for the wrong he has done, and can love grow… when its foundation is violence?
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Firebrand (Green Rider 06)
Britain, Kristen
‘Britain packs her exciting sixth Green Rider epic fantasy with new perils for her heroine, Karigan Galadheon. Karigan has returned from a future in which her beloved Sacordia has been overrun by the forces of evil. Sheas wounded and longing for Cade Harlowe, the love that she found in the future. As she recuperates in the castle of Sacor City, winter there does not keep events from unfolding. Her old friend Estral Andovian arrives unexpectedly, looking for help to find her missing father, the Golden Guardian, official keeper of the kingdom as lore and culture. Before the weather breaks, the castle is attacked by a powerful ice elemental sent by Grandmother, the necromancer leader of the Second Empire, foe of both Sacordia and Eletia.’ The first in this highly-recommended series is Green Rider ($22.99).
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

Winter of the Gods (Olympus Bound 02)
Brodsky, Jordanna Max
Manhattan has many secrets. Some are older than the city itself. Winter in New York: snow falls, lights twinkle, and the goddess Artemis prowls the streets looking for prey. But when a dead body is discovered sprawled atop Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull statue, it’s clear the NYPD can’t solve the murder without help. The killing isn’t just the work of another homicidal cult – this time, someone’s sacrificing the gods themselves. While raising fundamental questions about the very existence of the gods, Artemis must hunt down the perpetrators, tracking a conspiracy that will test the bonds of loyalty and love. A sequel to the very well-regarded The Immortals (PBK, $19.99).
Supernatural thriller | PBK | $19.99

Fierce Gods (Heart of the World 04)
Buchanan, Col
A time of reckoning has begun. For 10 years the Free Ports held their own against the despotic empire of Mann, but the empire is now poised to destroy them. The crucial fortress city of Bar-Khos is under attack and its freedom depends on a few unsteady hands. Betrayal could come from any side, at any moment. While chaos reigns, Nico will search for his captive mother and attempt to defend his people. And Shard the Dreamer will hunt for legendary charts, which could yet save the city. However, a Red Guard officer gone rogue could bring about the end, and a visitor from another world has a hidden agenda. With the war entering its darkest hours, will any of them survive?
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Witchy Eye
Butler, D J
Sarah Calhoun is the fifteen-year-old daughter of the Elector Andrew Calhoun, one of Appalachee’s military heroes and one of the electors who gets to decide who will next ascend as the Emperor of the New World. None of that matters to Sarah. She has a natural talent for hexing and one bad eye, and all she wants is to be left alone – especially by outsiders. But Sarah’s world gets turned on its head at the Nashville Tobacco Fair when a Yankee wizard-priest tries to kidnap her. Sarah fights back with the aid of a mysterious monk named Thalanes, who is one of the not-quite-human Firstborn, the Moundbuilders of the Ohio. It is Thalanes who reveals to Sarah a secret heritage she never dreamed could be hers. Now, on a desperate quest with Thalanes to claim this heritage, she is hunted by the Emperor’s bodyguard of elite dragoons, as well as by darker things – shapeshifting Mockers and undead Lazars, and behind them a power more sinister still. If Sarah cannot claim her heritage, it may mean the end to her, her family – and to the world where she is just beginning to find her place.
Flintlock fantasy | HC | $46.95

Star’s End
Clarke, Cassandra Rose
The Corominas family owns a small planet system, which consists of one gaseous planet and four terraformed moons, nicknamed the Four Sisters. Phillip Coromina, the patriarch of the family, earned his wealth through a manufacturing company he started as a young man and is preparing his eldest daughter, Esme, to take over the company when he dies. When Esme comes of age and begins to take over the business, she gradually discovers the reach of her father’s company, the sinister aspects of its work with alien DNA, and the shocking betrayal that estranged her three half-sisters from their father. After a lifetime of following her father’s orders, Esme must decide if she should agree to his dying wish of assembling her sisters for a last goodbye or face her role in her family’s tragic undoing.
Space opera | HC | $49.95

Will Save The Galaxy For Food
Croshaw, Yahtzee
A not-quite-epic science fiction adventure about a down-on-his-luck galactic pilot caught in a cross-galaxy struggle for survival! Space travel just isn’t what it used to be. With the invention of Quantum Teleportation, space heroes aren’t needed anymore. When one particularly unlucky ex-adventurer masquerades as famous pilot and hate figure Jacques McKeown, he’s sucked into an ever-deepening corporate and political intrigue. Between space pirates, adorable deadly creatures, and a missing fortune in royalties, saving the universe was never this difficult!
Humorous science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Kings of the Wyld (Band 01)
Eames, Nicholas
Clay Cooper and his band were once the best of the best – the meanest, dirtiest, most feared and admired crew of mercenaries – this side of the Heartwyld. But their glory days are long past; the mercs have grown apart and grown old, fat, drunk – or a combination of the three. Then a former bandmate turns up at Clay’s door with a plea for help: his daughter Rose is trapped in a city besieged by an enemy horde one hundred thousand strong and hungry for blood. Rescuing Rose is the kind of impossible mission that only the very brave or the very stupid would sign up for. It’s time to get the band back together… for one last tour across the Wyld. ‘The world is rich and exciting, with every classic fantasy monster on hand and a few delightfully horrifying new ones. Moreover, the plot is emotionally rewarding, original, and hilarious, and boasts a satisfying conclusion while leaving room for future books. Eames clearly set out to write something fun to read, and he has succeeded spectacularly.’ – Publisher’s Weekly.
Satirical fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Dancer’s Lament (Malazan Empire: Path to Ascendancy 01)
Esslemont, Ian C
Esslemont’s all-new prequel trilogy takes readers deeper into the politics and intrigue of the Malazan Empire. Dancer’s Lament focuses on the genesis of the empire, and features Dancer, the skilled assassin, who – alongside the mage, Kellanved – would found the Malazan Empire.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Power Game (Ghostwalker 13)
Feehan, Christine
When radical terrorists take hostages in Indonesia, Captain Ezekiel Fortunes is called to lead the rescue team. Part of a classified government experiment, Zeke is a supersoldier with enhanced abilities. He can see better and run faster than the enemy, disappear when necessary and hunt along any terrain. There are those in the world willing to do anything for power like that… A formidable spy genetically engineered to hide in plain sight, Bellisia rarely meets a man who doesn’t want to control her, or kill her. But Zeke is different. His gaze, his touch – they awaken feelings inside her that she never thought possible. He’s the kind of man she could settle down with – if she can keep him alive…
Paranormal romance | TP | $29.99

Feffer, John
‘In a chilling, thoughtful, and intuitive warning, foreign policy analyst takes today’s woes – of a politically-fragmented, warming Earth and amplifies them into future catastrophe. Looking back from his hospital bed in 2050, octogenarian, geo-palaeontologist Julian West contemplates his fractured world and estranged family. By 2050, the refugee-saturated European Union has collapsed; the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China have splintered; and Washington, DC, is gone, destroyed by Hurricane Donald in 2022. There are water wars, imitation foods made from seaweed, inequality, disease, and sleeper terrorists. On a virtual reality trip to make amends, West visits his children’s professor Aurora in a deteriorating Brussels rampant with kidnappings; wealthy opportunist Gordon in Xinjiang, no longer part of China; and freedom fighter Benjamin in prosperous Botswana. His ex-wife, Rachel, lives in a commune in a snowless Vermont, now a farming paradise… Feffer’s confident recitation of world collapse is terrifyingly plausible, a short but encompassing look at world tragedy.’ – Publisher’s Weekly.
Dystopia | TP | $28.95

Dr Potter’s Medicine Show
Fischi, Eric
Dr Alexander Potter, disgraced Civil War surgeon, now huckster and seller of snake oil, travels the wet roads of the Pacific Northwest with a disheartened company of strongmen, illusionists, fortune-tellers, and musical whores. Under the quiet command of the mysterious, merciless, and murderous Lyman Rhoades, they entertain the masses, while hawking the Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic – a vital elixir touted to cure all ills both physical and spiritual… although, for a few unfortunate customers, the Sagwa offers something much, much worse. For drunken dentist Josiah McDaniel, the Sagwa has taken everything from him; in the hired company of two accidental outlaws, the bickering brothers Solomon Parker and Agamemnon Rideout, he looks to revenge himself on the Elixir’s creator: Dr Morrison Hedwith, businessman, body-thief, and secret alchemist, a man who is running out of time.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Ring of Fire IV
Flint, Eric (editor)
The collection of Grantville tales edited and introduced by Eric Flint, inspired by his now-legendary 1632. Includes stories by Eric Flint, David Brin, Virginia DeMarce, Charles E Gannon, and more.
1632 anthology | PBK | $19.95

Archangel (Spectre War 02)
Fortune, Margaret
As a soldier of the Celestial Expanse, Guardian First Class Michael Sorenson knows better than anyone that when the Spectres invade, there are only two options – run or die. However, his defensive war takes on a whole new spin when he’s recruited into Division 7, a research and development facility with the ultimate mission: to create a large-scale weapon that can kill Spectres, en masse. Here Michael joins a team of military elite who have the daring – and dangerous – task of taking new weapons prototypes out into the field for testing on enemy troops. Yet, the closer they come to developing a working WMD, the more it becomes clear: there’s a saboteur in R &D. With all signs pointing to a massive Spectre attack brewing on the horizon, the creation of a new weapons system yields an opportunity to end the threat once and for all. As the days count down toward its launch, Michael must hunt down the saboteur… before the saboteur kills again. A sequel to Nova (PBK, $19.95).
Military SF | HC | $46.95

Orbital Cloud
Fujii, Taiyo
In the year 2020, Kazumi Kimura, proprietor of shooting star forecast website Meteor News, notices some orbiting space debris moving suspiciously. Rumours spread online that the debris is actually an orbital weapon targeting the International Space Station. Halfway across the world, at NORAD, Staff Sergeant Darryl Freeman begins his investigation of the debris. At the same time, billionaire entrepreneur Ronnie Smark and his journalist daughter prepare to check into an orbital hotel as part of a stunt promoting private space tourism. Then Kazumi receives highly sensitive information from a source claiming to be an Iranian scientist. And, so begins, an unprecedented international battle against space-based terror that will soon involve the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, NORAD, and the CIA. The first in a series.
Science fiction | TP | $33.95

The Immortal Throne (City 02)
Gemmell, Stella
As The City struggles to return to something resembling normal life after the devastation brought on by the rebellion, word arises of a massive army gathering to the north. No one knows where it has come from or who leads it, but it soon becomes apparent that its sole purpose is to destroy The City and annihilate all – man, woman and child – who live within its battered walls.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

The Mammoth Book of the Mummy
Guran, Paula (editor)
As a figure of horror and the supernatural the mummy has attained iconic status in the popular imagination. This anthology presents a collection of tales written for the twenty-first century. Here you will find stories of revenge, romance, monsters and mayhem, ranging freely across time periods, genres and styles, by Kage Baker, Gail Carriger, Paul Cornell, Carole Nelson Douglas, Terry Dowling, Noreen Doyle, Steve Duffy, Karen Joy Fowler, Will Hill, Stephen Graham Jones, John Langan, Joe R Lansdale, Helen Marshall, Kim Newman, Norman Partridge, Adam Roberts, Robert Sharp, Angela Slatter, Keith Taylor and Lois Tilton.
Horror anthology | TP | $29.99

Empress Of The Fall (Sunsurge Quartet 01)
Hair, David
The Emperor is dead – long live the Empress! Emperor Constant is dead and his rivals are scrabbling for power – but any misstep could plunge the land, already devastated by the shocking outcome of the Third Crusade, into a calamitous civil war. The Imperial throne is not the only one in jeopardy. Two brothers, imprisoned veterans of the Crusades, finally return home to find their father’s kingdom being plundered – but the price of regaining their birthright will have far-reaching implications for the entire empire. In the East, Sultan Salim, peacemaker and visionary ruler, faces his greatest challenge as his people demand an invasion of the West, in retribution for the Rondian Crusades. And lurking in the darkness, orchestrating both the power struggles and the inevitable conflicts, is a shadowy group threatening to destroy civilisation itself. Once more, Urte stands on the brink of cataclysm. This first book in a new series follows on where Hair’s much-loved Moontide Quartet finished.
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

Haywood, R R
In 2061, a young scientist invents a time machine to fix a tragedy in his past. But his good intentions turn catastrophic when an early test reveals something unexpected: the end of the world. A desperate plan is formed. Recruit three heroes, ordinary humans capable of extraordinary things, and change the future. Safa Patel is an elite police officer, on duty when Downing Street comes under terrorist attack. As armed men storm through the breach, she dispatches them all. ‘Mad’ Harry Madden is a legend of the Second World War. Not only did he complete an impossible mission – to plant charges on a heavily defended submarine base – but he also escaped with his life. Ben Ryder is just an insurance investigator. But as a young man he witnessed a gang assaulting a woman and her child. He went to their rescue, and killed all five. Can these three heroes, extracted from their timelines at the point of death, save the world? The first in a new series.
Post-apocalyptic/time travel | TP | $29.95

Cyber World: Tales of Humanity’s Tomorrow
Heller, Jason (editor)
New stories from Saladin Ahmed, Madeline Ashby, Paolo Bacigalupi, Darin Bradley, Minister Faust, Sarah Pinsker, Alyssa Wong, and many more. ‘This is the upgrade: the new, real sound of diverse futures, mad and magnificent, the world on a wire. Essential.’ – Warren Ellis.
Science fiction anthology | TP | $29.95

Lady of Magick (Noctis Magicae 02)
Hunter, Sylvia
In her second year of studies at Merlin College, Oxford, Sophie Marshall is feeling alienated among fellow students who fail to welcome a woman to their ranks. So, when her husband, Gray, is invited north as a visiting lecturer at the University in Din Edin, they leap at the chance. There, Sophie’s hunger for magickal knowledge can finally be nourished. But she must put her newly learned skills to the test sooner than expected. All is not well in the Kingdom of Alba, and before long the Marshalls find themselves beset by unexpected dangers. When Gray disappears, and none of her spells can find a trace of him, Sophie realises something sinister has befallen him. Delving into Gray’s disappearance she soon finds herself in a web of magick and intrigue that threatens not just Gray, but the entire kingdom… Perfect for fans of Caroline Stevermer’s work.
Fantasy | TP | $29.99

Just An Ordinary Day (collection)
Jackson, Shirley
An anxious devil, a malicious old woman and a mid-century Jack the Ripper; a pursuit though a nightmarish city, a small boy’s thrilling train ride with a female thief, and a town where the possibility of evil lurks behind perfect rose bushes. This is the world of Shirley Jackson, by turns frightening, funny, strange and unforgettably revealed in this collection of brilliant stories.
Horror | PBK | $22.99

Gilded Cage
James, Vic
The first book in a new series about magical aristocrats in modern England. ‘Brisk plotting, sympathetic characters, and plenty of intrigue will keep readers on the edges of their seats, eager for the next book in a very promising series.’ – Publishers Weekly.
Fantasy | HC | $39.95

Spaceman of Bohemia
Kalfar, Jaroslav
Set in the near-distant future, the account of a Czech astronaut, as he launches into space to investigate a mysterious dust cloud covering Venus, a suicide mission sponsored by a proud nation. Suddenly a world celebrity, Jakub’s marriage starts to fail as the weeks go by, and his sanity comes into question. After his mission is derailed – he must make a violent decision that will force him to come to terms with his family’s dark political past.
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

An Uncertain Grace
Kneen, Krissy
Some time, in the near future, university lecturer Caspar receives a gift from a former student called Liv: a memory stick containing a virtual narrative. Hooked up to a virtual reality bodysuit, he becomes immersed in the experience of their past sexual relationship. But this time it is her experience. What was for him an erotic interlude, resonant with the thrill of seduction, was very different for her – and when he has lived it, he will understand how. Later… A convicted paedophile recruited to Liv’s experiment in collective consciousness discovers a way to escape from his own desolation. A synthetic boy, designed by Liv’s team to ‘love’ men who desire adolescents, begins to question the terms of his existence. L, in transition to a state beyond gender, befriends Liv, in transition to a state beyond age. Liv herself has finally transcended the corporeal – but there is still the problem of love. A novel in five parts.
Erotica | TP | $29.99

The Wheel of Osheim (Red Queen’s War 03)
Lawrence, Mark
All the horrors of Hell stand between Snorri Ver Snagason and the rescue of his family, if indeed the dead can be rescued. For Jalan Kendeth getting out alive and with Loki’s Key is all that matters. The key can open any lock and possession of it may enable Jal to return to the three Ws that have been the core of his debauched life: wine, women, and wagering. But the Wheel of Osheim is turning ever faster and it will crack the world unless it’s stopped. When the end of all things looms, and there’s nowhere to run, even the worst coward must find new answers. The first in this excellent, dark series is Prince of Fools ($17.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Sins of Empire (Gods of Blood and Powder 01)
McClellan, Brian
Prepare for a brand-new adventure in the world Powder Mage series. The young nation of Fatrasta is a turbulent place – a frontier destination for criminals, fortune-hunters, brave settlers, and sorcerers seeking relics of the past. Only the iron will of the lady chancellor and her secret police holds the capital city of Landfall together against the unrest of an oppressed population and the machinations of powerful empires. The insurrection that threatens Landfall must be purged with guile and force, a task which falls on the shoulders of a spy named Michel Bravis, convicted war hero Mad Ben Styke, and Lady Vlora Flint, a mercenary general with a past as turbulent as Landfall’s present. As loyalties are tested, revealed, and destroyed, a grim spectre as old as time has been unearthed in this wild land, and the people of Landfall will soon discover that rebellion is the least of their worries.
Flintlock fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Magic for Nothing (Incryptid 06)
McGuire, Seanan
‘Antimony Price, the youngest of her family of cryptozoologists, is still figuring out her life as she tries to contain her new, secret incendiary power. After her older sister, Verity, basically declares war against their enemy, St George of the Covenant, on live television, Annie is asked by the family to travel to London and infiltrate the Covenant. She must find out if the organisation is taking Verity’s declaration seriously and planning to respond in kind. This is a life-or-death mission; if the Covenant discovers who Annie is, if they realise that she wants to protect most of the Cryptids, if they uncover her secret, they will certainly kill her – or worse. Because there is always a worse… McGuire continues to keep the high energy and excitement in her frenetic action-filled stories, with loads of humour and intriguing character…’ – Library Journal. The first in the series is Discount Armageddon (PBK, $19.95).
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.95

Insurgence (Corporation Wars 02)
MacLeod, Ken
The sequel to Dissidence (PBK, $22.95) which ‘… hits the main vein of conversation about locks on artificial intelligence and living in simulations and exoplanetary exploitation and drone warfare and wraps it all into a remarkably human, funny, and smartly-designed yarn. It is, in fact, a king-hell commercial entertainment… It rips along on rockets’. – Warren Ellis.
Science fiction | PBK | $22.95

The Holver Alley Crew (Streets of Maradaine 01)
Maresca, Marshall Ryan
The Rynax brothers had gone legit after Asti Rynax’s service in Druth Intelligence had shattered his nerves, and marriage and fatherhood convinced Verci Rynax to leave his life of thievery. They settled back in their old neighbourhood in West Maradaine and bought themselves a shop, eager for a simple, honest life. Then the Holver Alley Fire incinerated their plans. With no home, no shop, and no honest income – and saddled with a looming debt – they fall back on their old skills and old friends. With a crew of other fire victims, Asti and Verci plan a simple carriage heist, but the job spirals out of control as they learn that the fire was no accident. Lives in Holver Alley were destroyed out of a sadistic scheme to buy the land. Smouldering for revenge, burdened with Asti’s crumbling sanity, the brothers and their crew of amateurs and washouts swear to take down those responsible for the fire, no matter the cost. Maresca’s other Maradaine series’ books have been great fun.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.95

All Our Wrong Todays
Mastai, Elan
You know the future that people, in the 1950s, imagined we’d have? Well, it happened. In Tom Barren’s 2016, humanity thrives in a techno-utopian paradise of flying cars, moving sidewalks, and moon bases – where avocados never go bad, and punk rock never existed… because it wasn’t necessary. Except, Tom just can’t seem to find his place in this dazzling, idealistic world, and that’s before his life gets turned upside down. Utterly blindsided, by an accident of fate, Tom makes a rash decision that drastically changes, not only his own life, but the very fabric of the universe, itself… ‘Mastai has fun with all the usual conventions of time travel and its many paradoxes, and the cherry on top is his dialogue, reminiscent of Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’ – Publisher’s Weekly.
Science fiction/time travel | TP | $32.99

Nix, Garth
Talking dogs. Mischievous wizards. An evil step-stepfather. Loads and loads of toads. Such is the life of a Frogkisser. Princess Anya needs to see a wizard about a frog. It’s not her frog, it’s her sister’s. And it’s not a frog, it’s actually a prince. A prince who was once in love with Anya’s sister, but has now been turned into a frog by their evil step-stepfather. And Anya has made a ‘sister promise’ that she will find a way to return Prince Denholm to human form… So begins, an exciting, hilarious, irreverent quest through the Kingdom of Trallonia and out the other side, in a fantastical tale for all ages, full of laughs and danger, surprises and delights, and an immense population of frogs.
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Cursed Command (Angel in the Whirlwind 03)
Nuttall, Christopher
Captain Kat Falcone owes her life and career to her former right-hand man, William McElney, and she did everything in her power to make sure he was front and centre for a promotion. But now that he has it, she fears he’ll have to watch his back. Captain McElney has been assigned to HMS Uncanny – nicknamed Unlucky – a heavy cruiser tainted by the mysterious deaths of two former captains and rumours of mutineers. Nevertheless, as the interstellar war with the Theocracy rages on, the Uncanny will travel in tandem with Kat’s starship, HMS Lightning, to the notoriously lawless Jorlem Sector to forge alliances for the Commonwealth and quash rampant piracy. The first in this excellent military SF series is The Oncoming Storm ($29.95).
Science fiction | TP | $29.95

Inherit the Flame (Scorched Continent 03)
O’Keefe, Megan E
Detan Honding is determined to survive this war, even when caught between not one but two besieging armies! After rescuing the renowned engineer Nouli from the clutches of the empire, the valiant rogue has returned to his aunt’s city – to find it under siege by Thratia’s army. With Nouli’s help, they manage to turn back the tide, at least until imperial forces descend, prepared to hammer the Thratian force against the anvil of the city’s walls. Worse yet, the imperial advance is aided by an elite force of dark magicians. His aunt is forced to forge an uneasy alliance with Thratia, to keep the city from falling back under imperial control – but Detan’s wary. While Thratia and his aunt bring their forces to bear against the new threat, Detan puts his own plans into motion – to ensure that when the final blow is dealt, Thratia and her army will find themselves on the other side of the city’s walls. Follows Steal the Sky and Break the Chains (PBK, $19.95 each)
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Seven Surrenders (Terra Ignota 02)
Palmer, Ada
In a future of near-instantaneous global travel, of abundant provision for the needs of all, a future in which no one living can remember an actual war a long era of stability threatens to come to an abrupt end. For known only to a few, the leaders of the great Hives, nations without fixed location, have long conspired to keep the world stable, at the cost of just a little blood. A few secret murders, mathematically planned. So that no faction can ever dominate, and the balance holds. And, yet, the balance is beginning to give way. Mycroft Canner, convict, sentenced to wander the globe in service to all, knows more about this conspiracy the than he can ever admit. Carlyle Foster, counsellor, sensayer, has secrets as well, and they burden Carlyle beyond description. And both Mycroft and Carlyle are privy to the greatest secret of all: Bridger, the child who can bring inanimate objects to life. ‘A cornucopia of dazzling, sharp ideas set in rich, wry prose that rewards rumination with layers of delight. Provocative, erudite, inventive, resplendent.’ – Ken Liu. A sequel to Too Like the Lightning (TP, $31.95).
Science fiction | HC | $49.95

All Hallows Horror (Lovecraft Squad 01)
Probert, John Llewellyn
There has always been something wrong about All Hallows Church. Not just the building, but the very land upon it stands. Reports dating back to Roman times reveal that it has always been a bad place – blighted by strange sightings, unusual phenomena, and unexplained disappearances. So, in the 1990s, a team of para-psychiatrists is sent in to investigate the various mysteries surrounding the Church and its unsavoury legends. From the start, they begin to discover a paranormal world that defies belief. But as they dig deeper, not only do they uncover some of the secrets behind the ancient edifice designed by ‘Zombie King’ Thomas Moreby… but, hidden away beneath everything else, something so ancient and so terrifying that it is using the architect himself as a conduit to unimaginable evil. After four days and nights, not everybody survives – and those that do will come to wish they hadn’t. Imagine The Haunting of Hill House, The Amityville Horror, The Entity, and The Stone Tape rolled together into the very fabric of a single building. And then… imagine, if all that horror is accidentally released…
Cthulhuiana | HC | $47.95

Slow Bullets (novella)
Reynolds, Alastair
A vast conflict, one that has encompassed hundreds of worlds and solar systems, appears to be finally at an end. A conscripted soldier is beginning to consider her life after the war and the family she has left behind. But for Scur – and for humanity – peace is not to be. On the brink of the ceasefire, Scur is captured by a renegade war criminal, and left for dead in the ruins of a bunker. She revives aboard a prisoner transport vessel. Something has gone terribly wrong with the ship. Passengers – combatants from both sides of the war – are waking up from hibernation far too soon. Their memories, embedded in bullets, are the only links to a world which is no longer recognisable. And Scur will be reacquainted with her old enemy, but with much higher stakes than just her own life. Absolutely brilliant – highly recommended!
Science fiction | HC | $26.99

The Medusa Chronicles
Reynolds, Alastair & Baxter, Stephen
Howard Falcon almost lost his life in an accident… and a combination of human ingenuity and technical expertise brought him back. Not as himself, but as an augmented human: part man, part machine, and exceptionally capable. Beginning where Arthur C Clarke’s Nebula Award-winning A Meeting with Medusa left off, this is classic, mind-tweaking SF. Recommended.
Science fiction | PBK | $19.99

Lady of the Lake (Witcher 05)
Sapkowski, Andrzej
After walking through the portal in the Tower of Swallows while narrowly escaping death, Ciri finds herself in a completely different world… an Elven world. She is trapped with no way out. Time does not seem to exist and there are no obvious borders or portals to cross back into her home world. But this is Ciri, the child of prophecy, and she will not be defeated. She knows she must escape to finally rejoin the Witcher, Geralt, and his companions – and also to try to conquer her worst nightmare. Leo Bonhart, the man who chased, wounded and tortured Ciri, is still on her trail. And the world is still at war…
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

The Tower of the Swallow (Witcher 04)
Sapkowski, Andrzej
The world has fallen into war. Ciri, the child of prophecy, has vanished. Hunted by friends and foes alike, she has taken on the guise of a petty bandit and lives free for the first time in her life. But the net around her is closing. Geralt, the Witcher, has assembled a group of allies determined to rescue her. Both sides of the war have sent brutal mercenaries to hunt her down. Her crimes have made her famous. There is only one place left to run. The tower of the swallow is waiting…
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Perfect Machine
Savory, Brett
Henry Kyllo is a Runner, a member of a secret society called the Inferne Cutis. Every day he is chased through the city by Hunters whose goal is to fill him with bullets. It is a secret war steeped in history, tradition, and mutual fear. Rumours abound about what happens when a Runner achieves ascension, but it has supposedly never happened before, so no one knows for sure. Except that it has happened before. And it is happening again. This time, to Henry Kyllo.
Science fiction | PBK | $19.99

Little Green Men – Attack! (anthology)
Schmidt, Bryan Thomas (editor)
From the far reaches of outer space they come – inscrutable aliens, malicious invaders, wacky tourists from another planet – to conquer, study, and tickle us. From the battlefields of the Ozarks to the marble halls of the Boston Library, from Central Park to the skies above Washington, on the moon and in the seediest bars of Kansas City – they’re here. But do they really know who they’re up against? Not hardly! Includes stories by: Robert Silverberg, Mike Resnick, Allen M Steele, Esther Friesner, Elizabeth Moon, Seanan McGuire, Jody Lynn Nye, James Gunn, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and many more.
Science fiction | TP | $31.95

A Conjuring Of Light (Shades of Magic 03)
Schwab, V E
Londons fall, and kingdoms rise, while darkness sweeps the Maresh Empire, and the fraught balance of magic blossoms into dangerous territory, while heroes struggle. The direct sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows (PBK, $18.99 each), this is the final instalment in this great series.
Fantasy | PBK | $18.99

The Song Rising (Bone Season 03)
Shannon, Samantha
Following a bloody battle against foes on every side, Paige Mahoney has risen to the dangerous position of Underqueen, ruling over London’s criminal population. But, having turned her back on Jaxon Hall and with vengeful enemies still at large, the task of stabilizing the fractured underworld has never seemed so challenging. Little does Paige know that her reign may be cut short by the introduction of Senshield, a deadly technology that spells doom for the clairvoyant community, and the world as they know it. The sequel to The Bone Season and The Mime Order (PBK, $19.99 each).
Dystopia | TP | $24.99

Lotus Blue
Sparks, Cat
Seventeen-year-old Star and her sister Nene are orphans, part of a thirteen-wagon caravan of nomadic traders living hard lives travelling the Sand Road. Their route cuts through a particularly dangerous and unforgiving section of the Dead Red Heart, a war-ravaged desert landscape plagued by rogue semi-sentient machinery and other monsters from a bygone age. But when the caravan witnesses a relic-Angel satellite unexpectedly crash to Earth, a chain of events begins that sends Star on a journey far away from the life she once knew. Shanghaied upon the sandship Dogwatch, she is forced to cross the Obsidian Sea by Quarrel, an ancient Templar supersoldier. Eventually shipwrecked, Star will have no choice but to place her trust in both thieves and priestesses while coming to terms with the grim reality of her past – and the horror of her unfolding destiny – as the terrible secret her sister had been desperate to protect her from begins to unravel. Meanwhile, something old and powerful has woken in the desert. A Lotus Blue, deadliest of all the ancient war machines. A warrior with plans of its own, far more significant than a fallen Angel. Plans that do not include the survival of humanity.
Post-apocalyptic | PBK | $22.99

Bane and Shadow (Empire of Storms 02)
Skovron, Jon
In a fracturing empire spread across savage seas, two young people from different cultures find common purpose. Red is being trained as a coldblooded assassin by the biomancers. As he becomes increasingly embroiled in palace politics, he learns that even life amongst the nobility can be deadly. While terrorising imperial ships as the pirate Dire Bane, Hope stumbles onto a biomancer plot of such horrifying scope that it makes even the massacre of her childhood village seem small in comparison. With the biomancers tightening their grip of fear over the empire, Hope and Red struggle to fill their new roles and responsibilities, but the cost will be greater than any of them realise. Follows on from the first book in the series: Hope and Red (PBK, $22.99). Recommended for fans of Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch.
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

The Last Days of Magic
Tompkins, Mark
Aisling, a goddess in human form, was born to rule both domains and – with her twin, Anya – unite the Celts with the powerful faeries of the Middle Kingdom. But within medieval Ireland interests are divided, and far from its shores greater forces are mustering. Both England and Rome have a stake in driving magic from the Emerald Isle. Jordan, the Vatican commander tasked with vanquishing the remnants of otherworldly creatures from a disenchanted Europe, has built a career on such plots. But increasingly he finds himself torn between duty and his desire to understand the magic that has been forbidden. As kings prepare, exorcists gather, and divisions widen between the warring clans of Ireland, Aisling and Jordan must come to terms with powers given and withheld, while a world that can still foster magic hangs in the balance. Loyalties are tested, betrayals sown, and the coming war will have repercussions that ripple centuries later, in today’s world – and, in particular, for a young graduate student named Sara Hill. ‘The Last Days of Magic is intricate, bold and memorable long after you put it down. It succeeds in bringing magic and mythology to life and… delivers a shimmer of optimism and the possibility that magic is not quite dead.’ – New York Daily News.
Historical fantasy | TP | $31.95

The Weight of the World (Amaranthine Spectrum 02)
Toner, Tom
The universe is in disarray. Rebellions against the immortal Amaranthine are spreading, worlds and moons have fallen, and the Emperor is missing. An ancient being has re-awoken and claimed the throne. And the most important invention in the history of time itself has been stolen. And amidst this chaos, lives continue. A pair of sisters and one small child flee across a world they know nothing of. An outcast, hunted by his tormentors, is caught up in the machinations of a petty warlord. An imprisoned AI creates empires of its own in the building to which it is confined, and seeks an escape. This is the sequel to the baroque, beautifully-crafted The Promise of the Child (PBK, $22.99).
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All the Way Home (Fairyland 05)
Valente, Catherynne M
September is accidentally crowned the Queen of Fairyland. But there are others who believe they have a fair and good claim on the throne, so there is a Royal Race – whoever wins will seize the crown. Along the way, beloved characters – including the Wyverary, A-Through-L, the boy Saturday, the changelings Hawthorn and Tamburlaine, the wombat Blunderbuss, and the gramophone Scratch – are caught up in the madness. And September’s parents have crossed the universe to find their daughter. Who will win? What will become of September, Saturday, and A-Through-L? The conclusion of this delightful series is now in paperback.
YA fantasy | PBK | $18.99

Hunger Makes the Wolf
Wells, Alex
The strange planet known as Tanegawa’s World is owned by TransRifts Inc, the company with the absolute monopoly on interstellar travel. Hob landed there ten years ago, a penniless orphan left behind by a rift ship. She was taken in by Nick Ravani and quickly became a member of his mercenary biker troop, the Ghost Wolves. Ten years later, she discovers that the body of Nick’s brother out in the dunes. Worse, his daughter is missing, taken by shady beings called the Weathermen. But there are greater mysteries to be discovered – both about Hob and the strange planet she calls home.
Science fiction | PBK | $19.99

Memory Sorrow and Thorn series
Williams, Tad
A thrilling, heart-stopping quest that blends the machinations of a king gone mad with the politics of empire, breathtaking suspense with the pity of war, a brilliantly-conceived world of ancient days with the joys – and terrors – of magic… This is seminal, Games of Thrones-inspiring fantasy; reissued in beautifully-rejacketed editions. The series encompasses: The Dragonbone Chair, The Stone of Farewell, To Green Angel Tower: Siege, and To Green Angel Tower: Storm.
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99 each

Shadowmarch series
Williams, Tad
At the uppermost edge of the northern kingdoms, towers shrouded in mist, lies Southmarch Castle. For hundreds of years it has remained hidden from the affairs of empire. Now its isolation can protect it no more. Southmarch is under siege; from both its neighbours, without, and the more insidious enemies who would destroy it from within. Even further to the north, within the ancient walls of Qul-na-Qar, in a land of silence and gloom, the Twilight People gather to hear Ynnir, the blind king, pronounce the dark fate of human kind. In the south, the Autarch, the god-king who has already conquered an entire continent, now looks to extend his domain, once more. It is upon Southmarch that the armies advance, and to its people that darkness will speed. All four books of the series – an epic tale of magic and mystery, duty and betrayal – have been reissued in new jackets and are available now. The series comprises: Shadowmarch, Shadowplay, Shadowrise, and Shadowheart.
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99 each