Science Fiction & Fantasy Catalogue: September 2016

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in September 2016.

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September 2016 includes new books by: Stephen Baxter, Julie Czerneda, Mary Robinette Kowal, Erin Lindsey, Cixin Liu, Seanan McGuire, Terry Pratchett, Alastair Reynolds, S M Stirling… and many others.

Operation Arcana
Adams, John Joseph (editor)
Sixteen of today’s top authors are reporting for duty, spinning new tales of military fantasy, including a Black Company story from Glen Cook, a Paksenarrion story from Elizabeth Moon, and a Shadow Ops story by Myke Cole. Also includes stories from Tanya Huff, Simon R Green, Carrie Vaughn, and Seanan McGuire.
Military fantasy anthology | PBK | $19.95

Alexander, K C
Street thug Riko has some serious issues memories wiped, reputation tanked, girlfriend turned into a tech-fuelled zombie. And the only people who can help, are the mercenaries who think she screwed them over. In an apathetic society, devoid of ethics or regulation, where fusing tech and flesh can mean a killing edge or a killer conversion, a massive conspiracy is unfolding that will alter the course of the human condition forever. With corporate meatheads on her ass and a necro-tech blight between her and salvation, Riko is going to have to fight meaner, work smarter, and push harder than she’s ever had to.
Science fiction | PBK | $19.95

Eternity’s Mind (Saga of Shadows 03)
Anderson, Kevin J
All across the transportal network, space is tearing apart, and the links between the gateways are breaking down, the fabric of space unravelling. The worldtrees are dying, entire planets are englobed in impenetrable black barriers erected by the Shana Rei, and the murderous taint has infiltrated the Ildiran race, as well as Mage-Imperator Jora’h himself. Desperate for stardrive fuel to power the military and all space travel, the industrialist Lee Iswander has been extracting ekti – the blood of the cosmos – from mysterious giant nodules found floating in empty space, draining these ‘bloaters’ dry by the thousands. But in doing so, is he weakening the only ally that all of civilisation may have, against the Shana Rei?
Science fiction | HC | $53.95

Magic Binds (Kate Daniels 09)
Andrews, Ilona
Kate and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are finally making their relationship official. But there are some steep obstacles standing in the way of their walk to the altar… Kate’s father, Roland, has kidnapped the demigod Saiman and is slowly bleeding him dry, in his never-ending bid for power. A Witch Oracle has predicted that if Kate marries the man she loves, Atlanta will burn and she will lose him forever. And the only person Kate can ask for help is long dead. The odds are impossible. The future is grim. But Kate Daniels has never been one to play by the rules…
Fantasy | HC | $47.95

The Handmaid’s Tale (Vintage Future Classics)
Atwood, Margaret
A look at the near future presents the story of Offred, a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead, once the United States – an oppressive world, where women are no longer allowed to read, and are valued only as long as they are viable for reproduction. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

Vermillion Sands (Vintage Future Classics)
Ballard, J G
Vermilion Sands – populated only by forgotten movie queens, solitary impresarios, beachcombers, and malignant obsessions – is a fully-automated desert resort, languishing in uneasy decay: a place where psychosensitive houses are driven to murder by their owners’ neuroses, and love palls before evil. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

Heart of Granite (Blood and Fire 01)
Barclay, James
The world has become a battleground, in a war which no side is winning. But for those determined to retain power, the prolonged stalemate cannot be tolerated so desperate measures must be taken. Max Halloran has no idea. He’s living the brief and glorious life of a hunter-killer pilot. He’s an ace in the air, on his way up through the ranks, in love, and with his family’s every need provided for in thanks for his service, Max has everything… right up until he hears something he shouldn’t have, and refuses to let it go.
Military fantasy | TP | $32.99

Indomitable (Chronicles of Promise Paen 02)
Bauers, K C
Promise Paen, captain of Victor Company’s mechanised armoured infantry, is back for another adventure protecting the Republic of Aligned Worlds. On the eve of their deployment, a friendly-fire incident occurs, putting Paen’s career in jeopardy and stripping her of her command. When the Lusitanians send mercenaries to raid Sheol and destabilise its mining operations, matters reach crisis level. Disgraced and angry, Promise is offered one shot to get back into her mechsuit. But she’ll have to jump across the galaxy and, possibly, storm the gates of hell itself. This the sequel to Bauers’ recent Unbreakable (TP, $24.99) which is getting fantastic customer feedback!
Military SF | HC | $36.99

Baxter, Stephen
This collection contains stories set in the worlds of the bestselling duology Ultima and Proxima, which expand on the characters and worlds of that series, including a new novella. There are also a selection of alternate histories and possible futures, building on Baxter’s work with Terry Pratchett on the Long Earth series.
Science fiction collection | TP | $35.00

Beagle, Peter S
It was a typically unpleasant Puget Sound winter, before the arrival of Lioness Lazos. An enigmatic young waitress with strange abilities, when the lovely Lioness comes to Gardner Island even the weather takes notice. As an impossibly beautiful spring leads into a perfect summer, Lioness is drawn to a complicated family. She is taken in by two disenchanted lovers – dynamic Joanna Delvecchio and scholarly Abe Aronson; visited by Joanna’s previously unlucky-in-love daughter, Lily. With Lioness in their lives, they are suddenly compelled to explore their deepest dreams and desires. Lioness grows more captivating, as the days grow longer. Her new family thrives, even as they may be growing apart. But lingering in Lioness’s past is a dark secret; and even summer days must pass.
Fantasy | TP | $31.95

Killing Titan
Bear, Greg
A new planet. A new battle. Same war. After barely surviving his last tour on Mars, Master Sergeant Michael Venn finds himself back on Earth in enforced isolation. Through a dangerous series of operations, he returns to Mars to further his investigation into the Drifters – ancient artefacts suddenly reawakened on the red planet. The sequel to War Dogs ($19.99).
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Of Sand and Malice Made (Song of Shattered Sands novella)
Beaulieu, Bradley
Ceda is the youngest pit fighter in the history of the great desert city of Sharakhai. In this brilliant new story, a prequel to Twelve Kings, she has already made her name in the arena as the fearsome, undefeated White Wolf. None but her closest friends and allies know her true identity. But this all changes, when she crosses the path of Rumayesh, one of the sadistic creatures known as ehrekh which were forged, long ago, by the god of chaos. They are usually desert dwellers, but this one lurks in the dark corners of Sharakhai, toying with and preying on humans. As Rumayesh works to unmask the White Wolf and claim Ceda for her own, Ceda’s struggle becomes a battle for her friends, her life, and her very soul.
Fantasy | HC | $24.99

Chasing Embers (Ben Garston 01)
Bennett, James
There’s nothing special about Ben Garston. Or so he’d have you believe. He won’t tell you, for instance, that he’s also known as Red Ben. Or that the world of myth and legend is more real, than you think. Because it’s his job to keep all that a secret. But now a centuries-old rivalry has resurfaced, and the delicate balance between his world and ours is about to be shattered. Something is hiding in the heart of the city – and it’s about to be unleashed. For fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Jim Butcher, and Benedict Jacka. ‘A thrilling fusion of myth and modernity, Chasing Embers will have you cheering for dragons over humans and loving every minute of it.’ – Kevin Hearne.
Urban fantasy | PBK | $22.99

The Bronze Key (Magisterium 03)
Black, Holly & Clare, Cassandra
Students at the Magisterium are supposed to be safe. Under the watchful eyes of the mages, they are taught to use magic to bring order to a chaotic world. But now the chaos is fighting back. Call, Tamara, and Aaron should be worrying about things like pop quizzes and magic contests. Instead, after the shocking death of one of their classmates, they must track down a sinister killer… and risk their own lives in the process. As Call, Tamara, and Aaron discover, magic can only be as good as the person who wields it. In evil hands, it has the capacity to do immeasurable harm – unless it is stopped in time…
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Ninth City Burning
Black, J Patrick
When an alien race came to make Earth theirs, they brought with them a weapon we had no way to fight, a universe-altering force known as thelemity. It seemed nothing could stop it – until we discovered we could wield the power, too. Five hundred years later, the Earth is locked in a grinding war of attrition…
Science fiction | HC | $49.95

Red Right Hand
Black, Levi
Charlie Tristan Moore isn’t a hero. She’s a survivor. Already wrestling with the demons of her past, she finds herself tested – as never before – when she arrives home one night, to find herself under attack by three monstrous skinhounds… straight out of a nightmare. Just as hope seems lost, she is saved by a sinister Man in Black, dressed in a long, dark coat that seems to possess a life of its own and wielding a black-bladed sword in his grisly, red, right hand. But her rescue comes at a cost.
Cthulhuiana | HC | $34.99

Impact (Outer Earth 03)
Boffard, Rob
A signal has been picked up from Earth. The planet was supposed to be uninhabitable. But it seems there are survivors down there – with supplies, shelter and running water. Perhaps, there could be a future for humanity on Earth after all. Riley Hale will find out, soon enough. She’s stuck on a spaceship with the group of terrorists that is planning to brave the planet’s atmosphere, and crash land on the surface. But when the re-entry goes wrong, Riley ends up hundreds of miles from her companions Prakesh and Carver, alone in a barren wilderness. She’ll have to use everything she knows to survive. And all of them are about to find out that nothing on Earth is what it seems… The sequel to Tracer and Zero-G ($19.99 each).
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Angela Carter’s Book of Wayward Girls and Wicked Women
Carter, Angela (editor)
This collection of stories, about bad girls and wicked women, extols the female virtues of discontent, sexual disruptiveness, and bad manners. Includes tales by Ama Ata Aidoo, Jane Bowles, Angela Carter, Colette, Bessie Head, Jamaica Kincaid, and Katherine Mansfield, among others.
Collection | PBK | $22.99

Spellbreaker (Spell trilogy 03)
Charlton, Blake
While hunting neodemons in her role as Warden of Ixos, Leandra obtains a prophetic spell that provides a glimpse one day into her future. She discovers that she is doomed to murder someone she loves, soon, but not who. That’s a pretty big problem for a woman who has a shark god for a lover, a hostile empress for an aunt, a rogue misspelling wizard for a father, and a mother who – especially when arguing with her daughter – can be a real dragon. Leandra’s quest to unravel the mystery of the murder-she-will-commit becomes more urgent, when her chronic disease flares up and the Ixonian Archipelago is plagued by natural disasters, demon-worshiping cults, and fierce political infighting. Everywhere she turns, Leandra finds herself amid intrigue and conflict. It seems her bad habit for getting into dangerous situations is turning into a full blown addiction. As chaos spreads across Ixos, Leandra and her troubled family must race to uncover the shocking truth about a prophesied demonic invasion, human language, and their own identities – if they don’t kill each other, first. Follows the first two books of the Spell series: Spellwright (PBK, $24.99) and Spellbound (PBK, $19.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Forsaken Skies (Silence 01)
Clark, D Nolan
Commander Lanoe is one of the Navy’s greatest heroes, but the civil war left him with nothing but painful memories. When a planetary governor is murdered, it falls to Lanoe to hunt down the killer and bring them to justice. Yet, his pursuit will lead him towards the greatest threat mankind has ever faced. An unknown armada has emerged from the depths of space, targeting an isolated colony planet. As the colonists plead for help, the politicians and bureaucrats look away. But Lanoe has never run from a fight and he will not abandon thousands of innocents to their fate. The first in a new space opera series.
Space opera | TP | $32.99

The Watcher of Dead Time (Relic Guild 03)
Cox, Edward
Labrys Town, home to a million humans cut off from the rest of the universe, has been invaded. Those who protected it have been deposed. The Relic Guild are scattered across the worlds of the Aelfir. Many of them are dead or dying. The Genii control everything. The war is almost over. Clara, a young woman barely able to control her werewolf side, has seen her friends and mentors killed in front of her. She is the last hope for Labrys Town. But someone else is watching…
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

This Gulf of Time and Stars (Reunification 01)
Czerneda, Julie E
To save their world, the most powerful of the Om ray left their homes. They left behind all memory of their past. Calling themselves the Clan, they settled among Humanity, hiding in plain sight, using their ability to slip past normal space to travel where they wished, using their ability to control minds to ensure their place and security. They are no longer hidden. For the Clan face a crisis… The sequel, The Gate to Futures Past is available in hardcover ($47.95).
Science fiction | PBK | $19.95

The Gate to Futures Past (Reunification 02)
Czerneda, Julie E
Betrayed and attacked, the Clan fled the Trade Pact for Cersi, believing that world their long-lost home. With them, went a lone alien: the Human, named Jason Morgan, Chosen of their leader, Sira di Sarc. Tragically, their arrival upset the Balance between Cersi’s three sentient species. And, so, the Clan, with their newfound kin, must flee again. Their starship, powered by the M’hir, follows a course set long ago, for Clan abilities came from an experiment their ancestors – the Hoveny – conducted on themselves. But it’s a perilous journey. The Clan must endure more than cramped conditions and inner turmoil. Their dead are Calling. Sira must keep her people from answering, for if they do, they die. Morgan searches the ship for answers, afraid the Hoveny’s tech is beyond his grasp. Their only hope? To reach their destination. Little do Sira and Morgan realise their destination holds the gravest threat of all…
Science fiction | HC | $47.95

Children of Lovecraft
Datlow, Ellen (editor)
Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s stories shaped modern horror, more than any other author’s in the last two centuries: Cthulhu, the Old Ones, Herbert West: Reanimator, and more terrifying nightmares emerged from the mythos of this legendary writer. This anthology of original, prose stories is inspired by Lovecraft’s mythos and features works by Richard Kadrey, Brian Hodge, A C Wise, Siobhan Carroll, Orrin Grey, and many more, with a stunning cover by Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola.
Cthulhuiana | TP | $34.99

The Secret City (Alchemist Chronicles 02)
Daugherty, C J & Rozenfeld, Carina
Hunted by Dark Alchemy and forced to leave their homes to protect their families, Taylor Montclair and Sacha Winters have arrived at Oxford’s St Wilfred’s College. Surrounded by Alchemists sworn to protect them, they are safe… for now. But time is short. In seven days, Sacha will turn 18, and the ancient curse that once made him invincible will kill him. And unleash a wave of destruction on the earth. Sacha and Taylor need answers – fast. When the safety of the college is breached, the alchemists are faced with a terrifying possibility. Could the source of the darkness be one of their own? Sacha and Taylor’s only chance is to go to where the curse was first cast – the medieval French city of Carcassonne. There, they will face the darkest alchemy the world has ever seen, armed with only the power of their bloodlines. In Carcasonne, this will end.
YA fantasy | PBK | $18.99

The House of Shattered Wings (Dominion of the Fallen 01)
de Bodard, Aliette
Paris, in the aftermath of the Great Magicians’ War. Its streets are lined with haunted ruins, Notre Dame is a burnt-out shell, and the Seine runs black, thick with ashes and rubble. Yet life continues among the wreckage. The citizens retain their irrepressible appetite for novelty and distraction, and the Great Houses still vie for dominion over France’s once grand capital. House Silverspires, previously the leader of those power games, now lies in disarray. Its magic is ailing; its founder, Morningstar, has been missing for decades; and now something from the shadows stalks its people inside their very own walls. Within the House, three very different people must come together: a naïve but powerful Fallen, an alchemist with a self-destructive addiction, and a resentful young man wielding spells from the Far East. They may be Silverspires’ salvation; or the architects of its last, irreversible fall… Winner of the 2015 British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel!
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Mystic (Mystic trilogy 01)
Denzel, Jason
For hundreds of years, high-born nobles have competed for the chance to learn of the Myst. Powerful, revered, and often reclusive, Mystics have the unique ability to summon and manipulate the Myst: the underlying energy that lives at the heart of the universe. Once in a very great while, they take an apprentice, always from the most privileged sects of society. Such has always been the tradition – until a new High Mystic takes her seat and chooses Pomella AnDone, a restless, low-born teenager, as a candidate.
Fantasy | TP | $29.95

The Thirteenth Man
Doty, J L
Charlie Cass returns from five years in a squalid POW camp, to find the nine Dukes and the King conspiring against each other, and plotting with Charlie’s old enemies. As interstellar war looms, he’s forced to assume the mantle of the thirteenth Duke de Lunis – who, according to legend, is destined to fall beneath the headsman’s axe. But if he can survive the headsman, all may fall before him.
Space opera | PBK | $19.95

Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy (Omnibus)
Easton, Brian P
It takes more than silver bullets to kill a werewolf. Sylvester James knows what it is to be haunted. His mother died giving birth to him and his father never let him forget it, until the night he was butchered by a werewolf. This omnibus collects the three books in the Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter, Heart of Scars, and The Lineage.
Paranormal thriller | TP | $35.95

Farnsworth, Christopher
John Smith can read minds – and that’s how he knows how much trouble he’s in… When billionaire Everett Sloan hires John Smith to take down his biggest rival, it’s not just because he’s a gun for hire. It’s because he reads minds. Paired with the beautiful Kelsey Foster and promised a reward that fulfils his wildest dreams, Smith can’t believe his luck. And then he finds out the target…
Paranormal thriller | TP | $29.99

The Span of Empire (Jao Empire 03)
Flint, Eric & Carrico, David
It has become clear to both the Jao and their human and Lleix partners that if they are going to defeat the Ekhat, who have been terrorising the galaxy for eons, they need more allies. To that end, Preceptor Ronz, guardian of Earth and greatest living strategist of the Jao, has harnessed the energy of Earth’s humans to create and send out an exploration fleet under the command of Caitlin Kralik. But after a long search, all the expedition has found are dead worlds and now-extinct intelligent species slaughtered by the genocidal Ekhat. Do they continue to search down the galactic arm, in which Earth and the Jao worlds lie, or do they make an astounding leap in another direction? With friends like Gabe Tully, Tamt, Wrot and Caewithe Miller supporting her, Caitlin makes her decision. Meanwhile, the Ekhat, as murderous and destructive as they have always been, have a new generation of leaders growing into power – who are even more implacable than those who have gone before them. The Ekhat have not forgotten the Jao, nor the damage they have done over the years to the Ekhat purpose. It’s up to the Jao-human-Lleix confederation and the new allies they make to survive the onslaught and turn the tables on the Ekhat.
Science fiction | HC | $47.95

Grave Predictions
Ford, Drew (editor)
Sixteen compelling tales of post-apocalyptic societies and dystopian worlds from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Harlan Ellison, and others.
Post-apocalypse anthology | TP | $39.95

Dreamseeker (Dreamwalker Chronicles 02)
Friedman, C S
When Jessica Drake learned that her DNA didn’t match that of her parents, she had no idea that the search for her heritage would put her family’s lives in danger, or force her to cross into another world. In an alternate Earth dominated by individuals with unnatural powers called Gifts, Jessica learned that there was a curse within her blood, one so feared that all who possessed it were destroyed on sight. For she was a Dreamwalker, and the same dark Gift that would allow her to enter the dreams of others would eventually destroy her mind and spread insanity to all those around her. Now, she is back with her family, but there is no peace to be found. Her childhood home has been destroyed, her mother’s mind is irreparably damaged, and the Gift of the Dreamwalkers is beginning to manifest in her, in terrifying ways. When a stranger invades her dreams and creatures from her nightmares threaten to cross into the waking universe, Jessica knows she must return to the alternate Earth where she was born and seek allies… even if doing so means she must bargain with those she fears the most. Dreamseeker is the gripping sequel to Friedman’s Dreamwalker (PBK, $19.95).
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.95

The Sleeper and the Spindle (Deluxe edition)
Gaiman, Neil & Riddell, Chris
On the eve of her wedding, a young queen sets out to rescue a princess from an enchantment. She casts aside her fine wedding clothes, takes her chain mail and her sword, and follows her brave dwarf retainers into the tunnels under the mountain towards the sleeping kingdom. This queen will decide her own future; and the princess, who needs rescuing, is not quite what she seems. Twisting together the familiar and the new, this perfectly delicious, captivating and darkly funny tale shows its creators at the peak of their talents. The Sleeper and the Spindle is a thrillingly reimagined fairytale, weaving together a sort-of Snow White and an almost Sleeping Beauty, with a thread of dark magic, which will hold readers spellbound from start to finish. An exclusive, slipcased and larger format, with gold ink adding lustre to Gaiman’s words and Riddell’s art.
Fairytales | HC | $49.99

Raising Caine (Caine Riordan 03)
Gannon, Charles E
Caine Riordan, reluctant diplomatic and military intelligence operative, has just finished playing his part repulsing the Arat Kur’s and Hkh’Rkh’s joint invasion of Earth. But scant hours after the attackers surrender, the mysterious but potentially helpful Slaasriithi appeal to Caine to shepherd a diplomatic mission on a visit to their very alien worlds. The possible prize: a crucial alliance, in a universe where the fledgling Consolidated Terran Republic has very few friends. But Caine and his legation aren’t the only ones journeying into the unknown reaches of Slaasriithi space. A group of renegade K’tor are following them, intending to destroy humanity’s hopes for a quick alliance. And that means finding and killing Caine Riordan. Assuming that the bizarre and dangerous Slaasriithi lifeforms don’t do it, first.
Space opera | PBK | $19.95

Herland (Vintage Future Classics)
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
A story about three male explorers, who stumble upon an all-female society isolated somewhere in South America. Noting the advanced state of the civilisation they’ve encountered, the visitors set out to find some males, assuming that since the country is so civilised, ‘there must be men’… A delightful fantasy, articulating Gilman’s then-unconventional views of male-female roles and capabilities, motherhood, individuality, privacy, the sense of community, sexuality, and many other topics. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

Dead Man Walking (Ishmael Jones 02)
Green, Simon R
A rogue agent has come in from the cold and wants to spill his secrets. The Organisation wants Ishmael to find out if Frank Parker is who he says he is, what he really knows, and why he has emerged from the shadows after all this time. Ishmael heads to Ringstone Lodge in Yorkshire, where Parker is being held, to find that an atmosphere of fear and suspicion prevails. As he and his fellow residents are menaced by a series of alarming and inexplicable incidents, Ishmael sets out to prove that it’s human trickery rather than any supernatural being behind the seemingly ghostly goings-on. Follows the first in this new series from Green: The Dark Side of the Road (TP, $29.95).
Supernatural mystery | HC | $53.95

Grossman, Lev
Hollis lives in an area not too far from where he graduated from college. His friends do too. They all sleep late, talk about jobs they might get, girls they might see, money their parents might send them. All of these lives are seemingly on hold. Everything is going to happen. But Hollis has more than this: Another reality is running constantly in his head, one that leads him to believe that… maybe, just maybe, it’s time to get serious. Unlike other self-indulgent, whiny narratives of post-graduation angst, Warp is a lucid and immediate novel of what and where a twenty-something’s mind is, when it isn’t even made up yet.
Science fiction | TP | $31.95

Oberon’s Meaty Mysteries: The Purloined Poodle
Hearne, Kevin
Thanks to his relationship with the ancient Druid Atticus O’Sullivan, Oberon the Irish wolfhound knows trouble when he smells it – and, furthermore, he knows he can handle it. When he discovers that a prize-winning poodle has been abducted in Eugene, Oregon, he learns that it’s part of a rash of hound abductions all over the Pacific Northwest. Since the police aren’t too worried about dogs they assume have run away, Oberon knows it’s up to him to track down those hounds, and reunite them with their humans. For justice! And gravy! Engaging the services of his faithful Druid, Oberon must travel throughout Oregon and Washington – to question a man with a huge salami, thwart the plans of diabolical squirrels, and avoid, at all costs, a fight with a great big bear. A limited edition novella, from Subterranean Press.
Urban fantasy | HC | $37.95

Navigators of Dune (Great Schools of Dune 03)
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, Kevin J
Navigators, mutated into beings far superior to normal humans, make space travel possible across the burgeoning Imperium. Their prescient awareness allows them to foresee safe paths through the universe as starship engines ‘fold’ space. Only industrial magnate Josef Venport knows the secret of creating Navigators, and he intends to build a commercial empire to span the galaxy. But at every turn Josef is embattled by the forces of anti-technology fanaticism, ‘Butlerian’ zealots led by the charismatic and dangerous Manford Torondo, who wishes to countermand humanity’s new renaissance and drive the Imperium back into a dark age. And between those titanic forces stands the uncertain new Emperor Roderick Corrino, forced to take the throne, after the assassination of his brother. The Navigators are the key to charting a glorious future for humanity… or the end of civilisation.
Dune | HC | $52.95

The Eterna Files
Hieber, Leanna Renee
London, 1882: Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire, of the Metropolitan Police, to Special Branch Division Omega – to secretly investigate paranormal and supernatural events and persons. Spire, a sceptic driven to protect the helpless and see justice done, is the perfect man to lead the department, which employs scholars and scientists, assassins and con men, and a traveling circus. Spire’s chief researcher is Rose Everhart, who believes fervently that there is more to the world than can be seen by mortal eyes. Their first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality. The first in a series, this is now followed by Eterna and Omega (HC, $36.99).
Steampunk | PBK | $18.99

A Shattered Empire (Sorcery Ascendant Sequence 03)
Hogan, Mitchell
After young Caldan’s parents were slain, a group of monks raised the boy and initiated him into the arcane mysteries of sorcery. But when the Mahruse Empire is attacked, and the lives of his friends hang in the balance, he was forced to make a dangerous choice. Now, as two mighty empires face off in a deadly game of supremacy, potent sorcery and creatures from legend have been unleashed. Follows the Aurealis Award-winning Crucible of Souls and its sequel Blood of Innocents (TP, $24.99 each).
Fantasy | TP | $24.99

The Fall of the House of Cabal (Johannes Cabal 05)
Howard, Jonathan L
Johannes Cabal, a necromancer of some little infamy, has come into possession of a vital clue that may lead him to his ultimate goal: a cure for death. The path is vague, however, and certainly treacherous as it takes him into strange territories that, quite literally, no one has ever seen before. The task is too dangerous to venture upon alone, so he must seek assistance, comrades for the coming travails. So assisted – ably and otherwise – by his vampiric brother, Horst, and by the kindly accompaniment of a criminologist and a devil, he will encounter ruins and diableries, mystery and murder, the depths of the lowest pit and a city of horrors. London, to be exact. Yet, even though Cabal has risked such peril believing he understands the dangers he faces, he is still underestimating them. He is walking into a trap of such arcane complexity that even the one who drew him there has no idea of its true terrors. As the snare closes slowly and subtly around them, it may be that there will be no survivors, at all.
Steampunk | HC | $47.95

The Midnight Queen (Noctis Magicae 01)
Hunter, Sylvia
Gray Marshall’s Britain is a fragmented kingdom of many tongues, many gods and many magics. But all that concerns Gray, is returning – as soon as possible – to his studies at Merlin College, Oxford and setting right the nightmare that has seen him disgraced, and banished to his tutor’s home. Sophie Callender may not have magic herself, and a father who forbids his daughters a magical education – but her bookish rebellion and growing friendship with Gray are the first steps of a journey. A journey that will involve them in a conspiracy at the heart of the kingdom and into the legend of a young queen who vanished, without a trace, years before.
Alternate history/fantasy | TP | $29.99

Brave New World (Vintage Future Classics)
Huxley, Aldous
Human beings, graded from intellectuals to manual workers, hatched from incubators and brought up in communal nurseries, learn by conditioning to accept their social destiny. The story develops around an unorthodox AlphaPlus, who visits a New Mexican Reservation and brings a savage back to London. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

Foreign Devils
Jacobs, John Hornor
The world is on the brink of war. Fisk and Shoe – mercenaries, very much not wanting to get caught in the middle of a political whirlwind – must deliver a very important message, and find a very dangerous man. They have caught the eye of the powerful men of the world, and now the stakes are higher than they like. And the Emperor has decreed that Livia Cornelius, pregnant with Fisk’s child, must travel to the far lands of the Autumn Lords on a diplomatic mission. It will mean crossing half the world, and facing new dangers. And, in the end, she will uncover the shocking truth at the heart of the Autumn Lords’ Empire. The sequel to The Incorruptibles (PBK, $19.99), which is recommended.
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Everything Under the Moon
Johnson, Jeff
Born in Missouri, more than a century ago, and raised in a Pentecostal orphanage, the creature now calling himself Gelson Verber has changed his name, countless times. He’s part – werewolf, and makes his living hunting certain kinds of bad men – criminals, rapists, thugs – in an often grotesque parody of the natural order. Verber is clearly suffering from the kinds of things a werewolf would be uniquely vulnerable to in the modern world: the horror of war, drug abuse, and isolation in the rain – drenched environment of Portland, Oregon. He has PTSD, but in a unique way, often flashing back to his time with a regiment in World War II. His smooth life as a serial killer takes a turn, when he falls into the crosshairs of Salt Street, a development corporation running pirated criminology software and Big Data sieves to identify werewolf hybrids, who are then forced into servitude.
Paranormal thriller | TP | $31.95

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Colouring Book
Kidby, Paul
Paul Kidby, Pratchett’s artist of choice, provided the illustrations for The Last Hero, designed the covers for the Discworld novels since 2002, and is the author of the definitive portfolio volume The Art Of Discworld. If Terry Pratchett’s pen gave his characters life, Paul Kidby’s brush allowed them to live it. Containing black-and-white line drawings, based on his hugely popular artwork, as well as original pieces produced exclusively for this book – featuring such iconic Discworld personalities as Granny Weatherwax, Sam Vimes, Archchancellor Ridcully, Rincewind, Tiffany Aching and, of course, Death – this is required… reading? – for all Discworld fans.
Discworld | PBK | $19.99

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
King, Stephen
There is a treasure here for every reader: a man who keeps reliving exactly the same life, repeating his mistakes over and over again; a columnist who kills people by writing their obituaries; a poignant tale about the end of the human race and a firework competition between neighbours which reaches an explosive climax. ‘I made them especially for you,’ says King. ‘Feel free to examine them, but please be careful. The best of them have teeth.’
Collection | PBK | $19.99

Ghost Talkers
Kowal, Mary Robinette
Ginger Stuyvesant, an American heiress living in London during World War I, is engaged to Captain Benjamin Hartshorne, an intelligence officer. Ginger is a medium for the Spirit Corps, a special Spiritualist force. Each soldier heading for the front is conditioned to report to the mediums of the Spirit Corps, when they die, so the Corps can pass instant information about troop movements to military intelligence. Ginger and her fellow mediums contribute a great deal to the war efforts, so long as they pass the information through appropriate channels. While Ben is away at the front, Ginger discovers the presence of a traitor. Without the presence of her fiancé, to validate her findings, the top brass thinks she’s just imagining things. Even worse, it is clear that the Spirit Corps is now being directly targeted by the German war effort. Left to her own devices, Ginger has to find out how the Germans are targeting the Spirit Corps and stop them. This is a difficult and dangerous task for a woman of that era, but this time both the spirit and the flesh are willing…
Fantasy/alternate history | HC | $34.99

Path of Gods (Valhalla 03)
Kristjansson, Snorri
Reunited, Audun and Ulfar have a new sense of purpose: to ensure that the North remains in the hands of those who hold with the old gods. To do this, they must defeat the people who seek to destroy all they have ever known with the new White Christ. But these are powerful enemies and if they have any chance of victory, they must find equally powerful allies. In Trondheim, King Olav, self-appointed champion of the White Christ, finds that keeping the peace is a much harder test of his faith than winning the war. With his garrison halved and local chieftains at his table who wish him nothing but ill, the king must decide how and where to spread the word of his god. And in the North, touched by the trickster god, something old, malevolent and very, very angry stirs…
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Always Coming Home
Le Guin, Ursula
A long, long time from now, in the valleys of what will no longer be called Northern California, might be going to have lived a people called the Kesh.
SF Masterwork | PBK | $22.99

The Bloodsworn (Bloodbound 03)
Lindsey, Erin
Unbeknownst to most of Alden, King Erik, in thrall to a cruel bloodbinder, is locked away in his own palace, plotting revenge. To save her king, Lady Alix must journey behind enemy lines to destroy the bloodbinder. But her quest will demand sacrifices that may be more than she can bear. Meanwhile, as the Warlord of Oridia tightens his grip on Alden, the men Alix loves face equally deadly tasks: Her husband, Liam, must run a country at war, while her brother, Rig, fights a losing battle on the front lines. If either of them fails, Alden could be lost – and even if they succeed, their efforts may be too late, to save everyone Alix holds dear…
Fantasy | PBK | $19.95

In Constant Fear (Detainee 03)
Liney, Peter
Over a year has passed, since Clancy and the gang managed to escape from the hell that was the City. Pursued by the ruthless leader of Infinity – the corporation behind the mass murders of thousands of ‘lower class’ citizens – they’ve been on the run ever since; constantly looking over their shoulders. Despite this, they have forged a new life working the land on an abandoned smallholding on the other side of the mountains. Hidden there, they are as close to happy, as they can be. Until strange things start to happen in the valley: too many unlucky coincidences convince them that another power is rising against them, and there are many questions to be answered: what is the shadow maker? And who – or what – has begun to howl in the night?
Science fiction | PBK | $19.99

The Immortals
Lister, S E
Rosa Hyde is 17, but she has never left the year 1945. Again and again, she and her family are forced to live through it. The same bulletins and bombs; the same raucous victory celebrations; the same life of fearful isolation. Rosa doesn’t know exactly why – it has to do with a trauma in her father’s past. All she knows is that she wants to be free. At last, she breaks out and falls through time.
Time travel | PBK | $21.99

Death’s End (Three-Body trilogy 03)
Liu, Cixin
Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented prosperity, due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge. With human science advancing daily and the Trisolarans adopting Earth culture, it seems that the two civilisations will soon be able to co-exist peacefully as equals, without the terrible threat of mutually assured annihilation. But the peace has also made humanity complacent. Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer from the early 21st century, awakens from hibernation in this new age. She brings with her knowledge of a long-forgotten program, dating from the beginning of the Trisolar Crisis, and her very presence may upset the delicate balance between two worlds. Will humanity reach for the stars or die in its cradle? Concludes the brilliant trilogy, which began with The Three-Body Problem (PBK, $19.99) and continued in The Dark Forest (TP, $29.99). Recommended.
Science fiction | TP/HC | $29.99/$49.95

Fate of Ten (Lorien Legacies 06)
Lore, Pittacus
For years, the Garde have fought the Mogadorians in secret. Now, all of that has changed. The invasion has begun. If the Garde can’t find a way to stop the Mogs, humanity will suffer the same fate as the Lorien: annihilation. There is still hope. When the Elders sent the Garde to Earth, they had a plan – one which the Garde are finally starting to understand…
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

United As One (Lorien Legacies 07)
Lore, Pittacus
The Garde didn’t start this war, but they’ll do whatever it takes, to end it once and for all… The Mogadorians have invaded Earth. Their warships loom over our most populated cities, and no country will risk taking them head on. The Garde are all that stand in the way, but they’ll need an army of their own to win this fight. They’ve teamed up with the US military, but it might not be enough. The Garde need reinforcements, and they’ve found them in the most unexpected place. Teenagers from across the globe, like John Smith’s best friend, Sam, have developed abilities. So, John and the others must get to them before the Mogs, because if they don’t their enemies will use these gifted teens for their own sinister plan. But after all the Mogadorians have taken from John – his home, his family, his friends, and the person he loves most – he might not want to put any more lives in danger. He’s got nothing left to lose, and he’s just discovered he has been given an incredible new Legacy. Now he can turn himself into the ultimate weapon. So will he risk his life to save the world, or will he realise that power in numbers will save us all?
YA fantasy | TP | $22.99

Age of Heroes (Age Of… 07)
Lovegrove, James
Born of the Gods, created to be their champions, their names echo in eternity: Theseus, Perseus, Hippolyta, Heracles, Helen of Troy and all their half-mortal ilk. But the Age of Heroes is long past, and no more epics are told of their deeds. Blessed – and cursed – with eternal life, they have walked the Earth for millennia, doing their best to fit in among ordinary humans, taking new names and living new lives. And, one by one, the demigods are meeting terrible, bloody ends. Now, it’s up to Theseus, comfortably ensconced in New York and making his living as a crime fiction writer, to investigate the deaths. His search for the culprit draws him back into the lives of his dysfunctional extended family, and into a world of tragedy and long-held grudges that he thought, and hoped, he’d put behind him.
Military SF | PBK | $22.95

Sixth Watch (Night Watch 06)
Lukyanenko, Sergei
A Light magician and high-ranking member of the Night Watch, Anton Gorodetsky fears nothing. But lately the threats are mounting. A reincarnated vampire has been terrorising Moscow. His daughter’s school is ambushed by a bizarre chimera. And the Prophets have all reached the same chilling conclusion: The world will end, in five days’ time. To ward off the apocalypse, an ancient council called the Sixth Watch must be assembled. After both Light and Darkness select their emissaries, Anton must enlist the unwilling aid of the four other Great Parties: the Vampires, the Witches, the Form-Takers, and the enigmatic Foundation. Journeying from Russia to Paris, the Alps, and New York City, Anton comes in peace – but he is prepared for war. For if he fails, none are safe.
Urban fantasy | TP | $32.99

McDevitt, Jack
A 10,000-year-old stargate has been discovered on a Sioux reservation. Travel through the gate leads to three mysterious destinations: a seemingly empty garden world; a strange maze of underground passageways; and a space station with a view of a galaxy that appears to be the Milky Way. The race to explore and claim the stargate quickly escalates. Two opposing camps emerge, divided over whether the stargate is an unprecedented opportunity for scientific research, or a disastrous threat to national – if not planetary – security. Especially, since travel through the stargate isn’t, necessarily, only one way…
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Luna: New Moon
McDonald, Ian
‘Ian McDonald’s never written a bad novel, but this is a great Ian McDonald novel. When you read classic sf novels like Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, you can get the feeling that the author has imagined the whole world, from psychosexual relations to geopolitics, and has plucked out the telling details that let you know that this is more than a mere backdrop – it’s a kind of sociological macrocosm for the lives of the characters. But McDonald has ten details for every detail proffered by other sf writers… The fashion sense of William Gibson, the design sense of Bruce Sterling, the eye for family drama of Connie Willis, the poesie of Bradbury, and the dirty sex of Kathe Koja and Samuel Delany. McDonald’s moon is omnisexual, kinky, violent, passionate, beautiful, awful, vibrant and crushing. As the family saga of the Cortas unravels, we meet a self-sexual ninja lawyer, a werewolf who loses his mind in the Full Earth, a family tyrant whose ruthlessness is matched only by his crepulance, and a panoply of great passions and low desires. Luna: New Moon is the first book of a two-book cycle. Now I’m all a-quiver for the next one.’ – Cory Doctorow. We agree – this a stupendous return to adult SF, for McDonald. Don’t miss.
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Once Broken Faith (Toby Daye Book 10)
McGuire, Seanan
When King Anthony Robinson of Angels is murdered during the grand convocation to discuss the newly-discovered elf-shot cure, Toby works to solve the murder, clear her own name, and unmask a killer with his own agenda. The first book in this charming, recommended, urban fantasy series is Rosemary and Rue (PBK, $19.95).
Urban fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Slade House
Mitchell, David
Keep your eyes peeled for a small, black, iron door. Down the road from a working-class, British pub, along the brick wall of a narrow alley, if the conditions are exactly right, you’ll find the entrance to Slade House. A stranger will greet you by name, and invite you inside. At first, you won’t want to leave. Later, you’ll find that you can’t. Every nine years, the house’s residents – an odd brother and sister – extend a unique invitation to someone who’s different, or lonely: a precocious teenager, a recently-divorced policeman, a shy, college student. But what really goes on, inside Slade House? For those who find out, it’s already too late… Inhabiting the same universe as The Bone Clocks, this is a spooky, brilliantly-twisted take on the haunted-house genre, as only Mitchell could do. Highly recommended.
Fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Death and Relaxation
Monk, Devon
Police Chief Delaney Reed can handle the Valkyries, werewolves, gill-men and other paranormal creatures who call the small beach town of Ordinary, Oregon their home. It’s the vacationing gods who keep her up at night. With the famous rhubarb festival right around the corner, small-town tensions, tempers, and godly tantrums are at an all-time high. The last thing, Delaney needs, is her ex-boyfriend reappearing just when she’s finally caught the attention of Ryder Bailey, the one man she should never love.
Urban fantasy | PBK | $29.95

Pelevin, Victor
Damilola Karpov is a pilot. Living in Byzantium, a huge sky city floating above the land of Urkaine, he makes his living as a drone pilot – capable of being a cameraman, who records the events unfolding in Urkaine or, with the weapons aboard his drone, of making a newsworthy event happen for his employers: ‘Big Byz Media’. His recordings are known as S.N.U.F.F.: Special Newsreel/Universal Feature Film.
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

The Foundation Pit (Vintage Future Classics)
Platonov, Andrey
A group of Soviet workers believe they are laying the foundations for a radiant future. As they work harder, and dig deeper, their optimism turns to violence and it becomes clear that what is being dug is not a foundation pit, but an immense grave. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner
Pratchett, Terry
Poor Mr Swimble is having a bad day. Rabbits are bouncing out of his hat, pigeons are flying out of his jacket and every time he points his finger, something magically appears – cheese sandwiches, socks… even a small, yellow elephant on wheels! It’s becoming a real nuisance – and he’s allergic to rabbits. His friends at the Magic Rectangle can’t help, but the mysterious vacuum cleaner he saw, that morning, may have something to do with it… A collection of fourteen, fantastically funny stories. Also available in a limited, slipcased edition ($69.99).
YA fantasy | HC | $32.99

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Collectors’ Edition 2017 Calendar
Pratchett, Terry
This year’s calendar features a nostalgic look at the late Josh Kirby’s iconic covers, featuring a selection from the earliest Discworld novels.
Discworld | Calendar | $35.00

Reynolds, Alastair
The galaxy has seen great empires rise and fall. Planets have shattered and been remade. Amongst the ruins of alien civilisations, building our own from the rubble, humanity still thrives. And there are vast fortunes to be made, if you know where to find them… Captain Rackamore and his crew do. It’s their business to find the tiny, enigmatic worlds which have been hidden away, booby-trapped, surrounded with layers of protection – and to crack them open for the ancient relics and barely-remembered technologies inside. But while they ply their risky trade with integrity, not everyone is so scrupulous. Adrana and Fura Ness are the newest members of Rackamore’s crew, signed on to save their family from bankruptcy. Only Rackamore has enemies, and there might be more waiting for them in space than adventure and fortune: the fabled and feared Bosa Sennen, in particular.
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

Rhinehart, Luke
Super-intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe. And they’ve come to earth to have fun. Louie follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love the playful alien. But when Louie starts using their computer to hack into government and corporate networks, and steal millions from banks to give to others, they realise that Louie and his friends mean trouble. Billy, his wife and two sons begin a rollercoaster ride of fame, fortune, jail, death, resurrection, and a distinguished ranking high on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. The Government soon decides that all these aliens are terrorists. They must be eliminated…
Alien invasion | TP | $29.95

A Book of Spirits and Thieves
Rhodes, Morgan
Crystal Hatcher and her little sister, Becca, are working in their mother’s bookshop in downtown Toronto, when they receive an unexpected delivery: a large, leather-bound book written in an unrecognisable language. Becca opens it and falls into a deep coma that sends her spirit to another world. The first in a new series.
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Tales of the Peculiar
Riggs, Ransom
Wealthy cannibals who dine on the discarded limbs of peculiars. A fork-tongued princess. These are but a few of the truly brilliant stories in Tales of the Peculiar – the collection of fairy tales known to hide information about the peculiar world, including clues to the locations of time loops – first introduced by Ransom Riggs in his Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series.
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

The Plot Against America (Vintage Future Classics)
Roth, Philip
When the renowned aviation hero and rabid isolationist Charles A Lindbergh defeated Franklin Roosevelt by a landslide in the 1940 presidential election, fear invaded every Jewish household in America. Not only had Lindbergh, in a nationwide radio address, publicly blamed the Jews for selfishly pushing America towards a pointless war with Nazi Germany, but, upon taking office as the 33rd president of the United States, he negotiated a cordial ‘understanding’ with Adolf Hitler, whose conquest of Europe and whose virulent anti-Semitic policies he appeared to accept, without difficulty. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn (editor)
A collection of wonderful SF, carefully selected by ground-breaking editor and author, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Adventure tales, post-apocalyptic visions, space opera, aliens among us, time travel… these women have delivered all this and more, some of the best science fiction ever written! Includes stories by Leigh Brackett, Lois McMaster Bujold, Pat Cadigan, C J Cherryh, Zenna Henderson, Nancy Kress, Ursula K Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, C L Moore, Andre Norton, James Tiptree Junior, and Connie Willis.
SF anthology | TP | $31.95

Origins (Lazarus War 03)
Sawyer, Jamie
Harris and his team are being sent on a mission that could finally turn the tide of the war. Intelligence has been uncovered that indicates the location of the UAS Endeavour, a ship that went missing years ago deep in Krell territory. The ship could hold secrets to harnessing an ancient alien technology – possibly the most powerful weapon in the known universe. But if this power falls into the wrong hands, the consequences for humanity are unimaginable… Concludes this fun space opera series, following Artefact and Legion (PBK, $19.99 each).
Space opera | PBK | $22.99

Dead Man’s Steel (Grim Company 03)
Scull, Luke
The Age of Ruin is near complete: in the far North the Nameless stirs beneath the Spine Mountains and demonspawn push ever southwards; from the West the Fade have returned, vowing to purge the realm of humankind; and an ancient weapon, forged in the Godswar, has once again been unleashed to ravage the land. Weakened by in-fighting, the surviving Magelords are unable – or unwilling – to use their power to defend humanity. The last spark of hope rests with the surviving members of the Grim Company: Davarus Cole, Brodar Kane and Eremul the Halfmage. Follows The Grim Company and Sword of the North (PBK, $17.99 each).
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

Shawl, Nisi
An alternate-history novel that explores the question of what might have come of Belgium’s colonisation of the Congo, if the native populations had learned about steam technology… a bit earlier. ‘The work is elegant, rendered with masterful craft in simple, compelling language – a tour de force of Shawl’s tremendous ability to create deeply-nuanced characters. This is a beautifully told, important entry in the movement for greater diversity in sf.’ – Booklist.
Alternate history/steampunk | HC | $49.95

The World Raven (Long War 04)
Smith, A J
The dead god is waking. His power-mad priestess has deployed a mass of men and beasts onto the plains of Ro Weir. Faced with this black swarm, the last remnants of a nation crumbles and falls. This is the final battle for the mortal lands of Ro. All that was dead will rise. All that now lives will fall. The final, epic battle for the Lands of Ro. The dead god is waking. His power-mad priestess has deployed a mass of men and beasts onto the plains of Ro Weir. Faced with this black swarm, the last remnants of a nation crumbles and falls. This is the final battle for the mortal lands of Ro. Far to the north, the ice men of Rowanoco muster their Exemplars against the witch’s assassins. In the blistering southern deserts, a squire with no master walks unscathed through a poisoned city. And, in the halls beyond the world, a thrice-born man dares to tread the path of Giants… Follows The Black Guard, Dark Blood, and The Red Prince (PBK, $19.99 each).
Fantasy | TP | $29.99

Project Elfhome (Elfhome series)
Spencer, Wen
Stories exploring the fascinating realm of Elfhome, a world where modern-day Pittsburgh has collided with the kingdom of the Elves; a special entry in the series.
Urban fantasy short fiction | HC | $46.95

The Desert and the Blade (Change 09)
Stirling, S M
Reiko, Empress of Japan, has allied herself with Princess Orlaith, heir to the High Kingdom of Montival, to find the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the Grass-Cutting Sword, a legendary treasure of an ancient dynasty that confers valour and victory to its bearer. Orlaith understands, all too well, the power it signifies. Her own inherited blade, the Sword of the Lady, was both a burden and a danger to her father, Rudi Mackenzie, as it failed to save the king from being assassinated. But the fabled sword lies deep within the Valley of Death, and the search will be far from easy. And war is building, in Montival, and far beyond…
Post-apocalypse | PBK | $22.95

Prince of Outcasts (Change 10)
Stirling, S M
John Arminger Mackenzie wanted to be a troubadour, but fate made him the son of the King of Montival. His sister Princess aOlaith will deservedly inherit the throne of the High Kings, and it will pass on to him only in the event of her death, leaving the young prince on an unknown path to discover his true role in the family. The opportunity to prove his mettle comes when John’s ship, the Tarshish Queen, is caught in the fierce storm raised against the enemies of the alliance. When the clouds recede and the skies clear, John and his crew find themselves on the other side of the Pacific, in the island chains of the Ceram Sea, fighting to survive against vicious pirates and monstrous creatures of the deep while meeting new allies and mysterious enemies of this world and another. Now Prince John must seize his birthright and lead his people in battle, against the darkest forces man and nature can conjure against them…
Post-apocalypse | HC | $52.95

The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co 04)
Stroud, Jonathan
Lucy has left Lockwood & Co. A freelance operative, she is hiring herself out to other agencies – agencies that might value her ever-improving skills. But, now, Lockwood needs her help. Penelope Fittes, leader of the well-renowned Fittes Agency wants Lockwood & Co – and only them – to locate and remove the ‘Source’ for the legendary Brixton Cannibal. It’s a tough assignment. Made worse by the tensions between Lucy and the other agents – even the skull is treating her like a jilted lover! But not all is at it seems. And it’s not long, before a shocking revelation rocks Lockwood & Co, to its very core…
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Chasing the Phoenix (Darger & Surplus 02)
Swanwick, Michael
The peripatetic con-men, Darger and Surplus, return in this highly-amusing tale. They travel to what was once China and invent a scam to become rich and powerful: pretending to have limited superpowers, they aid an ambitious local warlord, who dreams of conquest and once again reuniting China under one ruler. And, against all odds, it begins to work – but it seems as if there are other forces at work, behind the scenes.
Science fiction | PBK | $24.99

A Torch Against the Night (An Ember in the Ashes 02)
Tahir, Sabaa
Laia and Elias fight their way north – to liberate Laia’s brother from the horrors of Kauf Prison. Hunted by Empire soldiers, manipulated by the Commandant, and haunted by their pasts, Laia and Elias must outfox their enemies and confront the treacherousness of their own hearts. In the city of Serra, Helene Aquilla finds herself bound to the will of the Empire’s twisted new leader, Marcus. When her loyalty is questioned, Helene finds herself taking on a mission to prove herself – a mission that might destroy her, instead.
Fantasy | TP | $27.99

Aliens: the original comics series (30th anniversary edition)
Verheiden, Mark
In 1986, James Cameron’s Aliens brought to theatres the horrors of a new kind of war against a terrifying enemy. Two years later, Dark Horse Comics released a direct follow-up to the events in the film. Years before any talk of a film sequel, the comic series took fandom by storm.
Aliens | HC | $69.99

A Deepness in the Sky
Vinge, Vernor
This is the story of Pham Nuwen, a small cog in the interstellar trading fleet of the Queng Ho. The Queng Ho and the Emergents are orbiting the dormant planet Arachna, which is about to wake up to technology, but the Emergents’ plans are sinister. Highly recommended!
SF Masterwork | PBK | $22.99

Slapstick or Lonesome No More (Vintage Future Classics)
Vonnegut, Kurt
Manhattan has become the Island of Death. The former President of the United States stands barefoot in a purple toga around a cooking fire, in the lobby of the Empire State Building. He is Dr Wilbur Daffodil-II Swain and this is his story – one of monstrous twins, orgies, revenge, golf, utopian schemes, and very little tooth brushing. In this post-apocalyptic black comedy – dedicated to Laurel and Hardy – Vonnegut is at his most hilarious, grotesque, and personal. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

The Aerodrome (Vintage Future Classics)
Warner, Rex
A model of efficiency and order, the aerodrome stands on the hill, looking down on the village below. Roy, coming of age in the messy, violent and adulterous world of the villagers, is simultaneously attracted and repelled by this strange place, and by the powerful figure of the Air Vice-Marshal. Soon, he is led to leave his family, his friends and his love in order to join the aerodrome and confront the secrets of this mysterious and sinister place… Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99

The Road to Hell (Multiverse 03)
Weber, David & Presby, Joelle
Andrin bears her family’s Talent, the Glimpses, which show flashes of events yet to come. She knows the accords must be secured… and, like her brother, she will pay any price, make any sacrifice for her duty to her people. Men and women of honour – on both sides – must grapple with the terrible costs and deadly secrets of the spreading cataclysm, and in the shadows, those who will balk at neither treason nor murder drive the conspiracies, pouring fuel into the furnace. The stakes are high and the pieces are in motion, but there are factors known not even to the conspirators; and not even a Calirath can Glimpse the final outcome.
Space opera | PBK | $22.95

The Cyclops Initiative (Jim Chapel Missions 03)
Wellington, David
Jim Chapel pledged his life to protect his country from its enemies. But, now, the one-armed Special Forces soldier turned spy is on the wrong side of the law. The person he trusts most, in the world, the brilliant hacker known only as Angel, is suspected of terrorism. When his boss calls for Angel’s arrest, Chapel – certain it’s a frame job – has only one option: to go rogue.
Military SF | PBK | $22.95

The Silver Tide (Copper Promise 03)
Williams, Jen
Devinia the Red, notorious pirate and captain of the Poison Chalice, is intent on finding the fabled treasure hidden within the jungles of the cursed island of Euriale. She needs the skills of her daughter Wydrin and her companions to get there, and our heroes cannot resist the lure of coin and adventure. Concluding the trilogy that began with The Copper Promise and continued in Iron Ghost (PBK, $19.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Burn (Dark In You 01)
Wright, Suzanne
Part of a small demon lair in Las Vegas, tattooist Harper Wallis lives a pretty simple life. That changes overnight – when she discovers that her psychic mate, or ‘anchor’, is a guy who’s rumoured to be the most powerful demon in existence. Compelling, full of secrets and armed with raw sexuality, Knox Thorne is determined to claim her as his anchor, creating a psychic bond that will prevent their inner demons from ever turning rogue. The billionaire also wants Harper in his bed. She’s not so sure she wants either of those things…
Paranormal romance | PBK | $19.99

We (Vintage Future Classics)
Zamyatin, Yevgeny
The citizens of the One State live in a condition of ‘mathematically infallible happiness’. D-503 decides to keep a diary of his days working for the collective good in this clean, blue city state – where nature, privacy, and individual liberty have been eradicated. But over the course of his journal, D-503 suddenly finds himself caught up in unthinkable and illegal activities – love and rebellion. Banned on its publication in Russia in 1921, We is the first modern dystopian novel and a satire on state control that has, once again, become chillingly relevant. Part of a new series of beautiful, reissued editions of classic sf.
Classic SF | PBK | $14.99